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3 Uzupełnij każde zdanie w mowie zależnej jednym


1 Uzupełnij drugie zdanie, tak aby miało takie samo Helen pointed out that I was wrong.
znaczenie jak pierwsze. Pierwsze litery słów zostały 1 Betty was very surprised when Ivan told that
podane. she was the winner.
I don't usually watch films based on books but I must 2 The couple explained to the press that they
admit that this one is really good. going to move to a bigger house in Hollywood.
I don't usually watch film adaptations but I must admit 3 Angie claimed that she never been to the
that this one is really good. USA before.
1 According to this webpage, most film reviewers loved 4 Ann suggested organising a party the
her first film. weekend as she had no other plans.
According to this webpage, most film c 5 Patrick said that he play the trumpet well.
loved her first film. Then he added he was a talented guitarist, too.
2 How many people watched the first episode of the show? /5
How many v did the first episode of the
show have? 4 Uzupełnij drugie zdanie tak, aby miało takie samo
3 The audience didn't eliminate the celebrity even though znaczenie jak pierwsze. Użyj form mowy zależnej.
she'd been the weakest dancer in the programme. “Who do you want to be in the future?” the teacher
The audience did not v o the asked us.
celebrity even though she'd been the weakest dancer in The teacher asked us who we wanted to be in the future.
the programme. 1 “Will you sing in the school concert?” I asked Monica.
4 She used to sing in a band but now she performs on her I asked Monica in the
own. school concert.
She used to sing in a band but now she's a s 2 “Mum, please don't change channels!” Mike said.
artist. Mike asked his mum
5 Patrick has changed a lot since I last saw him. He's channels.
gained weight and he's got glasses now. 3 “Where did you all meet on Monday evening?” my
Patrick has changed a lot since I last saw him. He's brother asked.
p o weight and he's got glasses My brother asked me
now. on Monday evening.
4 “Please help me choose a film to watch with my
boyfriend,” Annie asked me.
2 Uzupełnij zdania wyrazami z ramki. W ramce podano Annie asked me
kilka dodatkowych słów. a film to watch with her boyfriend.
5 “Has your father used that product before?” the man
issue broadband connected fiancé gorgeous
asked Hank.
identical rehearsal ridiculous spotlight
The man asked Hank
This week's vlog deals with the issue of dieting and that product before.
young artists' appearance.
1 You look in this bright shirt and
patterned shorts – can you put on something more
2 Jill never married after her died in the
3 Don't forget that the last before the
show is on Saturday morning.
4 The artist is in the again as he's just
spent £25,000 on a watch.
5 What a dress! You look absolutely

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MiniMatura Unit 7 Group A


5 Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij go, wpisując w każdą lukę 7 Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–F) do
jeden wyraz z ramki w odpowiedniej formie, tak aby każdego fragment tekstu. Wpisz odpowiednią literę
powstał spójny i logiczny tekst. Dwa wyrazy zostały w miejsce (1–5). Uwaga: jeden nagłówek został podany
podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luk. dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego fragmentu.
A A television that gets to know you.
advertise be direct judge
permit profession win B A failure to keep up with technology.
C The importance of price
AUDITIONS D Good for those with minority tastes
If you were a major Hollywood movie star, you would E Watch your favourite programmes anytime
probably get a lot of offers and everyone would ask you F Lots of programmes – nothing worth watching
to appear in their films. If you aren't a major star, you
will have to go to auditions.
Going to an audition is like having a job interview, so try
1 ___
to be as (1) as you can. Don't be
late, bring your CV and a few photos. Television has changed a lot since the days when there were only
two or three channels to choose from. People were happy with
Don't worry if the (2) doesn't
that because there was nothing else but, with the introduction
seem thrilled to see you – he or she has probably seen a
of videos and later, the Internet, television needed to offer
lot of candidates before you.
something better. At first, this was done by satellite or cable
It's OK to read from the script – you don't have to memorize companies offering hundreds of channels for a monthly fee.
it. Don't be afraid to ask for (3) to Unfortunately, many of these were poorly made and often more
start again if you get totally lost. time was spent changing channels trying to find something
It's difficult to know whether you have a good chance interesting to watch than actually watching something.
of (4) the audition. When you 2 ___
have finished, thank everyone, go home and wait for
So, what does the future hold for television? Firstly, more and
more people are now buying smart TVs which are linked to the
/4 Internet. This will allow a number of new ideas to be introduced.
One idea is for the television to remember what you have
6 Przetłumacz fragmenty podane w nawiasach na język watched and, when you next switch on, it will tell you about
angielski, tak aby otrzymać logiczne i poprawne programmes that you might be interested in. We will also be
gramatycznie zdania. W każdą lukę możesz wpisać able to link our televisions to our friends’ televisions and find out
maksymalnie sześć słów. what they are watching so we can watch the same.
3 ___
Hollie (umawia się z) has been dating that famous movie
This idea, though, still assumes that television will work as it
director for three months now.
does now, with programmes appearing at a certain time each
1 Pauline asked her agent (czy wygrała)  week. Many companies offer a catch up service where you can
the audition. watch programmes from the previous week that you have missed
2 He was very surprised when he (został nominowany do) but do we need to miss programmes at all? There are now online
 Oscar. television providers who allow you to watch what you like, when
you like. You can watch a whole series in one night. This is great
3 His mum told Stephen (aby nie włączał) 
for people who hate waiting to find out what is going to happen
TV before dinner. next.
4 Silvia (odpowiedziała, że była)  4 ___
too tired to walk home. A big advantage of not having specific times for programmes is
5 My sister’s bored with her boyfriend. I think she’s going that no-one can complain that ‘there’s nothing worth watching
to (rozstać się) with him. this evening’. Just because some of the programmes aren’t for
6 (Czy masz coś przeciwko) if you, it doesn’t prevent you from watching what you want. This
means that television companies can show programmes for
we take a few photos of your house?
everyone, from popular series to documentaries that only a
/6 handful of people will be interested in. So, there will always be
something to watch, whoever you are.
5 ___
One big problem faced by all television channels is the rise of so
many free video channels on the Internet. Why should people
pay to watch television when they can spend their evenings
watching almost anything for free? This means that, if the
service is too expensive, no-one will sign up for it. Of course,
if it is too cheap, the company won’t be able to afford to buy
or make enough programmes. It is, perhaps, a bigger problem
for television companies than keeping up with the latest
technological advances.

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MiniMatura Unit 7 Group A


8 TRACK 8 Usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć wypowiedzi 9 Wykonaj zadanie egzaminacyjne.

związanych z oglądaniem filmów wideo w Internecie. Niedawno obejrzałeś/obejrzałaś finałowy odcinek popu-
Do każdej wypowiedzi (1–5) dopasuj odpowiednie
larnego reality show. Napisz artykuł do szkolnej gazetki,
zdanie (A–F). Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Uwaga: jedno
zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej w którym ocenisz przebieg finałowego odcinka oraz zapro-
wypowiedzi. ponujesz nowe pomysły dla producentów programu, które
mogliby wykorzystać w przyszłości.
A The speaker is surprised by the popularity of online
videos. Wypowiedź powinna zawierać od 200 do 250 słów i spełniać
B The speaker saves time by watching online videos. wszystkie wymogi dotyczące formy wskazanej w poleceniu.
C The speaker needs to watch online videos for their job.
D The speaker wishes he/she didn’t watch so many online 
E The speaker comments on other people’s online 
F The speaker admits that they sometimes steal ideas 
from online videos.

Speaker: 1 2 3 4 5



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