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Republic of the Philippines

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Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
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March 2019 (Honor & Non-honor Students)
School Year 2018 – 2019

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Direction: Read the questions comprehensively and write the letter of the correct answer on your paper.

1. Introducing a product that is not yet known to the market is known as

A. Conventional ideas B. Innovative Ideas C. Reflective Ideas D. Initiative Ideas
2. This refers to the amount of money spent on the product each month or year.
A. Size of the market B. Value of the market C. People of the market D. Product of the market
3. This is one of the 7 P’s in Business Opportunity wherein you need to continually examine and re-examine
to make sure they’re still appropriate to the realities of the current market.
A. Price B. Product C. Promotion D. Place
4. It develops the habit of thinking continually about how the products are positioned in the hearts and minds
of the customers.
A. Positioning B. People C. Packaging D. Product
5. This step in developing a brand name describes what is to be offered, why it is offered, how the offering
is different and better.
A. Brand name, logo, and tagline C. Brand definition
B. Position of the product and service D. The brands name
6. Which of the following 4 M’s of Production deals with personnel and measure of performance?
A. Method B. Manpower C. Machine D. Material
7. Which of the following 4 M’s of Production deals with facilities, vehicles and tools?
A. Method B. Manpower C. Machine D. Material
8. It requires the same diligence as designing the right product, but the approach and skills required are
A. Business Plan B. Business Concept C. Business Model D. Business Ideas
9. In starting a business, it is the amount of money that is needed to buy the facilities and equipment.
A. Working capital B. Operation Cost C. Financial Planning D. Start-up capital
10. Start-up Capital and Working Capital are requirements for a
A. Operation Cost B. Financial Planning C. Start – up Costs D. Income and Profit
11. It is the difference between the expected income and the total operating costs over the first year, including
any loan repayments.
A. Income B. Gross Profit/Loss C. Selling Price D. Number of units sold
12. It shows whether there is sufficient cash available to operate the business without the need for further
A. Cashflow forecast B. Financial Planning C. Income D. Gross Profit/Loss
13. This guideline for successful business plan implementation should be crystal clear and specifically spelled
out, since it will be used as a building block for the rest of the implementation plan.
A. Time allocation B. Tasks C. Progress D. Objectives
14. What are the two things that influenced the form that a business takes?
A. Needs of the owner and type of product C. Customers’ needs and gross profit
B. Income and Profit D. Gross Profit and Gross Loss
15. Which of the following is not a requirement to start commencing a business in the Philippines?
A. DTI registration C. BIR Registration
B. Mayor’s Business Permit D. Owner’s clearance
16. When is the time that brainstorming creates good ideas?
A. When all of the concerned personnel are present C. When there is a clear goals or objectives
B. When focuses on a specific product or market area D. When all of the personnel are positive thinker
17. Which of the following best describes conventional ideas in generating new product/service?
A. Opening a snack bar in competition with almost 100 others in a particular city.
B. Opening a unique products or services that no one has the same idea of your products or services.
C. Opening a stall with a nice ventilation to give the customer the best quality of your services.
D. Opening a service in cooperation with other stakeholders.
18. Which of the following is an example of question about market size and value?
A. What is your favorite food? C. How often do you buy this product?
B. How often you eat this product? D. How many calories are there in a product?
19. Why do we need to improve the packaging of the product?
A. Appearance is important that quality.
B. Appearance helps the company’s image good.
C. Appearance can often lead to different reactions from the customers.
D. Appearance attracts the customers to buy your products or services.
20. Which of the following questions defines Positioning in the 7 P’s in Business Opportunity?
A. Where is the product should be placed?
B. How do customers establish good impression to the product?
C. How do customers think and talk about the products even if it is not present?
D. When is the right time the products and services be developed or enhanced?
21. A good brand name should
A. Appeal to young people C. Relate to the latest technology
B. Sound like an animal or natural phenomena D. Be distinctive and easy to remember
22. Which of the following best describe the Method of Production?
A. Do the tools enable them to perform tasks independently?
B. How will the personnel be trained and measured for performance?
C. Controlling waste is the key to efficient and profitable production.
D. All materials needed to clean and package are always available and are in place to minimize effort/
23. Which of the following best describes owner’s equity?
A. Entrepreneurs loan C. Entrepreneurs cashflow
B. Entrepreneurs Capital D. Entrepreneurs savings
24. Which of the following best describes fixed costs?
A. Staff Training B. Income Gained C. Gross Loss D. Selling of Products
25. Who will create marketing collateral?
A. Real estate agent B. Sales Manager C. Office Manager D. Marketing Manager
26. Who will secure office space?
A. Real estate agent B. Sales Manager C. Office Manager D. Marketing Manager
27. As an entrepreneur, where to go in order to secure a business permit?
A. Barangay Hall B. Hall of Justice C. Cashier’s Office D. Mayor’s Office
