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18202241032 / PBI A

1. Put the verb in brackets into the correct forms !

a. You are ... (cook) some foods here now.
b. They are ... (talk) about the test
c. Jane ... (write) a letter for her mother
d. Rodhey ... (study) in Yogyakarta State University
e. She ... (go) to Yogyakarta yesterday
2. Work in pairs. Each of you will receive different dialogue, and please read and
memorize it for 5 minutes, then recite your dialogue in front of the class!
a. Jane : “ Hey jake are you free now?”
Jake : “ Yes, what’s up?
Jane : “ Can you help me solve this question”
Jake : “ What question? Is it about our homework?”
Jane : “Yeah”
Jake : “ I will help you, but there is a little problem, i can’t solve it myself.”
Jane : “ How about do that together?”
Jake : “ Good idea, come to my home tonight”
Jane : “ Ok i’ll be there”
b. Andy : “ John can you help me”
John : “ What happened?”
Andy : “ I lost my book, could you help me to find it?”
John : “ Of course, let’s find your book”
Andy : “ Thank you, you are the best”
3. Ask you friends about their hobbies and favorite foods, then present the information
that you got in front of the class !
Name Hobbies Favorite Foods

4. Listen and repeat these words after your teacher !

Book Bold Brought
See See Say
Look Looked Loud
Son Sun Soon
Where Were Share
Roll Role Pool

5. Change these statements below into denials by replacing the underlined words with the
words in brackets !
a. My father is a doctor (Teacher)
b. My mother is a teacher (doctor)
c. Agnes Monica is a good dancer (singer)
6. You will receive statements in a piece of paper. Change it into question forms !
a. My brother like playing football
(?)____________________________ ?
b. Jane is 17 years old
(?)____________________________ ?
c. Andy is a dancer
(?)____________________________ ?
7. Read the descriptive text below. Fill in the blanks in a paragraph of the text with
appropriate words !

My Lovely Cat
I ___ a stray cat as my ___. He is really ___. He loved to ___ with me and the new
things he found. He ___ orange and white fur, his fur is so soft and i like to rubs it
for him
He has a long ___ . He likes to play with it. He is also always try to catch his tail
Playful have asleep tail
sometimes. I also like to hold him in my ___ , when i hold him like that he will fall
. Has Pet play
8. Work in pairs. Play the roles by the cards given to you and don’t show it to your
friends !




9. Read the recount text below. Fill in the blanks for the prepositions omitted from the text
and write it down !
My First Time in Yogyakarta

My family and I went __ my grandmother’s house __ Yogyakarta last month. It was my first trip __ this
city. We went there two days after __ sister’s gradution ceremony __ Semarang.We arrived __ Yogyakarta at
night. We spent a week staying __ my grandmother’s house which is 5 minutes away by foot __ Malioboro

__ the first morning, we were still too tired after a long trip from Semarang __ Yogyakarta. So we
decided to stay __ home to recharge our energy. I walk around the neighborhood with my sister just to
experience how it is like to be __ Yogyakarta. There were too many house, I think, which made the space
between a house and the other was so small, even the road was also small that only bicycle and motorcycle
can go through.

On the second day, all __ us went to Malioboro street. We saw so many merchant __ various of product
which they claim to be a traditional product of Yogyakarta.I bought some wooden figurine and T-shirt __ the
word “Yogyakarta” printed __ it, while my sister bought some leather handbag. My mom __ dad were busy
choosing some merchandise to be brought home when we go back.

On the third day, we went to Taman Sari __ Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat to see some historical
building i__Yogyakarta. We took a lot of picture there.We also took some picture __ the building so we can
check it10. Read
again __the text We
home. below. Putsome
found the punctuation marks
place providing correctly
Yogya into thefood
traditional text!around the building and we
jumped in right away.We spent the rest of our week __ Yogyakarta __ visiting some Shopping Malls such as
Jogja City Mall, Malioboro Mall, Hartono Mall and Ambarrukmo Plaza.We realized that Yogyakarta turned
out to be very warm during the day, that ANNOUNCEMENT
was the reason why we decided to spend more time __ air
In order to commemorate the 72nd Independence of the Republic of Indonesia( _ ) it si
compulsory for all new students in the Academic Year of 2017/2018 of Universitas
Englishiana Muda Berkarya to attend the 72ndindependence day ceremony of RI( _ ) on ( _ )
 Day / Date ( _ ) Wednesday, 17 Agusutus 2016
11. Work in pairs. You will receive two different short stories. Read the text and try to find
information ( plot, characters, location,and time ) contained in the stories !


