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DATE: Monday, December 3, 2007 Auburn Hills, MI 48326
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Fax. 248/754-6140
CONTACT: Jeff Kuhlman Christian Bokich
(248) 754-6017 (248) 754-4729


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - Audi has incorporated the name and the genes of a five-time
Le Mans winner, the Audi R8 prototype race car, into a spectacular production sports car.
Three years after unveiling the Audi Le Mans quattro concept car, the production version
debuted at the 2006 Paris Motor Show as the new Audi R8 mid-engined sports model. It
is a fascinating driving machine and the sporty pinnacle of the Audi brand. The mid-
mounted 420 hp V8 FSI engine, quattro® permanent all-wheel drive and Audi Space
Frame® aluminum body form the basis for truly outstanding driving dynamics.

As the first Audi mid-engined sports car, the R8 combines Audi’s experience gained from
numerous motorsport triumphs with groundbreaking design and the acknowledged
technological expertise of the brand. This expertise has led to the slogan ‘Vorsprung
durch Technik,’ or advancement through technology, becoming a byword for leading-
edge technology both on the race track and on the road.

Audi has recorded countless motorsport victories on race tracks all over the world.
Following the rally successes of the Ingolstadt brand in the 1980s, and its triumphs on the
touring car circuit, matching the feats of long-distance motor racing cars was
undoubtedly the biggest challenge yet faced by Audi’s motorsport engineers.
Nonetheless, they mastered this challenge in style with the Audi R8 prototype, which


won the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours five times – from 2000 to 2002 and in 2004 and
2005 – and on two occasions even took the first three places.

Le Mans is without doubt the toughest challenge to the Audi Sport Team’s engineers
because it calls for a level of engineering going far beyond the need merely to keep all
the systems focused on a short, sharp sprint. Alongside the essential virtues of top
performance and optimized driving dynamics, the key requirements in long-distance
racing are endurance and reliability, allied with optimum ergonomic design.
These are genes that are eminently transferable to a road-going sports car and which,
along with its exciting design, make the Audi R8 truly unmistakeable.

The exterior

Even at first glance, the caliber of the car is plain to see. The Audi R8 sits wide and low
on the road, with its strongly accentuated rear end appearing to flex its muscles like a
sprinter ready to leave the starting block.

The characteristic proportions of the vehicle are dictated by the location of the engine
behind the cockpit, where it’s also found in race cars. One of the most striking examples
of this design – and as such one of the legitimate antecedents of the Audi R8 – is the
Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car. The central position of the engine is a boon to
driving dynamics, with a weight distribution, as on the R8, of 44 percent to the front and
56 percent to the rear.

The R8’s body is highly compact in appearance. The front end and the gently curved roof
arc are drawn in a sweeping line that immediately marks the two-seater as an Audi.

The side view also reveals familiar contours. The dynamic line above the wheel arches
and the shoulder line interlink the front end, side and rear, imbue the doors and the
transition to the side air vent with a strong presence, and even more emphatically
highlight the typical Audi rounded wheel housings that accommodate the big wheels.


The cabin of the Audi R8 is pushed far forward – typical of a mid-engined sports car and
a visual cue of the R8 race car. Behind the cabin, positioned in front of the rear axle, is
the V8 FSI engine, a sculptured piece of engineering visible both through the large,
shield-shaped rear window and from inside the car.

Seventy-five inches wide but just 174.5 inches long and 49.3 inches high: these are the
proportions of a true sports car. The 104.3-inch wheelbase offers room for the
astonishingly spacious cabin and the longitudinally-mounted engine behind it. Behind the
doors, a large-surface ‘sideblade’ air deflector sweeps between the wheel arch and the
roof section, delivering air for the V8 to breathe as well as for cooling. The paint finish of
the sideblades is contrasted with the body color, or it can be ordered to match the body

The front end is characterized by the trapezoidal styling of the Audi single-frame grille,
flanked on the right and left by additional large-dimensioned air intakes. For the first
time, the Audi four-ring badge is positioned on the hood, above the grille. The LED
daytime running lights, with their clear-glass covers, join flush to the tops of the air

The interplay of concave and convex lines contours the side-on view of the rear end.
Underneath the clearly defined separation edge there is a flat vertical surface framed at its
sides by the rear lights that feature LED technology. The third brake light strip runs
across virtually the full width of the roof, forming the termination of the transparent
engine hood.

