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General Instructions:
. The answers to the MCQs musr be given in the OMR sheet given. Record your choices in black / blue ball point Pen
. Ansrver all questions
. There is no negative rnarking
. Each question carries l.-5 marks

Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the given word:


A. quell
B. suppress
C. subjugate
D. liberate

A. winsome
B. exultant
C. mordant
D. livid
A. abhorrent
B. palatable

C. infamous
D. munificent

A. cordial
B. friendly
C. surly
D. pompous

A. exculpate
B. lacerate
C. bemuse
D. create

Replace the underlined word/phrase with the right word from the options:
Almost two (6) hundreds of years after being (7) baried by falling ash from a two-day volcanic eruption, Pompeii reveals
fascinating details about day to day life in the Roman Empire. Pompeii's (8) people roughly 20,000 inhabitants practiced several
religions. This is evidenced by temples dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess lsis, as well as the presence of Jews and Roman
worshipers. Pompeii's citizens practiced all of these religions in apparent peaceful co-exlstence with followers of the state
religion, (9) but worshipped Jupiter and the Roman emperor.They led astonishingly long lives, (10)followed by doctors and
dentists, and were very well educated.
6. A. centuries
B. decades

C. millennia

7. A. buryed
B. baryed

C. buried

D. buryied

8. A. group
B. population

C. members

D. town

9. A.who
B. that
C. which
D. or
10. A. presented

B. assisted
C. corrected
D. gifted
Fill in the correct words from the options below:
Who are celebrities?
A celebrity is a person who is easily (11) by people in a certain region or country. Celebrities usually get a lot of
media (12) and often are social people. Many become celebrities because of their (1 3) after
appearing in the media or simply (14) chance. Celebrities who only achieve a small amount of fame are called B -
or C-celebrities. ln the last decades we have become (15) with famous people. They have led to the rise of
gossip magazines and TV shows and (I6) work for journalists and paparazzi. Movie stars, television actors and
actresses, high - ranking politicians, successful business people, supermodels and athletes usually become celebrities. A few
humanitarian (17) such as MotherTeresa have achieved (18) because of their charity work.
Some people have become (1 9) _ because of their online activities and are regarded as lnternet celebrities - because
celebrities lead a life that is different from that of normal people, the (20) is interested in their private lives.

1 1. (a) ir:entified (b) accepted (c) recognised (d)seen

12. (a) attention (b) care (c)notice (d) thought
13. (a) career (b) employment (c) living (d) profession

14. (a )for (b) by (c) through (d)with

1 5. (a) enjoyed (b) charmed (c)involved (d)fascinated
16. (a) give '{b) provided (c) deliver (d)arrange
17. (a) advisors (b) organizers (c) leaders (d) heads

18. (a )fame (b) pride (c)legend (d)joy

19. (a)known (b) know (c) knew (d)was known
20. (a) culture (b) society (c) neighbourhood (d)public
Choose the right option while changing direct to indirect speech:
21. My mother says, "l was happy in Karachi. I had seen many places, when I was a childl'
A. My mother told that she was happy in Karachi, she had been seen many places, when she was a child.
B. My mother said that I was happy in Karachi. I had seen many places when I was a child.
C. My mother says that she was happy in Karachi. She had been seen many places, when she was a child.
D. My mother says that she was happy in Karachi and that she had seen many places, when she was a child.
22. One woman said to me, "You should consult a doctor. Do not delayl'

A. One woman said me that I should consult a doctor. Do not delay.

B. One woman told me that I should consulted a doctor and not delay.
C. One woman suggested that I should consult a doctor and not delay.
D. One woman requested me that I should been consult a doctor. Do not delay.

