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Trịnh Vạn Ngữ 0975072958

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Contact address : Faculty of biology,University of science 227 Nguyen

Van Cư, District 5, Ho Chi Minh city.


We are studying in University of science at faculty of biology. Although

each of us is a small cell of society, we want to protect
environment. We think us article's have many shortcomings, we
come to the contest with a single goal was "to speak up for the
green future."


We all know the current environment is seriously polluted and

the main reason is actions of their. Because consciousness of
human protection to environmental is not good, we have actions
harmful to the environment.
I think the propaganda in the past and now is not good so
aware of environmental protection of people is very bad. My
approach is changing the way communication is not effective
today : " People are only interested in things that directly affect
their lives, but environmental pollution is impact in a long time
and they are not directly realize that they will not attention .
The new propaganda types impact things. We will give direct
impact that pollution can threaten to health of them by images,
movies, books, posters through modern media such as television,
radio speaker, newspaper, and communication be continuous at
anytime and at anywhere. "

Such as propaganda about the evils of waste :

The first : Plastic-bag
Plastic bags is difficult decomposition and if them are
burned,them will make cacbonnic gas, methane gas and dioxin.
During the manufacturing process,
recycled plastic bags can make
toxic dioxin that can make fainting,
difficulty breathing, vomiting blood,
affecting the endocrine glands,
decreased immunity,increase cancer
and birth defects for babies. Metal poisoning
Plastic bags contain metals
such as lead, cadmium damage
to the brain and them are cause
lung cancer. If they use to contain
food and drink containers at
high temperatures,they will be
diffusion into the food. Dioxin exposure
Besides waste causes accumulation
of waste water, sewer blockaging, flooding.
Then mosquitos and pathogens increase…

The next : Batteries is thrown away into environment

When the battery is buried, they will be damaged by
oxidants, heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel, mercury ...) in the
battery will seep into the ground, the ground water . When they are
burned, some component in the battery will pick up the toxic
fumes, or toxic ash remains in the battery will pollute the air.

And : Medical and waste-water

Medical waste includes
bandages, cloth, tissue specimens,
tissue surgery, syringes, needles,
infusion lines, blood ... is habitat Hepatitis B
of pathogens.
Waste water contains many
bacteria virus diseases such as:
cholera, dysentery and typhoid,
hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis,
polio and many other diseases… Japanese encephalitis

In short my goal is to give the specific effects of pollution on the

health of their, they will interest to it and will defend themselves,
thus they can contribute to environmental protection.