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The antagonist character in this story is the wife.

One of the characteristics of the wife is rude

This attitude is illustrated by the way he speaks to her husband. She said her husband is crazy
for believing in unicorn. This is proved from the text” You are a booby,”she said,”and I am
going to have you put in a booby – hatch”.This bad attitude that we rarely see in the society is
showed in the story that actually some wives out there who have such an attitude.This bad
attitude can cause fights. Another characteristics of this antagonist character is irresponsible
as shown in the texts”The man went up to the bedroom where his wife was still asleep and
woke her . Perhaps more than at any other time in history, women today need a clear
understanding of how they should relate to their husbands. Every wives need to
be responsible towards their family.

An important technique in developing the story plot in the Unicorn In The Garden short story
is irony. Irony is a contradiction that make things turn beyond our expectation. An example of
this is in the wife’s scene where the wife had been put into the asylum instead of her husband.
We can notice her efforts to get rid of her husband that been proved in the text” She telephoned
the police and she telephoned the psychiatrist;she told them to hurry to her house and bring
a straight – jacket”. This is contrast with the ending , shown when the novel asserts “At a
solemn signal from the psychiatrist , the police leaped from their chairs and seized the wife”.
At this part of the story I realize that the boobies does not counted until they are hatched , as
the event is so unexpected.

In conclusion there are many values in the Unicorn In The Garden. Among them are hasty
and irresponsible. This attitude should not be practiced in our lives because it can bring trouble
in the future. James Thurber has also raised the issue of trust in the relationship of husband
and wife in the story .Trust is very important to create a happy life. This story has also give an
interesting irony for readers. Through this irony readers know that we should not count things
to turn out as you planned them,or do not assume anything and wait until you actually have it.