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An Official

Adventure Collection

by Andrew Borelli, Woody

Eblom, Thomas M. Kane,
Brian Perry and Jonathan

~O. Box 406 - NORTHFIELD, MN 55057 - AMERICA

Cyberpunk® Adventures
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Design: Andrew Borelli ("Showdown at the Arcade Arcade," "Night Life''),
Darin "Woody" Eblom ("Behavior Control Technicians''), Thomas M .
Kane ("Sunday Drive," "It's Only Rock 'n Roll"), Brian Perry ("Boxed In"),
Jonathan Tweet ("MultiMincer")
Editing: John Nephew, Darin "Woody" Eblom
Product Manager: John Nephew
Editor for R. Talsorian Games: Derek Quintanar
Cover Art: Eric Hotz
Interior Art: Brian Chesney, Eric Hotz, Doug Shuler
Cartography: John Marshall, John Nephew
Layout: John Nephew

CHARTING NEW REALMS O F IMAGINATION ,the Atla s Gom es logo, and ONCE UPON A TIME are trademarks of John Nephew. CYBERPUNK is
a registered trademark of R. Talsorian Gomes, Inc., used under license. PANDEMONIUM I Adventure in Tabloid World is a trademark of M.I.B.
Production s.

This is a work of fiction . Any resemblance betwee n characte rs, situa tions a nd events depticted he re in and actual pe rsons, situations o r events,
without satiric inte nt, is strictly co incidenta l.

Copyright e 1993 Jo hn Nephew. All rig hts reserved . Reprod uction of this work by any means without w ritten permission from the pub lisher, e xce pt
small excerpts for the purpose of reviews , is exp ressly proh ib ited .

Introduction 4

MultiMincer 5
by Jonathan Tweet

Sunday Drive 15
by Thomas M. Kane

Showdown at the Arcade Arcade ... 21

by Andrew Borelli

lIo][ed In :I()
by Brian Perry

fli!lht I.ife 4()

by Andrew Borelli

lIehavior Control Technicians 47

by Woody Eblom

It's Only Rock 'n Roll 54

by Thomas M. Kane
by John Nephew

So Woody was running this she feigned drunkenness received

Cyberpunk® game, set in a place another distraction in the form of a
called ResNet City. My netrunner, kick to the crotch. Fox and Barney
Tasha, was keeping an eye out rode screaming off into the night on
while two of our solos (Fred Han the back of Barney's Harley
and Billy Black Owl) were chasing Thundergod, cries of the maimed
some guy on the roof. When hotel echoing behind them. Don't know
security came looking after the how Fred and Billy made it out of
racket, Tasha radioed down to the mess on the roof, but it wasn't
Barney and Fox (mastoid commos pretty...
were standard issue in ArchangelS, Where's this going?
our mob) to "create a distraction."
Oh yeah - hack'n'slash. Isn't
Our two down below were a that supposed to be "bad" role-
nomad and a fixer who shared an playing? Well, Cyberpunk sessions
out-of-control synthcoke habit. like the one described above were
They had a tendency to blow away the inspiration for this book. Sure,
strangers who looked at them funny, artsy-fartsy role-playing has its
out of sheer druggie paranoia. Fox, place in the world, as does wearing
the fixer, had an especial fondness black clothes and listening to the
for booby-trapping his teammates' latter-day caterwauls of washed-up
equipment (Tasha's ancient Volare "new wave" musicians. But some-
station wagon, frex). Barney hated times poseur angst isn't what you
getting kicked out of bars. Like the want. Sometimes you've just gotta
one in this hotel. let it all out, full-auto .
"Sure, we'll make a distrac- Maybe it's not art. But it too
tion," they said. can be fun. It's Streetfighting . And
Frag grenades in a crowded if you're reading this, it can be
bar do, indeed, distract. The ob- yours.
noxious security guy who tried to Time to flip off those safeties,
"escort" Tasha out of the hotel as folks.
By Jonathan Tweet

SUMMARY The Opposition

A band of netrunners has also heard that valuable
The characters get a hot tip that recently stolen
heroin is hidden in the factory, and they are trying
heroin is stashed in the local factory of
to extricate it via the factory's computer. By
MultiMaker, Inc. The human guards pose little
assum ing control of the mobile robots, they can
resistance to street-hardened characters, but the
get the heroin, transfer it to a cyber-helicopter,
interior of the factory becomes a pandemonium
and deliver it to themselves w ithout ever risking
trap of hot steely death once the characters arrive.
the dangers that the factory envi ronment presents .
The heroin is extremely valuable to the drug
underworld, should the characters get it, but the
robot factory should present an enemy the likes of NetrunneJ's
which they have never dealt with before.
The Goods MA4 BODY 5 EMP 5 .
Thanks to biological warfare, narcotic-producing
plants are exceedingly rare. Their scarcity makes Cyberdecks
their derivatives all the more valuable to those Decks have 4 point data walls.
who sell them to addicts or use them for The 'Runners have taken a circuitous path through
psychochemical research. Karunga N'tomba, a 10 LDLs (Trace Value 15) .
manager at MultiMaker, is one step in the heroin
d istribution process, using his company's auto- Programs
mated equipment to ship heroin without human Invis ibility '(active)
interference. Earlier today he was caught by an Dee -2®
up -and -com ing intra-corporate rival, and he is Hotwire'?'
awaiting trial in custody. Word has gotten to the Jcckhornrner"
characters (through contacts or a friendly Fixer), Killer VI
that the hero in is stashed somewhere in the local Knockout
MultiMaker factory, just waiting for someone to Force Shield
snap it up. Of course, others may have heard the "Ouiet, as per the description on p . 127 of
same th ing, so the characters had better act fast. Cyberpunk 2020®.

The fixer who provides the tip does so on the

condition that they sell it to him for fifty thousand
Eurobucks, which still allows him a fair profit. He MOLTIMAKER,
tells them that, since the factory usually has little
worth stealing, the security should be very light. INC.
Player-Characters' Goal : Intercept the robot with
MultiMaker, Inc., has found its niche in the fast-
the heroin, get the heroin themselves, and escape
paced economy of 2020 by manufacturing multi -
the factory with their lives.
purpose industrial robots (MPR) . The factory in
which the heroin is hidden produces these
robots, and is completely automated.
Human guards watch over the building's
exterior. Since MultiMaker is a sma ll
company w ith li ttl e of value in the factory,
the guards are intended to deter vandals
and looters. They are neither equipped
well enough nor pa id wel l enough to fight
determined cyberpunks. When con-
fronted, they are likely to flee or surren-
der. They will, however, set off the silent
alarm to the local police station; and, if
given a chance, they w ill try to detain
intruders by disabling veh icles or by
pinning characters in with firearms.
The factory is running, creating a very
dangerous environment for humans. The
robots run on batteries, but enterprising
i ntruders could shut down the power that
runs the conveyor belts. They could also
sabotage the laser-light broadcast system
that controls the robots or the computer
system where the opposing netrunners are
working. Most likely, however, they w ill
stumble into a rea l mess and have to shoot
their way out.

