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August 06, 2019

TO: Dr. Emelita I. Javier

VP for Student Affairs

Dear Dr. Javier:

Greetings of peace!

The table below contains the list of the PATTS’ Aviation Student Leaders who have the potentials of a
great future leader in the field of Aviation. Student leaders who have potentials of helping to achieve the
PATTS school spirit and of possible helping to improve some sectors of the school which needs attention.


1 Dela Cruz, Edward Kenneth A. PSC President BS AeroE

2 Garces, Louis Alberto E. GATS VP - Internal BS AT

3 Hetrosa, Jose Antonio M. RCYCP President BS AMT

2nd Year
4 Libaton, Jay Ann Kate A. ABASOC BS ABA
5 Tablate, Dominique G. SHS Chancellor SHS - STEM

Products from the previous youth forum were now the ambassadors and ambassadress of the Social
Orientation and Community Involvement (SOCI) Office who really helped a lot from creating the intensive
program for the said office.

Attached together with this list are their resume and letter of intent of joining the 11th PAPSAS Interactive
Youth Forum and Workshop with the theme: “Harnessing Student Leadership towards Holistic
Development and Wellness” on the 10th – 12th day of October, 2019 at the La Carmela de Boracay Resort
and Convention Center, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan, signed and approved by their parent/guardian and
endorsed by their Program Chairperson/Principal.

We are hoping that this will be another chance of another improvement for our student welfare program
with the help of these student leaders.


Engr. Brixvon P. Cruz

Student Affairs / SOCI Officer