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‘33n0 Sunoay Arren 2] PenrecosT Synaxis St SywcON MEETING/ PRESENTATION ST Hanna THe Jor our Loeo Jesus Cris Promeress "AT THE TEMPLE 1 John, St Nicholas 8st Tone (8) Paca. 4 | Stamatlos, New Mariyrs Luxe 2: 2532 25-38 “Sr CwaraLanaos st Porphiyrics & 5 SapdO SAnastasios Novgorod Hierarchs StAnnai of Novgorod st Prochoros Kiev Necr Caves StLanginos of Vologda. 2 Toney 2:1~10. Jen 1517 16: 2 Rejoice, O Lady Full of For Christ our God - the Sun of Righteousness - race, Virgin Theotokos! has risen from Thee and Iftumined those in Darkness. ‘Arrest Macs Al Mindoro et Paton St John & 8 Nicholas Holy Conlessors of Studion 3! Apramice of Arpela S:George af iaaialr 81 Cyt ot Nevgored. st Abraham 3 Copeios ‘of Bochenga, Vologda. 2 Connmans 8:6" 11 “Mare 12°18 = 27 StAgatha | Pelyeuties of Constantine St anthony otathens si Theodosios of Skopelos Si Theodoula, st Helladios, St Makarios & St Evagrios of ciicia 1Peree 4:1-11 Mare 1228-38 “OF CONSTANTINOPLE stBukolos of Smyrna St Barsonuphios the Great St John the Holy Prophet SiMarhea Si Mary of oun 10 :1'- 9 Hearews 7:26-8:2 ‘Jorn 10:9 16 And Thou, O Righteous Elder, be glad in heart, receiving in Thine embrace the One Who Liberates our soul and bestows on us Resurrection. ‘Arrawesst-Mazmva 7) Sr Treooone Stare St Parthenios of Lampea StLuke the Righteous nessalonikal st Anastasios New Martyr ‘of Natplion Si Bridget of reland Romans 8: 28 - 39 MaviHew 24-34-37 & ‘d2-ad "HE GREAT HOLY Mi SiZacharlas Holy Prophet Js: meopemptas & Companions) StNIosphatos &Si St Richard of Wessex 2 Pempt:1-10 MeKI3:1- 9 SiSavva Il of Serbia stCulhman ot sieving 2 Tomy 2:11-19 Luxe 13 :2-8 St Blaise, Hleromartyr 51 Theodora, Empress St George, New Martyr ef Sotla St Demeltics of Vologda St Gabriel of Pskov 2Penm2:9-22 Marx 13:14-23 Tsicsanion sagauesceen | Saye sone nsatcte 2 Pen 31-17 Marc 13:24-31 SI Meztinios the Righteo! Si Aquila & St Priscill Sl Eviogios of Alexandria StSymeon Myrh-cusher of ‘Semi StZoe & SI Photina St Eviogios of Alexandria 1 doves 1:8-2:6 Maze: 31-14: SAnonicg tani A cuss ce Ara SiOyr1& Si Methodios Thesalonia St Anthimos of Chios 51 Eusebios Hermit Syria Stace 12 Greek Suldersot | St Paphnullos the Recluse ‘he Dorion Cathodral of Kiev Caves StMichael & 81 Theodore | StPaphnutice St Fuphresyne ‘Maron the Herm of Sy I Joun 2: 7-17 Mane id:3-9 of Alexcindria Tone 6:11-16 Line 20:46-21:488:8 47 St Theodore the Re ‘St Mariamne StPamphilios 8 Others~ Nisace lavian ol Constanlinople-St St Jesoph Romance the Younger st Aus Si Theodore, New Martyr Sieo ae StAgapites, St Victor, St 18) re en? » Weetaigee cig Satna Cant Semaine sims IJow 3: 9-22 Maret 4:10-42 gehiomon singe | ee obhisicnees oe gies hese a ShEss Ros 1Joun 3:21-4:11 Mage 14243-1531 StLeo of Catena StAgathon of Koy C $i Comtios of skew Caves StSadoc 6128 Holy Marys ofPeria StAgathon of Rome Jon 4:20-5:20 SiTimothy of ymbola, ‘Eustathios of Antioch’ st Zachariah of Jerseaiem Shilohn Seholastikos of Constantinople. Si George of Amastris st Zacharias of Jerusalem Born 1-13 Mar 15:20; 22: 25: & ‘33-4 amen one VENTER BA eee organ Stns inca capes sanioeaeiaraha Eat st Tarasios of Constant 51 Reginos of Skopel ‘st Walburga soe 1-10 Lune 2239-42 8 45-231 st rorpnyros ot axa Qi ‘StPholini & sisters: 6 Anatole, § Phot, Phot, Parcseow ss Kyra siTheokietos st Jonn Kalphes, New Mati of ‘Constantinople Jon 3: 12-21 Jos 2/12-26 Mane 1891-15 51 Prokopios the Conte i taphasl of roslyn 1 Slophen the Monk fs sutien's Bunce, Bara St Macios of Alsxandia Juoe 11-25 Luxe"23:1- 31; 33 & 44-56 ‘St Basil the Confess st Kyranna New Man Of Thessalonika ‘Sarunbay oF Te st fonn Cassian tne Re SiJohn Barsanuphries ston PeaeRHODIKG, g] StTheoterisios of Polakote St Proterios of Alex: a ZecHanian B:7-17 Zecnamian 8:19 23 St Leo of Cappadocia. st Melotios - Kharkov Akhtyn| Si Germanos oi Dobioged Gaanans 5:22-6:2 ‘Marmew 621-13 MaRCUERTE Pains - BY DUNE GRACE ~ ARCHBOCESE OF Gace Hore ~ PO Box 28348 - SuNnoce Pank - Pos? Euzaser 6008 - RSA or