True Friends

Once upon a time, there were two close friends who were walking
through the forest together. They knew that anything dangerous can happen any
time in the forest. So they promised each other that they would always be
together in any case of danger.
Suddenly, they saw a large bear getting closer toward them. One of them
climbed a nearby tree at once. But unfortunately the other one did not know
how to climb up the tree. So being led by his common sense, he lay down on
the ground breathless and pretended to be a dead man.
The bear came near the one who was lying on the ground. It smelt in his
ears, and slowly left the place because the bears do not want to touch the dead
creatures. After that, the friend on the tree came down and asked his friend that
was on the ground, "Friend, what did the bear whisper into your ears?" The
other friend replied, "Just now the bear advised me not to believe a false



In the past, there was a puppeteer whose name is Geppetto. He eager to have a son
very much but his wife passed away several years ago. One day, he got an idea to make a
puppet in order not to be lonely again. He made a puppet all day long. Finally, in the
12. There will be two lists consist of subjects and predicates. Match the Subject presented in
List A and the predicate in list B !

a. My Mother a. Is my sister
b. She b. Are studying in Yogyakarta State University
c. They c. Am a student
d. I d. Likes cookies

13. Read the text below. Try to find ten verbs, ten nouns, ten adjectives, ten prepositions,
and five adverbs and write it down in the provided table under the appropriate
columns !

Putri Gading Cempaka
Long long time ago, there lived a great king in Bengkulu. His name is king Ratu Agung.
He ruled Sungai Serut Kingdom for years and during those years, the people in the kingdom
live peacefully and prosperous. The king has seven children. The last child was the only
daughter in the family and her name is Putri Gading Cempaka. Putri Gading Cempaka was
very beautiful and kind. There were so many noble man came to their kingdom to propose the
princess but her father, king Ratu Agung, refused all of them because for him Putri Gading
Cempaka was still too young to get married.
One day, the king summon all of his children into his room. At that moment he was so
weak and he said to all of them “My children, I think my time has come to leave you. I hope
you all can keep your relationship as brother and sister. I have two important message that I
want to tell you before I die. First, I appointed Anak Dalam as my sixth son to be the next
king of our kingdom. I hope you all can accept my decision. Second, if a big disaster ever
happened on this land and you think that there is nothing you can do to save it, go to
Bungkuk mountain and stay there. Wait until a great king came to propose my daughter”. All
of his children listened to his message carefully. None of them complained about it. A couple
days later, the king passed away.
All people in the kingdom mourned the king’s death. Putri Gading Cempaka and all of
her brothers burried their father in a special place. A couple days after the burial ceremony,
they started to carry out their father’s will. They held the crowning ceremony of Anak Dalam
to replace their father as the new king. For some reasons, they decided to change the name of
the kingdom into Bangkahulu kingdom. Just like his father, Anak Dalam lead the kingdom
wisely and the people love him so much.
One day, a prince of Aceh kingdom came to their land. He brought along with him so
many people and present because he wanted to propose Putri Gading Cempaka. He sent some
of his soldiers and counselor to the palace to see king Anak Dalam. When they arrived at the
palace, the counselor stated their intention to the king. King Anak Dalam told the counselor
that they couldn’t accept the prince proposal because they had to keep their promise to their
father. After that the counselor and the soldiers returned to their ship and report the result to
the prince.
The prince was so angry tohear the news from his counselor. He felt that king Anak
Dalam and his brother had insulted him with their decision. So he challenged king Anak
Dalam to a war. The big war was inevitable and it last for days with so many casualties. At
that moment, king Anak Dalam and his brothers realized that this may be the right time to
cary out their father’s second will. So they decided to bring anything they can and they flee to
Bungkuk mountain with some survivors of the war.
When king Anak Dalam and his people flee from the kingdom, the prince from Aceh
also returned to his kingdom. This condition left Bangkahulu kingdom to be empty and
unguarded. Hearing the news, some noble men from Lebong Balik Bukit came to the
kingdom and tried to claim it. But, instead of combining their power to claim the throne,
those noble men fight each other over the throne. A couple weeks later, a wise man by the
name Maharaja Sakti came to the land and brought all of the noble men into an agreement.
The noble men realized that they cannot be a king so they asked Maharaja Sakti to be
their king and claimed Bangkahulu kingdom. Maharaja Sakti agreed to their idea so they held
a crowning ceremony at the palace. On the day of the ceremony, a big storm suddenly
appeared in the kingdom. They canceled the ceremony and they waited for the storm to be
over. But the storm was not getting lighter.
Maharaja Sakti was curious about the storm, it was as if as he was not meant to held the
crowning ceremony. So he decided to ask to his shaman about the unusual condition. The
shaman told him that if he wanted to be the king of the kingdom, he should wed the
descendant of the rightful king. After that, Maharaja Sakti asked the shaman to locate the
princess whereabout. The shaman used his magical power and he found that the princess was
in Bungkuk mountain with her brothers.
Maharaja Sakti sent some of his soldiers and his counselor to go to Bungkuk mountain to
deliver his message to the princess and her brother. When they arrived at Bungkuk mountain,
they went to Putri Gading Cempaka’s location right away and they stated their intention to
her and her brother. Putri Gading Cempaka and her brothers realized that this was exactly the
same as their father told them before he die, so they gladly accept the proposal.
After that, Putri Gading Cempaka and her brothers along with the soldiers which were
sent to deliver the message from Maharaja Sakti returned to Bangkahulu kingdom. They held
a big wedding party in the palace and they crowned Maharaja Sakti as the new king of
Bangkahulu kingdom with Putri Gading Cempaka as the queen. Together, they rebuilt the
kingdom and moved the palace into a new location at Kuala Sungai Lemau. When the
construction process was complete, they changed the name of the kingdom into Sungai
Lemau kingdom.

