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Voc. P.

14-15 U2

 To miss : To feel sad because you can no longer see somebody or something that you like.
 Sunshine : The light and heat of the sun.
 Successful : Having become popular and/or made a lot of money.

 Business : The activity for making, buying, selling or supplying goods or services for money.
 To run : To be in a charge of a business.
 Store : A large shop that sells many different types of goods.
 Hesitation : To be slow to speak or act because your feel uncertain or nervous.
 Certainly : Without doubt.
 Whatever : Anything/Everything.
 High school : A school for young people between the ages 14 and 18.

 Nearly : Almost, not completely.

 Meal : An occasion when people sit down to eat food, especially breakfast, lunch or dinner.
 Huge : Enormous, extremely large in size or amount.
 Jogging : The activity of running slowly and steadily as a form of exercise.
 To join : To come together to from one thing or group.
 Fine art : Forms of art, esp. painting, drawing and sculpture that are created to be beautiful rather
(in the place of) than useful.
 Suburb : An area where people live that is outside the center of a city.
 Busy : Having a lot to do.
 Exciting : Causing great interest or excitement.
 Yard : Garden.
 Crowded : Having a lot of people or too many people.
 Pint : A unit for measuring liquids and some dry goods.
 Fairly : To some extent but not very.
 Inland : Away from the coast.
 Cricket : A game played on grass by two teams of 11 players.
 Aborigine : A member of a race of people who were the original people living in a country.
 Wool : Soft fine hair that covers the body of sheep, goats and other animals.
 Game reserve: A large area of land where wild animals can live in safety.

Vocabulary p.18 U3 “The Burglar´s Friend”

 Fast Asleep : Completely asleep, sleeping deeply.

 Noise : A sound, especially when it is loud, umpleasant or disturbing.
 Downstairs : To a floor of a house or building lower than the one you are on.

 To carry : To support the weight of something or someboby and take them or it from one place to
 Wallet : A small, flat folding case used for keeping money or credit cards in.
 Drawer : A part of a piece of furniture such as a desk, used for keeping things in.
 Pocket Money: Amount of money that you have to spend.

 While : During the time that something is happening.

 To wake : To stop sleeping.
 To hold : To have something in your hands, arms, etc.
 Burglar : A person who enters a building illegally in order to steal.
 Until : Up to the point in time or the event mentioned.
 To catch : To capture a person.

Vocabulary p. 20 U3

 Robber : A person who steals from a person or place, especially using violence or threats.
 Teller : Person whose job is to recive and pay out money in a bank.
 To demand : To ask for something very firmly.

 To claim : To say that something is true, although it hasn´t been proved.

 To smell : Quality of something that people and animals sense through their noses.
 Odor : Having a smell, especially one that is unpleasant.
 To hand : To pass or give something to somebody.
 To drop : To fall or allow something to fall by accident or on purpose.
 However : Used to start a contrast in a sentence.
 Guest : A person that you have invited to your house or to a particular event that you are paying
 To break : To be damaged or separated into two or more parts, as a result of force.
 Furniture : Objects that can be moved, such as tables, chairs and beds, that are put into an office, or a
house to make it suitable for living or working it.
 To smash : To break something violently and noisy into a many pieces.
 To steal : To take something from a person, shop/store, etc. without permission and without
intending to return it for pay for it.
 Jewelry : Objects such as rings and necklaces that people wear as decoration.
 To smash : romper (vidrio).

Voc. P.23 U3

 Darkness : The state of being dark, without any light.

 Peacefully : Quiet and calm.
 Suddenly : Quickly and unexpectedly.
 Curtain : A piece of cloth that is hung to cover a window.
 To shine : To produce or reflect light, to be bright.
 To lead : To guide.
 Coat : A piece of outdoor clothing that is worn over other clothes to keep warm and dry.
 To whisper : To speak very quietly to sb. So that other people cannot hear what you are saying.
 Worried : Thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen and therefore
feeling unhappy and afraid.
 To thump : To beat strongly.
 Pillow : A square or rectangular piece of cloth filled with soft material, used to rest your head on in
 Chest : The top part of the front of the body, between the neck and the stomach.
 Behind : At or toward the back of sb/sth.
 Toward : In direction of sb/sth.
 Wall : Any of the vertical sides of a building or room.
 Relief : The feeling or happiness that you have when sth. Unpleasant stops or does not happen.

Voc p. 31 U4

 Main : being the largest or most important of its kind

 Sidewalk : a flat part at the side of a road for people to walk on
 Wide : measuring a lot from one side to the other
 Statue : a figure of a person or animal in tone, metal, etc
 Town house : a tall, narrow house in a town that is part of a row of similar houses.

 Stylish : fashionable, elegant and attractive.

 Whole : complete
 Rebuild : to build or put something together again.
 Billboard : a large board on the outside of a building or at the side of the road, used for putting
advertisements on.
 Paradise : a place that is extremely beautiful and that seems perfect, like heaven.
 Manufacturer: a person or company that produces goods in large quantities.

 Mass produced: produced in large quantities, using machinery.

 Consumption : the act of buying and using products.

 Chic : very fashionable and elegant.

 Handmade : made by a person using their hands rather than by machines.

 Leather : a material made by removing the hair or fur from animal skins.
 Handbag : a small bag made of leather, plastic, etc for carrying coins and also paper money, cards,
etc., used especially by women.
 Purse : a small bag for money, keys, etc., carried especially by women.
 Belt : a long narrow piece of leather that you wear around the waist.
 Folk Art : traditional art of a particular area or country.
 Fashionable : following a style that is popular at a particular time.

