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The following is a starting point to advance upon the failing Child Protection System which is

currently defiling countless families across Australia. It is intended to instigate postive discussion
with a view to creating a legal document to be presented with demands for changes to be made to
the child protection offices across Australia.

Child Safety: Problems and Solutions

1. Bureaucracy Child protection departments are run separately in each of the eight states of
Australia. This protects the federal government from accepting any responsibility for the corruption
and malpractice which is pervading the departments of child safety in every state.
These heinous entities are answerable to no one. Not only are they a black spot on the federal
government bureaucracy, these departments who are nothing less than modern day Nazi Storm
Troopers, are hidden and protected by the state governments they are empowered by.
2. Accountability Strict and wide ranging media laws prevent the details of the children who have
been kidnapped and murdered by these Child Protection Officers (CPOs) from being released. In
other words, these children, sadly averaging under the age of four, who die after being forcibly
removed from parents, have their deaths swept under the carpet.
If a CPO takes a personal dislike or even racist view of parents or a family, their actions can be
severe. A clash of personalities can mean the death of a child, or the removal of children, never to
see their parents again.
It is common practice for these public servants to lie in court, not only to achieve their own
objectives, but also to hide their mistakes. It is unheard of for these workers to be held accountable
in these situations. Put simply, they answer to no one.
3. A fairer and more effective complaint handling section I know from my own personal experience
with these public servants, which tragically is a worst case scenario, of the prejudiced and corrupt
procedures occurring daily as a standard practice in every office of these CPOs.
My two year old son was removed from my protection and loving guardianship, then passed from
foster home to foster home, until finally, he was left to die for six hours with a fractured skull.
A parent in this situation, like the child, has absolutely no one to turn to. The federal government
will say it is out of their jurisdiction, and the senior representative of the relevant organisation in
each state, no less than a minister of parliament, is less than approachable by even the most
esteemed parent subjected to this plight.
I contacted the minister for child safety's office twice during my battle with the department of child
safety Queensland. Since my son died I have contacted them several times also.
On every single occasion I have been referred to their own venerable smoke screen which
masquerades as a departmental complaints unit. The child safety complaints hot line, not an
administration, but a hot line, which most of the time will have you on hold for at least half an hour,
if they answer at all. I have had many complaints of this happening to the parents that I deal with.
The whole office that I dealt with, the Cairns North branch, all the way up to the manager, knew
about the dangerous situation my son had been placed in. The old lady refused to change nappies,
she refused to take anyone under the age of three, she was addicted to pokies and these DoCS
(Department of Child Safety) workers helped fund her addiction by oversupplying her with an
abundant source of removed children.
4.Better Treatment of Families and Foster Carers They also knew that numerous children had been
neglected and abused by the old lady. Because of their mistreatment, many commendable foster
carers have ceased their offers of assistance, there is a shortfall of foster carers.
I have spoken with foster carers who just shake their head at the arrogance and lack of
understanding of these workers. One of these foster carers dropped their child with the old lady and
commented to the DoCS worker how they could not see how this old lady could cope with so many
children. Obviously they were ignored and the problem festered until my son died from injuries
sustained in that same house.
This overloaded system makes it easier for pedophiles and people who are just in it for the money
to become foster carers. In the end, all of these misfortunes fall disproportionately upon the
5.Changes to Infrastructure In other words you have an incapable and debilitated, inactive and
obscure department of child safety, running its own system for dealing with any of its inadequacies.
This particular group of public servants acts more as a shield against the families they have
mistreated, easily covering up any unkempt actions their comrades may have unleashed on the
disadvantaged families they have imposed upon.
I rang this department of child safety hot line numerous times, never once achieving the slightest
acknowledgment of my genuine concern. My final desperate plea for help being when I informed
the hot line my two year old son was in the foster home of a seventy four year old woman, who had
three older children also in her custody.
I was given the number of the branch in Cairns and told to ask for the Manager, Pat Anderson. The
girl who was and probably still is the receptionist was brutish and impertinent, just like her mother,
who was and probably still is one of the senior ranking staff in the Cairns office, known for being
ruthless and heartless to the many families she hammered her views upon. It came across to me that
I should not even consider an audience with Pat Anderson, and though I tried repeatedly, my frantic
cries for help were never followed up on, a simple return phone call from Pat Anderson would more
than likely have saved my son's life.