23. The Commander said,"March on, soldiersll

A. The soldiers were told to march on.
B. The commander ordered to his soldiers march on.
' C. The commander told march on soldiers.
D. The commander ordered his soldiers to march on.
24. She said, "l finished my homework."
A. She says that she had not finish her homework.
B. She said that she had not finished her homework.
C. She says that she was not finished her homework.
D. She says that she had not been finish her homework.
25. I said, "l do work hard to achieve my dreams".
A. I said that I did work hard to achieve my dreams.
B. I said that "l do work hard to achieve my dreams".
C. I said that I had to work hard to achieve my dreams.
D. I said that I have to work hard to achieve my dreams.
Read the passage. Then answer the questions below:
The worst days of any summer are the rainy ones. We spend all year looking forward to nice weather and long, hot days. All of
winter, with its dreary grey days and bitter cold, we dream of those endless days at the beach, laying on the sand and soaking in
the bright and burning sun. And then, summer comes, and it rains.
As a child, I would wake up to rainy summer days and come close to crying. lt wasn't fair. We suffered through months of school
and miserable weather for those scant ten weeks of freedom and balmy weather. Any day that I could not spend at the beach or
playing ball with my friends seemed like a punishment for something I didn't even do.
i On those rainy summer days, I had nothing fun to do and could only sit inside, staring out at the rain like a Dickensian orphan. I
was an only child, so there was no one else to play with. My father worked from home, so I was not truly alone, but he could not
i actively play with me since he was technically at work. lt was those days that I would resign myself to whatever was on television
or any books that I could find lying around. ld crawl through the day and pray each night that the rain would not be there the
next day.
. As an adult, though, my opinion of summer rain has changed. When you have to work every day, summer is not as eagerly
anticipated. Mostly, the days run together, bleeding into each other so that they no longer seem like separate entities and
instead feel like continuations of the same long day. Everything seems monotonous and dull, and an ennui or listlessness kicks
in. Such a mind-set makes you cheer for anything new or different. I spend the winter dreaming of summer and the summer
dreaming of winter. When summer comes, I complain about how hot it is. And then I look forward to the rain, because the rain
brings with it a cold front, which offers a reprieve - admittedly one that is all too short - from the torture of 100" and humid days.
Rainy days are still the worst days of the summer, but summer rain today means positively beautiful - and considerably cooler
weather tomorrow.
26. The passage makes use of language that is

A. metaphorical
B. rhetorical
C. formal
D. ambiguous

27. According to the passage, summer is different for adults because
A. rain brings with it cold temperatures for the following days
B. the weather is much warmer than it is for children
C. they do not get a long time off from work for the season
D. they better know how to occupy their downtime
28. According to the passage, which of the following is a true statement about the narrator as a child?
A. He or she was often bored on summer days.
B. He or she preferred cooler weather.
C. He or she liked staying indoors.
D. He or she had no siblings.
29. Compared to how he or she was as a child, the narrator as an adult is
A. more realistic
B. less excitable
C. more idealistic
D. less calm

30. As used in the final paragraph, the word reprieve most nearly means
A. a permanent conclusion
B. a short continuation
C. a higher level of pain
D. a temporary break
Read the passage. Then answer the questions below:
A Streetcar Named Desire - Passage 1 A Streetcar Named Desire is a classic of the American theatre. Tennessee Williams'
landmark work was tour de force in its original stage production in 1 947 and continues to resonate with audiences and readers
today despite-or perhaps because of-its simplistic though layered story. A faded Southern belle, Blanche DuBois, arrives at
her sister's seedy New Orleans apartment where she is tortured by her brutish brother-in-law, Stanley Kowalski. Blanche puts on
airs of class and happiness throughout the play, though internally she is miserable and haunted by her tragic and scandalous
past. Stanley forces Blanche to face her dolorous reality with his vitrioi and, finally, his act of sexual aggression, and in doing so,
he causes her to lose her tenuous grip on sanity. Most have argued (correctly) that the play is about the ways the past haunts our
present or (again correctly) that it is about the ways class and sexuality impact our lives. However, few have seen the play for
what it is: an allegory for the theatre itself.
Before Williams wrote Streetcar, the theatre had been dominated by melodrama. A brief interlude in the 930s brought political
theatre to centre stage (pardon the pun), but by the 1940s, its principal playwright, Clifford Odets, had left NewYork for
Hollywood, and the sensationalized and maudlin form of melodrama once again flourished. The theatre was in iimbo, and
Williams had a desire to bring something new to the world. lt would bring the realism of the politicaltheatre of the t930s but
without the political (read: socialist) underpinnings. To that end, he created lifelike characters who spoke in realistic dialect.
But to make his point that melodrama was flawed, he added an equally unrealistic character. Blanche, unlike the other
characters, speaks theatrically, acts larger than life on stage, and uses floral language and heightened mannerisms. Blanche is a
character not to be trusted. She lies about everything, and the only thing that finally exposes her lies is reality itseif: Stanley. He
finally forces her off the stage and into the insane asylum by forcing himseif on her sexually. And with ihai, realism forcibiy
removed melodrama from the stage.
3i. Faragraph 1 of the passage provides each of thefoliowing EXCEPT
A. a criticai interpretation of A Streetcar [\amed Desire
B" an explanaticn of rvhy modern audienees eonnect with A Streetcar h!arned Desire
e. a briefl piot synopsis c:f ,A Streetear" Named Desire
D. background inf*rnnatinn on the tirnes ihat produc*d A S'rreetcar l{amed D*sire
32. ii ean be inferr*d fr*ri'r this Bassmge that,{ Streetcar Named Desire
A. was Te nnessee \1,-iillanrs'first Blay
B. ;s better oir ltagC than in Print
i. riid n,:t have soe iaiist leanings
D. was nert melodramatic
33. Ar:errding to thi: passage, tire e haraeier *f Bianche DuE*is
A. rs in't*ntionaliy r:verdrarnatic and theatricai
B. has ne'r,er been tc the e ity of hler,v OiEearis before
e. !s recently n:arrieel to Stanley Kowalski
L. rs bi':'lta!iy honest and fi'ank cluring the play

