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Name: Renelle B.

Habac Teacher: Emily Regis

Section: ABM-09 Subject: Business Ethics

Arellano University Pasig Intramurals was started at February 26, 2018 and have
different activities to the chiefs. Even the students don’t have classes they were required to
go to school and attend the said event and support their strand. We also required having
attendance to some of the subject teachers to have some points. But first we must know what
Intramurals is. Intramural sports or intramurals are recreational sports organized within a
particular institution, usually an educational institution. The term, which is chiefly North
American, derives from the Latin words intramuros meaning "within walls", and was used to
describe sports matches and contests that took place among teams from "within the walls" of
an institution or area. The term dates to the 1840s. It is contrasted with extramural, varsity or
intercollegiate sports, which are played between teams from different educational
institutions. The word intermural, which also correctly means "between institutions”, is a
common error for "intramural".

The objectives of having Intramurals is to provide a program of physical activities

that contribute to the development and identity of student groups/societies on campus; To
provide an opportunity for students to gain leadership skills, professional skills,
qualifications and work experience through participation and employment in the program.
School is a place where students are nurtured toward becoming responsible and productive
members of society.

School provides a means of molding students into capable employees or professionals

in their chosen fields. Mathematics and science help students to enhance their reasoning,
English helps hone and polish verbal and written communications, social studies promote
socialization and awareness, and physical education encourages students to have holistic and
active lifestyles and practice the arts of winning, losing, and teamwork. In other words,
participating in physical education provides invaluable life skills.

Schools also have reasons why they have or valued an activity like Intramurals. It
allows students to develop psychomotor skills and fine-tune motor skills with coordination,
movement, strength, dexterity, grace, and speed, and also find healthy outlets for energy. It
promotes camaraderie and rapport among students, instructors, parents, and administration.
In other words, sports build strong bonds within the community. It instills discipline among
students. Intramurals provide a healthy pastime to help students refrain from various vices
such as drugs, smoking, drinking, and spending excessive time on electronic devices. It also
teaches the value of teamwork. In real work environments, team skills are some of the most
valuable attributes an employee can have. The ability to work well with others can lead to
job security and promotions. Intrams also teach the value of sportsmanship. The ability to
accept defeat gracefully is a sign of maturity and a requisite skill for success. The ability to
bounce back strong from a fall wills able students to experience personal triumph and
immense joy. Losses teach students to rebound stronger next time, practice craft, and learn
from mistakes, while wins teach students to never rest on their laurels but to keep practicing,
and always maintain a fighting form. Playing sports teach students to refrain from boastful
arrogance and instead to learn to be realistic and humble. It also showcases talents so that
others will be inspired and encourage healthy competition among participants. It also teaches
students to shine under pressure and to cope with nerves or performance anxiety.

But unfortunately in the day of Tuesday, February 27, 2018 I was not able to attend in
the activities in the Intramurals because of having a friend swimming that will help us
unwind from the stress that cause by the busy scheduled we have and a lots of school
necessity that we needed to passed on within the timer frame given by our subject teachers.
But we can also consider that swimming is a recreational activity that helps us boost our
immunity system. Also, swimming can help us ease some stress and enjoy the moments
especially with friends.

The event of intramurals held different activities that we will participate the chosen
student from different strand and courses inside the Arellano University. Every Strand have
different participants who will represent there strand, also they prepared the color of each
strand like example the Strand of ABM the color is red, the strand of HUMMS is color blue,
Strand of Gas they prepared Color green for their uniform, STEM is for yellow and Tour
Guiding for pink, as I’ve said they a lot of time to prepared this coming event every year,
every strand have a different color that symbolizes to them. The red color knight is for the
ABM that shows how strong and powerful, because ABM is the most powerful in numbers it
means that many students from Arellano University are ABM student.

Last week, A lot of student are waiting for the Basketball because the game was
intense from each side of the team, not just for the team basketball but also for the viewers
who supporting and cheering their Strand, but most loudest cheer when the ABM basketball
is playing is the most cheerful and do you feel how they give them full support for their
strand. Every strand like Gas, HUMMS, ABM, Cookery, HE, Tour Guiding and Stem have
different banner and flag, to the flag have a different symbol like to the strand of ABM,
knight is the symbol for the ABM.

On the Intramurals we enjoyed cheering in the team we bet for. We watched different
games like volleyball, basketball, badminton and chess. We are very lucky that we are again
a back to back champion in women’s and men volleyball, women’s chess and hoping for the
other categories. ABM is not just excelling for academic peripheral but also in sports and lots
of activities and this prove that we are very lucky and vulnerable. An example of a great
strand and a team. We hope for more success. Through this sportsmanship, values and
leadership are been developed to everyone that’s why majority of the players after the
activities taken are concluding that, “It is not important if you win or loss in a game, what is
more important is how you played the game”.