My son lay in hospital with a fractured skull, dieing, within a week. I stayed by his bedside, singing
to him, talking to him, in the hope that he could hear me, and so as not to let him pass away on his
own. Over the week I watched him lose his functions as each part of his brain died off, until it was
only his strong little heart that soldiered on, then they turned the machines off and he died in my
6.Liability for False and Misleading Reports of Child Abuse Why did they take him you may ask.
Why did they take him and treat him worse than I ever would dream of, that is what I ask. I fought
with his mother, what couple doesn't have their ups and downs, some worse than others. Should
every Italian family have their children removed because they raise their voice? You raise your
voice at a meeting with these people, and they cite it as an example of anger problems, which backs
up their attempts to desecrate your family, removing the children and demanding that the parents
end their relationship and separate, or never see the child again.
Many false reports are made by vindictive perpetrators, with the intention to use this service as a
weapon against others. The malicious instigator of the investigation should be held accountable and
effort should be made to deter all who would consider such evil disregard, which also wastes
resources of this overworked department.
7.The Courts If I may use my own experience as an example again, when I had moved to a different
city, with my son and his mother, I secured a high paying job, and found the best family law
solicitor I could. Things were going well, the judge ordered the child stay in foster care, but in the
same city, as both parents were residing there.
DoCS blatantly disobeyed the judge, and moved my son into his third foster home in a week, at the
age of two, in a completely different city. They made my son's mother an offer that they would give
her our son back, if she was to end our relationship. We still loved each other, and we loved our
son. We were never referred to relationship counseling, although they insisted that I do an anger
management course. I also attended a toddler parenting course, amongst the numerous other ways I
tried to regain custody of my son. I spoke to another parent who has done the toddler parenting
course, three times, all to no avail. The point is, if they don't want to give your child back, it doesn't
matter what you do, or what the judge says, their say is final, and they answer to no one.
8.Court Representation I will refer to my own experience again to avoid any inclination that I may
be exaggerating or fabricating such occurrences. I am contacted daily by desperate parents, with
nowhere to turn.
Because most of the families that come into contact with this department are impoverished, they are
disadvantaged when it comes to legal representation.
9.Accountability of CPOs for Corruption and Malpractice There is actually a wall of shame where
you can recommend or warn others about the solicitor you used when dealing with DoCS
Australian Legislative Ethics Commission and there is also a wall of shame where you can tell
people about the unfair treatment you received when dealing with your local CPO DoCS Wall of
This is the only way currently that these people can be held accountable. The government is not
standing up for countless families aflicted by these departments, so underground armies are
forming. Safe houses where you can hide with your unborn child, removed from you at birth if you
have any marijuana in your system, in the state of NSW. In countless other countries this drug is
being legalised, here it is an excuse for them to kidnap your child.
10.The Child Safety Complaints Tribunal There is another level of this department, above the
complaints hotline, and below the ministers office. These..... I can describe them as no less than
vermin, contacted me following my son's death, with a letter which addressed me by saying "Hi
I think this typifies the heartless and cruel conduct which satiates these departments. Not just in
Queensland, and every state in Australia. This problem is world wide, but ironically, more
significant in the developed countries.... Canada, UK, US, NZ. I correspond with groups and
families from these areas daily. All betrayed by their own government bureaucracies, helpless, and
that is just the parents. What about these poor children who do not want to be removed. Many have
never been abused, most have never left their parents side, dragged away by strangers or police,
screaming and crying.
11.The use of Non Government Organisations (NGOs) No one would ever have dared to call me a
bad father. I had one visit supervised by an outside agency, an NGO. She went straight back to the
DoCS office and demanded my child be returned, stating my behavior and the love shown towards
my son was outstanding. She was dismissed and ignored. DoCS do not only answer to no one, they
listen to no one. This has to change.
My fridge was always stacked up with enough baby food for a month, a jumping castle in the
lounge room, a huge kiddy pool in the back yard. I began music lessons everyday with my son at
the age of five months. My dissidence ceased being a problem only for unfit parents long ago. Do
not say it won't or can't happen to you. No one I knew could believe that they would take my son.
Everyone knew how much I loved him.
This is about a group of public servants who are operating unchecked, answerable to no one, and
hidden by a veil of secrecy, with corruption rife through its ranks, arrogant and obnoxious
behaviour, through to it's core, and all the way to the ministers office. Something has to be done,
and the ranks of the underground armies are sadly growing.
Hundreds of children in Australia alone are dieing each year after coming into contact with these
people who should be referred to as social workers, but instead consider themselves judge, jury and
executioner. Infallible and flawless, armed with a university degree and a title.....Child Protection
12.Provide Easier Ways of Having These Stolen Children Returned. Because of all the courses and
counseling and meeting with DoCS officers, solicitors, midday contact visits with my son, it was
not possible for me to hold down a full time job when I followed my son onto the next city where
DoCS moved him. I had left this place as the last step in my fight against drug addiction, removing
myself from that circle of people.
