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Philosophy of Education

By: Darcie Kaiser

EDFD 2100 Education Psychology

Dr. Tracie Pollard

October 8, 2019

Philosophy of Education

“The goal of education is understanding; the goal of training is performance.”

-Frank Bell

What Frank Bell is saying is that when teaching a lesson, your goal as an educator is to
make sure your students are understanding what is being taught, so that when they go into
“training”, they can practice what they just learned and perform well. This is what I am going to
incorporate into my classroom. I want to make sure my students are fully understanding the
material. Getting the correct answer in math isn’t going to happen all the time, but if the students
are doing the correct steps, then they are understanding the material.

Environment and Relationships

My classroom environment is going to be one where everyone feels welcome. I want to

make sure that every student feels comfortable coming in and hanging out regardless if they have
a class with me or not. My classroom environment will be safe and bright. It is important that
students feel safe and confident with learning and sharing their thoughts and answers out loud. It
will be an organized environment and will make students want to learn. The environment in a
classroom is very important because the way you present it is going to be the way students are
when they come into the classroom. So, if a classroom is full of decorations and little resources
for students to look at during class, then the students will be more willing to learn. If the
classroom is dull with no decorations and has no personality, then the students won’t be as
engaged. If the classroom does not look engaged in what is being taught, then the students will
do the same. How I will know that the students aren’t engaged, is by looking at their work and
just by double checking ever once in a while with each student in class if they are getting the

Communicating with Confidence

Communication is not only a huge part of education but a huge part of life.
Communication as an educator should be clear and concise. I want my students to feel
comfortable with communicating with each other and myself. They will be able to communicate
within groups and in front of the whole classroom. Teachers’ tone should sound like they are

excited to teach. I am really excited to teach mathematics, so I am going to teach and

communicate my knowledge with excitement to get the students excited as well. Teachers should
want to communicate with their students because if they are not, then the students won’t feel
comfortable coming to them with anything. Communication will happen inside and out of the
classroom, whether it is a phone call, text or email.

Encouraging Testing

Assessments shouldn’t be stressful. In my classroom, assessments will be purposeful, and

I will give students enough time. Giving students enough time to take assessments is super
important as educator. When given a time to do a test, students feel rushed and stressed to finish
the test during that time. If you give students all the time they need, whether it’s an extra class
period, then they will not rush, and they will be able to perform better if they aren’t pressured to.
Students will be excited to take these assessments and will understand the material that is given,
they will be able to put together their thinking once they are given the test. Not all students are
great test takers. So, I want my students to know that they will be able to correct their mistakes
and better their grades.

Being an Educator and a Leader

Leadership in the classroom will not only be shown by me, but by my students as well.
My students will want to help me teach and show examples in front of the class. I am going to
teach in a positive and encouraging manner to motivate and lead my students to success.
Leadership with be shown in and out of the classroom by me, and by the students. I will be a
leader outside of the classroom by getting involved with coaching sports and helping out with
clubs such as student council. If I am showing the students that I am involved with the student
body, then the students will want to do the same. Being a leader and a role model for students is
important as an educator because you are with them so much during the year, so as educators, we
want to set a good example for our students.

I know that I will be a huge role model in the classroom. My energy and excitement
about mathematics will motivate students to learn more. I promise to uphold my beliefs and
incorporate them into my classroom. I am thankful to be an educator and I am excited to teach
and learn from the challenges that will be faced every day.