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Technical Specification


ABAP Technical Specification

Version Status Date

1.0 Released 19.11.2010

Technical Name TS-FI-AP-0016

Description One time vendor Validation in FV60 transaction
Prepared by Surendar Reddy P
(Technical person)
Developed by Surendar Reddy P
Functional Owner Rishi Swarnakar


Object Type Enhancement
Transaction Code FV60
Package YDFI
Complexity Medium

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Technical Specification

1) Technical Design

1.1) Process Description:

The purpose of this development is to meet the business requirement of restricting any one tome vendor
from receiving a payment of an amount exceeding Rs 50000/- against one invoice .The payment can be
more than that amount if the invoices are more than one.

Business Process Detail:

This is a business requirement to have a restriction on payment of an amount exceeding Rs
50000/- on one invoice of one time vendor.

1.2) Comments/Remarks/Assumptions:

1.3) Selection Screen details:


Name Table Select- Comments(Ranges Default

field/Check- options(s) . single/multiple, value/
box/Radio OR mandatory, etc) match
button Parameters codes

2) Table access

2.1) Table Access diagram:

(With primary key relations between tables & mention any structures used)

2.2) DDIC Changes:


3) Output
3.1) Output Layout

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Technical Specification


3.2) Output Fields

The following fields should be displayed in the output:

Sl No Name Table & Field Name

4) Program Flow:

Program YCLIM_AC_DOCUMENT( BADI Implementation name )


(1) Create BADI implementation YCLIM_AC_DOCUMENT for the definition

(2) Write the logic in method CHANGE_INITIAL
(3) The logic is to be work only if the sy-tcode is FV60.
(4) IM_DOCUMENT-ITEM is the internal table of the BADI contains the runtime accounting
documents line items, copy the accounting documents line items into another internal
table of same structure.
(5) Sort the accounting documents line items table by LIFNR field descending order. Read
the internal table with index 1.
(6) Get the accounting group (KTOKK) of the vendor based on LIFNR value from the LFA1
(7) If the accounting group is ‘Z028’, check the PSWBT field value is greater than 50000 or
not by looping the internal table. If greater than 50000 give an error message
‘Parking of an invoice on One Time Vendor is restricted to Rs 50000/- ‘.

5) Error Handling:

Messag Messag Message Error Message Corrective Action / Long

e Class e Type No. Text
YMMM E 025 Parking of an invoice Deduce the invoice amount
on One Time Vendor for one time vendor.
is restricted to Rs

6) Security/Authority Checks:

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Technical Specification


7) Text Elements: NA
Text Element Text

8) Relevant Function Modules: NA

Function Module Function Group

9) Performance Considerations: NA

10) Section 1: Reports


10.1) Report Tool:

Report Tool

10.2) Report type


10.3) Run Frequency

Run Frequency

10.4) Complexity

10.5) Tables/Structures referred:

Table/Structure Name

11) Section 2: Module Pool

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Technical Specification


11.1) Screen Header Information

Screen No. Screen Title Purpose Title Bar GUI Status

11.2) Screen Flow:

(Draw or attach details of screen flow)

11.3) Screen Details:

11.3.1) Screen Number
11.3.2) Screen Layout
11.3.3) Screen Field Mapping:

Field Field Field SAP Screen I/O Mandatory/ Default Match- Other
# Desc. Type Ref Field field Optional Values codes formatting
field Length requirements

11.3.4) Pre-screen processing

11.3.5) Screen processing
11.3.6) Post-screen processing

12) Section 3: Forms


12.1) Page Format


12.2) Printing mode

Printer mode (Simplex/Duplex/Tumble

12.3) Validations

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Technical Specification

12.4) Formatting
12.5) Styles
12.5.1) Paragraph Formats
12.5.2) Character Formats
12.6) Page-breaks

13) Section 4: Conversions/Interfaces


13.1) Program Type

Program type
( ) Batch ( ) Online ( ) Direct Input ( ) Others

13.2) Direction of Interface

Direction of Interface
( ) Inbound ( ) Outbound ( ) Both

13.3) Extraction Description

Extraction Description

13.4) Extraction Format

Extraction Format

13.5) Middleware Description

Middleware Description

13.6) Loading Description

Loading Description

13.7) Load Format

Load Format

13.8) Failure/Restart Programs

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Technical Specification

Failure / Restart Programs

13.9) Data Mapping Matrix

Data Mapping Matrix

13.10) Dependencies

14) Section 5: Enhancements/Exits

14.1) Enhancement Name
SAP Project Enhancement name / Definition name

14.2) User Exit Name/Method Name

User Exit Name

14.3) Include Name

Include Name

14.4) Registration #
Registration # (if necessary)

14.5) Project Manager’s Approval

Project Manager’s Approval for Registration

14.6) SAP Transactions and Batch Program accessing the exit:

SAP Transactions and Batch Program that access this exit:

14.7) Include Requirements

Include 1 Requirements

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Technical Specification

Visio of Include 1 Requirement

14.8) Data Available in USER EXIT

List of Relevant Tables and Data available in User Exit

14.9) Access of EXIT by SAP system

Description of how the User Exit is accessed via standard SAP

15) Section 6: Workflows


15.1) Registration #
Registration # (if necessary)

15.2) Project Manager’s Approval

Project Manager’s Approval for Registration

15.3) SAP Transactions/Batch Programs triggering the WorkFlow

SAP Transactions and Batch Programs that trigger this workflow:

15.4) Requirements
Workflow Requirements

Visio of Workflow Requirements

15.5) Fulfillment of definition by WorkFlow

Description of how the Workflow fulfills that definition

16) TS Review Report

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Technical Specification

TS Review Check List

Ver. SL. No. Description Severity Status Fixed Date Reviewed By

1.0 1 No issues found Sarath Babu

17) Approvals/History

17.1) Approvals
I3L Tech Lead I3L Tech Lead’s signature for acceptance Date

Hotels Tech Lead Hotels Tech Lead’s signature for acceptance Date

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Technical Specification

18) Code Review Checklist

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Technical Specification

Sl. Description Self Review TL Review Comments Fixed



1 Is the name of program as mentioned in the Y Y

specification/naming standards of ITC?

