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Shatsu Clothing

A Business Plan

Presented to the Faculty of STI College

Of General Santos City

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Degree of Science in

Information Technology

Almeyra Jane M. Nacario

Mark Donell Uy

Kanon Hirayama

John Francis Ariola

Rogel Ramirez Jr.

John Lloyd Maestrado

Jan Michael De Vega

John Mark D. Ansa

February 2020


In this generation, GenZ are more capable of introducing themselves to different

culture. Shatsu Clothing offers you an anime clothing, for all anime lovers who want

to express their fandom and love for their favorite anime characters. Shatsu Clothing

has different designs and customs designs by the clients with their own liking.

Shatsu Clothing is an exciting new business that allows people to custom design

a shirt any way that they would like. By intelligently leveraging cutting edge

technology, Shatsu Clothing will harness the power of computer sublimation to

allow custom shirt printing in production runs as small as one unit.

The primary goal of Shatsu Clothing is to maintain a good relationship with the

costumer by providing a high quality customize clothing designs. Shatzu Clothing

aims to offer services not just here in General Santos City, but also nationwide.
The Shatsu Clothing building prospects of the business is measured 150 squares

meters. The production of the Shatsu Clothing is located at Roxas Avenue, General

Santos City, front of DBP.

Chapter 1

Description of the Business

In this generation, mostly of the GenZ and Otaku people loves to express their

feelings on what they are wearing. Like wearing a shirt imprinted with their favorite

anime character. Shatsu Clothing’s specialization is giving the costumer a good quality

product. The clothing’s can be transacted to our different social media accounts and also

in the main building.

A. Company Ownership

Shatsu Clothing is a T-shirt printing business organization owned by Mr. Rogel

Ramirez Jr. and Mr. John Lloyd Maestrado. The partners will be the one who will

manage Shatsu Clothing. They will be the reponsible for partnership dept and other

clothing obligation.
B. Start-up Plan

Shatsu Clothing Start-up

Schedule 1

Description -
Description Valid up to Amount/Month
Total Amount

Rent Expense 1 year ₱9,500.00 ₱114,000.00

Permit and Licenses

Bureau of Internal Revenue ₱500.00 ₱500.00

Barangay Sticker ₱50.00 ₱50.00

Barangay Permit ₱300.00 ₱300.00

Barangay Clearance ₱30.00 ₱30.00

DTI 5 years

*City/Municipality ₱500.00 ₱500.00

Securities and Exchange

1 month ₱40.00 ₱40.00

TOTAL ₱115,420.00

Schedule 2

Description -
Description Quantity Amount
Total Amount

Furniture & Fixture

Table 5 units ₱500.00 ₱2,500.00

Plastic Chairs 8 units ₱350.00 ₱2,800.00

Office Chair 3 units ₱1,500.00 ₱4,500.00


Desktop 3 units ₱14,820.00 ₱44,460.00

Screen 2 units ₱1,600.00 ₱3,200.00

Heat Press Machine 1 unit ₱11,200.00 ₱11,200.00

Emulsion 1 liter ₱1,500.00 ₱1,500.00

Conveyor Dryer 1 unit ₱20,000.00 ₱20,000.00

Tape Gun 1 unit ₱700.00 ₱700.00

Generator 1 unit ₱20,000.00 ₱20,000.00

TOTAL ₱90,160.00

Schedule 3

Description -
Description Quantity Amount
Total Amount

Salaries & Wages

Cashier 1 ₱12,720.00 ₱12,720.00

Lay-out Artist 2 ₱12,720.00 ₱25,440.00

Security Guard 1 ₱7,720.00 ₱7,720.00

Warehouse worker 2 ₱9,020.00 ₱18,040.00

Utilities Expense

Internet Connection 1 ₱2,999.00/month ₱2,999.00

Electricity 1 ₱2,500.00/month ₱2,500.00

Water 1 ₱1,000.00/month ₱1,000.00

TOTAL ₱70,419.00


C. Company Location and Facilities

Company Location

Shatsu Clothing will be located at Roxas E Avenue, General Santos City, front

of DBP.

D. Mission and Vision Statement

The shatsu clothing mission is to offer the finest in custom anime shirt product. The

shatsu clothing will offer consumers the best product at the best price. Shatsu clothing

goal is to express the consumers fandom and love for their favorite anime.


To be recognized as one of the best anime seller. Value the consumer expectation to

have a quality anime design.

E. Company Goals and Objectives

Shatsu clothing goal is to offer the consumer an anime clothing for all anime lovers

want to express their fandom and love for their favorite anime. Include :

1. Consumer expectation will always be exceed.

2. To provide a best product at the best price.

F. Industry Analysis

The Shatsu Clothing industry primarily engaged in service to the costumer. Selling

anime printed t-shirt and offering them to make their own design for the t-shirt. The

clothing knows that we have a lot of competitors that is also offering the same as the

clothing. But we added new feature that satisfy the costumers.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis help you in developing a strong business strategy by making sure

that all of he business strengths and weaknesses are considered as well as the

opportunities and threats it faces in the market place.

Strengths Weaknesses

 The Location ID accessible  Shatsu Clothing doesn’t have any loyal

costumer yet.
 Having a skilled Lay-out Artist

 Near at the competitors

 High quality of T-shirt and prints

 We are new to the business

 Shatsu Clothing offers affordable

prices  Some people are not interested

 High quality equipment used in


 Near at school or Business Places

Opportunities Threats

 Job Opportunities  New competitors with new / updated

 Shatsu offers discount and different printers

 Price wars with the competitors

 The costumer can able to contact us in

 Some competitors has loyal costumer
facebook or cellphone number

 The business will be more complex