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1st Talakayan sa DBAA: 3. Preparing Business for Natural Disasters

March 20, 2013 Prof. Ofelia C. Buenafe
1. Leadership in Focus: Today and Beyond CBAA Faculty Member
Dr. Florita V. Miranda AND ACCOUNTANCY
President, Wesleyan College of Manila 6th Talakayan sa CBAA:
February 13, 2016
2. Vision and Mission: Statements that Can Change
the World
1. Career Development brings you the
Dr. Nelson S. Abeleda, CPA Review Director

14th Talakayan sa CBAA

Dr. Raymund P. Arcega, VP for Administration and
Finance, University of Makati 2. Simbayanan ni Maria Multi-Purpose
Cooperative and Its Role in Building the Local
3. Work Values and Attitudes as
Success Assets
Ms. Maricar Hernandez, SMMPC Membership, Mar-
Ms. Encarnita S. Edang, Entrepreneur

2nd Talakayan sa DBAA:

September 26, 2013
keting & Insurance Manager
3. Eleksyon 2016: Implications to Philippine Business
Seminar Series
1. Helping the Nation through Corporate Prof. Cirilo A. Mallari, CPA, MDM
Social Responsibility CBAA Faculty Member
Prof. Anita B. Catolico, CBAA Faculty
2. Innovation
7th Talakayan sa CBAA:
September 29, 2016
Preparing Yourself for Success
Mrs. Kate L. Osorio
Acting College Director/College Registrar
1. Does Respect Still Matter? Expect Respect
Prof. Lolita M. Dado, CBAA Faculty Member in the Corporate World
3. How to Become Successful in Your Chosen Pro-
fessional Career
2. Professional Ethics in Communication and Social Eric D. Pada, MPA
Prof. Caesar M. Leopando, Senior VP
Luzon Development Bank
Dr. Rhea B. Eden, Research Coordinator Faculty Member, The Fisher Valley College
Wesleyan College of Manila
4. Current Issues in Legal Education
Dr. Francis Christie C. Arnado
CBAA Faculty Member
8th Talakayan sa CBAA:
March 3, 2017
Pursuing Excellence in the 21st Century
5. Functions of Taxation in the Local
1. Personal Growth and Success:
Your Values, Your Life
Joselito Elis Amado, RN, RM, JD
Government Units
Prof. Rosita Y. Cabahug, Head, Business and Tax
Dr. Marvin C. Castro, TFVC College Director Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Office of the City Treasurer, Taguig City
2. Store Operations and Customer Service
Ms. Kate L. Osorio, TFVC Acting College Director
College of Law
3rd Talakayan sa CBAA: 3. The Language of Business in the BPO Industry
September 25, 2014
1. Lean and Mean Management
Ms. Kate Allison Gapul, Training Manager
TGD Global COVID-19 Coronavirus:
Prof. Bernard A. Santiago
TFVC Faculty Member 9th Talakayan sa CBAA:
September 24, 2017
An Awareness and Prevention Seminar
2. How to Earn Money Online 1. Getting It Together: A Guide to Getting Motivated Lemuel L. Tayoto, RMT, MBAc
Prof. Marlon B. Raquel, CBAA Chairperson in This Fast-Changing World
Mr. Tony Kakit Law, Phone Compliance Officer Unit Manager, Department of Pathology and
4th Talakayan sa CBAA: Citi Business Process Solutions
March 14, 2015 Laboratories, Makati Medical Center
1. Moral Imperatives in Business Leadership 2. Ethics and Good Governance in the Accounting
Dr. Michael C. Hermogenes, Arellano Profession
University & Taguig City University Professor Atty. Achernar B. Tabuzo, CPA
2. Entrepreneurship 101: How to Make Partner, Tabuzo, Filamor & Associates
Dishwashing Liquid & Hand Sanitizer Saturday, March 14, 2020
10th Talakayan sa CBAA:
Prof. Nerissa R. Blaquera
March 5, 2018 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
TFVC Faculty Member/Entrepreneur
1. Social Entrepreneurship and Its Importance to
Philippine Economy
TFVC Quadrangle
5th Talakayan sa CBAA:
September 24, 2015 Dr. William B. Baltazar, CPA
1. Product Presentation: RF3World Philippines College Dean, Santa Isabel College of Manila
Dr. Marlene B. Agabon
2. Preparing for the Corporate World: Essential
Owner-Manager of Nutripos, Inc.
Guide for Graduating Students This serves as an invitation
2. Investing in Stocks Prof. Lourdes S. Fronda
Prof. Diogenes Dy, Cesar E.A. Virata School of TFVC Faculty Member
Business, UP Diliman
PROGRAMME Masters of Ceremony
Ralph Emerson Sarcia & Ma. Joy Fatima Calderon
7:00-8:00 Registration
8:00-8:15 Doxology
What is Talakayan sa CBAA Seminar Series?
Jessarene Asumbrado, BSBA 4
Philippine National Anthem Talakayan sa CBAA is the first of its kind in The Fisher Valley
Audio-Visual Presentation College that draws up different perspectives in business from
8:15-8:30 Welcome Remarks experts in the academe and industry. Its objective is to provide a
Prof. Marlon B. Raquel, DBAc, LPT venue for faculty members and students for academic
CBAA Department Head dialogues that would eventually strengthen the CBAA Community.
September 28, 2018 March 9, 2019
Prof. Eric D. Pada, MPA
Professor, The Fisher Valley College 1. The Power of Public Speaking 1. Ethics and Professionalism in the
Ms. Kate Allison Gapul Workplace
Training Manager, TGD Global Dr. Carolyn Valenton, COE Chairperson
9:30-10:30 PURSUING EXCELLENCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY The Fisher Valley College
Mr. Joselito Elis Amado, RN, RM, JD
2. People Management: Developing People 2. Life Worth Living: Perspectives Based
Polytechnic University of the Philippines To Their Fullest Potential on Personal experiences
College of Law Ptr. Ramil Elizano Prof. Melven B. Raquel, LPT
Pastor, Crux Commons International CBAA Faculty Member
10:30-10:45 Intermission Number-Alexandrea Guillermo, ABM12
3. Effective Risk Management as a Framework 3. Accounting and IT Consulting:
10:45-11:45 COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS: AN AWARENESS & For Organizational Success Expanding the Accountant’s Perspec-
Dr. Anthony Greg F. Alonzo, LPT tive in relation to the Growing Demand
PREVENTION SEMINAR Planning Officer III, DOST-MIRDC in IT Consulting Work
Mr. Lemuel L. Tayoto, RMT, MBAc Mr. Michael Antonio, CPA
Unit Manager, Department of Pathology and
13th Talakayan sa CBAA:
Laboratories, Makati Medical Center January 29, 2020

11:45-12:15 Open Forum 1. Developing Outstanding Leadership Skills in the 21st Century
Prof. Jazzy T. Buela, CGSP
12:15-12:30 Distribution of Certificates and Tokens Program Chairperson, School of Hospitality, Treston International College

to the Resource Speakers 2. Preparing for the Corporate World: Essential Guide for Graduating Students
Mr. Mark Chito D. Fajiculay, CPA, MBA
12:30-12-45 Closing Remarks Managing Director & Founder, Powerhouseconsultants Company
Atty. Frederick Mayuga
3. Building a Financially Empowered Generation
CBAA Faculty Member Ms. Cathrine Anne B. Catolico, CIS
Part-Business Owner, Provide Innovative Solutions Marketing, Inc.
12:45-1:00 Closing Prayer
Janica Mae Nagera, ABM12 ______________________________________________________________________


Dr. Anthony Greg F. Alonzo, CBAA Faculty