A chain -link fence sur rounds the factory.
It is topped wi th barbed wire and chipped
into an alarm system that alerts the guards
in the factory to intrusion . True
cyberpunks should not have a problem
getting through. The gates are electroni -
cally controlled from the guard station.
The factory building is i n three parts:
1) The Factory itself , where multi-purpose
robots are assembled (described in
detail below) . Three guards are
working here, plus one watching
casua lly from the ro o f ;
2) The Warehouse, where parts and raw
materials for assemb ly are brought
and stored unt il used .
3) The Vehicle Bay, i n wh ich are several
cyber-trucks for del ivering the finished
products. On the roof of the bay is a
cyber-helicopter (Bell 15 Aerogyro) for
special deliveries, accessed by a gate
high in the wall of the factory. One
guard always patrols the area near S, where products of upper levels are
the vehicle bay. lowered and several robots put together
the various parts produced by the three
levels. Finished robots are robo-carted to
FACTORY the gate at C. Most robots are then
loaded onto trucks in the vehicle bay,
while some are hoisted to the upper gate
INTERIOR leading to the helipad.

This is the combat arena for this As the pes enter, the netrunners are
"streetfight." First of all, there are no controlling a robot to get the heroin. The
overhead lights, as the robots function on drug is currently hidden in a spare parts
low light or none at all (when performing box affixed to the metal tubing halfway
repetitive, automatic actions). The entire between the floor and the ceiling. The
place is lit only by the constantly circling netrunners have tracked its location, and
red siren lights of the robots and the little are using a claw to raise a multi-purpose
red dots formed by their scanning laser robot to the ceiling. Unless the player
sights. In addition, the robots receive characters stop them, the netrunners will
commands from the computer through lower the robot to the spare parts box,
complex ultraviolet lasers that create and have it retrieve the package of heroin, and
read a holographic matrix. This "black then lower the robot to the floor. Then the
light" causes certain substances (such as robot will carry the heroin to the cyber-
bone, should any be exposed during the helicopter on the helipad and put the
fight) to glow. The air is filled with the heroin in it. At that point, the netrunners
sound of machinery: clanging, sawing, will simply send the copter to their apart-
stamping, hissing, and pounding. Through ment and pick up the heroin.
the din comes in incessant beeping of the
moving machinery. Each mobile machine
beeps when it moves (a supposed safety
Factory Key
feature), and since they do not beep at the The main factory room is filled with
same frequency, an apparently random intersecting pipes that create a symmetri-
cacophony of beeps sounds continuously. cal "jungle gym." Platforms near the
The air is thick with smells of chemicals. conveyor belts provide standing spaces
Oil covers many of the surfaces through- for robots on these levels. On the middle
out the factory, as the robots are not
level are platforms for two robots not
careful in its application.
currently in use, and on the top are three
The space is filled from wall to wall, floor robo-carts, also not currently in use. This
to ceiling with metal tubing interlacing to whole area is scanned by various cameras
form a network like a demonic jungle that feed into the computer.
gym. Through this maze, specialized
conveyor belts and robo-carts haul spare 1. Guard Room
parts and half-completed robots, while the
multi-purpose robots stand at various Three guards sit here p laying cards and
stations to cut, weld, rivet, or transport the occas ionally watching the video monitors.
loads. Gigantic presses stamp metal into Electronic keys that open the trap doors
form. Huge chains that end in grasping over the computer and fuse box, respec-
claws periodically lift parts from one area tively, are in olocked drawer of a desk
up to the ceiling, carry them to another here.
area, and lower them again.
The production lines move from the 2. Conference Room
warehouse to area A, where some materi-
als are put on a conveyor belt, and others Used when MultiMaker employees or their
are hoisted to conveyor belts on the upper guests come to see the factory.
two levels. They then move via conveyor
or robo-cart generally from left to right
across the map. Final assembly is at point
MultiMaker Factory Interior

....: .

: : : : :
I- e .~

; : :
UJ X Heroin

z II Metal Press
II Multi -purpose

t1iiM Ro bot that will

. fetch the heroin

Door or Gate

NOTE: Support poles are

located 1.5 m apart - noted
on the map by the intersection
points of the grid.

NUMBER KEY Conveyor Belt

1. Guard Room
2. Conference Room
3. Toilet
4. Storage
5. Storage
6. Laser Communications
7. Computer
8. Fuse Box :;:::;:;:;:;:::;:;:::;::::;=:::::=:;:;:;:::::::;:::" .:..:
3. Washroom Awareness/Notice +3, Basic Tech +2,
Brawling +3, Electronics +1*, First A id +3*,
Handgun +6, Melee +3 *, Rifle +2 *
4. Storage
Toilet paper, plumber's helper, etc.
Arasaka Rapid Assault 12 SHT (3 full
clips), Armalite 44 12mm (Smart, 2 clips
5. Storage AP), M€dium armor jacket, Flack pants,
Steel helmet
For tools, specialty machines, and the like.

Combat Scores
..:.:. 6. Holographic Laser Initiative:+5
Communications Stun/Death Save : 7
BTM: -2
Disabling everyone of these devices will Arasaka Rapid Assault 12 SHT (#Shots 20/
prevent the robots from getting the com- ROF 1O/DAM 4d6/REL ST): +6
puter messages sent by the netrunners. Armalite 44 12mm (#Shots 8/ROF l/DAM
Leaving even two of them functioning, 4d6+ 1/REL ST): +13
however, allows the factory to continue Brawling : +8
more or less normally. They look like Melee: +8
innocuous black boxes affixed to the walls Armor: Head 14/Torso 18/R. Arm 18/L.
or cross-bars, and are eas ily ignored in Arm 18/R. Leg 20/L. Leg 20
the confusion and darkness of the factory.

7. Computer ROBOTS AND

Under the floor is the computer for the
bu ilding, a box approximately 20 cm on a MACHINERY
side with photo-optic leads from the net
and to the laser communication system
and terminal. A metal trapdoor (SP 40)
covers this space.
Multi-Purpose Robot
The MPR is a large robot w ith a cylindrical
body, on top of which is mounted a head
8. Fuse BoJJC that can swivel 360 °. On top of the head
Under an SP 40 trapdoor is the box that is a beeping red siren that continually
takes electricity from underground lines turns while the robot is functioning . This
and channels it to the conveyor belts and siren light is a safety device, but in the
metal presses. It can be switched off by a confusing factory environment, it serves
Basic Tech roll of 15+ or by the applica- little purpose. Mounted around the torso
tion of heavy arms f ire. are four equally spaced articulated arms
They are: a tool arm with a great variety
of screwdrivers, awls, rasps, oil-squirters,
Guards (3) and a central rivet driver; a metal circular
Stats saw; an arc welder; and a powerful
INT 4 REF 7/5 TECH 5 grasping vise/hand . The robot runs on
CL 6 ATT 4 LK 3 small wheels hidden under a metal skirt.
MAS BODY 7 EMP 6/4 The processing unit is in the center of the
Since the robots cannot move up and
Ch ipware Socket, Interface plug, Proces-
down among levels, they can summon
sor, Smartgun Link
carrying-claws to come to them, lower,
grasp them, and carry them to a desired
Skills (Chipped skills marked with *) destination on any level. They cannot
man ipulate these claws i n any other way.
Each multi-purpose robot has these func- Otherwise, the robot loses one function.
tions: Roll randomly below:

• Optical sensors with loser sighting (on 1-3 Strikes the torso and destroys the
the head). These sensors both let the processing computer. Robot ceases
robot "see" and read the ultraviolet to function .
hologram that provides its instructions.
4-5 Strikes the motor or wheels. Robot
• Beeping red siren, on top of head. cannot move from place to place.

