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The 2nd running of the greatest spectacle in floofing! 
Pwoudly Supporting Rachie’s Ratirement Home 
Welcome  to  the  ​Dead  Rat  Pose World Championships for 2020.  This year sees a greatly expanded 
series  ob  rategories  as  floofs  from  across  the  Earff  ​and  the  ​Rainbow  Bridge  compete  for  glory and 
fame. Ebery floof is inbited to enter for their chance to be crowned the ​DRPWC​ for 2020!! 

All  entries  must  be  accompanied  wif  your  ​name​,  ​dibishun​,  and  nominated  ​rategory​;  and  are  to  be 
posted  on  the  offishul  ​DRPWC20  post  on  ​The  Autumn  Flow  Rat  Club  FB  page.  Dis  booklet  will 
outline each ob da rategories wif some early nominations so you can check out da competishun. 

Dibishuns are as follows:  

● Kingdom ob da Norff 
● Kingdom ob da Souff 
● Land Across da Bridge 

Da Pamcake 
Where  it  all  started.  DRP  101.  The  history  books  are  filled  with  accounts  ob  the  ​First  Floofs 
freaking each other out wif ​Da Pamcake​ DRP:  

Houdini honouring her sister Pamcake who libes in da Land Across da Bridge - Jan 31, 2019 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 1 

Da High Dibe 
The  new  craze  that  swept  FloofNation  in  the  early  days,  ​Da  High Dibe is a bariant ob ​Da Pamcake 
that  added  extra  elements  to  the  performance.  This  was  the  turning  point  for  the  World  ob DRP, 
where innobation merged wif competishun and floofs began to get creatib:  

Sergeant Simba Sox - Jan 31, 2019 


Captain Cwazy Sox - Nov 1, 2019 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 2 

When  hoomans  ebentually  came  along  and  floofs  enslabed them, it really took DRP to a new lebel. 
Now  floofs  weren’t  just  competing  for  their  own  entertainment, but to scare the absolute bejebus 
out ob their slabes. Thus the ​Inberted​ was born:  

Sergeant Simba Sox - October 4, 2019 J​ames @ RRH​- Jan 21, 2020 


Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 3 

Bringing  together  all  ob  the  elements ob ​Da Pamcake​, Da High Dibe​, and ​Inberted​; da ​Dramafloof 
comes  wif  a  bery  high degree ob difficulty.  Wif arms and legs akimbo, a contorted body & an open 
mouff, dis DRP is guaranteed to impress!  

RRH Boy​- Dec 9, 2019 

Junior Floof 
A deceptively tough category.  Junior floofs must dedicate demselbes at an early age to the way ob 
da  DRP,  doing  much  meditashun  so  they  can  control  their  constant  urges  to  teleport  around  da 
cage and go to war wif their siblings ober snacks. Many try, only a few succeeb:  

Baby Fibbs - Feb 21, 2020 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 4 

Da Stwaddle 
Also  known  as  “The  Jammy”,  dis  DRP  requires  the  participant  to  wedge  demselbes  between stuff, 
assuming  an  extremely  awkward  looking  position  (dat  is  actually  weally  comfy).  Bonus  points  are 
awarded for jamming into seemingly impossible gaps against the cage walls:   

Puku @ RRH​- January 21, 2020 

Hangy Fings 
The  perfect  way  for  a  floof  to  conbince  hooman  slabes  dat  dey  passed  away peacefully obernight. 
This is the fabourite DRP ob floofs who hab mild URI or extremely anxious hooman slabes:  

Wildie - July 7, 2019 Dr. Wonky Donkey Wiggly Worm - Dec 11, 2019   

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 5 

Hangy Fings - X-Factor 
Hangy  Fings  ​are  great  for  snuggles  wif  cagemates, or to get away from the heat ob the day.  But a 
floof wif a keen eye & dat X-factor knows dat ​Hangy Fings​ are much, much more: 

Shadow @ RRH​- Dec 5, 2019 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 6 

Praying to da Floof Gods 
Your hooman hab neglected you. You habn’t seen a Yogie or Donut Seed in hours. They hab 
clearly left you to starbe to deaff. There’s only one fing to do - pray to da Floof Gods for 
salbashun and snacks: 

Jett “Jethro” Buckley - Jan 10, 2020 

Sergeant Simba Sox - Dec 13, 2019 

(Unlike most uva praying, dis one weally works! Upon “raising you from da deaff”, your hooman 
slabe is *guaranteed* to bring you as many snacks as you can fit in your mouff!)   

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 7 

@ da Bet 
By  far  the  toughest  category  on  this  year’s  ebent  list.  ​DRP  @  da  Bet  takes  many  floof  years  ob 
training, and only the most desiccated are able to successfully pull it off: 

Sergeant Simba Sox @ T​he Unusual Pet Vets​- Jindalee, Brisbane - Nov 15, 2019 

NOTE: ​Entries will only be accepted if there is ​proof ob peeing on the bet table​ - 
as it is a compulsory requirement for all bet bisits, outlined in the 
“Internashunal Conbention ob Floofs”​ handbook 


Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 8 

In the Food Bowl 
Any  floof  can  eat  out  ob  a  food  bowl.  Any  floof  can  poop  in  a  food  bowl.  But  it  takes  a  speshul 
kind ob floof to be able to snack, poop, and DRP at da same time: 

Wildie - Dec 11, 2019 King Milo - the Donut King - Sept 4, 2019 

Dead Chicken 
Do  not  try  dis  at  home  -  dis  is  way  too  damgerous  for  normal  floofs.  Has  only  eber  been 
successfully completed ONCE by the one and only lunatic ​Dr. Wonky Donkey Wiggly Worm:​  

Dr. Wonky Donkey Wiggly Worm Howlcifer J esquire - August 26, 2019 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 9 

Trabel in da Box 
For the secretib floof who doesn’t want their identity to be known: 

Da Noo Boys ob da Norff - Feb, 2020  

Looking Weird 
The stupid cat wanted to enter too. Wouldn’t stop crying until we made it a category. Sowwie: 

Stupid Asher - Who cares when? 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 10 

Champion’s Champion 
The  winners  ob  each  ob  the  categories  compete  against  each  other  for  the  ​Dibishunal  Crown  and 
da homour ob competing in the final ebent​. 

Unfortunately,  as  the  inaugural  ​DRPWC  was  a  libe  ebent  and  no  recording  debices  were  allowed - 
we  don't  hab  any  pictures  from  the  day  to  put  here.  The  ​Champion’s  Champion  for  each  region 
howeber were as follows: 

● Kingdom ob da Norff ​- Dr. Pilot King Simba 

● Kingdom ob da Souff ​- King Calcifer 
● Land Across da Bridge ​- Pamcake 

The  pinnacle  event  ob  da  ​Dead  Rat  Pose  World  Championships  where  we  crown  the  ​Dead  Rat 
Pose  World  Champion  -  as  selected  from  da  three  ​Champion’s  Champion  winners.  The  reigning 
Champion’s  Champions  will  be  in  attendance  to  judge  dis  final  ebent,  wif  ​Innaugural DRPWC Dr. 
Pilot King Simba​ pwesenting da twophy & a cheque for ​elebenty billion yogies​ to da winner: 

Dr. Pilot King Simba in Training - Date unknown 

Nine-elebenty was called due to his proximity to the food bowl 

Dead Rat Pose World Championships 2020 Page 11 


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