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Action in words

Have you ever been in a slum area? Or seen it through pictures and videos?
Had you ever seen a malnourished child? Or even feel their suffering? Had you ever
been on their situation? Did Do you know the pain and agony of all those people
that had been striving to live while some of just waste of something that they don’t
have? Poverty is the root of all hatred, sadness, and madness in our world. Poverty
is real. Poverty is living it is breathing and it dominate all of humankind. Because of
this many people become greedy, become selfish. War wages because every
country needs something, not just only need but also want. God, Gold, and Glory
are the motto of this devastating and life-ruining campaign. Poverty is our problem
that we need a solution. Everyone experience it. It may be clean water, nutrition,
health care, education, clothing and shelter. Poverty had been mostly a norm since
the Industrial Revolution.

But, the question I need to ask myself is that why me? Why of all the people
in the world should I care about this poverty? I am not affected by it then why
should I be bothered? I don’t know them and they don’t know me either? But, what
would happen if all of us have that connotation in our life? I know that some of us
don’t want to feel it, maybe we tend to be blind about it, we tend to cover our ears
for the truth, and we will just realize it when it is already too late. If all of us don’t
care and our world will fall not in fire but in ice; Coldness and being numb of the real
situation. I believe that our world will not move if even no one in the billions of
people in Earth move. We are affected by it. Even though we see that weren’t it is a
fact. They are human beings, our brothers and sisters. Even we are different form
one another, that what makes up the world, a unique Earth. Even if we don’t know
them or even their color, size, height, religion, and their face are different. We are
still human and in our world it is impossible for one person to survive on himself, but
with one another. Nothing can help us but us and the help of others. But what could
we do to help? We can’t help them by just giving them pity because showing them
sympathy wouldn’t help. We can do it by hand-in-hand sharing and giving and not
expecting of receiving. We should give all and expect of nothing because that would
not coming from the heart if we want a reward. We should do it for the sake of
others and not for ourselves. We should move NOW because tomorrow is still
unclear and the future is still undecided but today is our time to settle our tomorrow
and future. In our little way we could help by donating our surplus things. Helping
on projects that would benefit them; like building houses or feeding programs.

We should not blame someone or something. We can’t blame the

government for I know that they are making their share about the solution even
though some of them is the problem. We can’t blame those who are experience this
trembling situation for they didn’t want their situation. Blaming can’t help. God
created this world for us to share and not to keep it for ourselves. Brothers and
sisters, I know that these words might not affect at all but they don’t need affection
but an action. Move while still we can, let’s do our part to end this old heirloom of
ours. God may bless us all.

Angelo Nathaniel Martinez

IV - Quezon