The latter feature is yet another visual highlight. The observer looks right onto the V8
engine, the very heart of this sports car. Indirect engine compartment lighting by white
LEDs that permit the engine to be seen, even in the dark, is standard.


Two large-format diffuser openings in the rear bumper illustrate how the R8’s styling is
dictated by aerodynamics. The two pairs of circular twin exhaust tailpipes sit at the right
and left above the diffuser openings.

The rear spoiler deploys automatically. It provides additional downforce to boost the
suction effect produced by the aerodynamic styling of the underbody and by the diffusers.
When traveling at lower speeds, the R8’s rear spoiler automatically retracts flush with the

The full aluminum body uses the Audi Space Frame (ASF) design. Its perfect synthesis
of minimal weight and maximum rigidity provides the ideal foundation for optimum
driving dynamics and an outstanding weight-to-power ratio of just 8.6 lbs./hp.

The interior

The sporty interior is dominated by a driver-oriented cockpit architecture called

“Monoposto” that positions the driver between the dashboard and the high center
console. The instrument panel above the console is angled slightly towards the driver.
The flat-bottomed steering wheel is a typical feature of the sportiest Audi models, and it
also enables comfortable sports car entry and exit.

Form follows function throughout the R8. The driver-oriented architecture also is
reflected in the styling of the side window sills, and the choice of materials provides a
highly functional look and feel. The styling and placement of all elements in the cockpit
of this driving machine mimic the R8 race car. They are focused on the essentials that
make the driver the center point.

The combination of aesthetics and ergonomic considerations is maintained in the colors

used and the overall ambience they create. Dark hues reflect the emphasis on engineering
and are again reminiscent of the motorsport world. Professional functionality and


ergonomic styling are enhanced by the visible presence of top-quality materials and
exceptional craftsmanship.

The sports seats are trimmed as standard in a sporty Leather/Alcantara combination, or

optionally in full leather. There is plenty of room for the two occupants, with comfort
levels well beyond the norm of high-performance sports cars. There is space behind the
seats to stow large bags, or even two golf bags. The luggage compartment at the front has
a capacity of approximately 3.5 cu. ft.

The drivetrain

Turbine-like power that extends to the highest rev ranges and high maximum torque – all
combined with a fascinating sound – are the characteristics of a perfect sports car engine:
an engine that is fascinating both in terms of its enormous power potential and its
suitability for everyday use.

In the high-revving 420 hp eight-cylinder engine, the evolution of FSI gasoline direct
injection technology has reached new heights. This is the same technology that also has
enjoyed many triumphs in the Audi R8 race car.

These figures illustrate the outstanding potential of the eight-cylinder unit: at 7,800 rpm
the 4.2-liter engine delivers 420 hp of power output; peak torque is 317 ft. lbs. from 4,500
to 6,000 rpm; no less than 90 percent of this maximum torque is maintained consistently
throughout a wide range of engine speeds from 3,500 to 7,600 rpm. As a result of these
qualities, the eight-cylinder power unit provides maximum thrust in virtually any driving

The performance figures are equally impressive: the R8 accelerates from a standstill to 60
mph in 4.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 187 mph.


The engine is a high-revving unit with a maximum engine speed of 8,250 rpm. The
results are superior power output at high engine speeds and a smooth, responsiveness
across the revs range. Added to this are the R8’s agility, liveliness and engine sound,
which are similar to that of a race car.

The R8’s dry sump lubrication – another technology that flows directly from motor
racing – provides the ideal basis for maximum longitudinal and lateral acceleration. It
allows the V8 to be positioned lower, thereby lowering the center of gravity and further
enhancing driving dynamics.