Therefore I decided to stay with the manager of St Vincent De Paul in a town located four hours
away. I thought this may also help in my endless struggle to have my son returned. It made no
difference. So weekly, I would travel for four hours, see my son for two hours then travel four hours
back again.
I tried and tried and tried, there was nothing that I did that even made them blink an eyelid. I knew
how much it was hurting my son, and I was devastated. Luke was all I lived for. References and
Courses, Nothing Makes a Difference
Some parents are cruel, selfish and irresponsible. Their children should not be subjected to their
heartlessness. Trigger happy CPS workers are lieing in court to inflict their biases upon
disadvantaged families. Once the child is removed, they make it impossible for them to be returned,
and insist upon limited interaction between the removed child and parents. More often than not this
can be merely an hour every month or two. They refuse to acknowledge that this has severe impacts
on every child's outlook on life.
It is so obvious to me that so many of these parents have had their reason for living ripped from
them because of some mistake or shortfall. They try endlessly, many for year after year after year,
pining for their lost child. There are many they forbid to have contact with their children until they
are eighteen. The whole childhood of the son or daughter. This devastates a parent, and although
sometimes necessary, should remain an absolute last resort. This has been the cause of many
suicides, with both parents and children unable to cope with this thought.
I recently lost a very close friend who committed suicide when DoCS threatened to take his new
born baby. He chose for his three week old son to have no father, because he believed there would
be less chance that the child would be taken if he was dead and the mother was alone. His biggest
crime, he smoked marijuana.
13.Amnesty for Desperate Parents Who Have Made Every Effort to Have Their Children Returned I
would like to suggest an amnesty from the ministers in each state of Australia. Go to your
complaints office and check on the parents who have complained the longest and loudest. Chances
are they love their children very much, and like their kids, are doing it hard. Check a little further,
and I guarantee you they, like me, have never missed a visit, or even been late to one. Never missed
a birthday, and obvious to anyone, love their children. We all make mistakes, and these departments
are no different. It is time to start sifting through the files in search of sad stories, which can be
changed into happy endings, where the CPOs can become heroes for fighting for the return of these
children, instead of the villain. There have been numerous studies which confirm that the vast
majority of children placed into foster care are in much more danger. Not only from sub-standard
foster carers and pedophiles, many who will never love the child more than the parents they were
removed from, but also their fellow playmates. Abused children who abuse the other children they
come into contact with. There is also a degree of jealousy between the children of the foster carers
and their play mates. I, like many many others, humbly beg for an amnesty, and for at least some of
these cases to be reviewed, and common sense put into place above the ego power tripping DoCS
It is time for the ministers of these departments to get their hands dirty for a month or two, or
permanently. Get down to street level, visit some of these families, look into it case by case. Please
fix these families lives.
14.Federal Investigation In all honesty, I believe that even if this were to happen, it has gone way
past the point of needing a few patch ups. There needs to be a royal commission into the practices
of these departments Australia wide. No doubt, if Australia can come up with the improvements
needed, other countries will follow and families and children's lives will be saved world wide.
Just as when there was corruption in tho police force, there should be a thorough investigation into
the child safety departments in Australia. The corruption and poor service inherent in this
department has been growing for generations. The stolen generation, the child immigrants, the
adopted babies, and the latest was the forgotten Australians. And still nothing has changed. They
kidnapped and murdered my two year old son, sent me a letter saying “HI”, and moved onto the
next family. Do not think it cannot happen to you. There are many who are finding that out the hard
way. Once they come into your life, there is no one to turn to.
15.I believe it should be mandatory for all solicitors to work in the feild of family law for one year
as part of their qualification process to become a lawyer. This would include custody battles as well
as litigations involving the child protection offices. This would provide much needed assistance to
low income earners involved in this area, as well as provide ample low cost representation of not
only the people appealing DoCS decisions or fighting custody battles, but Docs must fill a quota
which ensures usage of these solicitors who are either not still fully qualified, or are still in the early
stage of their career. This would create a level playing field, avoiding expenditure on all sides, not
only with DoCS, but family courts also. On just about every occasion, the only winner in these
tragic circumstances are the solicitors.
Written by Michael Borusiewicz In Loving Memory of Luke Borusiewicz ,Nathan Stewart, and the
many other children who have died after being taken from their homes by Child Protection