• Grasping vise/hand : +10 to hit, 3D6 6 Strikes grasper arms and destroys it.
crushing damage. BODY 20.
7 Strikes Arc-Welder and destroys it.
• Arc Welder: +6 to hit, 4d6 damage*.
8 Strikes Metal Saw and destroys it.
9 Strikes Tool Arm and destroys it.
• Rivet Driver: +14 to hit, 5D6 damage.
(On tool hand .) BODY 10. 10 Strikes Head. Robot cannot see, but
can still fight and move (-4 to attack
• Metal Saw: +11 to hit, 2D1 0 damage*.
BODY 15.
Player characters may also want to test
" These attacks can be applied successively
their strength against that of the robot,
for cumulative damage over several
such as holding the metal saw at bay to
rounds (armor only counted until it is first
keep it from sawing them in half. BODY
breached) . This tactic only works if the
scores are given for each a rm to adjudi-
weapon can be applied to the some spot
cate these attempts.
on successive rounds, meaning the target
must be immobilized (often by the grasp-
i ng hand).
The preferred strategy of the
netrunners(through the MPRs) fighting These massive carts move along the
human opponents is to use the powerful monol ines that run like horizontal lattice-
rivet driver to puncture and k ill targets. If work throughout the factory. Though not
someone has enough armor to slough off equipped to attack like a multi-purpose
this attack, the robot will attempt to grab robot, their sheer mass of 1.5 tons allows
the character with the vise/hand and apply them to ram or impede the characters.
either the arc-welder or metal saw to the The carts do not go fast enough to do
immobilized target. Powerful characters damage by ramm ing, but being rammed
might also be gripped and pulled i nto a by a cart at leasts disrupts the character
metal press. The netrunners are willing to for one round . If two carts pin a character
lose the robot's grasper arm if it is holding between them, the character takes 3D6
a character under the press. damage (with flexible armor stopping only
half its normal SP); a difficulty 10 REF roll
The preferred tactics against other robots allows the character to leap clear. A
(if any are run by player character robo-cart may be disabled by causing 40
netrunners) is to use the vice grip to grasp points or more damage to it, either in one
a limb or head and then apply the saw or attack or cumulative .

Flghtlng a Robot Carrying Claws

When attacking a robot hand-to-hand, the Mechanical hands carry robots -under-
rolls attack versus a difficulty of just 10, construction throughout the factory . The
since the robot is too slow to dodge or netrunners can cause these hands to carry
otherwise effectively defend itself. The their loads over the pes and release them .
robot has an armor equivalent of SP 25. If Multi-purpose robots can calion these
an attack penetrates the armor, roll 1D1 O. hooks to lift and carry them, but not for
If the roll equals or exceeds the penetrated any other reason.
damage, the robot suffers no effect.
Dropping Things: Roll a simple 1D10 for tactic, controlling one of the other devices.
the robot's attack. If the target is Each time they try to take over control of a
aware of the attack, the Difficulty is new device, the netrunner must roll 1D1 0,
REF + Dodge + 1D1 O. If the target is Difficulty 2, with three rolls per round until
unaware, the Difficulty is 3. Damage successful (due to the difference between
is (1 D6)D1 O. In other words, roll a die Net round and Meat round).
six, and that is the number of D10s
If the player characters have a Netrunner
rolled as damage. (After all, some
helping them, the NPC Netrunners have to
loads are heavier or sharper than
fight on two fronts: 1) against the player
character netrunner, and 2) against the
Grasping Characters: The claws are easy player characters in the factory.
to avoid, but immobilized characters
Because of the dark, confusing environ-
can be picked up and then dropped or
ment of the factory's interior, the charac-
placed in nasty places.
ters suffer -2 on their attack rolls and any
Fighting Claws: They have no defense other rolls you deem appropriate, though
except an SP of 30. After a claw takes cyberoptics and other technology may
30 points of damage, it becomes reduce or eliminate the difficulty.
The goal of the characters is to retrieve
the heroin. Over-zealous use of heavy
Metal Press armaments may destroy the heroin, costing
them 50,000 Euro in one fiery moment.
Any body or part of a body put in the
metal press is crushed, probably beyond
repair: Cyberware comes out shaped like Combat Sequence
old-style aluminum siding; flesh, like
Round 0 - When the first character looks

into the factory, the action begins. An
MPR is being lifted by a carrying claw
Damage from Metal Press*
toward the ceiling. Describe lots of
Each Leg Crushed: 1D6 +8 other things going on at the same time,
!,ii:::ilil:li:il 1:i::'::i,:'::i':=:: as the players should not immediately
Each Arm Crushed: 1D6 + 6
recognize the significance of this
Head, Chest, or Abdomen Crushed: robot.
Dead, dead, dead ...
Round 1 - Robot reaches ceiling .
*Ignores armor. Flexible armor stops no Round 2 & 3 - Robot is moved across the
damage, and stiff armor is crushed. ceiling. PC's hear metal clattering as
Disabling a Metal Press: Finding and parts stack up on each other at the
destroying the battery will work, as will robot's former stat ion.
cutting certain hydraulic lines, but in the
Round 4 - Robot is lowered to middle
poorly lit, highly chaotic environment of level.
the factory, it's hard to do - Basic Tech,
Difficulty 20. Rounds 5 - 7 - Robot extricates heroin
from part box. At this point, the
netrunner controlling the robot can

CONDUCTING give it the standing command "Lood in

helicopter." That netrunner will then
be free to operate other robots .
THE FIGHT Round 8 - Robot is raised to ceiling.
The netrunners see the characters on the Rounds 9 & 10 - Robot is carried to
video cameras. While one tries to get the upper bay (to hel ipad) with heroin in
heroin into the cyber-helicopter, the others hand. (At this point, one of the
attempt to dice the PCs. When one of their netrunners will have to open the gate
attacks is foiled, they often choose another by taking control of the gates/doors
Ilil::::!:!::::I I::I II:II'li:ill'll
1 Data Fortress
hole In A2, A3: Autofactories
data wall A4, 82: Vehicles & Robots
caused by 3
83: CPU, with Watchdog
netrunners 84: Files
4 C1: Alarm
C2: Cameras
C3: Gates & Doors
C4: Terminals, with Flatline

::'111:1·:·::111:·:1 11:·:1:·11·...:::

