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Scientists of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT) has received awards from
the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India(OPPI).
chas been awarded OPPI Scientist of the Year award - 2010
 c cand chas been awarded the Young Scientist
Award 2010
Netbiscuits to offer its customers with apps made for   c!"c
#cto setup $500 Million unit near Chennai
Google acquires mobile $%c %c&'$%c
c&c  cIndia launched  cpriced at Rs.9.53lakh and Rs.10.25lakh
'&%cc( c$  chave jointly launched an advanced learning centre
to impart training in non-functional testing space
NABARD has launched a "  c 

c ( c
(c( )cto farmers providing personalised and customised agricultural
information covering crop advisory services, market prices and weather forecast to
maximise the productivity and income of farmers)
Singapore Mercantile Exchange(SMX) to launch 
& c c
&c & c
%%%c ccontract
claunches logistics services across Kerala

c+copens training centre at Kuppedada village of Srirangapatna Taluk, in
ICICI Bank launches #c( 
c c c
cto be organised at Udupi on October 9th and 10th 2010 which is
expected to include promoters,builders,commercial banks and housing finance, solar
product and cement companies
creplaces Mark Hurd as HP's CEO

1,2/c. cc ,!3cwould hold additional role of Executive

Chairman of Board
00cto receive Indira Gandhi award for National Integration for the year 2009
 cto purchase 5 units of Hong Kong-listed Quality Healthcare Asia(QHA)
for HK$1,541 million (approx. Rs.882 crore)
& &"/ c
% c
&c&($c 10 3cc&
cto manage,
and maintain multi-vendor fixed and mobile telecommunications networks based in India
or anywhere around the world
India's 1,2+3,-%
cchas secured a $150 million International loan to
help expand Indian exports to Africa

c& c4c (  cin November across 9 cities - Maharashtra,
Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh(West), Rajasthan and
Madhya Pradesh
cc, Chairman of Shell Companies in India to receive the Asian
Business Leader Award(leadership and contribution of business in Asia) in London
Other recipients of the awards are %c, Britain's trade minister and
of HSBC and 5 c, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba group
'c+6 &cnamed Wisden Test Player of the year
7$c&&$chas been awarded the International Business Leader of the Year by the
GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards
London-based hotelier and Philanthropist 5
cchas been given Incredible
India Travel Personality of the Year award
,-".c.c07 c. , has been appointed as HR Head by Capgemini
Transcend launches 8c04c0cmodules using high-density(2Gbit) DDR3chips
McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) 9.0 platform to provide 

, package to include .NET and SQL Express
Western Union, has tied-up with State Bank of India to enable 
&c c

c (SBI account holders will be able to route overseas money transfers
directly in their bank accounts  c

Facebook, Bing teams up to give

&c  cc

88, a new online complaint system to get rid of arrogant autowallas
National Instrument has launched the / +,9c , the latest version of graphical
programming environment for design, test, measurement and control applications

cunveils new phone with 9
Indian Women journalists (Rumni Ghosh with Best Reporting in Hindi award,Preethi
Nagaraj with Best Reporting in English award and Bornali Boruah for Best Reporting in
Other regional Languages,Assamese) to receive the c&c

c c0%
cc. $c07cin an event held by The Hunger
Project, a New-York based nonprofit organisation
#c. c, a jailed Indian e-voting researcher wins 2010 Pioneer Awards of
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) at San Francisco. Vemuru has been released on
after being imprisoned for his security work in India, is a researcher who recently
revealed security flaws in India's paperless electronic voting machines
Indian 7c&cto could create <=c7
+  c%
  ccould now be distributed with IRDA at %
Intel invests >?c &&
c c7
c#73creplaces RJ Shahaney at Ashok Leyland as
$25 billion Hinduja group is to take over the expansion of the commercial vehicle
business in a joint venture with Nissan
3 policies on Information and Communication Technology, Hardware and Animation for
Karnataka state to be released at the 4c,
c+ c
c%c+ 'c(=c
+';. Event to be held between 28th and 30th of October 2010
ICICI Bank has launched +",-% , an instant cross-border money transfer option for
non-resident Indians(NRIs) in Gulf countries