1. The numbers x and y satisfies the equation x(y + 2) = 100 and y( x +2) = 69.
What is the value of x - y?
A. 60

B. 50

c. 20

D. 30

2. The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6:7.|f Q is 4 years old than P, what will be the ratio of the ages of P and Q
after 4 years

A. 7:8
B. 7:9
C. 3:8
D. 5:8
The diagram shows a circle with center O and a triangle OPQ. Side PQ is a tangent to the circle.The area of the circle is equal
to the area of the triangle.

What is the ratio of the length of PQ to the circumference of the circle?

A.1 :1

The diagram shows a rectangle PQRS in which PQ : QR = I : 2.

The point T on PR is such that ST is perpendicular to PR.

What is the ratio of the area of the triangle RST to the area of the rectangle PQRS?

A.1 :4t12

D.1 :10
5. Given that x+y+z=1 , x+y-z=2, x-y-z=3, what is the value of xyz?
A. -2
B. (-1)/2
6. Pierre said, " Just one of us is telling the truth'i Qadr said. " What Pierre says is not true". Ratna said, " What Qadr says is not true".
Sven said, " What Ratna says is not true". Tanya said, "What Sven says is not true'i How many of them were telling the truth?
B. 1

7. Roseforp runs to work every day. On Thursday he ran 10% faster than his usual average speed. As a result, his journey time
was reduced by x minutes. How many minutes did the journey take on Wednesday.
A. 11x
B. 10x
C. 9x
D. 8x
Tom is making clown hats from a circular piece of cardboard. The circumference of the base of each hat equals its slant
height, which in turn is equal to the radius of the cardboard. What is the maximum number of hats that Tom can make from
the piece of cardboard?


The sum of the ages of a father and son is 45 years. Five years ago, the product of their ages was four times the fathers age
at that time. The present age of father and son is-

A. 34,1 1

8.35, 10

c. 36,9

D. 40,5

10. Find the number of integer pairs x, y such that xy - 3x +5y =6

A. 1

11. Let o and B be the roots of the quadratic equation x2 +2bx + b = I .

The smallest possible value of (o - 0 )'? is



12. Whatisthevalueof 81,

rjzt 62'
A. s/24
B. 1/9
c. 1/3
D. 1/10
13. Which one of the following rational numbers cannot be expressed as 1 + 1
where m and n are different positive integers?
A. 3/4

B. 3/7

c. 3/6

D. 3/8
14. Fivetouchingcircleseachhaveradiuslandtheircentresareattheverticesofaregularpentagon.Whatistheradiusofthe
circle through the points of contact P, Q, R, S and T?

