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Section I: Executive Summary

Definition of Business
The name of our business is The HaMinnie Roll Shop

We are going to sell delicious Fried Ham Roll made by ours.

We will use cheap but good quality ingredients that will make you satisfied with our product.

We are confident with the talents we have, so we plan this business.

We will start our business at the start of 2018.

Our mission with our business is to prevent your hunger and to taste our delicious ham roll.

We are using our talents we have obtained in Food Industry.

Our goal is to be successful entrepreneurs and to earn money.

We were likely to have this business because of our interest in foods.

We know that our business is going to be successful because many people likes to eat and
our product is delicious and can satisfied our customers.

Market Study
Our main targets to buy our delicious products are students, teachers, and other people who
like to eat.

The people on Tanza National Trade School will buy our product. We are expecting them to
buy our product on recess time.

In a few months we are expecting to be known our business in Tanza National Trade School
because of our good quality and good service product.

The pricing is affordable. To enhance others to buy our product we are planning to have a free
taste first and post it on our social media accounts.

We need the amount of Php 250.00 to start our business.

The financial resources that we are currently considering are from our savings.
Funding shall up with our ingredients: Bread, Bread Crumps, eggs, ham, and cheese are
needed in our business.

This is our ideal sales/profit forecast for the first day is Php 360.00.

Section II. 1: Brief biography of authors

Sandhie Alyanna Samboa

Sandhie Alyanna was born on March 16, 2003 and she is now a 14 yrs. of age. She was
blessed to have her mother Eva Samboa and stepfather Ramil.

She finished studying at Punta Elementary School with honour. She is industrious and
responsible student. She is doing well in school to make her parents proud. She is now currently
studying at Tanza National Trade School at 9th grade.

Her motto in life is “Look always at the brighter side”

Macy Joana Limpangog

Macy Joana Limpangog was born on June 18, 2003 and lives in Sunrise Place, Tres Cruses
Tanza Cavite. She is now a 14 yrs. old girl and now studying at Tanza National Trade School
with a course of Food Technology. She is a good daughter of Arlene Limpangog and Rosalio
Limpangog. She has a 1 brother and 1 sister.

Her dream is to become a successful Chef

She is a pet lover and loves to eat. She believes in the saying“What is beauty if your brain is

Jiezell Grace Colinares

Jiezel Grace Colinares is 15 yrs. old and was born on October 20, 2002 in Quezon City. She
is currently lives at Bagtas Tanza Cavite together with her loving mother Donnabell Colinares
and her father Louie Colinares with 2 siblings. She graduated elementary at Bagtas Elementary
School and her favorite subject is Math.

She believes in the saying “Always Think Positive”

Rudy Calay III
Rudy was born on February 14, 2003 and now he is 14 yrs. old. His loving mother is Racquel
Calay and his father named Rudy Calay named after him. He has 2 sisters named Mary Anne and
Mary Grace Calay. He currently lives at Block 22 Lot 34 Phase 1Ciudad Verde Paradahan I
Tanza Cavite.

He loves to play League of Legends and spend his spare time with this. His motto in life is
“Time is Gold”

Jeric Belaguin
Jeric was born on September 03, 2000 in Tanza Cavite and he is now 17 years of age. He
graduated elementary at Tres Cruses Elementary School. He is now studying at Tanza National
Trade School with a course welding; he is now a grade 9 student.

Jeric loves to play computer games and he believes in the saying “No man is an Island”

Section II. 2: Brief biography of teacher

Mrs. Josephine T. Soriano

Ma’am Soriano is a daughter of Mr. Ernesto Trinidad and Mrs. Guadalupe Regis Trinidad.
She was born on March 19, 1974 in Silang Cavite. She successfully graduated college from
Cavite State University on 1994 with a degree of BS Agribusiness Management.

For now she is currently teaching at Tanza National Trade School as Entrepreneurship
teacher. Her philosophy in life is “our character is the mirror of our soul, by having passion on
what we do, and giving the best we can… we opted for excellent result”
Overview of the Business

I. Name of the Business : HaMinnie Roll Shop

II. Describe your Business Model

The HaMinnie Roll Shop sells delicious Ham Roll made for students/teachers etc. that
they will surely like. We are open Monday-Friday at 8am-6pm. The shop is located
near Tanza National Trade School. We can do fast delivery if you need it.

III. Mission
Our mission is to prevent the hunger of the students and to let them taste our delicious
product made by ours.

IV. Vision
The HaMinnie Roll Shop envisions costumers to like patronize our product. We want
them to be satisfied with our own product.

V. Value
Our business may seem particular but if you try it, it is new to your taste. We’ll even
more make it delicious just for you.

Section III: Marketing Plan

The HaMinnie Roll Shop is a shop that sells delicious and affordable ham rolls. We assured
you that our ham rolls are made with cleanliness and can satisfied customers. We believe that if
the customers liked our product they will patronize it and help to attain our goals.

The HaMinnie Roll Shop is located near Tanza National Trade School. We believe that the
students at TNTS and others will like our product. Since it is our start with our business, we will
have a free taste first to ensure them that it is delicious and clean. To engage other to buy, we will
post products at our different social media accounts. We are expecting them to like our product
because we know that it is made with good quality ingredients and the one who will cook is
experienced already.
Our product ham roll is usual, but many stores sell different foods that can attrack others to
buy theirs. We can’t force them not to buy at other stores but we will surely make our best to
them, to lovingly buy with our delicious ham roll.