Two transmissions are available: a manual six-speed gearbox or the Audi R tronic
sequential-shift gearbox. Here, too, the influence of the motorsport world clearly is
evident, with a joystick gear-shift on the center console and the paddles mounted on the
steering wheel, which are long-established ergonomic features in motorsport. Once again,
the best illustration of this is the Le Mans-winning Audi R8, which also enables the
driver to change gears from the steering wheel.

‘Shift by wire’ technology provides for very fast gear-shifting and an outstanding power-
to-weight ratio, allied to compact gearbox dimensions. The Sport mode, with its fast
shifting, guarantees the absolute maximum in terms of driving fun. An automatic mode
also can be selected.

Such a powerful Audi is, of course, fitted with permanent all-wheel drive, which
distributes the power variably to the front and rear axles by way of a viscous clutch. On
the Audi R8, the legendary quattro system is adapted to the axle load distribution typical
of mid-engined cars.


The chassis

The chassis features forged aluminum double wishbones at the front and rear. At the front
they are triangulated, while at the rear the top one is triangulated and the bottom one is a
triangulated wishbone with a track rod. This provides for optimum wheel control, and it
is a geometry that has proved itself to be the ideal solution for delivering agility,
maximum steering precision and precisely defined self-steering characteristics.

Direct, hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering provides optimum feedback to assist the


The spring and damper setup is stiff in order to deliver maximum driving dynamics,
while still providing an astonishing level of ride comfort. This is particularly true with the
‘Audi magnetic ride’ adaptive damper system that is standard on the R8. The shock
absorbers employ an innovative technology. Instead of conventional damper fluid, they
use a magnetorheological fluid. This is a fluid whose viscosity can be influenced by an
electromagnetic field, thereby enabling the damping characteristic to be influenced
electronically at will and instantaneously by applying a voltage to the electromagnets.

Audi magnetic ride uses this property to deliver the correct damping forces in every
driving situation, thus optimizing ride comfort and driving dynamics. A computer
equipped with sensor technology determines the prevailing driving situation in a matter
of milliseconds. Drivers can choose between two driving programs, depending on
whether they want to drive in a highly sporty style – with the magnetorheological fluid
adjusted to a low viscosity – or with the emphasis more on ride comfort.

The Audi R8 is fitted with split five-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels. The 235/35 size
performance tires at the front and 295/30 tires at the rear provide the necessary road-
holding. This tire configuration also ensures that this mid-engined sports car always is
able to translate the dynamism of its drivetrain and chassis into optimum grip and
maximum lateral dynamics.


The mid-engined sports car’s long wheelbase and extremely low center of gravity ensure
that it always retains maximum stability, resulting in superb agility, finely attuned
responsiveness to any driver input, and high levels of safety.

Equipment and trim

Even the standard equipment of the Audi R8 meets the high demands of customers in this
segment. Bi-Xenon lights, LED rear lights and daytime running lights, 19-inch aluminum
wheels, an audio system with 6.5-inch monitor, Sirius® satellite radio, an anti-theft alarm
and Leather/Alcantara interior trim are just some of the items on the extensive list of
standard features.

The range of optional extras leaves virtually nothing to be desired. A Bang & Olufsen
sound system, featuring an output of 465 watts and 12 specially-designed speakers,
delivers surround sound of the highest standard. A microphone-based vehicle noise
compensation system adjusts audio levels to changing road conditions and speeds. A full
leather upgrade is available to cover the seats, doors, and dash with premium Nappa

Owners looking to further distinguish their R8 can order Oxygen Silver or matching
body-color sideblades.

The acoustic parking system and a rear-view camera help the driver to maneuver into
even the tightest of spaces. The radio/navigation system plus, featuring a large-format
color monitor and MMI keypad, combines extensive functionality with extreme user-


A range of coordinated and ideally combinable design and leather trim packages from
Audi and from quattro GmbH can turn any R8 into the customer’s personal dream car.
Seven exterior colors are available, ranging from Ibis White to Phantom Black, pearl


The Audi R8 is being built on a small-lot production line in a specially constructed new
block at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm. The entire production process – from bodyshell
construction to final assembly – is organized in the same way as a craft workshop. Small
teams of specialists accompany every step of production, subjecting every part and
component to intense scrutiny. This ensures that every one of a maximum of 22 cars built
per day will more than match the customary high quality standards of the Audi product


