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NAME:_____________________________ YEAR&SECTION:___________________SCORE:______

I.MULTIPLE CHOICE. Select only the letter of your choice and write you answer on the space before each


___ 1. Refers to female role in Peking Opera

a. Xiaosheng b. Chou c. Dan d. Wusheng

___ 2. Young female warrior

a. Daomadan b. Qingyi c. Wudan d. Laodan

___ 3. A painted face male role who plays either primary or secondary roles.

a. Daomadan b. Chou c. Dan d. Jing

___ 4. The Peking Opera costume is known as

a. Kimono c. Shouju

b. Saya and barong d. Xingtou

___ 5. A platform that rises from below the stage.

a. Hanamichi b. Kogakudo c. Suppon d. Mawaro butal

___ 6. Refers to the male role in Kabuki

a. Kesho b. Aragoto c. Onna – gatta d. Mie

___ 7. Enhances or exaggerates facial lines to produce dramatic animal or supernatural character.

a. Kumadori b. Oshiroi c. Aragoto d. Kyu

___ 8. Traditional Japanese drama with highly stylized song, mime, and dance

a. Peking Opera b. Kabuki c. Kesho d. Aragoto

___ 9. Shadow puppet of Indonesia

a. Peking Opera b. Kabuki c. Kesho d. Wayang Kulit

___10. A story about the heroism of Amir Hamza

a. Ramayana b. Serat Menak c. Mahabharata d. Menak Serat

___11. The shadow play of Thailand.

a. Peking Opera b. Kabuki c. Nang d. Wayang Kulit

___12. They are the teachers and presenters of Nang Talung.

a. Nang Yai b. Nai nang c. Nai Nang d. Nai Yai

___13. A form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture.

a. Lion dance b. bali dance c. Dragon dace d. Taiko

___14. This was used in ancient times to signify the boundaries of a village,

a. Drum b. happi c. kodo d. shamisen

___15. Female dancers wear this and wrap a long sash from their hips to their breast as well as many


a. Topeng b. legong c. sarong d. krathong

II. ANALOGY; Match the Festivals/theater art form and write onlt the letter of your answer.

___16 Sarswela: Philippines ; _________ : China

a. Lantern Festival b. Bali dance festival c. Peking Opera d. Wayang Kulit

___17. Kabuki : Japan ; _________ : Indonesia

a. Lantern Festival b. Bali dance festival c. Peking Opera d. Wayang Kulit

___18. Nang :________________ ; Kabuki : Japan

a. Thailand b. Indonesia c. China d. Philippines

___19. Sheng : Laosheng ; Dan :____________

a. Wudan b. Jing c. Chou d. Dang

___20. Xingtou : Chinese ; Happi :__________

a. Thailand b. Japan c. Indonesia d. Philippines

___21. Ati Atihan Festival : Philippines ; ___________ : Thailand

a. Sky Lantern Festival b. Balinese Festival c. Taiko Drum Festival d. Flower Festival

___22. Kodo : Taiko Drumming : Spring Festival :_______________

a. Christmas Day b. Loi Krathong c. Chinese New Year d. Dragon dance

III. Arrange the following Handwork procedure in making a Wayang Kulit figure from top to

your answer from 1 to 3.

____ a. Figures are smoothened, usually with a glass bottle and primed.

____ b. the movable parts (upper arms, lower arms with hands and the associated sticks for

manipulation ) are mounted on the body , which has a central staff by which it is held.

____ c. the puppets starts from master model which are traced out unto skin or parchment.