28. Which of the following business that is required to register with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)?
A. Sari-sari store B. Big Companies C. Pawnshops D. Busline
29. What are you going to do to be able to answer any questions that customers may have about a product?
A. Study about the product C. Anticipate those questions
B. Know your product D. Understand the questions
30. Which of the following is not a method in connecting with the Buyer?
A. Share your love of the product C. Be honest about the product
B. Anticipate the customers’ motivations D. Show your sincerity to the company
31. In generating new products/ services, how will you generate excellent ideas and concepts?
A. Brainstorming B. Focus Group C. Inventory D. Analysis
32. Why might a company introduce a fighter brand?
A. To open up high quality retail outlets.
B. To compete with low price substitutes while protecting existing brand reputations.
C. TO obtain publicity and raise awareness for a new product launch.
D. To reduce stock levels by selling off old stock at reduced prices.
33. Which of the following is not a way in developing an elegant business model?
A. Size the value of the solution in the target segment.
B. Confirm that the product or service solves the problem.
C. Test the channel and support strategy.
D. Target the right customers for the product.
34. If your selling price unit for a burger is Php 30.00 and the number of units sold is 40 pieces, determine the
income of your product.
A. Php 120.00 B. Php 1,200.00 C. Php 900.00 D. Php 1,000.00
35. If your selling price unit for a dress is Php 120.00, your purchase of the dress from a producer is Php
80.00, the number of units sold is 50 pieces, determine the profit gained.
A. Php 2,000.00 B. Php 6,000.00 C. Php 4,000.00 D. Php 5,000.00
36. If you are a sales manager, what is your function?
A. Recruiting clients C. Solicit referrals from clients
B. Create marketing collateral D. Obtain licenses and permits
37. In operating a business, what is the best thing to do in order to capture the attention of the customers?
A. Your products should be of quality
B. Make sure that you can produce a large number of products
C. Attend to the needs of your company
D. Stay calm and postive
38. Which of the following is the best explanation of Unique Selling Proposition?
A. An advertising technique offering a unique product
B. An advertising technique for celebrities and star athlete branding
C. An advertising technique that makes consumer feel special
D. An advertising technique that proposes that the product offers one unique benefit to the customer not
offered by competitor products
39. “How much do you pay for a pack of food?”, this talks about
A. The market value B. The customer C. Sales outlets D. Market size
40. What is the purpose of selling the product in many different places?
A. To reach the customers B. To uplift the companyC. To increase sales D. To increase benefits
41. Which of the following statement best describe an entrepreneur with a method?
A. Determine the most efficient way for each part of the process to be done to eliminate damage.
B. The part flow goes in one direction or does it zigzag throughout your facility.
C. Ensures that the employees have access to the same tools and equipment.
D. The personnel are trained and measured by performance.
42. It is sometimes difficult to get good workers on projects because:
A. Supervisors of knowledgeable people may be reluctant to let them be assigned to a project.
B. Of fear of being associated with a poor project
C. Having to work for two bosses
D. A and B
43. Aling Maria starts her karenderiya business, after one month there is no profit gained, if you were Aling
Maria, what is the best thing to do?
A. Stop the business and start a new one.
B. Continue the business because profit will be gained after few months.
C. Stop the business, there is no use because there is no profit gained.
D. Continue the business because you’ve already started it.
44. Your income every week in your puto business is Php 5,550.00, your cumulative Profit for the whole
month is Php 9,750.00. Determine the amount of your expenses?
A. Php 12,250.00 B. Php 4,200.00 C. Php 6,900.00 D. Php 5,550.00
45. In selling the product, do you think entrepreneur must emphasize the perks of the product to the customers?
Why or Why not?
A. Yes, to convey knowledge about the product
B. Yes, this makes it easier for the customer to see why they should purchase the product
C. No, the customers should know the product by themselves
D. No, because there are other important works that need to be done
46. When a company has created a successful brand strategy, people know
A. Who the company is and what it does C. Who their competitors are
B. How much their products cost D. Where they are located
47. Jessa is one of the important agent in a company, in a week she can recruit an average of 5 clients. Which
of the following best describes Jessa?
A. She is the manager C. She is a relationship manager
B. She is the sales manager D. She is a marketing manager
48. How can you operate a new business?
A. By being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your products.
B. By securing the tools and machines that will be used in making the products.
C. By securing the safety of the customers and manpower.
D. By securing first all business registration requirements.
49. One major mistake a brand can make that threatens its brand integrity is to
A. Be inconsistent about the way it presents itself
B. Try to outshine the competition
C. Give away a lot of product in the hopes of gaining new customers
D. Have a marketing team that is too small.
50. The cost of Goods sold in the year 2017 is Php 6,000.00 while the expenses amounted to Php 5,000.00. If
every year the sales increase at 8%, while the expenses remains the same, what will be the total Net Profit
after five years?
A. Php 5, 318.00 B. Php 4, 813 C. Php 3, 813 D. Php 4, 318.00

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