The Audi R8 will be backed by a new vehicle limited warranty that includes:
• Four-year/50,000 mile limited new vehicle warranty
• 12-year limited warranty against corrosion perforation
• 24-hour Roadside Assistance for four years


About Audi of America

Audi of America, Inc., currently offers a line of luxury vehicles that includes the Audi A3
sport compact; the sporty A4 and S4 sedan, Avant, and Cabriolet models; the high-
performance RS 4 sports sedan and Cabriolet; the all-new S5 coupe with a 354-
horsepower engine; the A6 sedan and Avant; the V10-powered high-performance S6
sedan; the newly updated flagship A8 and S8 luxury sedans available with 8, 10, and 12
cylinders; the Audi Q7 performance SUV; the all-new for 2008 TT Coupe and Roadster
models; and the all-aluminum R8 mid-engine supercar, one of the most exclusive
sportscars in the world. Audi’s 270 dealers sold 90,116 vehicles in the United States
during 2006. Information regarding the Audi brand and products can be found at, and information for media can be found at

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“quattro” and “Audi Space Frame” are registered trademarks of AUDI AG.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners
2008 Audi R8 V8 Standard Equipment

Engine/ Transmission/ Suspension/ Body:

• Mid engine concept

• High-revving 4.2l FSI 8 cylinder with 420hp and 317lbs.-ft
• Dry-sump lubrication
• Manual 6-speed transmission
• quattro permanent all-wheel drive
• ASF®: Light weight construction
• Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping system
• Four-link front and rear suspension
• Servotronic® electromechanical steering with speed-dependent
power assistance
• Disc brakes, internally vented, 8-piston brake callipers at front
and 4-piston at rear
• Leather wrapped manual parking brake
• Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP®) with sport and ESP off setting:
System also includes / Electronic rear brake pressure distribution (EBD)/
Electronic differential lock (EDL)
• Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
• Anti-slip regulation (ASR)
• 90 liters fuel tank


• Sideblades “tone-in-tone”
• Single frame grill in high-gloss black
• 19” 5-arm double-spoke ally wheels with performance tires and tire
mobility system
• Automatic rear spoiler, includes manual operation feature
• Bi-xenon head lights
• Engine compartment with LED ligthening
• LED daytime running lights
• LED brake lights
• LED side turn indicators in exterior mirror
• LED 3rd brake lights
• Power and heated exterior mirrors
• R8 badge on the fuel door, door sills, rear and tachometer
• Automatic adjustable and heated side mirrors
• Aluminum fuel door and door sills
• Front windshield with grey color strip
• 4-branch exhaust system – twin tailpipes left and right
• Electric rear window defogger with automatic, timed shut-off feature
2008 Audi R8 V8 Standard Equipment continued


• Driver information system with on-board computer

• Backlit instrument cluster with automatic brightness control
• Electronic cruise control with coast, resume and acceleration features
• Radio Audi Navigation Plus with in-dash CD player including
MP3 capability
• Sirius Satellite Radio
• 6 CD-changer preparation
• 7-speaker, 140-watt sound System
• Two power outlets in trunk and in glove box
• Tire pressure monitoring system


• Sport seats with Leather/Alcantara® surfaces

• Heated and 10-way power driver and front passenger seats incl. 4-way
power lumbar adjustment
• Multi-function three-spoke flat-bottom leather-wrapped Sport steering
wheel (includes alloy paddle shifters on R tronic models)
• Monoposto and driver oriented cockpit
• Micro metallic gray trim
• Aluminium-optic applications
• Aluminum gear knob and lever gate
• Illuminated glove box and vanity mirrors in sunvisors
• Automatic air conditioning, 1-zone
• Sunglass holder in the glove box
• Center console with two cup holders and storage area
• Two floor mats in the front
• Radio frequency remote locking system
• Power windows
• Smoking package including ashtray and lighter
• Seating capacity: 2
• Auto dimming interior mirror with compass with light and rain sensor
• Storage package
- 100l storage space behind seats (2 golf bags)
- 100l storage space in trunk
- Storage space in doors & middle console
2008 Audi R8 V8 Standard Equipment continued

