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Contents of Fundamental Analysis by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Lecture Content
1 Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
Top Down vs Bottom Up Approach
Quantitative vs Qualitative Analysis
Annual Report
2 Financial Statements - Standalone vs Consolidated
Shareholding Pattern
3 Bulk deals
How to analyse Auditor's Report
Shareholder's Funds - Analysis & importance of Reserves
4 Liabilities - Non Current Liabilities & Current Liabilities
Assets - Non Current Assets & Current Assets
Schdule III vs Ind AS
Relation between profitability & Liquidity
Debt - Debentures - Secured vs Unsecured
Debt Equity - With practical application & examples
6 Current Ratio
Free Cash Flows - How to calculate with practical examples
Analysis of Cash Flow Statement
Depreciation vs Amortisation
7 Return on Capital Employed
Introduction to 8 pointer theory
PE Ratio
8 Inventory Turnover Ratio
Book Value
P/BV Ratio
Dividend Yield
8 Pointer theory Summarisation
Industry Analysis
10 Industry Analysis continued
Economy Analysis
11 Economy Analysis Continued
Management Analysis