remote of the data fortress. This delay The Netrunners occupy one autofactory
may give the characters a breather.) control, one veh icle/robot control , and the
video control. Which ones are up to the
Round 11 - Robot moves to cyber-
Round 12 - Robot puts heroin in helicop-
ter. Data Fortress Key
Round 13 - 16 - Helicopter takes off to
deliver heroin to the netrunners. CPU
Has an INT of 3 and the following skills,
each at level 4: Operate Heavy Machin-
MULTI-MAKER ery, Drive, Pilot Helicopter, Accounting,
and Manufacturing.
FORTRESS Will set off alarms in the guard room,
MultiMaker's local office, and the nearest
This data fortress represents only the police precinct. It hasn't noticed the NPC
factory itself. MultiMaker, Inc., has netrunners. It is in the CPU .
another (better defended) data fortress for
its office, also located in the city. The Flatline
defenses on the factory fortress are weak
The system's only defense (and a weak
because few would be interested in
one). Computer attacks w ith STR + 3. It is
breaking into it. (Only the presence of
in the same space as the terminal access.
heroin makes the PCs or the enemy
netrunners take interest in MultiMaker.)
There is a hole in the data wall where the
enemy netrunners broke in with Jackham- Allows the user to manually override the
mer. conveyor belts, robo-carts, and metal
presses. ·:::1:::·:::::1:1 1:11 :·1:11····:··.11
Robot Remote
Allows the netrunner to manua lly override
contro ls of any mul ti-purpose robots in the If the characters have the heroin , they now
factory. have to escape the po lice, who probab ly
have been summoned by the manual or
Gates co mputer alarm. If the characters luck
into an easy solution and get the heroin to
Controls the doors into the factory and the
painlessly, have the police show up. The
gate into the wa rehouse.
police, naturally, assume that the charac-
ters are employees of a major drug ring ,
and will pressure any captives to reveal
Connects to the term inal in the guardroom , the names and descriptions of their
and via modem to terminals in the local bosses. Good luck to the characters if
office of MultiMaker. Guarded by they try to convince the police that they
Flatline. don't know anything. If it's been a tough
enough fight, give the characters enough
Video Camera warning to clear out before the police
surround the place.
Access to cameras in the warehouse,
factory, and guard room. The characters can take the heroin to the
Fixer and sell it to him for fifty thousand
Files Eurobucks. That's a big reward fo r a short
adven ture , but there's a fa ir chance they
Boring fi les, endless lists of raw materials, won't get the he roin at a ll , and even if they
shipp ing data, g uard emp loyment, etc. do, lots of th is money may have to be
The CPU automatically translates the spent rep lacing damaged cyberware and
actions of the factory into ba rely -recogn iz- funding proper funera ls for fallen com-
ab le data on its operations. rades .
Oh yes - Please don't tell your players
who des igned this streetfight. I might meet
them some day.
by Thomas M. Kane

technology of the caliber to interest f irst-rate

INTRODUCTION spies . Nevertheless, in the year 2020, anyone
shipping intriguing military hardware can expect
The job seems simple. Mil itech Incorporated trouble.
wants street professionals for a drive across town.
This adventure has five parts . The first, Introduc-
The company needs capable sorts to take an
tion, is for both players and Referee. The second ,
experimental vehicle from the Militech workshops
The SHREW, describes the vehicle the party will
to the docks. From there, Militech plans to ship
drive. The Leatherneck Legion contains material
the veh icle to its proving grounds for final testing .
for the Referee on the people the party will come
Due to city regulations, Mil itech must ship this
up against. Voyage of the SHREW contains the
vehicle along a predesignated route at exactly
heart of the adventure, describing what happens
10:00 AM, on a date one day after the adventure
to the party and when. Aftermath covers ways of
begins. The corporation offers to pay its drivers
wrapping this story up .
and guards 500 Euro apiece.
Militech's vehicle happens to be a killer nightmare
of a tank. Technically called the SHREW Heavy
Assault System, this behemoth carries enough
firepower to vaporize whole platoons of ordinary
Armored Fighting Vehicles. Militech intends the LEATHERNECK
SHREW as a semi-stationary tank hunter, which
will drive to an auspicious position and use its
gunnery to pulverize enemy AV tanks. The
SHREW sacrifices mobility for sheer power. Even Everybody knows that Militech's shipment will
heavy-lift helicopters have trouble transporting it. drive straight into trouble. Trouble appears i n the
This is why Militech wants the party to conduct it form of the Leatherneck Legion, a fetish -gang of
across the city. heavy weapons lovers. The Leathernecks want the
If the 'punks consider a supertank a safe place to SHREW, not to use it, but to fondle its lethal metal
ride, they're very wrong . City streets are death - skin. After caressing the tank, they will blow it
traps for big ungainly armored vehicles. Further- apart with shaped charges, just to prove they can.
more, despite all indications to the contrary, Night The Legion sets an ambush for the SHREW mid -
City is not a war zone and will not allow Militech way along the route to the ports.
to use heavy weapons in the streets. The party If the party contacts informants, it may learn about
finds itself defending an enormous, helpless the Leathernecks. The Referee should role-play
target. the search for information fully, using established
If the party requests them, Militech will provide up NPCs from the campaign. One should make a
to two unarmed civilian vehicles for use as outrid- Streetwise roll, Difficulty 15, to f ind someone who
ers (treat them as "standard cars" as listed in knows that Leathernecks have been gathering
Cyberpunk 2020®, pp. 102-3). i nfo rmatio n on the SHREW. Those who pass
Streetwise at Difficulty 20 can learn that the
Militech knows of no specific threats to the
Legion has 20 members, nine of which are active
SHREW; no rival corporation publicly threatened
and cybered . However, the active members have
the project. Besides, this vehicle incorporates little
been up to some massive recruiting recently,
The SHREW cannon, a 230mm gun. An enterprising
Techie can rig some helpful weaponry
The SHREW takes the form of a smooth on the gun mounts provided, but the
capsule measuring 40 feet long. Steel electronics in the vehicle are
treads peep out the cylinder's bottom. boobytrapped (see below).
The main cannon extends obscenely
Militech certainly does not expect the
through the vehicle's nose. Black metal
party to lose this vehicle. However,
blisters pock the vehicle's skin, covering
company technicians did take precau-
mounts for missile pods, miniguns and
tions to keep the prototype out of the
external electronic-warfare suites.
wrong hands. This vehicle carries
Hidden inside this metal beast are the
powerful explosive charges adjacent the
crew and the fuel tanks, safe from
engine, electronics systems and fuel
aggression. Militech painted the proto-
tanks. If anyone tampers with these
type model a stark gray.
protected utilities, or if the SHREW fails
to reach the docks within four hours, the
SHREW Specifications charges detonate.
Crew: (4) one Driver, up to three gun - Anyone who investigates the workings of
ners and/or passengers. this vehicle detects the explosives with a
SP: 60 Basic Tech roll of just D ifficulty 5. To
SOP: 400 remove the charges, however, is a
Maximum Speed: 50 mph Difficulty 20 Demolitions task.
Maneuver Speed : 20 mph
Accl.lOecel.: 1p/phase If the SHREW self-destructs, the explo-
sives reduce this vehicle to a ruined hulk.
Treat the SHREW as a Van/Truck when Those in the cab suffer 5010 points
determining the Difficulty of special damage to their entire bodies. Anyone
maneuvers. Note that one cannot actually toying with the engine or elec-
perform a Bootleg in this unwieldy tronics suffers 8010 points, as does any
vehicle. unfortunate soul near the fuel tanks .
A SHREW can carry up to ten external However, the SHREW's hull can contain
weapons. The prototype in this adven- an explosion, meaning that those outside
ture has no weapons mounted and the vehicle take no damage at all.
carries no ammunition for the main

looking especially for dishonorably About fifteen minutes from its destination,
discharged soldiers. The Legion favors the convoy enters a spiderweb of concrete
military weapons and unmasked violence. and steel. Cinderblock warehouses line
the street. The green girders of an over-
pass march over the scene. Rusting towers
THE VOYAGE soar toward the polluted sky, supporting
high-tension wires. As the party drives
into this area, the lead starts to fly.
OF THE SHREW In the warehouse district, the Leathernecks
For about half an hour, the SHREW travels enjoy the low police protection their
through faceless sprawl. If the 'punks are ambush requires. They spent the past
jumpy, the Referee should give them fifteen minutes preparing their attack. A
something to jump at. A nine-year-old sniper took a position on the overpass.
with a Mohawk runs into their path. A Mortar teams readied themselves in a
corporate chopper trails them for a few vacant lot while half-psycho booster-
blocks. Nothing important. Use several warriors congregated in a street-side
NPCs from your campaign that really get warehouse, preparing for the main battle.
your players nervous. The following The Leathernecks also sabotaged a high-
ambush then occurs. tension pole.
The Ambush
The Leatherneck attock tokes place in the
street junction shown on the mop. This
diagram shows where each group of
Leathernecks beg ins the firefight.
The attock tokes place in the following

1. The sniper fires at the convoy from the

overpass (note that his elevation negates
the value of PCs' cover). He hopes to lure
the party into dispatching a team to deal
with him, while the real attock tokes place
on the street. If the party ignores this
sniper, proceed immediately to port two.
However, if the sniper can make the party
stop, continue this phose of the bottle for
three rounds. Remember that the sniper
keeps shooting at visible targets even after
the regular attock begins.
The sniper fires from behind a stee l lamp
post and guard roil. This cover has a
protection value of SP 35.