Safety/ Security:

• Full-size dual threshold airbags for driver and front passenger

• Driver and front-passenger seat-mounted chest side airbags
• Driver and front-passenger knee airbags
• Rigid body shell
• Side intrusion protection
• Anti-theft vehicle alarm system
•Tool kit
• Seat belts, three-point inertia-reel, for all occupants, with belt tensioners
and force limiters
• Audi backguard system
• Fuel supply is shut off if a crash occurs
• Battery cable is interrupted in the event of a crash
• Power central locking system with safety unlock feature if airbag deploys
• Reflectors in all doors
• Locking wheel bolts
• Valet key
2008 Audi R8 Coupe V8
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications 2008 R8 Coupe V8

V8 spark-ignition engine with FSI Direct Injection, 4-valve technology, two light-alloy cylinder heads both with double overhead
camshafts (DOHC), two inlet valves, two sodium-cooled exhaust valves, intake manifold with integrated charge movement
and naturally-aspirated high-revving setup to 8250 rpm
Arrangement Mid mounted, longitudinal
Bore 3.33 in. 84.5 mm
Stroke 3.65 in. 92.8 mm
Displacement 254 cu. in. 4,163 ccm
Compression ratio 12.5 : 1
Fuel requirement Premium unleaded
Horsepower (SAE) 420 hp @ 7,800 rpm 309 kW
Max. Torque 317 lbs.ft. @ 4,500 - 6,000 rpm 430 Nm
Cylinder block Casted iron
Crankshaft Forged steel, 5 main bearings
Cylinder head Aluminum alloy
Valve train / intake Intake camshaft adjustment, DOHC chain driven, hydraulic lifters
Firing order 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2
Cooling system Water-cooled, thermostatically controlled radiator fan
Lubrication system Dry sump oil system
Fuel injection / Ignition system FSI Direct Injection
Emission system
Two tubular manifolds, two primary catalytic converters, two underfloor main catalytic converters, cylinder-bank
selective lambda control with permanent lambda control
Battery 12 volts 95 amp/hr
Alternator 14 volts 190 amp/hr
Transmission 6-speed manual transmission
Type 4.2 FSI quattro Manual 4.2 FSI quattro R tronic
Gear ratios: 1st 4.373 4.373
2nd 2.709 2.709
3rd 1.878 1.878
4th 1.411 1.411
5th 1.126 1.126
6th 0.928 0.928
Reverse 3.713 3.713
Final Drive 3.462 3.462
Front Differential Hypoid gear, electronically locking (EDL)
Center Differential Viscous clutch
Rear Differential Hypoid gear, electronically locking (EDL)
Type Electromechanical steering with speed-dependent power assistance
Ratio 17.3
Turning circle (curb-to-curb) 38.7 ft. 11.8 m
Front Double wishbone front suspension
Rear Double wishbone rear suspension
2008 Audi R8 Coupe V8
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications (continued) 2008 R8 Coupe V8

