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us & at Do. we made Sail gave Chase to the two Ships that were
War; The Pallas
to the leeward of us that appeared to be Ships of
and Brigg Vengeance gave Chase likewise at S P. M. The Fleet
stood in for the Land and the two Ships of War hove too ready
for engaging of us we Bore away for to meet them & got the
Ship ready for engageing (all Hands being at their Quarters) at 6
P. M. spoke the Pallas and Ordered her to Keep astern of us; at
past P. M. hoisted Signal for the rest of the Squadron to

form line at Do. One of the Ships hailed us; Answers of no

great Consequence return'd. The Capt. of the Ship; that appeard

to be the largest said tell me Instantly from whence you came and
who You be or I'll fire Broadside into you; finding her to be an

Enemy discharg'd Broadside into her which She return'd after


exchanging three or four Broadsides came to Yard Arm Yard

Arm, which posture both ships lay the rest of the engagement;

lash'd the Enemies Ship to Ours; after we had engag'd about an

Hour Alliance came
the up and rak'd us twice; kill'd and wounded
Number of our Men; The Engagement was so hot that both

Ships got on fire several times; which was put out with as much

expedition as possible the men belonging to each Ship; all this

time the engagement was exceeding warm. Both ships Keeping up
heavy fire with Cannon and small Arms; just before the engage

ment Ended Saw the Alliance coming down upon us hailed her and
Ordered her to Board the Enemy immediately but she return'd no
answer; Shot ahead of us and raked Both Ships; the Enemy then
crying for Quarters Capt. Jones said, Haul your Colours down
then which was granted immediately our People took possession

of her; She afterwards fir'd three Guns wounded several of Our


Men while they were Boarding of her; She struck to us at past

10 P. M. at Do. Cast the Ship off from us, and as soon as we got
Clear of her; her Main Mast fell over the Side; She prov'd to be
the Serapis of 46 Guns the latter part of the Night all employed
putting out the fire different parts of

the Ship and