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~ People look on the outside, but God looks inside the heart.

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 ¬ Wrapped gift (use bow and ribbon)

 Isn͛t this a beautiful package? Take a look at the ribbons ʹ so nice and
shiny. Look at this large bow ʹ it is beautiful! I love this color ʹ red. It is one of my
favorite colors. Maybe you have a favorite color which you like best. I wonder
what is inside this package. It must be something big, because of the size of this
package. Hmmmm͙it does not seem very heavy. I wonder what is inside. Would
anyone like to take a guess? (Allow a few guesses) Maybe someone who has a
birthday in December could tell me what they think. It is wrapped so nicely that
there must be something really costly in here. How many think we should open
this package? Ok ʹ let͛s do it! (Opens package) This is sure a big box͙ok here
goes. There is s smaller box inside this big box. This really must be something
really cool! Now let͛s open this little box. Yuck! Something smells. Can you smell
that? Puts hand inside box ʹ yuck! This is discussing (pulls out a black banana).
Now why would anyone give away a rotten, black, stinky banana?
This reminds me of the gift that God has given to us ʹ Jesus Christ, his only Son.
He came to this earth to die for the sins of the whole world, and many have
rejected him. Many have given him the worst part of their lives ʹ nothing at all.
How sad! This makes God so sad ʹ that so many have rejected his Son whom He
loves so much. Would that make you feel sad, too? God so loved the world that
He gave His only Son, that whoever believes on Him will not die, but have eternal
life. (John 3¬ ).

What are you going to do with this gift from God? What are you going to do with
Jesus? If we live our lives and do what we want, forgetting his beautiful gift of
Salvation, we are lost. We can look pretty on the outside, and have a heart full of
sin (lies, stealing, and unkindness) on the inside. God wants to make us happy and
clean inside. He wants to forgive us from our sins and help us live for him. If you
have not asked Jesus to come into your heart you can do that right now.

A ʹ Ask Jesus to forgive you for all your sins and to come into your heart.

B ʹ Believe on Jesus that He will do what he said her would do ʹ forgive you.

C - Claim His promise of Salvation and now tell someone what Jesus has done.

Be sure to take the time to thank Jesus for His gift of Salvation. Remember, just
like we thank someone who would give us a beautifully wrapped gift, Jesus needs
to hear that as well. He loves YOU ʹ always!


. What gift has Jesus given to all of us?

2. How can we have Salvation?
3. What is something we can do if we belong to Jesus?
4. What is a bible verse that can help us tell others about Jesus?
5. Why should we read our bible and pray every day?

© Jeanne McIntosh 2009. All rights reserved{

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