A. tanl80

B. tan54o

C. tan45o

D. tan36o
15. How many terms are there in 2,4,8,"16,....,1024


I 6. All the digits 2,3, 4, 5 and 6 are placed in the grid, one in each cell, to form two three-digit numbers that are squares. Which
digit is placed in the center of the grid?



17. The least number that is divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 10 (both inclusive) is :

18. Thesalariesof A,BandCareof ratio2:3:5. lftheincrements of 15o/o,10oloand 20o/oaredonetotheirrespectivesalaries,then
find the new ratio of their salaries.
D. 21:33:60

19. A is twice as good as workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18 days. ln how many days will B alone finish
the work?
A.54 days
8.27 days
C.56 days
D.68 days
20. A person incurs a loss of 5olo be selling a watch for Rs. 1 140. At what price should the watch be sold to earn 5olo profit?
A. Rs.1200
B. Rs.1230

C. Rs.l260
D. Rs.l290
21. Rs. 700 is divided among A, B, C so that A receives half as much as B and B half as much as C. Then C's share is
A. Rs.200

l B. Rs.300
C. Rs.400

D. Rs.500
22. A tap can fill a tank in 6 hours. After half the tank is filled then 3 more similar taps are opened. What will be total time taken
to fill the tank completely.
A. 2 hours 30 mins
B. 2 hours 45 mins
C. 3 hours 30 mins
D. 3 hours45 mins
23. A train is 360 meter long is running at a speed of 45 km/hour. ln what time will it pass a bridge of 140 meter length.

A. 40 seconds
B. 20 seconds
C. 50 seconds
D. 30 seconds

24. Findthe rate at Simple interest, at which a sum becomes four times of itself in 15 years.

A. 10o/o



25. Thepercentageincreaseintheareaofarectangle,ifeachof itssidesisincreasedby20o/ois:


third square whose area is equal to the difference
26.The perimeters of two squares are 40 cm and 32 cm. Find the perimeter of a

of the areas of the two squares.

pole and angle of
27. The Top of a 15 metre high tower makes an angle of elevation of 60 degree with the bottom of an electric
elevation of 30 degree with the top of pole. Find the height of the electric pole'
A.7 metre
B. I0 metre
C.9 metre
D.8 metre
n is divided by 4, the remainder is 3. What is the remainder when 2n is divided by
2g. When
29. What will be the remainder when ( 96 +1) is divided by 8?
30. lt was Sunday on Jan 1, 2006. What was the day of the week lan 1 20i 0?

A. Sunday
B. SaturdaY
C. Friday
D. Wednesday
31 lf 5" = 3 i 25, then the value of 5u is:

A. 25
B. 1:5
32. At 3:40, the hour and the minute hand of a clock form an angle of
A. 1 20"
B. 1 3C"
n 1?(o

length of the rectangle?
D. None
1 . Which of the following Venn diagram given below correctly represents the students who learn law & music, music & dance
and law, music & dance?

2. Which of the following Venn diagram given below corgectly represents the relationship among Husband, Wife and Family?

3. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.
A. Rhombus
B. Diagonal
C. Pentagon
D. Circle

4. Which is different from the other three alternatives?

A. Papaya
B. Mango
C. Pomegranate
D. Guava

5. A is the husband of B. E is the daughter of C. A is the father of C. How is B related to E?

A. Mother
B. Grandmother
C. Aunt
D. Cousin

6. What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when the time shown by the clock is 5.30 p.m. ?

B. 50

c. 3"
7 . After walking 6 kms, I turned right and travelled a distance of 2 kms, then turned left and covered a distance of 10 km. ln the
end lwas moving towards the north. From which direction did I start my journey?
A. North
B. South
C. South-West
D. North-East
g. 1.5,3,5.5,9,13.5, 19,...
B. 15.5
9. lfa5b=a2b2-ab, then 358=
'10. lf 5@6=61 and 8@10=164,then 7@9=7
A 11E
n. tzJ

c. 't30
1 1. A monkey starts climbing up a tree 20ft. tall. Each hour, it hops 3ft. and slips back 2ft. How much time would it take the
monkey to reach the top?
A.21 hours
B.12 hours
C.18 hours
D. 15 hours

12. lf a light flashes every 6 seconds, how many times will it flash in 3/4 of an hour?
13. ln a family there are husband wife, two sons and two daughters. All the ladies were invited to a dinner. Both sons went out
to play. Husband did not return from office. Who was at home?
A. Only wife was at home

B. AII ladies were at home

C. Only sons were at home

D. Nobody was at home

14. lf 'eraser' is called 'boxl 'box' is called 'pencill 'pencil' is called 'sharpener| and 'sharpener' is called 'bagi what will a child write with?