2. About three rounds into the sniper duel,

the real assault begins. Three mortar
teams pepper the ambush zone with the ir
heavy weapons. For purposes of this
encounter, simply assume that explosions
: : ::::: ::::::::III::j:j:::j:::,
detonate at the points shown on the mop .
Explosive mortar rounds detonate, causing
11111111111:1::::::1 1 1111111111
damage as fragmentation grenades (7D6).
In addition to inflicting damage on any
exposed 'punks, these weapons shatter
storefronts, scar parked vehicles and fill
pedestrians with bloody holes. Make sure
the PCs notice.
In addition to standard shells, the
Leathernecks fire Super-Hexonet" Smoke
Shells . These munitions choke the region
in pink and violet fumes. These opaque
clouds couse a -6 on a ll ranged attacks,
and prevents missile combat at ranges
over 20 feet. The mop outl ines the area
affected by the smoke.

3. As the mortar barrage begins, the

Leathernecks use a hardwired remote-
control system to detonate the explosive
charge they hastily stropped to the high-
tension pole. The charge contains ten

I [

Cl ;::.
'il §~
4;'&, ;:::
...0 :a

.. I
• ~
. = =0

I ~
f., ~
==-.. t;::.

H i
ounces of p lastique, wh ich explodes w ith 5d6 /Rel VR): +21
its usual fury. The pole topples . A tangle Melee: +13
of high-voltage lines descends upon the
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L Arm 14
street, dragged down by their gargantuan
tower. The fallen pole blocks the street
with a three-foot thick cylinder of steel. Mortar Teams (9
The SHREW cannot push past such an Members)
These booster-gangers wear camouflage
fatigues . As newcomers, they "hump
4. The mortar barrage stops after one mortars" while the ir more heavi ly-aug -
round . Then six crazed Leathernecks rush mented superiors undertake the suic idal
the SHREW. These boosted madmen task of charging the SHREW. However,
attempt to eviscerate any guards they can these boosters are crazy enough to wish
engage in close combat. they could fight hand-to-hand with tanks
as well.
PCs who seal themselves into the SHREW
may be able to avoid damage. However, The mortar teams occupy a vacant lot (see
the gang w ill then disable thei r treads with map). Gray warehouses surround their
shaped charges. This takes one round of position . Graffiti covers graffiti on the
uninterrupted work per tread. If the PCs asphalt p la in. The mortar crews hid the ir
allow the Leathernecks to do this, the weapons in a dumpster unti l needed.
Shrew loses its ability to move . The
Leathernecks then take the veh icle apart Stats
with their charges. After f ifteen uninter- IN T 3 REF 3 TECH 4
rupted minutes, they manage to detonate CL 6 ATT 1 LK 3
the self-destruct mechanism. MA7 BODY 8 EMP 3

Sniper Athletics +5, Combat Sense +2, Heavy
This skinny young booster just joi ned the Weapons +2, Melee +3, Pisto l +3
Legion. He has little chrome, bu t his skill
w ith a rifle won him a place in thi s am - Equipment
bush, his fi rst sortie with the Legion. Light Armor Jacket, Stern meyer Type 35
Heavy Pistol (2 full cl ips)
INT 4 REF 10 TECH 3 Combat Scores
CL 6 ATT 1 LK 3 Initiative: +5
MA6 BODY 5 EMP 3/2 Stun/Death Save: +8
BTM: -3
Cybernetics Sternmeyer Type 35 (#Shots 8/ROF 2/
Cyberoptic (IR and Targeting Scope), DAM 3D6/Rel VR): +6
Smartgun Link . Melee : +6
Armo r: To rso/R . A rm/L.Arm 14
Athletics +5, Combat Sense +5, Melee +3, Augmented Gangers (6)
Rifle +7
These chrome madmen actually assau lt the
Equipment SHREW. Each one carries a shaped
Light Armor Jacket, M ilitech Ronin Light charge contain ing three ounces of
Assault Rifle (Smart, 2 full clips) plastique. One of these charges can blow
a tread off the SHREW. Working to gether,
Combat Scores the boosters can crack the SHREW's shell
Initiative : +15 and blow its guts out .
Stun/Death Save : 5
BTM: -2 Stats
Militech Ronin (#Shots 35/ROF 30/DAM INT2 REF 9 TECH 2
CL 11 ATT 1 LK 2
MA9 BODY 11 EMP 5/1

Adrenal Booster, Muscle and Bone Lace,
Wolvers, 1 Cyberoptic (roll 1 D6 on optic
chart, Cyberpunk, p. 20)

Athletics +8, Combat Sense +6, Heavy
Weapons +5, Melee +8, Submachinegun

H&K MPK-11 SMG (3 full clips), Flock
Vest, Flock Pants, Nylon Helmet, Fragmen-
tation Grenades (2), Shaped Charges (1)

Combat Scores
Initiative: +14*
Stun/Death Save: +11
BTM: -4
H&K MPK-11 SMG (#Shots 30/ROF 20/
DAM 4D6+1/Rel ST): +14
Melee: +17
Armor: Head/Torso/R.Leg/L.Leg 20

!·: : !: : : : : I1::,!~ :i: : ·: : :~
Assuming the party delivers the SHREW to
its destination (more or less intact),
Militech pays off. Nobody wonts to hear
what happened along the way. We've all
hod rough days, choombah. A few
months later, the 'punks see a Vidnews
clip in which their favorite Central Ameri-
can dictatorship uses SHREW vehicles to
grind innocent campesinos into pulp. It's
nice for the PCs to know that they really
can make a difference in the world.
If the SHREW happens to self-destruct or
disappear, the party should consider
leaving town. The extent of Militech's
revenge depends on the Referee's cruelty.