%claunches a wholly-owned subsidiary in India to start operations and to
capture half of the country's growing civilian helicopter market by 2015. It is also
scheduled to setup cc cc&
cto support its global design
development activities
IBM has bagged @"$c
cc  c7
cto provide
consulting services to manage its application development and maintenance
/+ c. 
cAchas approached interim regulator Pension Fund Regulatory and
Development Authority (PFRDA) seeking permission to invest in IPOs which would help
it to take part in the Government's divestment programme
Indian innerwear company, Maxwell Industries announced the launch of its latest
offering ", " in Bangalore. Maxwell is the maker of 'VIP' range of mens
innerwear and vests
Nokia to & c=?c7
&cto streamline its smartphones business
Eli Lilly and Co. has launched ', ', its cardiovascular product used to prevent
blood clots
Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) has selected 49 volunteers to function as '  c

 ' in villages in Cuddalore, Villupuram and Tiruvannamalai districts of
Tamilnadu to impart training to operate smart cards
India gets 5 nominations, including 3 for Marathi cinema, in 8c c.  c c
 cto be held in Australia on December 2nd 2010
!c/ chas been hired for top press job(as spokeswoman) for the first time in
NATO's 61-year history
c.&chas been appointed as Head of Global Services for India by EMC
.$c07cis set to join Axa group's headquarters in France to head global force of
over 1 lakh people
0(c*%%&chas been appointed by Larsen and Tourbo as whole-time director for a
period of 5 years
chas been appointed as Senior Fund Manager at Principal Mutual Fund
c (chas been selected by the Public Enterprise Selection Board(PSEB)
succeed RS Sharma as the chairman of ONGC
Legendary actor c%

cturns 79
.ccnamed CEO of Accenture with effect from 1st January 2011, replaces
William D Green
Delhi's Ashok Kumar wins 2nd successive PGTI title, bagging the &
Breet Lee  c%ccBc' c c
Adobe Systems launches Adobe Acrobat X software family comprising of  
Reader X, the Acrobat X Suite and new document exchange services at Acrobat
Microsoft to launch beta version of 9  , a multilingual content creation tool for
Sony Ericssion has launched a bluetooth touch display named /(ccwhich allows
control mobile phone while it is pocket
Microsoft has launched ! c4C@, the online version office suite. Office suite to include
Web-based versions of Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Exchange
HP introduces .&c.c cwith webOS2.0
Infosys Technologies Ltd. has announced the launch of A &c
&c c cto
facilitate retail and corporate consumers to access banking services through mobile
GPRS, 3G and USSD-enabled handsets
Apple unveiled a series of new products at its ' c
c ' event, including MAC OS X
Lion, MacBook Air and iLife 11 application suite
Micromax to launch 
', a 3.5G touch phone with 2.2inch screen and expandable
memory up to 32GB priced at Rs.12,500
. c'

& claunches 5 new products to its existing suite for 2011

India-based documentary directed by Kim Longinotto's '.c ' wins at Abu Dhabi
Film Festival, the director says the prize money will be used to help the girls who
featured in the film
Ratan Tata conferred the prestigious '/cc/ %c' at the 64th Yale
CEO Leadership Summit by Yale University President Richard C Levin
Tendulkar has been honoured '/ c.
%& c 
 ' award by Ratheesan
Yoganathan, CEO Lebara at the inaugural Asian Awards in UK