A. Eraser

B. Bag

C. Pencil

D. Sharpener
15. Find the odd one out
A. Copper

B. Brass

C. Platinum

D. Zinc
16. Find the odd one out

A. Epicentre

B. Seismology
C. Crater
D. Richter Scale

17. Cookbook: Recipes

A. film : reviews

B. manual : instructions
C. magazine : subscriptions
D. paperback: editions

18. Stone:Sculpture
A. Mural : Painting

B. opera : stage
C. canvas : easel

D. clay: pottery
19. A.1

D.4 {n {?} {31 t4}
20. A.1
i. L.r ?
8.2 :il

:ll I
ri ::+tt "!

21. Which letter replaces the question mark?

A.G 'ca )/ts lIl
rr )[ taIzc

C.K 'rr) l(e


D.V r!) )(?

22. Which letter replaces the question mark?
A.Y J o?., Y


o sI
t L

r DXt t
23. At a conference, I2 members shook hands with each other before & after the meeting. How many total number of
handshakes occurred?
24 The day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?

A. Monday


C. Wednesday

D. Thursday
25. Picture Analogy

m f3"?- <i {L
26. Pipe A can fill a tank in 12 hours. Due to a leak at the bottom it takes 20 hours to fillthe tank. ln what time the leak alone can
empty the full tank?
A. 18 hours
B. 23 hours
C.28 hours
D. 30 hours
27. 3 workers transfer a tool weighing 120k9 in 12 seconds. How many men are required to transfer it in 9 seconds?

The school principal has received complaints from parents about bullying in the school yard during recess. He wants to
investigate and end this situation as soon as possible, so.he has asked the recess aides to watch closely. Which situation
should the recess aides report to the principal?

A. A girl is sitting glumly on a bench reading a book and not interacting with her peers.

B. Four girls are surrounding another girl and seem to have possession of her backpack.

C.Two boys are playing a one-on-one game of basketball and are arguing over the last basket scored.

D. Three boys are huddled over a handheld video game, which isn't supposed to be on school grounds.

29. Mark working with a realtor to find a location for the toy store he plans to open in his town. He is looking for a place that
is either in, or not too far from, the center of town and one that would attract the right klnd of foot traffic. Which of the
following locations should Mark's realtor call to his attention?
a. astorefrontinanewhigh-risebuildingnearthetrainstationinthecenterof townwhoseoccupantsaremainlyyoung,
childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day
b. a little shop three blocks away from the town's main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next
door to an ice cream store
c. a stand-alone storefront on a quiet residential street ten blocks away from the town's center

d. a storefront in a small strip mall located on the outskirts of town that is also occupied by a pharmacy and a dry cleaner

30. Findtheprincipleonacertainsumofmoneyat5%perannumfor22/5yearsiftheamountbeingRs.'1 120?

a. Rs.1000

b. Rs.1 '100

c. Rs.1 050

d. Rs.1200

31. What is the rate percent when the simple interest on Rs.800 amount to Rs.'l 60 in 4 Years?


b" 60/o


d.3 1/20/o

32. Choose the correct water - image of the fig. (x) from the given four figures.

6;\ 19 ,6i\
6;\ .1:.-:_f

\g .._
\u./\.(-,"/ \__/
i.1 f,
33. Fig. (X) is embedded in any of the four alternative figures. Find the alternative which contains fig.

34. you are moving across the road on a scooter when you observe that two boys on a bike snatch a lady's gold chain and ride
away. You would:

a. Console the woman.

b. chase the boys to catch hold of them.

c. inform the police about the matter.

d. standandseewhathappensnext.