:.1:'.::.:1,·::1 1 1::.1:..11:: 1::

The gang instinctively rises with him, and a loud,
PROLOGUE collective snick is heard as a hundred pairs of
Rippers and Wolvers are activated . The only light
i n the abandoned warehouse is that of the fires
The Waterfront - June, burning in barrels. The gang, 150+ members,
stands as a solid block, their colors a bizarre
2020, 1:35 AM mixture of 21st century retropunk and 16th ce ntury
ritualist. Then there is silence as Papa Juice takes
The gang leader they call Papa Juice snorts a chalice out from under his seat and drinks. His
another hit of NyteShade, the gang's drug of eyes flare before he screeches a wild war cry and
cho ice, and slowly stands up from his chair, pops his own set of Rippers. The gang screams
enraged at what he's just heard . His face twists so loudly in response a couple of windows break.
i nto an ugly frown as he listens. No one w ill linger on the waterfront tonight; those
who do will be butchered .
"And they say what?"
The chalice is passed around and each ganger
"You heard. They say they better than us. They
drinks. It's the gang's war jui ce: the blood of
say they down wi'them Blood Razors what."
dead enemies mixed with NyteShade.
"They throwin' the bullshit again."
One by one , each soldier becomes primed for
"And they call us out." battle, screaming ferociously.
Papa Juice's eyes flare, his mind half-maddened
from the home brewed hallucinogenic. His main
bloodboy, Zonk, goes on with his story as the rest
The Combat Zone
of the gang sits at the ir places intently, listening, While the Juicers gear up to rumble, another war
burning with fury and ready to rock. council is in progress. Speed, leader of the Road
"They call us out?" Warriors, smiles evilly as he mounts his 72 Harley
and jacks into the imp ro vised interface.
"That they do. They say we meet them i n neutral
turf and rumble . They tell Johnny Blade they The Warriors are a zoomerpunk gang, boosters
gonna wipe us out." on wheels, and their colors are much simpler
leather bikerware outfits . They 're preparing for
"Yeah," Papa Juice smirks. "So where dey want war, The deafening rumble of over 90 hogs is
rumble?" heard as the gang members mount their bikes and
" A rca d e Arcade, just before close. They say they ready their weapons. Activity in the abandoned
wanna impress all da young streetpunks what bus depot is frenzied.
gonna sign up eventually." As Speed takes a swig of Irish wh iskey from a
"They'll be impressed all right. When we carry flask on his hip, his five trusted officers ride up to
their heads on stakes outta that arcade, they'll be him . The bikes move slowly, single file , over to
impressed." where Speed is. Suddenly eng ines rev, and the
f ive officers quickly encircle his b ike. If Speed
Papa Juice turns towards the rest of his crew, rises were an enemy, he'd be dead now.
out of his seat , arms raised, and beg ins chanting
voodoo phrases mixed with a stream of curses.
· "What's the word?", an officer asks, awaiting wars. Peace might have been possible,
o r d e r s . but Speed, leader of the Warriors, has
been shooting his mouth off; at this point
" M o unt up, move out, and ready to
the re's too much bad blood between the
slamm it on . Arcade Arcade."
gangs for the situation to remain stable.
" W at erf ro nt? Metal Juice turf ?"
The pol ice, meanwh i le, have undercover
Speed li ghts a Camel and laughs . men on the street slowly gathering d irt on
both gangs which can stick in court. Both
"Yep. We're meeting some old friends
the Juicers and the Wa rriors have been
dangerous menaces i n the past, and the
department wants them cancelled perma -
Northside, Metro nently.
Around 2:30 AM, the two gangs will arrive
Precinct Seven at the Arcade Arcade, a typical youth
hangout built into a decaying waterfront
Under the cover of darkness, two heavily
warehouse on a pier slowly sinking into
armored AV's, an AV-4 and an AV-6,
the corrosive wa ters. The Arcade Arcade
depart the landing pad, loaded with Shock
features video games, bra indance " mo v-
Troops. Their orders are to slowly make
ies," holoporn, cheap drugs, etc. The
their way to the Wa terfront and wait for
underage set hang out here and the place
further instructio ns. There are no sirens,
has been ra ided numerous times, but
and the red/blue flashers, usually used for
customers still keep return ing in droves.
shock effect, are turned off.
On the Street, some blocks away, a young
rookie i n punk gear hudd les outs ide an The Waterfront,
abandoned warehouse and prays the
i nfo rmati o n he's just heard is correct. Arcade Arcade, 2:30
THE It's just another Friday night - until the
Metal Juicers storm in to the place, war

ADVENTURE cr ies echoing, violencepa int reggae

blasting. Papa Juice marches to the front
of the gang, leading the way, as the
"Showdown at the Arcade Arcade" is a
gangers take their usual battle positions.
street rumble which can be tailored to
They've done it a thousand times before.
Night City or whatever locale your PCs are
used to. Arcade Arcade is a location Every juvie in the place makes way for
found in the N ight City Sourcebook, so if these killers; everyone there knows what
your players are already there then you rampag ing 'dorphers are capable of. The
don 't have to change anything unless video games go quiet, the movies stop
desired . abruptly. Everyone crawls out of the
woodwork to see what's going down.
This encounter is essentially all combat,
but it can be played from a number of There's the roa r of motorcycles : the Road
ang les depend ing on character class, Warriors have arrived . They file in by the
career sk ill level, and the general nasti- numbers, harangu ing everyone around
ness of you, the referee . Here's the bas ic and throwing i nsul ts at the Juicers, who
plot line. respo nd w ith equa l enthus iasm.
The Metal Juicers, a comba t 'dorphead Speed rides up to the fro nt: he and Papa
gang, are at war wi th the Road Warriors, Juice stare each other down in the center
a hardcore motorcycle gang. Although of the arcade. There is dead silence, save
their turfs are generally far apart, the two for the flick of cyberweapons and the click
have met before in tense situations, and of guns. Almost as quietly, the juvies duck
they've managed to make enemies of each behind anything that might stop a slug .
other by allying with rivals during past turf
Words are exchanged - an errant shot and order everyone to surrender. What
rings out. your players do w ill probably depend on
what the NPCs do, which is up to you . The
Total war begins...
Shock Troops are no rentacops; they're
Referee's Note: THIS IS A REALLY BIG well -trained, lethally armed, and will kill
RUMBLEl If you are not prepared to run with the slightest provocation. Since
mass combat situations, turn the page and reinforcements w ill be sent for, you'll have
look elsewhere. a very large combat engagement on your
hands if the raid degenerates into a
The two gangs will take ten minutes to
firefight. If the players (and/or the gangs)
deploy. They will square off, the two
manage to wade through three waves of
leaders will size each other up, and the
police, a Dragon chopper arrives contain-
fight will erupt at 2:46 AM when a nervous
ing National Guardsmen. Needless to
Road Warrior fires his .45 and kills a
say, that will be the end of your PCs.
Juicer across the room.
The two gangs will try to escape when the
Neither of these gangs is particularly wild
police arrive, but some of the gangers (say
about hand-to-hand, but the fight will not
roughly 15% of each gang) will refuse to
include lots of fully automatic, large bore
break off the engagement and will have to
weapons. There will be guns, but nothing
be hunted down or arrested. This may
heavier than an H&K (maybe one or two
include your PCs. Regular police units w ill
warriors on each side has an assault rifle) .
be called in for this ; their weapons will be
Mostly you'll see knives, fists, bottles,
loaded with rubber and taser rounds . The
p istols, cheap polymer one-shots, some
Shock Troops w ill switch to rubber rounds ,
grenades, plus lots and lots of illegal
and use motion trackers to assist in the
search. Anyone who w illingly surrende rs
The fight will continue for 10 minutes, until will be arrested ; their fate depends on
both sides are down to around fifty men what they were doing in the arcade at the
left. Actual killed-and-wounded ratios are time, and whether or not they can convince
up to you , and depends on how gory you the cops not to bust them. Keep in mind
like your gang fights . that when the rumble started, there were
150-200 excited juviegangers, all potential
At this point the pol ice will arrive. The
witnesses cheering the gangs on. The
AV-6 will fire first. The pol ice wi ll fire
crowd w ill disperse when the police arrive
three canisters of gas, two vomit and one
- or at least, it will try to.
neurotoxin, into the bu ilding through the
large windows near the ceiling. The vomit So what are your PCs do ing there in the
gas requ ires a BODY roll, Difficulty 20, to first place? Here's some likely id ea s:
keep from retching your guts out and
1) The PCs are at Arcade Arcade hang-
choking on them, figurtively. The neuro-
ing out or looking for some vital clue
toxin is extremely painful but not deadly,
in the current campaign. The gang
and requires BODY roll of Difficulty 25 to
war is just a very big distraction which
keep from passing out and waking up in a
either turns up a clue or makes their
cell with one tremendous headache.
investigation twice as difficult. Noth-
Anyone who doesn't evacuate the arcade
ing as aggravating as having the
30 seconds after the gas is fired has a
team's star player in prison ...
60% chance of running into vomit gas,
20% chance of hitting the neurotoxin . 2) The PCs are Cops, or working w ith the
police because they need one or both
On the next round, after firing the gas, the
of the gangs shut down . If the team is
AV will f ire a five round burst through the
exclusively Cops, busting these gangs
lower wall near the door. Anyone near
could be a first assignment for rook-
the door must make a Difficulty 20 REF roll
ies, or that b ig win that gets a veteran
to avoid being hit. The rounds are shells
the promotion he wants.
fired from a Hughes Light 20mm.
3) The PCs are low-level Cops on Shock
In the round following the burst, both AV's
Trooper duty. Nervous and bored,
will touch down and deploy the ir troops.
they're hurriedly briefed, tossed a 1111111111111111 1111111111111111:
The Shock Troops will storm the building
bunch of battle gear, and herded into ecuted, and beating the rap could be an
an AV before they know what's going adventure in itself.
on. This setting makes the adventure
PC Cops will receive either commenda-
strictly combat, however, as the PCs
tions or demerits, depending on how the
struggle to arrest gangers and juvies
raid went. A high ganger body count is
without killing them.
not enough; City Hall wants to see some
4) The PCs are gang members with either substantial arrests. If things went well,
...••xcc- gang. Maybe this rumble is their first expect promotions and good things written
major fight and this an initiation; in your PCs police files. Remember:
perhaps they're veteran gangers, and getting a lot of Cops and juvies killed
this rumble settles some old scores. while accomplishing nothing is a great
Remember that the gang who escapes way to end up on Cyberpsycho duty
the police while effectively trashing without an armorjack.
their opponent will win the respect of
PCs juvies (or PCs that were just standing
everyone at the Arcade and will earn
around) are on their own. Their best bet
some major Rep points to boot.
was to stay out of it, but if they were
5) For really imaginative players, maybe forced to start shooting just pray they had
one PC is a gang leader and the rest the sense not to shoot at Cops. Any
are his/her officers. When the two bystander PCs who are arrested will
gangs have chewed each other up probably be released, unless they were
sufficiently, the combat stops, and the doing something obviously illegal when
two leaders meet in the center of the the police burst in.
room for a man-to-man knife fight. At
the height of the fight the police barge
6) Perhaps the PCs are younger
cyberpunks, just hanging out with the
rest of the juvie crew at the arcade,
checkin' out the new holoporn. Then
the two gangs arrive to rumble and DRUGS, AND
things get real interesting.
Get the idea? No logic necessary to start OTHER

