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Dated: To, ‘M/s indian Oil Corporation itd. 50 Cheanal-34 Dear Sir, ‘with reference to your advice , we hereby agree to sccept the payment of eur bills through “RTGS/NEFT/ Electronic Mode” - “The desired bank account detalls are given below : ‘Vendor Code allotted by 1OCL in SAP ‘Warne of Beneficiary Waine of the Beneficiary’ Bank ale] els ‘Address of the Beneficlan/s Bank Branch | Contact details of Branch with S1D Code ‘Beneficiary’ Bank Account No. (as per cheque copy) Baneficlanys Account Type (S8/CC/CA) Benefician/s Bank IFSC Code (14 Digit), 3, _| Mobile No of Beneficiary (One Number only) 0. | E-Mail id of Beneficiary (One Mail Id only) “A blank cancelled cheque leaf relating to the sbove hank account is enclosed for verifying the aceuracy of the bank account details | neredy declare thatthe particulars given above are correct and complete. agree to receive ‘transactlonal SMS / E-Mail Alerts from 1OCL with regard to vy bil payments. {Signature of Account Holder) Enel: Cancelled Cheque {containing FullName) “S+8°” We hereby confirm that the above bank account detalis of Beneficiary are correctinall ‘respeéts and the account of Beneficiary (IOCL vendor) is maintained at our bank branch . 5 (ame of Bank & Branch) ‘Authorized Signatory ‘+0 verification required only in ease vendors name Is nat printed/appearing on the cancelled cheque leaf being submitted to 10CL office