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Homeschool Helpers

Issue 169, December 9, 2010
From Homeschool Helpers
In association with Pass It On Ministries

By Dan L. White

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The recent midterm election saw the Republicans win big.

But not that big.

Republicans gained control of the US House, but the socialists still control the Senate
and Presidency.

And the NEA and ACLU still control America.

Reid and Pelosi are still in power. Their religious ardor has not dimmed, and the first
thing they did after the election was to continue their efforts to turn the US military into
a homosexual haven. Judges in Iowa who approved man/man marriage against the
voters' will were booted out, showing that right now the people of America do not want
to turn their country into a modern Sodom. However, Reid, Pelosi, Obama and the
Democrats disregard all such signs, even at their political peril, and march ahead with
their homo promo campaign. They are willing to push their religious beliefs, even at
personal sacrifice and loss of popularity for themselves. That shows the depth of their
faith. We compare that to most Christians and pastors, who dare not speak out against
the homosexual campaign. There is no question which people have the deepest faith.

Because of Obama trying to extend the government's power in the last two years,
distrust of government has grown and many people now want to lessen government
control in all areas. That distrust and disgust now extends more than ever to the
government education monopoly.

The movie Waiting for Superman was made by liberals and directly attacked the power
of the public school teachers' unions. I have not seen the movie, but it has received a lot
of media attention. You can view the trailer for the movie on youtube.

Now there is a lot of talk among liberals about reforming the public school system, but
all their plans just involve reshuffling their monopoly, as with charter schools. And in
order to reshuffle their monopoly, that will necessarily involve greater government
control of the schools to ensure that the schools are doing better. That's the way
socialists think. The problem with schools is government monopoly control, and the way
they will improve the schools is with greater government control.

There is more of a movement now toward ending the totalitarian education control than
at any time since power was centralized in the public school system. However, the power
of the teachers' unions and their supporters is so enormous that only the smallest steps
are being taken. A voucher system was in place in Washington, DC that allowed some
children in perhaps the world's worst schools to escape, and saved the government
money in the process. Obama and the liberals ended that last year. Why did they do
that? It was the liberals themselves who had installed that program in the first place, yet
they and Obama killed it.


Teachers' unions! They feared the political power of the local, apple polishing public
school teacher.

Now the conservatives in Congress plan to bring that up again. Of course, that is a very
small step and basically all the people in DC support Obama and the liberals, who have
enslaved their children in urban and educational ghettoes. In all, fourteen states have
some type of freedom of education choice programs, all very limited. Those states are
Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Indiana, Utah and Arizona. Those are
all fairly conservative states, but programs are also in place in Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, left wing states. DC also has the remnant of its
voucher program in place, for those students who were already in that process.

A couple of years ago Utah's legislature voted in a statewide education freedom

program, again saving the state money, but the teachers' unions invaded that state and
had the law reversed in a referendum. That move sent a nationwide message – DON'T

Last spring an education freedom bill was brought up in the Illinois legislature and the
Republicans defeated it. More Democrats voted against it than Republicans, but
Republicans helped kill educational freedom. Why did they do that? Simple. Because
they received notable contributions from the teacher's unions, and then they voted for
the teachers' unions.

The United States is in an educational death spiral. They pay tax money to the pubic
school teachers, who join together in powerful unions that then control enough
politicians so the teachers get their way. They constantly demand more and more
money, and the more money they get, the more power they get, and they then further
increase their control. Teachers often cannot be fired, unless they have a Bible on their
desks or have sex with their students. Notice that those two things are considered to be
the same level of criminal activity.

Arizona's educational freedom program has been challenged by –

Guess who?

– the ACLU.

If you had to point to two organizations that have damaged America, I think it would be
the ACLU and the NEA.

The Arizona case is now under consideration by the US Supreme Court. Here's an
interesting point: the Justice Department of the Obama administration is acting on
behalf of Arizona. They are urging the court to allow the Arizona program. American
blacks suffer more than any other segment of the population from the ghetto school
system. Might it be that Obama really would like to do something to free his people?
Would he really like to tear down the Berlin Wall that imprisons America's youth, if he
can just escape the power of the teachers' unions?

I think the Supreme Court will uphold the Arizona program. The political wind is
shifting that way and judges are political people. The recent election did cause a shift in
legislatures at the state level, and it is at the state level that education must be liberated.
If the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona program, then other states will take that as
encouragement to act against the tyranny of the public school system, the ACLU and the
NEA. And this is all happening while the liberals are using the public school classrooms
and culture right now to turn America into a homosexual nation.