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Hi! My name is from the Philippines.

I’ve been a classroom teacher teaching English for 13 years. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in
Secondary Education Major in English in 2006 and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers
in the same year.

I have acquired a TEFL Certificate or Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I am a mother to three beautiful kids! I am also their teacher at home and that makes it more fun
to teach because I treat my students as my kids too!

Teaching is my passion, though it requires great patience and effort to teach kids, teenagers and

I have acquired these qualities through my years in teaching and I believe that it’s not only a
profession but a vocation.

Apart from teaching, I enjoy having free talk conversations, with topics about movies, food,
education, travel and anything interesting to the students.

Teaching English as a profession gave me a sense of fulfillment in making my students improve

and bring confidence in their communication skills.

My goal is to help my students achieve their greatest potentials to speak the English language with
confidence anywhere in the world.

I’ll see you in class!

With me as your teacher, learning English will be fun and easy. See you in my class!