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Extent of compliance with the Team Recommendations in the last survey


Area: Library
Program: BS Agricultural Engineering
Type of Visit: Third Survey Visit

1. Strengthen collections to 100% We are currently updating our
keep abreast with the book collections and we had
collection standard in all already subscription of
forms- print, non-print, journals and the library is still
electronic resources of recent looking for other sources of
copyright in the major field of specialized subscription of
specialization of the following: journals.
Soil and Water, Farm Power
and Machinery, Agricultural
Processing and Handling and
Farm Structures and
Environmental Control to at
least 3 titles of local and
international for every area of

2. Disseminate the library 80% We are planning to prepare

collection through abstract/ an abstract/bibliographic and
bibliographic (subject and newsletter as other means of
author), newsletter/ our collection.
brochures, serial/periodical
indexes and other means.

3. Equip the main library 85% Internet services and

and reading center with multimedia usage is included
Internet services and in our financial plan.
multimedia usage which
include CDs, VHS and other
non-print materials especially
on agricultural engineering.

4. Computerize the library 95% We will start the operation of

services (OPAC) to establish OPAC this 1st semester 2010-
a more comprehensive, deep, 2011.
fast and efficient access to its
collections and classification
14. Extent of compliance with the Team Recommendations in the last survey visit

Area: Library
Program: Ph.D in Education
Type of Visit: Second Survey Visit

Extent of

1. The Head Librarian should be 100% The designation of the

designated by the highest academic officer librarian is designated by the
of the university in accordance with the President of the university.
institutions policy wherein the
responsibilities and authority is well defined
in writing.
2. The Library Board Committee should 90% There is a schedule of
have a regular meting to help the librarian meeting this month of July.
in formulating guidelines and procedures in
activities including the selection and
acquisition of information materials.
3. Annual reports and improvement by 100% Annual reports already
including the users activities improved.
accomplishments, problems, needs and its
phase of development.
4. The Library manual must be updated to 100% There is a Library manual
include written policies and procedures which is revised and reviewed
concerning its internal administration and by the Board.
operational activities such as cataloging
manual, circulation procedures, collection
development policies and the like which is
duly approved by the persons and office
5. The Head Librarian should prepare an 95% The annual budget of the
annual budget which is between 5 to 10% library is well divided
of the total operating budget of the according to the needs of the
institution (Library Minimum Standard library.
Financial Support Sec.1.11) identifying the
library priorities. In addition, adequate
funds should be allocated by the institution
for maintenance, replacement, repairs,
renovations, access and delivery.
6. In addition, library fees, fines, payment 100% The colleges are having their
for lost materials, old newspaper sale request for books and
should be placed in separate account subscription of journals which
exclusively managed by the Head Librarian comes from the library fee.
to support library collections and services.
Also, the Head Librarian should prepare a
position paper on sharing library fees to the
reading centers of the colleges.
7. Even if the library meets the minimum 100% Continuous acquisition of
book requirements, selection and books and journals are being
acquisition should be a continuous process done.
to update the collection during the non-
8. Subscription of journals of 2-3 titles per 100% The library has already
field of specialization offered by the subscribed for the specialized
university should be considered. titles of journals.
9. Book collection and other information 100% The library materials are
materials should be classified and classified and catalogued to
catalogued to accept library standards and meet the library standards.
also to prepare subject authority file, shelf-
list, serial holdings and periodical index
and update for bibliographical control and
intellectual access to all library collections.
10. Additional professional librarians 90% One additional professional
should be hired to assist the library. librarian is added and other
support staff are having their
masteral courses to meet the
needs of the library.
11. The library should have a care program 100% Care program and
and preservation of its collection against preservation of the collection
damage, mutilation and theft. is being done.
12. Due to the ongoing and changing 100% The support staff are now
library technologies, a continuing formal taking their masteral courses
and informal education for librarians should in library and information
be provided with financial assistance from science. They can’t avail the
the university. financial assistance because
they are still contractual.
13. The following list should be prepared 100% There is already a library
by discipline indicating the call number, system that provides the list
author, title, copyright date and number of of books of different discipline
copies in tabulated form: in tabulated form.
a. Book core collection
b. Books copyrighted with the last 10
c. Filipiniana collection
d. Thesis
e. Vertical files
14. The integrated library system should 90% OPAC will start sooner.
be given priority in the work plan.
15. The library should get involved in local, 100% The library is already involved
national or international resource sharing in local, national or
and networking with the aid of international resource
administration. This should be properly sharing.
16. All documents should be properly 90% All the documents are now
signed by the person and office concerned being signed by the persons
and should be packed using the library and offices concerned.
instrument as guide.
14. Extent of compliance with the Team Recommendations in the last survey

Area: Library
Program: Agriculture
Type of Visit: Second Survey Visit

Extent of

1. More funds must be

There is sufficient
allocated for the College
90% fund allocated for the
Library to further improve and
update library collections.
2. One clerk or a computer
personnel for the library Two (2) clerks were
computer service be hired.
immediately hired.
3. Set-up a Filipiniana Section Filipiniana Section in
in the College Library separate 100% the College Library
from other sections. was separated.
One (1) computer
4. Train one library staff on the operator hired and
operation of the computer being trained for the
assisted literature search using operation of the
CDs and Internet. computer assisted
literature search.
5. Install cyclone wires on the
windows of the Circulation
Section so that the glass 90% Still in progress.
windows could be opened for
proper ventilation.
6. Change the cataloguing
The Library is now
system from Dewey Decimal to
using the Library of
the Library of Congress system
100% Congress
since most books are
catalogued using Library of
Congress System.
14. Extent of compliance with the Team Recommendations in the last survey

Area: Library
Program: Agriculture
Type of Visit: Third Survey Visit

Extent of
1. The Library Committee or Textbook
Committee meetings must be held There is a scheduled
every semester to insure the influx of meeting for this
communication between the academic coming second
community, the library management semester.
and the administration.
2. Librarians must be evaluated and The librarians were
assessed of their qualifications and 85% under academic status
given academic status. but non-teaching.
3. Immediate hiring of licensed librarian There is one (1)
and support staff will alleviate the licensed librarian
backlogs in the technical processes of added. At present, we
collection and provides security to all have four (4) full time
library facilities, equipment and librarians and six (6)
collection. support staff.
4. Staff have no specific job Job description of
description, thus, workflow in the 100% library staff is well
delivery of services is not effective. defined.
5. The audio-visual must be functional
80% Still in progress.
as means of disseminating instruction.
6. There is a need to enhance
opportunities for new trends in
information technology through library
automation and output of services
through catalog cards in electronic 90% Still in progress.
format, theses abstractions, CD-ROM
browsing and wide area network with
the different colleges and departments
of the university.
7. There is a need to enhance
information access through networking,
online information services and the use
of technological advances. Encourage
85% Still in progress.
usage of CD’s, websites downloading
and Internet.
8. The Chief Librarian must prepare a There is annual
yearly budget proposal for the various budget allocation and
needs and priorities of the library. The annual procurement
library fee must be solely used for the plan prepared by the
purchase of books and non-print librarian to meet the
materials aside from the University’s needs of the library.
regular budget to finance student
assistants, infrastructure, office
supplies furniture/facilities and other to
keep the library delivery system
effective and professionally
9. The library must be actively involved 80% The library is not yet
in inter-institutional consortium and active but it is already
other ways to optimize the use of included in the agenda
resources. of the Library Advisory