Manju Kapur's 'The Immigrant', Neel Mukherjee's 'A Life Apart' and Amit Chaudhuri's
'The Immortals' have been 
& c
GM India to come out with electric car next year
R-Power awards 0 =c 
Maruti plans to add =@c ( c
& c $c @c
7&cfamily, owners of the Indian promoters stake in Hero Honda, will be
officially known as the Hero Group with a division of $4.2 billion
China becomes 
c4c& cc
AIA raises ><Dc &&
, becomes 4c  c+.!c
ICICI Bank and American Express launch %%c(&c , a smart alternative to
cash while travelling
c&cplans call center jobs in Africa, hires IBM and Tech Mahindra and Spanco
to render services
 & c&c( 
climit in IPO to Rs.2,00,000
C $ 
ctie up with to launch iPhone application enabling free SMS
from all iPhones
Bharti Airtel to launch 4cby end of 2010
RBI insists c% 
India's ,-%
 c7%c 4Ec
c>?c &&
cin September at its fastest pace in 2 years
c;cto manufacture its first fully 'cc+' car
9c,cchires manager for portfolio management for Berkshire Hathaway
 2,Indian Rupee futures contract traded a record 6,043 contracts worth $270.61
million as on October 19th 2010
 &cc9& cWorldwide announces 2nd Network Operating Centre in India
+& c1st Asia unit in China begins production
Advaith Hyundai has launched 'Ac c c & '

& cIndia signs a MoU with a Punjab-based education group Rayat Bahra to
impart technical training to engineering students
Indian archery coach c/chas been killed and 2 Delhi Commonwealth
Games silver medalists, Ritul Chatterjee and Chittibomma Jignesh were injured in a
accident near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh
'c', the chairman of United Nation's Foundation and the founder of Cable New
Network(CNN) has donated $1 billion towards the eradication of polio in Nigeria
$cchas been appointed as Oracle Financial Service Software (OFSS)
Managing Director and CEO
India's most loved cartoonist 0/-cturns 86
&(c07chas been elected president of the International Institute of Welding(IIW).
Baldev becomes the  c+cc c cto be elected to Head IIW. Welding
societies from 55 countries are its members. Baldev to hold office for 3 years from
2 Engineering students,  (c'ca final year student of Master's in Chemical
Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology from Mumbai and
 ca student of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Tamil Nadu have
been selected for prestigious Bayer Young Environmentalist Envoy (BYEE) honour who
will also attend an international conference in Germany in November

c5cchas been appointed as National Sales Head for Kannada channel
Suvarna TV

 csurface contains a rich mix of elements including &(cc 

along with water
Russia marks @c( $c
 c % c , in which 126 designers and
servicemen were killed during a launch pad accident but families and the public was
in dark till the Soviet collapse in 1991
Scientist have discovered a huge &c%&ccc $ cc c  , orbits the
star identified as #0c<C cwhich is a part of a binary star system 49 light-years away in
the constellation Lyra
United States has approved 
& c  c
7 cin the world, 4
at the cost on c &&
&& ceach. To be built in 
7(c c
the project is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs
, cto offer packages for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011. The tournament is
scheduled to take place in Doha from 5$c<" D=c , 16 of Asia's top national
teams to compete for the AFC Asian Cup 2011
Former Indian seamer  c. chas emerged as a candidate to replace Troy
Cooley as Australia's pace bowling coach after the 2011 World Cup
India bags c
& =cc &(c&cat the 15th International Astronomy Olympiad held
 ,31,lost consciousness and collapsed on field at the 60th minute of the second
division match in the El Helmantico Stadium in Salamanca
Swiss master 0
cAcbeat Germany's Florian Mayer 6-4 6-3 to win the
Stockholm Open to equal Pete Sampras's haul of 64 ATP titles
'&cin ESPNcricinfo's all-time Test World XI
India moves up to c%& cin ICC's Championship table after 1-0 win over Australia

(c((cachieves career high rank of D8cc@C?c%
c, Handset maker Spice has launched the country's first 3D display mobile phone
priced at Rs.4,299
China's iPad users get 8"
  cfrom state-owned television network
China Xinhua News Network Corporation(CNC)
,", a new tool to secure personal information online
9"Ac , a technology to allow the use of WiFi device to device communication
without any Wi-Fi network or access point
(Similar to bluetooth with a distance of c$ cc %c
c @c $)
Reliance launches c  c
 c ( , as an extension of its
Group Talk facility
c&c&ccovers the 200-km distance in only 45 minutes, reducing
the travelling time from 78 minutes
Motorola launches 
cbased tablet at Rs.12,990c

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