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Chapter 23 is Due Tuesday, April 7

Read pages 626 - 649.

Health Related Current Event is Due Thursday, April 9 – worth 20 points

Chapter 25A is Due Wednesday, April 15

Read pages 686 - 701.

Chapter 25B is Due Friday, April 17

Read pages 702 - 713

All late and make-up work must be in by Tuesday, April 21

Bring your study guide to work on in class

Diseases and Disorders Study Guide - due Thursday, April 23

See unit review power point on my website for help with study
***UNIT TEST – Thursday, April 23***

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

March 30A 31B April 1A 2B 3A

6B 7A 8B 9A 10B

Read Ch 23 Current Event #4

13A 14B 15A 16B 17A

Read Ch 25A Read Ch 25B

20B 21A 22B 23A

Late work due Disease Test

Study Guide Due