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July 5, 2019

Kinds of Lines
Healthy Habits

The following are some of the ways to keep Vertical line-

ourselves healthy:
- eating healthy foods Horizontal line-
- taking a bath regularly
- getting enough rest
Diagonal lines-
- drinking lots of water
- exercising
- wearing clean clothes Curved line-

- cutting our fingernails regularly

- brushing our teeth 3x a day Wavy line-
- washing our hands with soap and water
- visiting the doctor and dentist for a check-up Zigzag line-

Spiral line-
Shapes and Forms
Shapes and Forms are elements of Visual Arts. A
Shape is flat (2-dimensional) while a Form is not Dotted-
flat (3-dimensional).

Some examples of shapes: Mga Hugis

Square- parisukat Rectangle- parihaba

Circle- bilog Oval- habilog
Square- rectangle-
Triangle- tatsulok Heart- hugis-puso
Star- hugis-tala Diamond-
Circle- oval- Triangle- Mga Kulay
Red- pula Orange- kahel
Yellow- dilaw Green- berde
diamond- Heart- star- Blue- bughaw Purple- lila
Pink- kulay-rosas Brown- kulay-
White- puti Black-itim

Some examples of forms:

Primary and Secondary Colors

Primary Colors: Secondary

Cube Cylinder -red -green
-yellow -orange
-blue -purple

Rectangular prism Color Mixing:

Red + yellow= orange

Red + blue= purple
Cone Sphere Yellow + blue= green

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