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Client Name: ​Catheryn Wright 

Client Code: ​CWR WPG 

Date: ​February 21, 2020 
Action Plan for March 
➔ Goals we want to achieve - ​S.M.A.R.T ​(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) Goals.  

◆ Brand Awareness​ - Increase the number of potential customers 

● Social Media channel ​Success metrics 

○ Facebook ​- ​50 likes, 25 shares, 25 comments 

○ Instagram ​- 50 likes, 25 comments 

○ LinkedIn​ ​- 50 likes, 25 shares, 25 comments 

◆ Sales and Leads​ - Increase in Sales 

● Social Media channel ​Success metrics 

○ Increase Web Traffic 

○ Click-Through Rate 

○ Call To Actions 

○ Landing Pages 

● Social Media channel ​Closed a Deal 

○ Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram​ ​- 2 clients per Month 

● Social Media channel ​Inquires 

○ Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram ​- 10 prospect inquiries per month 

➔ Current Challenges We Are Facing and Solution we came up 

◆ Gaining Likes, Shares, and Comments 


○ Search for Articles/Blogs/Videos related to Business brokers (why you need to hire a 
business broker) 
○ Find articles/blogs/videos that are related to the current events in the business 


○ Consider the time of posting 

◆ Posting is around 7:00 am - 8:00 am or 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

○ What type of content should be posted every day 

◆ Sunday  

● GET PERSONAL​ - Talk about a business or personal challenge you are 

facing (Article) 

◆ Monday 

● INSPIRING QUOTES​ - Share an inspiring quote. 

◆ Tuesday 

● PROMOTE YOURSELF​ - Share new content (articles, podcasts, video or 

event info). 

◆ Wednesday 

● BE AN EXPERT​ - Share a sample hack to a common problem 

◆ Thursday 

● PROMOTE YOURSELF​ - Share new content (articles, podcasts, video or 

event info). 

◆ Friday 

● ASK A QUESTION​ - Engagement with your followers.  

◆ Saturday 

● UPLIFTING​ - Share your personal mantra or favorite quote for 


○ Schedule a day to Prepare all the needed posting for the week.  


○ Use appropriate Hashtags 

○ Search for Hashtags that are related to your post 

○ Limit hashtags to 2 - 3 per post (don’t include personal hashtags) 


○ Come up with a caption that can encourage followers to type their comments.  

◆ Current Followers Engagement 


○ Need to monitor comments and reply as soon as possible  

○ Reply like the client is the one answering the comment. We need to know how the 
client speaks/chat/message so we can replicate. 


○ Install chatbots for general Inquiries. Check the price, Send proposal.  

○ Q&A for basic inquiries so we can program them on the chatbot. Need to give a list 
of Questions to Cath. 

◆ Gaining followers on Social Media channels 

● LinkedIn  

○ Lead mining (Proposal) 

○ Send “Follow me” Messages to Clients connection on her Personal LinkedIn 

◆ Create script for “Follow me” 

○ Send “Introduction and Please follow me” Messages to Leads we can find on 

◆ Create script for “Introduction and Please follow me” Messages 

○ How can we generate Leads? (To follow) 

● Facebook 

○ Need to polish content first.  

○ Boost post - Budget 

○ Run Ads campaign -  

◆ Identify your Target Market, Location, Budget 

● Instagram 

○ Hashtags 

○ Images 

◆ Lack of Clients personal content (Articles/Blogs) to post 

● We need a ​Content Creator​, that has knowledge with the client business.  

○ We need personal articles/blog to promote the business 

➔ Analyze Competition - ​Need research, Need to know competitors near her area. 

◆ Which marketing channels are my competitors using and are they successful in those channels? 

◆ What are my competitors talking about and are those topics leading to high audience 

◆ Are there areas within our social strategy where we are outperforming our competitors? 

◆ Social analytics solutions are an effective way to compare your efforts against your competitors. 

Prepared by:  

Lavonne Lazaro and Mark Manaog