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HOST COLLEGE: Loyalist College

Course Name: Strategic Leadership

Course Code: BUSI-8141
Course Duration: 42 hours, 14 weeks
Course Credits: 3
Ministry Category: 33 – Other Vocational
Outline effective from: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: None

Explore Strategic Management and Leadership.

Course Description:
In this course, students will develop leadership, management, and human resources skills to establish
and maintain strategic alliances within an organization. Students will recognize the importance of ethics
to conduct business at both national and international levels.

Text Book:
Concepts in Strategic Management,
Author(s): Thomas I. Wheelen, J. David Hunger and David Wicks
Date Published : 2005
Publisher : Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-1312-1497-7

Assignments / Marking:
40% “Real Life” Case Analysis (Individual Basis)
20% Home Work Assignments (Individual Basis) (Three Submissions)
40% Final Exam (Individual Basis)

On-line Course

Course Calendar:
Week 1
(Chapter 1) Basic Concepts of Strategic Management

• Course Outline
• Discussion of Main Project
• Benefits of Strategic Thinking
• Causes of Organizational Success and Failure
• Basic Model of Strategic Management
• As your first step in getting started with this course, please introduce yourself in
the Student Profiles. Please share who you are, where you work, what your comfort
level with the on-line technology is, and what is your reason for taking this program?
Attach a photo if you are able.
Week 2
(Chapter 2) Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

• Business Ethics
• The Role of Top Management
• Social Responsibilities of Strategic Decision Makers
Week 3
(Chapter 3) Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis

• External Environmental Scanning

• Industry Analysis
• Porter’s Approach to Industry Analysis
• Industry Evolution
• Strategic Groups
• Home work: Individually complete the Strategic Practice Exercise (page 81)
answering questions 1 & 2 about the airline industry in Canada. Prepare a report on
your findings to be submitted to the submissions icon before the end of the week.
Week 4
(Chapter 4) Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis

• Organizational Analysis
• Value Chain Analysis
• Basic Organizational Structures
• Strategic Business Issues

Week 5
(Chapter 5) Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy

• SWOT Analysis
• Mission and Objectives
• Generating Alternative Strategies using a TOWS Matrix
• Home work: Individually complete the Strategic Practice Exercise (page 136) on an
industry of your choice. Prepare a report on your findings to be submitted to the
submissions icon before the end of the week.

Week 6
(Chapter 6) Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy

• Corporate Strategy
• BCG Growth-Share Matrix
• Corporate Parenting
• Impact of the Internet on Corporate Strategy
Week 7
(Chapter 7) Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice

• Core Competencies
• The Sourcing Decision
• Marketing Strategy
• Financial Strategy

Week 8
(Chapter 8) Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action

• Strategy Implementation
• Who Implements Strategy
• How is Strategy to Be Implemented
• Stages of Organizational Development

Week 9
(Chapter 9) Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing

• Staffing
• Leading
• Total Quality Management
• Impact of the Internet on Staffing
Week 10
(Chapter 10) Evaluation and Control

• Evaluation and Control in Strategic Management

• Measuring Performance
• Types of Controls
• Strategic Information Systems

(Note: Chapter 11 is not required)

Week 11 & 12 Work on “Real Life” Case Analysis (Individual Basis)

Week 13 “Real Life” Case Analysis Assignment Due at the end of this week.

Week 14 Exam (3 hours)

Please contact your college for details on where and when to write your exam.

Course Material Prepared by: Craig Douglas

* * I do not take marks off for late assignments, but I ask you to follow the course syllabus as best as
possible. Please ensure that all assignments are in to me by email before the last day of the
course.* *
The final grade will be issued by the registering college
The minimum passing grade is 60%

Violence Policy

More information for Loyalist registered students:

Loyalist College has a Violence Prevention policy:

• All College members have a responsibility to foster a climate of respect and safety, free from violent
behaviour and harassment.

• Violence (e.g. physical violence, threatening actions or harassment) is not, in any way, acceptable

• Weapons or replicas of weapons are not permitted on Loyalist College property.

• Unacceptable behaviour will result in disciplinary action or appropriate sanctions.

• More information can be found in the “Student Manual and Guide - Rights & Responsibilities