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A ABS : American Bureau of Shipping

B bbls : Barrels

BBC : Bare Boat Charter

bfpd : Barrels of Fluid per Day

bopd : Barrels of Oil per Day

bpd : Barrels per Day

BV : Bureau Verita

bwpd : Barrels of Water per Day

C CALM : Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring

Capex : Capital Expenditure

CBM : Conventional Buoy Mooring

CP Semi : Central Pontoon Semi-Submersible

D dwt : Dead Weight Tonnage

E EOR : Enhanced Oil Recovery

EPCI : Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation

F FLNG : Floating LNG

FPSO : Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading system

FSO : Floating Storage and Offloading system

FSRU : Floating Storage Regasification Unit

Fischer-Tropsch, a process invented in the 1920s. The principal purpose of this process is to produce
FT GTL processes :
synthetic fuel.

G GTL : Gas to Liquids

H HSEQ : Health Safety, Environment and Quality

K km : kilometers

L LNG : Liquefied Natural Gas

LPG : Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LTI : Lost Time Injury

M MMscfd : Millions of Standard Cubic Feet per Day

MODEC : MODEC is used in this website as a generic term for MODEC, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

MOPU : Mobile Offshore Production Unit

MOSES : Minimum Offshore Surface Equipment Structure

N NGH : Natural Gas Hydrate

NGL : Natural Gas Liquids

O O&M : Operation and Maintenance

Opex : Operation Expenditure

P PLEM : Pipe Line End Manifold

ROV : Remotely Operated Vehicle

S SALM : Single Anchor Leg Mooring

Semi-sub : Semi-submersible

SPM : Single Point Mooring

SSIP : Self Stable Integrated Platform

T T/C : Time Charter

TLP : Tension Leg Platform

U ULCC : Ultra Large Crude Carrier

V VLCC : Very Large Crude Carrier