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Q.1 Draw the basic jpeg block diagram and describe it in detail.

Q.2 Draw the Jpeg lossless block diagram and explain it in detail.

Q.3 Describe the MIDI protocol in detail.

Q.4 Describe Midi software.

Q.5 Describe Midi Hardware.

Q.6 Differentiate between MIDI and digital audio.

Q.8 Define the following terms:-

i) quantization ii)DCT iii)luminance and chrominance iv)statistical coding

Q.9 Describe the MIDI computer interface.

Q.10 Explain the JPEG performance

Q.11 compare Jpeg –LS and JPEG 2000

Q.12 Define the requirements addressed by JPEG Standard

Q.13 Give the colour characteristics in still images.

Q.14 Enlist the JPEG-2000 applications.

Q.15 Describe the requirement addressed by MPEG standard.

Q.16 Describe RGB to YUV colour model -conversion

Q.17 Describe YUV to RGB colour model -conversion


Q.19 Explain the JPEG standard definitions in detail.

Q.20 give the MIDI files advantages and disadvantages

Draw the basic MPEG Encoder block diagram and describe it in detail.

Define terms DCT, Quantization

1. Define following terms:-

i) entropy ii) compression iii) decompression iv) pitch v) loudness vi)
amplitude vii) Probability viii) Bandwidth
2. Compare the following terms:
i) Lossy and lossless compression
ii) Arithmetic and Huffman encoding
iii) PNG and GIF
iv) MP3 and MP4

3. Write an algorithm for following encoding techniques:

i) Arithmetic encoding +examples
ii) Huffman encoding+ examples
iii) LZW encoding+ examples
4. Describe Shannon’s model for digital communications in detail
5. Define the scope of information theory and coding.
6. Explain Nyquist Shannon theorem with a suitable example
7. Describe audio file format in brief.
8. Describe the PNG file format in detail.
9. Describe the GIF file format in detail.
10.Describe the RIFF file format in detail.
11.Describe the TIFF file format in detail.
12.Describe the BMP file header in detail
13.Define the terms -type face and fonts with its attributes.
14.Describe the RIFF MIDI format in detail
15.Describe the RIFF wave format in detail
16.Describe the RTF format in detail
17.Consider the following data and Compute the encoding values for each
symbol ,using Huffman encoding algorithm .Probability for each symbol
given-a:35,b:10,c:25, d:18,e:12

1. Consider the following data and Compute the encoding values for each
symbol, using Huffman encoding algorithm.Probability for each symbol given-
p:5,q:10,r:12, s:17, t:24 ,u:32
i) Compute the value for given strings using LZW encoding technique.
1. Consider following data and Compute the encoding value for the word-
HOST using arithmetic encoding algorithm:-probability is given for each

P(A) =0.5, P(S) =0.2, P(O) =0.1, P(H) =0.05, P(T) =0.15,