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WHEREAS, the Local Government Code of 1991 mandate local Sanngunians to regulate the
operation of tricycles and grant franchise for the operation thereof within the territorial
jurisdiction of the municipality subject to the guidelines set by the Department of

WHEREAS, the now Department of Transportation issued the Guidelines to Implement the
Devolution of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s Franchising
Over Tricycle For-Hire to the Local Government Units pursuant to the provisions of the
Local Government Code, in no unmistakable terms prohibits the operations of tricycle in
national highways;

WHEREAS, DILG MC 2020-004 reiterates the prohibition of operation of tricycles,

pedicabs, motorized pedicabs along national highways subject to the exceptions provided
in the local ordinance;

WHEREAS, DILG MC 2020-036 mandates local government units to organized its Tricycle
Task Force that shall primarily be responsible for the crafting of the Tricycle Route Plan
which shall be the basis of the crafting of local legislation relating to the regulation of
tricycle, pedicabs and motorized pedicab operations within the territorial jurisdiction of
the LGU;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GASEVA V. RECOPUERTO Municipal Mayor of Sebaste, Antique, by

virtue of powers vested in me by law, hereby order the creation Tricycle Task Force of the
Municipality of Sebaste with the following stipulations:

SECTION 1. Composition- Consistent to the provisions of DILG Memorandum Circular

2020-036, the Tricycle Task Force of this Municipality shall be composed by the following:
Chairman : Municipal Mayor
Vice Chairman: Chief of Police
Members : Chairman, Sanggunian Committee on Transportation or Public Safety
President, Liga ng mga Barangay
Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
Municipal Local Government Operations Officer
Head, Tricycle Regulatory Board/Unit, if any
Head, Department of Public Order and Safety
Head, Traffic Management Office

SECTION 2. Duties and Functions- The Tricycle Task Force shall have the following duties
and functions, to wit:
a. Conduct meetings consultations and hearings with stakeholders, and survey/ocular
inspection of the zone/area of tricycle operations with special focus on the
1. Rationalizing the authorized routes of all tricycles and pedicabs to ensure that
they are banned from public highways;
2. Identification of national roads within the area of jurisdiction of the local
government unit; and
3. Determination of the portions of the national highway presently used or
proposed to be traversed by tricycle only if there is no alternative routes

b. Draft or update the Tricycle Route Plan consistent with the requirements of DILG
Memorandum Circular 2020-036 dated February 17, 2020.

SECTION 3. Secretariat- The Head of the Municipal Legal Unit Office shall provide
secretariat services to the Task force.

Section 4. Resource Person- Representative from the Department of Transportation and

its attached agencies to include but not limited to Land Transportation Office and Land
Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, in the area, shall be invited as Resource
Persons in all activities of the task force.

SECTION 5. SEPARABILITY CLAUSE. If any provision of the Executive Order is held

unconstitutional or invalid, other parts of the provisions hereof which are not affected
thereby shall continue in full force and effect.

immediately and all orders issued and/or parts thereof contrary to or inconsistent with the
provisions of this order are hereby amended accordingly.

DONE this ____ day of February 2020 at Buruanga, Aklan