a f ight in the Combat Zone!
AFTERM.ATH Here's a quick cast of characters that
make this encounter what it is. Feel free to

alter these people and use them at your
Eventually, the smoke will clear, leaving
the police with one big mess to clean up.
Most of the arcade, the machines in it, and
the immediate area outside, will be totally Papa Juice ('Dorpher
trashed. There will be bodies everywhere,
as well as dying and wounded people
begging for help. Some of them will be Originally from the Johannesburg Combat
kids. It won't be pretty. Zone, Papa Juice is actually a former
If the PCs were gang members and got Spacer thrown out of LEO early during the
away, the encounter is pretty much over. EBM hireout. He ended up in the
If their gang won, there will be celebration NYCUMS (New York City Urban Military
- major parties where the dead are Sector) and traveled around the country
mourned and the great victory remem- until he found a gang he was comfortable
bered. If not, they escape to lick their with. He slowly rose through the ranks of
wounds and fight another day. PC gang the Juicers with his reputation for tough-
members who are orrested will be pros - ness, and by obtaining large amounts of
the gang's drug of choice, NyteShade.
Metal Doo rs

''~ ': -- -"".1 r:~ Key

·:: • "I• h I'

Rood ,,, . ,
vvornors Assemble Here .• ._ .,....,.,.. I

U :i:t:;; ..r:

- I~ .:) ~


C Braindance

, !/~-
L ,

I _ \' A.

; ~
Metal Juicers Assemble Here --
Police fire
th roug h wa II

I-~ ~ III. _
To Pier
• Gas
cannisters hit
Arcade Arcade Scale: 1 inch = 15 feet
Type: Euphoric
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 24
Cost: 1500 Euro/dose
Duration: 1D6 hours
Side Effects: Addiction, Tremors, Carcinogenic, Aggressiveness
NyteShade was first introduced at the city's night spots but, when the bad effects of
this crap came to light, it quickly lost popularity. Since much safer stuff, like
SynthCoke, is easily available, it has all but disappeared. Only the Juicers hold it in
such high respect, probably because they think it's a combat drug (it's not). The user
feels extremely powerful and at ease with himself after dosing, so if the user doses
up prior to combat, he/she may feel invincible. Don't be fooled; actual game stats
aren't effected by this stuff. Most punks see NyteShade as a fun, once-in-a-while
"upper". NyteShade users aren't particularly dangerous...just don't piss off a user
when he's dosing.

Although a 'dorphead, Papa Juice is no Monoknife(DAM 2d6) : +15/+16

idiot; it was his own machinations which Armor: Torso 18
allowed him to best the former leader of
the gang and replace him.
Typical Metal Juicer
('Dorphgang Member)
INT 8 REF 9/10 TECH 3
CL9 ATT 4 LK 4 These punks are junkies, plain and simple.
MA7 BODY 7 EMP 5 Slowly dying of their poison of choice,
most of this lot appear underfed and
rather pale with sunken eyes. Still, there is
Adrenal Booster, Cyberarm (Spike Hand), a ferocity and a certain loyalty in them
Muscle/Bone Lace, Neural Processor, that keeps them going, and when they're
OptiShield, Rippers, Smartgun Link 'dorphed up they fight like madmen even
Skills though they may not be particularly
skilled. The constant need for their drug
Athletics +4, Awareness +4, Brawling +6, makes them doubly dangerous. Strangely
Chemistry +3, Expert: Drugs +6, Human enough, they are very calm in combat if
Perception +3, Melee +5, Persuasion +7, they haven't been dos ing.
Pick Pocket +4, Pistol +4, Rank +9, Rifle/
SMG +3, Shadow/Ditch +4, Streetwise +5, The gang's colors are chrome chains worn
Zero-G Maneuver +3 around the torso with outlandish hair
styles, usually dyed dreds.
Flak T-Shirt, five doses NyteShade,
Armalite 44 (Smart) w/holster, Monoknife INT 6 REF 7 TECH 2
w/sheath, shrunken heads, various voodoo CL6 ATT 5 LK 3
gear MA7 BODY 5 EMP 5
Combat Scores Cybernetics