We observed that our competitors is not so clean at their place so we take that as an
advantage with them, we will make our shop super clean that can make costumers attract with it
except with the taste. We also think that our shop will be designed with many wonderful pictures
post on the walls of our shop. Our mostly customers is student / teens so we expected them to
take pictures with it together with their wonderful smile paste on their face and post on their
social media accounts with the hashtag #TheMinnieRollShop and many people can see it and
attract others to go with our shop. The HaMinnie Roll Shop offered a affordable cost that the
students can pay with it . If the customers buy dosage or many ham rolls, we will offer a discount.

The Hammie Roll Shop will make good service and good quality product products that the
customers deserve. We want them to have a big smile paste on their lovely face.



Ham Php 35.00/pack 10 packs daily Php 350.00

Cheese Php 38.00/pack 5 packs daily Php 190.00
Bread Php 20.00/pack 8 packs daily Php 160.00
Bread Crumps Php 10.00/pack 5 pack daily Php 50.00
Eggs Php 6.00/pcs. 18 pcs daily Php 108.00
Total= Php 858.00

Land, Building Furniture’s and Fixtures, Machineries and Factory Equipment

Items Unit Price Quantity Total

Rentals Php 2,000/month Monthly due/12 months Php 24,000.00

Chairs Php 350.00/pcs. 25 pcs. Php 8,750.00
Tables Php 750.00/pcs 10 pcs. Php 7,500.00
Paintings Php 800.00/pcs 10 pcs Php 5,000.00
Total =Php 45,250.00

Add the total of materials/supplies needed and the fixed assets. Total Fixed Assets Php 46, 108 .
My Market Research
a. students
Determining b. teachers/school facilitators
The c. elders
People d. teenagers
a. rental space
b. near at the school
Tano’s Street foods
The 2. (Status)
Competitors Having a problem because of their way of working it. It looks
like it’s dirty.

Distribution Channels
Point Number Sold
What Who Where of of By
Sale Channels
Ham rolls -everybody -schools -school -many -retailers
-towns Canteens -wholesale
Coffee/Tea -everybody -towns -coffee shop -many -wholesale
Who do
Juices -everybody -schools -school -many -wholesale
Specially -towns canteens -retail
teens -shops
Section IV: Product and Technical Plan

The HaMinnie Roll Shop is located in 200 sq. meters near Tanza National Trade School.
It is the best places to start a business because it is near at the subdivision specially it’s also have
many students to buy our product.

Our shop is managed and directed by the general manager with the assistant manager. Our shop
was divided into three sub units. Financial, Production and Marketing.

We will start our business with a capital of Php. 75,000.00 which includes the
equipment, materials and rentals and other miscellaneous fee.

Input Process Output

1.Know the Steps on making a 1. Ask the costumer 1. Serve to the costumers.
Ham Roll with drinks. What they’re order is. 2. The costumer is happy with
2. Prepare the ingredients. Our product.

3. Cook it with delight.

4. Dressing
Operational Plan


Networking Operation
of Price


Raw Materials
It is always starts at input of raw materials, because there will no products if there is no raw
materials. We always buy at cheap but with good quality ingredients.

Input of Price
The price is very much affordable that can be the costumers patronized our products. We
also offer discounts with our products when there are special occasions.

Our shop will sell it, on our shop or we will sell through our social media accounts.

We are going to post our product through social Medias.
Organizational Plan

Sandhie Alyanna
(General Manager)

Macy Joana

Rudy Calay III Jeric Belaguin Jiezel Grace

(Production Manager) (Financial Manager) Colinares
(Marketing Manager)

Micko Miguel Ryan Kenneth

(Employee) Pierce Xander Giron Ry
General Manager – A general manager is any executive who has overall
responsibility for managing both the revenue and cost elements of a company’s
income statement, known as profit and lost responsibility.

Manager – Managers are leaders and should represent their company and
themselves well by acting as a role model to the people reporting to them.
Organization: their will be a million and one things going on as an assistant manager
and every one will assume that you have it all work out for them.

Production Manager – Theatrical production management is a sub-division of

stagecraft. The production management team is responsible for realizing the visions
of the producer and the director or choreographer within contraints of technical

Financial Manager – Are responsible for the financial health of an organization.

They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develops strategies
and plans for the long-term financial goals of their organization.

Marketing Manager – Marketing management is the organizational discipline which

focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation

Employee –
Financial Plan

Projected Revenue
Projected Daily Projected Monthly Yearly
Products Volume Revenue Volume Revenue Projected
(Daily) (Monthly) Revenue
1. Ham Rolls
C: 15 150 pcs. Php 3,000 45,000 pcs. Php 90,000 Php 1,080,000
P: 5
SP: 20
2. Coffee / Tea
C: 30 50 cups Php 2,000 1,500 cups Php 60,000 Php 720,000
P: 10
SP: 40
3. Juices
C: 8 60 cups Php 720 1,800 cups Php 21,600 Php 259,000
P: 4
SP: 12
Total 260 Php 5,720 7800 Php 171,600 Php 4,392,000

Projected Revenue
Products Projected Years
Revenue 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
1. Ham Rolls
C: 15 Php 1,080,000 Php 1,080,000 Php 2,160,000 Php 3,240,000 Php 4,320,000 Php 5,400,000
P: 5
SP: 20
2. Coffee / Tea
C: 30 Php 720,000 Php 720,000 Php 1,440,000 Php 2,160,000 Php 2,880,000 Php 3,600,000
P: 10
SP: 40
3. Juices
C: 8 Php 259,000 Php 259,000 Php 518,000 Php 777,000 Php 1,036,000 Php 1,295,000
P: 4
SP: 12