 Lively : full of life and energy; active and enthusiastic.

 Well known : known about by a lot of people. / famous.

Vocabulary Unit 4 (Pages 32 and 33)

 Newsstand : A place on the street at a station, where you can buy newspapers.
 Drugstore : A shop/store that sells medicines and also other types of goods.
 Sales clerk : Shop assistant
 Cashier : A person whose job is to receive and pay out money in a bank, shop/ store, hotel.
 Fitting room : A room in a shop/store where you can put on clothes to see how they look.
 Sore throat : A medical condition in which the throat is painful and often red because of infection.
 Issue : One of a regular series of magazines or newspapers. Ex: The article appeared in issue 25.
 Rack : A piece of equipment usually made of metal or wooden bars, used for holding things or
hanging things on. For example: A vegetable rack.
 Blueberry : A dark blue berry that grows on bushes in North America and can be eaten.
 Muffin : A small cake in the shape of a cup, often containing small pieces of
 Currency : The system of money that a country uses. Ex: You’ll need some
cash in local currency but you can also use your credit card.
 A pot of tea : tetera.
 Package : Something that is covered with paper or put into a thick envelope so that it can be sent by
mail, carried easily, or given as a present.
 Surface mail : Letters carried by road, rail or sea, not by air.
 Exchange rate: A fixed amount of money of one currency that is changed for an equal value of another.
Ex: Where can I find the best exchange rate?

Unit 4: Buying Things. Prices and Shopping. Pages 32-33

 Pot : a container used for making or serving hot drinks.

 A liter : a unit for measuring an amount of liquid or gas in the metric system, containing 1000
 Blueberry : a small dark-blue fruit that grows on a bush and is very common in North America.
 Tissue : a piece of soft thin paper used especially for wiping your nose.
 Post Card : a small card that you write on one side of and send to someone in the post. It usually has a
picture on it and is sent from a place you are visiting.
 Exchange rate :the value of the money of one country when you change it into the money of another
 Package : an object or set of objects wrapped in a box or in paper and sent or given to someone.
 Conditioner: a liquid applied to the hair after shampooing to improve its condition.
 Tie : a long narrow piece of cloth that a man wears around his neck under the collar of a shirt.
 Sore : (of a part of one's body) painful or aching.
 A cold : a minor illness that blocks your nose and makes you cough.
 Stamps : a small official piece of paper that you buy and stick on an envelope to pay for the cost of
posting a letter or a parcel.
 Costumer : a person or company that buys goods or services.
 Muffin : a small sweet cake that often contains fruit.
 Size : how large or small something is.
 Sales Clerk : someone whose job is to help customers and sell things in a shop.
 Rack : an object used for storing things that consists of a row of small shelves, spaces, or hooks.
 Cashier : someone whose job is to receive or give money in a shop, bank etc.
 Issue : a magazine that is published at a particular time.
 Fitting Room : a room in a store in which one can try on clothes before deciding whether to purchase
Voc. U5 pages 38,39

 To lead : to live your life in a particular way.

 Ordinary : normal or average, and not unusual or special.
 Ambitions : determined to be successful, rich, famous, etc.
 To complain: to say that you are not satisfied with something.
 Fell sorry for someone: to feel sympathy for someone because they are in a difficult or unpleasant
 Unknown : if something it is, people don’t know about it or don´t know what it is.
 To grow up : to change from being a baby or young child to being an older child or adult.
 Extravagant : spending or costing a lot of money, especially more than is reasonable (wasteful).
 Boast : to proudly tell other people about what you or someone connected with you has done or
can do, or about something you own, especially in order to make them admire you.
 Designer clothes
 Care : effort and attention.
 Themselves: (pronoun) used for showing that the people or things that the people or things that do
something are also affected by it or involved in it.
 Chauffer
 Nutritionist
 Coach : someone who teaches a special skill, especially one connected with performing such a
singing or acting.
 Counsellor : someone whose job is to give advice and help to people with problems.
 Whether : expressing a doubt or choice between alternative.
 Beauty : a combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses,
especially the sight.
 Pleasure : a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
 Already
 Beautician
 Rush : a situation in which you hurry to do something, especially because you don´t have much
 Cool : fashionably, attractive or impressive.
 To pose : assume a particular attitude or position in order to be photographed, painted or drawn.
 Plastic surgery
 Liposuction
 Freshman
 Worth : used for saying that there is a good enough reason for doing something, because it is
important, enjoyable, useful, etc.
Vocabulary Pages 46 47

 To invest : to buy property, shares in a company, etc. In the hope of making a profit.
 Grocery store: a shop/store that sells food and other things used at home.
 Penny : a small British coin and unit of money.
 Stock : a share that somebody has bought in a company.
 Ticket : an official notice that orders you to pay a fine because you have done
something illegal while driving or parking your car.
 Ragged : wearing old and torn clothes.
 Widow : a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again.
 Poverty : state of being poor; opposite of wealth.
 To spoil : do too much for a child, in a way that is harmful for his/her behavior.
 Skirt : a piece of clothing for a woman or girl that hangs from the waist.
 To argue : to speak angrily to somebody because you disagree with them.
 Bill : a piece of paper that shows how much you owe somebody for goods or services.
 Kindhearted : kind and generous.
 Bond : an agreement by a government or a company to pay you interest on the money you have
 To inherit : to receive money, property, etc. From somebody when they die.
 To amputate: to cut off somebody's arm, leg, finger or toe in a medical operation.
 Stingy : extremely mean, not generous at all.
 To injure : to harm yourself or somebody else physically in an accident:
 Account : an agreement that somebody has with a bank to keep money there,
take some out, etc.