As part of a teenager the most exciting to experience and adventure, last week we
plan but I think this is not totally planned, we say that on that they there is no activity or
there is no task that we will do. In our own aspects why we didn’t try to lessen our stress
while its intrams, we think that is the perfect time to bond and hang-out. So I didn’t go to
school that day because I chose swimming than to go to school.
Name: Renelle B. Habac Teacher: Emily Regis

Section: ABM-09 Subject: Business Ethics

According to this pictures or what we have write last Tuesday. The next topic will be

It discussed about the 3 Principles to implement just wages and its meaning and some
information that talks about it.

It also talks about factors that should be considered in determining wage and salary of

We should learn to be independent. Independent in all things, in order to be

successful. Sometimes we need to be cooperating to others but, we should go away from
our comfort zone. In business ethics, we should balance being an independent person and
also a good follower or higher communication skills to have or gain success.

Last Tuesday march 6, 2018, the topic that our teacher assign to our secretary to
write in the board is all about ethical issues in business and corporate environment. In the
complex global business environment of the 21st century, companies of every size face a
multitude of ethical issues. We also need to write down all the words written in the board
and assigned the reporters about it.

Businesses have the responsibility to develop codes of conduct and ethics that every
member of the organization must abide by and put into action. Fundamental ethical issues
in business include promoting conduct based on integrity and that engenders trust, but
more complex issues include accommodating diversity, empathetic decision-making, and
compliance and governance consistent with a company's core values. The most
fundamental or essential ethical issues that businesses must face are integrity and trust. A
basic understanding of integrity includes the idea of conducting your business affairs with
honesty and a commitment to treating every customer fairly. When customers think a
company is exhibiting an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, a high level
of trust can develop between the business and the people it seeks to serve. A relationship
of trust between you and your customers may be a key factor in your company's success.
The first words that our secretary wrote are just wage. A justified wage refers to income
determined by market dynamics, work experience, education and skill. Justified wage is the
wage level that is high enough to attract workers but low enough to enable employers to
offer employment. The divergence between a justified wage and minimum wage may
depend on several factors including the state of the economy and level of unemployment.
The three principles to implement just wage. First, principle of need. The wage rate
necessary to keep going the individual worked of his family. Second, principle of equity.
Appropriate to a person because of the particular skills, effort and talent that a person is
capable to bring the job. Third, principle of economic order. Refers to the reality that the
individual works and for itself must produce adequate value: to give the wages. These
following factors should be taken into consideration in determining wage and salary of
workers. One is external market factors, two, laws and regulation, Three is cost of living,
Four is existing industry rate, Five is organizational factors, Six is individual performance.
The gifts and bribery. Briber is the same thing given in the expectation to influence the
recipients conduct while the gifts is something worth given with no anticipation of return.
Gifts also can be monetary, actual items or they can be tickets to a sporting event,
entertainment, travel, rounds, of golf or restaurant. Bribe also is money, goods, right in
action property, privilege.

Whistle blowing is also the topic that wrote in the board. Whistle blowing isn't
justified unless the following criteria are met. One, the intention must be appropriate. Two,
the employee should usually seek less. Three, the whistle blower needs forceful proof of
wrong doing. Four, the organizations wrong doing must be precise and significantly wrong.
Five, the whistle blowing has a chance of being successful. The next topic is all about
recruitment and candidates. Some common ethical dilemmas in recruitment can include:
one, placing misleading advertisement for jobs. Two, misreporting the requirements of a
particular position. Three, responding to a hiring manager who has asked to find a way
around not hiring a qualified candidate for discriminatory purposes. Four, not reviewing
candidates based on their merits. Next topic is employee promotion.

There are three considerations for promotion which are work performance, seniority
and projected work performance. One work performance. Two seniority and three
projected performance. Next topic is all about termination. There are several common
reasons to terminate an employee, which are: one, unable to perform some or all of the
necessary aspects of the job. Two, unfavorable business conditions for economic reasons.
Three, unacceptable behavior such as disclosure of confidential information, stealing
company property, engaging in sexual harassment or verbally or physically threatening
another employee. Four, chromic absenteeism which could be a sign that the employee is
dealing with substance abuse, mental illness or job dissatisfaction. Next topic is product
misrepresentation. Misrepresentation means a transformation of information to
misinformation. It could be direct or indirect in nature. Direct misrepresentation are one,
deceptive packaging. Two, adulteration, three, misbranding.