14. Read the text below. Try to find ten derivative words and write it down !

Malin Kundang
Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman with his family in the coastal area of West
Sumatra. That little family consist of the fisherman, his wife and his son. The name of his son
was Malin Kundang. They have lived in poverty for a long time. One day the fisherman
decided to sail to a new world hoping that he will find his fortune and change the life of his
family. Months passed by but there was no news from the fisherman and after more than a
year the fisherman was still not returning to his hometown.
With the help of Malin Kundang, his mother started to work in order to fulfill their
daily need. Luckily, Malin Kundang was a smart and diligent boy so he always try to lighten
the burden of his mother. But he was also a bit naughty. There was once a day where Malin
was chasing a chicken and he accidentally stumbled on a rock and he injured his right arm
leaving a permanent scratch mark on it.
When he was older, he decided to be a ship’s crew so that he can sail to a new place
and find his fortune so he can make her mother happy with his wealth that he earned from his
trip. He got this idea when he saw a ship captain that was once a poor man now had became a
very wealthy man after he came back from his trip. When he had made up his mind, he told
his mother about his plan. His mother disagree with his idea, but Malin kept forcing his
mother to allow him to go. Finally his mother gave him her permission.
The next day, after preparing for some supplies, Malin and his mother went to the pier
where the ship was waiting for him. He said good bye to his mother and his mother told him
to never forget her and to return when he had became a successful man. She let Malin go with
tears in her eyes. They waved their hand to each other as the ship moved away from the pier
until it couldn’t be seen anymore.
Malin Kundang spent his time on the ship learning about sailorship from some senior
ship’s crew. Unfortunately, the ship was attacked by pirates in the middle of the sea. All
merchandise on the ship was raided by the pirates. The pirates also killed most of the ship’s
crew. Malin Kundang was safe because during the attack, he hid in a small secret chamber of
the ship. When the pirates had acquired all valuable stuff from the ship, they went away and
left the ship to sink.
The ship was drifted to the shore. Malin Kundang was the only survivor from the ship.
He was so tired but he forced himself to walk and search for the nearest village. When he
arrived at the nearest village, the villagers helped him and give him some food and water.
After that, Malin Kundang told them the story about the ship and the pirates. The villagers
took pity on him so they helped him to start a live in their village.
The soil in the village was very fertile so Malin Kundang decided to start his own farm.
He worked diligently on his farm every day. Day by day he became even more wealthy. With
knowledge that he acquired during his time on his old ship, he started to buy some ship and
build his own fleet with more than 100 employee. As soon as he became a rich man, he
wedded a very beautiful girl in the village.
The story of Malin Kundang who had became a wealthy man spread across the ocean
until it was heard by his mother in his hometown. His mother was so happy and grateful to
hear the news that her son had became a successful man. Ever since she heard the news,
Malin Kundang’s mother went to the pier every day hoping that she can see it right away
when Malin Kundang returned to the village. But, Malin Kundang was never showed up.
Years have passed since the first time the news reach Malin Kundang’s hometown. One
day, Malin and his wife decided to go on a sea voyage with their large and beautiful ship.
One of the place that they visited was Malin’s hometown. Malin Kundang’s mother who kept
showing up at the pier every day quickly recognized her son who was standing on the ship’s
deck with a beautiful woman. She became even more certain that it was Malin Kundang
when she saw the scratch mark on his right arm.
Malin Kundang’s mother run toward Malin Kundang and hug him. “Malin Kundang,
my son, I miss you so much, why didn’t you sent any news all this time? I’ve been waiting
for you” she said. Instead of hugging his mother, Malin Kundang pushed the old woman
backward until she fell to the ground. “Who are you?” said Malin Kundang pretending that he
didn’t recognize his mother, “I don’t know you!” he yelled at her. “I’m your mother Malin,
have you forgotten me, son?” asked his mother. “Is this really your mother Malin?” asked his
wife. “No, absolutely not. She was just a beggar who pretended to be my mother so she can
get my treasure” he said. Malin Kundang’s mother was very angry to hear what he said, she
raised her hand and pray to God, “Oh god, my heart was so hurt, if he really is my son, i
cursed him into a stone” she said. Not long after that, a storm came and destroyed Malin’s
ship, after that Malin Kundang’s body slowly turned into coral.