2 Is coding sequence of events in appropriate order? NA NA

3 Events described in development approach are used? NA NA

4 Are text elements being maintained in required NA NA

languages and hard coded information removed?

5 Is formatting of amount and quantity fields done by NA NA

using CURRENCY and UNIT options?

6 Is clearing of work areas done, wherever required? Y Y

7 Is function key assignment as per the standards? NA NA

8 Have all the keys been mentioned in SELECT SINGLE? NA NA

9 SELECT * has NOT been used NA NA

10 Aggregate clauses are NOT used in SELECT. (Viz. SUM, NA NA


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Technical Specification

11 CHECK statement is not used in SELECT - ENDSELECT NA NA


12 Has the clause 'FOR ALL ENTRIES' been used instead NA NA

of a nested select

13 Has the internal table used in the "FOR ALL ENTRIES NA NA

IN” been checked for emptiness?

14 Are all SELECTs coded outside LOOP - ENDLOOP? NA NA

15 Is the Binary search clause used with the read table NA NA


16 Has the clause "INTO TABLE <Internal table>" been NA NA


17 Has the entire table key been specified in the select NA NA

clause of the statement which contains the addition
“for all entries in “?

18 Has the clause "APPENDING TABLE Internal table" been NA NA

FIELDS OF internal table

19 Have the internal tables been sorted by appropriate NA NA

keys before being looped at or being used in a read

20 Appropriate message classes and types used NA NA

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Technical Specification

21 In a where clause have the fields been put in the same NA NA

order as the existing index?

22 In a where clause have the tests which restrict the data NA NA

most been put in the first position?

23 Are all the possible screen validations done? Y Y

24 Has the delete where clause been used instead of delete NA NA

statement inside a LOOP ENDLOOP?

25 Has “delete from internal table" been used instead of NA NA

deleting the records inside a LOOP?

26 Has the transporting clause been used along with the NA NA

'MODIFY internal table' statement?

27 In case of mass updation has the modify table from itab NA NA

been used instead of using modify statement inside

28 Have implanted loops been used instead of implanted NA NA


29 There are no duplicate SELECT statements. NA NA

30 If the development includes BDC, have the user default NA NA

settings been taken into account while posting
numeric values?

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Technical Specification

31 In programs where file(s) are read from or written to, NA NA

does the program check for the emptiness of the
file and hence terminate without proceeding further

32 In case of SMARTFORM have all SELECT statements NA NA

are coded in the INITIALIZATION block

33 Has all the exceptions are handled during a CALL NA NA


Forms and Modules

34 Are names self explanatory and prefixed by sequence NA NA


35 Are Forms and Modules ordered NA NA

36 Are Function modules and related logic included in NA NA

separate Forms, wherever necessary

37 Is SY-SUBRC checked after each call to a function NA NA


38 Usage of correct parameters (field lengths and data NA NA

types) while using CALL FUNCTION

Code Alignment, Spacing and Formatting

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Technical Specification

39 Are ‘=’, ‘TO’, ‘TYPE’ and ‘VALUE’ in variable declarations NA NA


40 Are Internal Comments aligned NA NA

41 Are logically different Coding Blocks separated by blank NA NA


42 Is the format for SQL statements correct NA NA

43 Are ‘ENDIF’, ‘ENDLOOP’, ‘ENDAT’ etc. commented (if NA NA

necessary) to indicate the IF, LOOP etc. they belong

Error Handling

44 Are ‘divide by zero’ errors checked, by checking value NA NA

of the divisor to be nonzero before each division

45 Are size errors being checked, by ensuring that the NA NA

sizes of variables used for storing totals and
additions are large enough to hold anticipated
maximum values

46 Is SY-SUBRC checked after CALL, OPEN, READ, and Y Y

SQL statements?

Extended Check and Clean Up

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Technical Specification

47 Is extended program check completed and all NA NA

errors/warnings removed?

48 Code inspector (SCI) Status NA NA

49 Runtime Analysis (SE30) Status NA NA

50 SQL Trace (ST05) Status NA NA

19) Code Review Report

Ver SL. No. Description Severity Status Fixed Date Reviewed By

1.0 1 No issues found Sarath Babu

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Technical Specification

20) Unit Test Plan

SCENARIO: One time vendor Validation in FV60 and F-65 Transactions OWNER: Surendar
Reddy P
BUSINESS CASE: One time vendor Validation in FV60 and F-65 Transactions STATUS: OK
DESCRIPTION: One time vendor Validation in FV60 and F-65 Transactions RUN NO.:
EXPECTED RESULTS: One time vendor Validation in FV60 and F-65 Transactions RUN DATE:

System/Client RD9/300





1 Run FV60 with one time FV60 Surendar OK

vendor invoice posting Reddy
Input Output

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