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to the following location:

Applications/After Effects (version)/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Program Files/After Effects (version)/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

If using After Effects CS6 or earlier, also drag the folder

to your ScriptUI Panels folder.
Isolate All Shape Layers Select Strokes
- Click to isolate shape layers Select Previous Property - Click to select all stroke properties
- Shift+Click to reset isolation - Click to selected previous - Ctrl+Click to select specific
property at same level stroke props (width, color, etc)
- Shift+Click to jump to parent
Select All Shape Groups property of selected
- Click to select all shape groups - Ctrl+Click to move selected Select Paths
- Ctrl+Click to select shape contents props up in group - Click to select all path properties
- Alt+Click to deselect non-groups - Ctrl+Shift+Click to move - Ctrl+Click to select paths w
selected props out of group expressions

Select Prev Shape Group

- Click to select previous shape Select Fills
group Select Next Property - Click to select all fill properties
- Alt+Click to jump to first shape - Click to selected next property at - Ctrl+Click to select specific
group same level fill props
- Ctrl+Click to jump to prev shape - Shift+Click to jump into selected (color, opacity, etc)
layer prop group
- Ctrl+Click to move selected
props down in group Select Colors
Select Next Shape Group - Ctrl+Shift+Click to move - Click to select all color properties
- Click to select next shape group selected props into below group - Ctrl+Click to select specific color
- Alt+Click to jump to last shape props (matching color, expressions,
group etc)
- Ctrl+Click to jump to next shape
layer Edit Value
- Click to edit props in succession Select Shape Properties
- Click to select all parametric shape
Select This Level properties
- Click to select all inside same Quick Rename
group - Click to rename props in
succession Select Shape Transforms
- Click to select all shape transform
Select Inside Level props
- Click to select all inside prop group Expression Link Values - Ctrl+Click to select specific
- Shift+Click to jump to parents - Click to link selected prop values transforms
to first selected prop (Scale, Position, etc)
- Shift+Click to link to last sel'd prop
(props with same value type)
Jump To Group Deselect Props
- Click to jump to first/middle/last - Click to deselect properties
group - Shift+Click to deselect layers with
no selected props

Toggle Enabled
- Toggle enabled (eyeball icon)