Service brake Disc brakes, internally vented, 8-piston brake callipers at front and 4-piston at rear
Front size 15.0 in. 380 mm
Rear size 14.0 in. 356 mm
Parking brake Mechanically actuated at the rear wheels
WHEELS (standard only):
Size Front: 8.5Jx19 and Rear: 11Jx19 alloy wheels
TIRES (standard only):
Size Front: 235/35 91Y and Rear: 295/30 91Y
Material Audi space frame (ASF)
Corrosion protection Multi-step anti-corrosion protection
Engine oil 15.0 qt. 14.2 liter
Fuel tank 23.8 gal. 90 liter
Cooling system 24.2 qt. 23.0 liter
Wheelbase 104.3 in. 2,650 mm
Track front / rear 64.3/ 62.8 in. 1,632/ 1,595 mm
Overall length 174.5 in. 4,431 mm
Overall width w/o mirrors 75.0 in. 1,904 mm
Height 49.3 in. 1,252 mm
4.2 FSI quattro Manual 4.2 FSI quattro R tronic
Curb weight 3,605 lbs. 1,635 kg 3,616 lbs. 1,640 kg
Distribution front / rear [%] 44/56
Drag coefficient 0.34
Seating Capacity 2
EPA class n/a
Head room n/a
Shoulder room n/a
Leg room n/a
Int. vol. (EPA) n/a
Luggage capacity trunk/ behind seats n/a
4.2 FSI quattro Manual 4.2 FSI quattro R tronic
0-60 mph 4.4 sec. 4.4 sec.
1/4 mile 12.7 sec. 12.7 sec.
Top speed 187 mph 187 mph
4.2 FSI quattro Manual 4.2 FSI quattro R tronic
EPA estimate EPA estimate
City 13.0 mpg 13.0 mpg
Highway 20.0 mpg 18.0 mpg
Combined 15.0 mpg 15.0 mpg
Gass Guzzler $2,100 $2,100

Body Style Engine Transmission
2 Door Coupe (50-State) 4.2, FSI, 8 CYL., 420 HP 6-speed manual quattro $109,000
2 Door Coupe (50-State) 4.2, FSI, 8 CYL., 420 HP Auto R tronic quattro $118,000

Options Retail


Audi navigation system plus $2,000
Premium Package:
Audi Parking System (front & rear) with rearview camera, 6 CD changer, Audi hill hold assist, HomeLink, Bluetooth $3,500
phone preparation, Auto dimming exterior mirror, Storage Package
Leather elements

Leather package: Fine nappa leather seats, door inserts and door handle in black, gray, beige and brown (seats in $2,000
brown; other elements in black) (N/A with PL3)

Enhanced Leather package: Fine nappa leather seats, door inserts and door handle in black, gray, beige and brown
(seats in brown; other elements in black) $5,500
plus black leather elements (e.g. dashboard, cowl above instrument cluster or monoposto) (N/A with PL1)

Alcantara Headliner in Black $1,300

Oxygen Silver side blade (not available with SPB) $1,000
Bang & Olufsen sound system $1,800
Northeast trading region emission requirements N/C
California emission requirements N/C
Body color side blade (not available with 6H2) $1,000
Front license plate holder (for States which require front license plates) N/C
Front grille filler panel (grille filler with chrome strips for States without front license plate requirement) N/C
Metallic and pearl effect paints $650
Gas Guzzler Tax (Auto Transmission Only - 42351B) Subject to Change $2,100
Gas Guzzler Tax (Manual Transmission Only - 42351T) Subject to Change $2,100
Destination charge (add to all orders) $1,000
Specifications, equipment, options and prices are subject to change without notice. Some items may be unavailable when vehicle is built. Prices exclude destination
charges, registration, and retail delivery charges.

Revised Date: August 17, 2007

Interior Upholstery

Leather / Alcantara Seating Fine Nappa Leather Seats

Exterior Colors/ Surfaces - N7U2 (standard) (In Option Package PL1 or PL3)

Sideblade Colors
Black Limestone Black Limestone Luxor Tuscan
(JN) Gray (TH) (JN) Gray (TH) Beige (TB) Brown (JZ)

Ibis White / Ice Silver

Brilliant Red/ Brilliant Red
x x x x x

Ice Silver Metallic/ Apollo Silver 1

Jet Blue Metallic/ Ice Silver
X X X X X x
Daytona Gray Pearl Effect/ Quartz Gray1
Phantom Black Pearl Effect/ Lava Gray
Mugello Blue Pearl Effect/ Night Blue
Metallic and Pearl Effect Paint at extra charge
One of the following interior/option packages must be ordered: N7U, PL1 or PL3

Revised Date: August 17, 2007

Interior Component Color

Upper &
Seats Carpet Headliner
Lower Dash

Black - JN Black Black Black

Limestone Gray - TH Black Limestone Gray Black

Luxor Beige - TB Black Luxor Beige Black

Mustang Brown - (JZ) Black Black Black