• Initiative: +9/+10
Stun/Death Save: 7
BTM : -2
Armalite 44(# Shots 8/ROF l/DAM
4D6+ 1/Rel ST): +15/+16
Varies; mostly processors, cyberblade
implants, some arms & legs, nothing
heavy. The ones with firearm proficiency Speed (Zoomerpunk
will have targeting optics and IR.
Awareness +3, Brawling +4, Chemistry +2, Speed was only 13 when the nomadic
Expert: Drugs +3, Melee +5, Persuasion biker pock he grew up with was destroyed
+2, Pick Pocket +4, Pistol +3, Rank +1-6, during a rood war. He and a few others
Streetwise +5, various pickup skills survived, and they were able to piece
together on RV to get them to shelter.
Equipment Once in the heart of the city the survivors
Again, varies - some will simply have broke up and never sow each other again.
armorjacks and knives, others will be Speed is named for his true love: speed .
better equipped. As previously mentioned, Jacked up beyond human capacity,
a few of them will have large guns, one plugged into everything he owns, and
has on assault rifle (or maybe even a mode to be foster than humans can be,
SAW). Some with rudimentary technical Speed lives life in permanent fast forward .
skills might corry some tools of their trade. When he cannot be a port of everything
All of them corry a few doses of around him, when he can't be moving as
NyteShade. fast as possible, he's not happy. Speed is
a truly nasty soul thanks to harsh pock life
Combat Scores
and a childhood spent south of the free-
Initiative: +7 way. Speed has no favorite drug per se
Stun/Death Save: 6 (the Warriors are partial to cooling their
Body Type Modifier: -2 retros with Smash), but he usually carries a
Armor (Typical): Torso 16, Arms 14 flask of fine Irish whiskey. He obta ins
cases of it every now and then by raiding
the cargo sub docks.
Stats Stats
INT 8 REF 10/11 TECH 5 INT 5 REF 9 TECH 5
Cl6 ATT 6 lK 5 Cl7 ATT 6 lK 5
Cybernetics Cybernetics
Adrenal Booster, Big Knucks, Cyberaudio Varied. lots of arms and legs , plus bu ilt-
(Enhanced Hearing , Wearman), Cyberlegs i n b lades. Some have optics, most have
(Speeding Bullet, Superchrome (Right), reflex boosts. Remember these are just
Holster (left), Storage Space (left)), boosters. There are no 'borged out
Cyberoptic (Target, Thermograph, Times nightmares in this outfit. Well, maybe a
Square +), Neura l Processor (Boostmaster, few...
Interface Plugs, Kerenzikov III Boost,
Smartgun Link, Tactile Boost, Vehicle Link)
Athletics +4, Awareness +4, Basic Tech +4,
Brawling +6, Expert: Combat Zone +3,
Athletics +4, Awareness +5/7/9, Basic Intimidate +3, Melee +5, Motorcycle +5,
Tech +3, Brawling +5, Drive +3, Expert: Rank +2-8, Streetwise +4
The Combat Zone +4, Expert: Motorcycles
Pickup skills vary from member to mem-
+3, Intimidate +5, Melee +5, Motorcycle
ber. Some w ill have technical skills to
+6 , Pistol +4, Rank +10, Rifle/SMG +4,
keep tbe gang roll ing, others wi ll be more
Shadow/Ditch +3, Streetwise +6
combat oriented.
Binogoggles, cigarettes, Dermal Stapler,
Every member wears Kev lar-lined biker
flask of Irish wh iskey, German Army
leathers plus some personal bit of clothing
He lmet (sp 14), Glock 17(Smart), Light
that defines the ir persona lity . Most wear
Kevlar Armorjack, Siapatches w/
some sort of outland ish he lmet when
Speedhea lers & Pain Killers, 76 Harley-
rid ing . The gang's colors are a grey
Davidson, spiked club
bandana worn around the left a rm. About
Combat Scores half the members carry some sort of
Initiative : +14/+15 firearm , but nothing heavy. At the rumble
Stun/Death Save: 7 there is one heavy gunner. Most Warriors
Body Type Mod ifier: -2 carry a couple of knives, some personal
Glock 17(# Shots 12/ROF 2/DAM 2D6+3/ gear, and wear some sort of goggles or
Rei VR): +14/+15 really dark glasses. No mirrorshades.
spiked club (1 D6+3 damage): +15/+16 Combat Scores
Armor: Head/Torso/Arms 14
Initiative: +11 *
Stun/Death Save : 7
Typical Road Warrior Body Type Modifier: -2
Armor (Typical) : To rso 18, Head/Arms/
(Zoomerpunk Booster) legs 10
Speed's followers are a pretty repuls ive
bunch of vio lent b ikers. All of them have
Basic Shock Trooper (Cop)
extensive cr im ina l records (most, in fact,
are now on pol ice Term inate/Death These people are the mavericks who were
Penal ty lists) and, like all boosters, en joy hardened enough to be offered C-SWAT
racking up the cyberware. A favored detai l but were sti ll sane enough to de-
enhancemen t w ith this gang is the cl ine . The ir tra in ing is equ iva lent to that of
MonoVision optic (a lthough Speed himself a veteran mil itary unit. They're ded icated,
personally doesn't like it) but since it's frightening ly effective, and very danger-
fairly expensive and tends to eat humanity, ous . Most are incorruptible, since the
limited numbers of gang members actually penalty for graft is death . Note that these
have the option. loyal , chaotic, and people are not beat cops and spend most
ruthless, the Warriors are just as danger- of their working hours either on riot duty,
ous on the roads as on the Street. backing up C-SWAT o r patrolling the
outskirts of the Combat Zone. Let's see either look up to or despise your PCs.
that ID Card, citizen . Fear them, for they are the future .
Stats Stats
CL 10 ATT 5 LK 5 CL6 ATT 6 LK 2
Cybernetics Cyberware
Some ser ious stuff. Most have one limb Aside from Wearmans, there is not much
replacement for various reasons depend- in this department, since this covers kids
ing on his/her specialty. All of them have 16 and younger. A few will have minor
optics with numerous options. Troopers of options, maybe optics. Minor implants are
higher rank may have Subdermal Armor the big thing, and there's always the 14
jobs. All have processors and a number year old who gets a Mr. Studd to imp ress
of interface links. A few have pop-up his girlfriend. A selected crazy few will
weapons . Most are boosted. have cybered arms or legs, but this is rare .
Skills Skills
Athletics +5, Authority +2-5, Aware/Notice Brawling +3, Melee +2, Persuasion or
+5, Brawling +7, Education +3-5, Human Intimidate (depends) +3, Pick Pocket +4,
Perception +3-4, Interrogation +5, Melee Shadow/Ditch +3, Stealth +4, Street Status
+5, Pistol +5, Rifle +5, Streetwise +5 +2, Streetwise +4
Pickup skills include Drive, Cadre Tact ics, Pickup skills vary from Pistol to AV Tech .
possibly some COOL or INT based skills. Lots of "Street" skills.
Some may have Basic Tech or Languages. Equipment
Chips are always ava ilable and allowed in
the Shock outfit. Anyth ing and everyth ing . Most have a ll
sorts of personal gea r, music, tools, drugs,
etc. They favor leathers, light armorjacks,
These men and women will sport the crazy fashions, dyed ha ir - anyth ing
whole nine yards : full MetalGear armor, chilled, styled, and w ild . Many of them
communication links, standard -issue and ride around on hoverboards, all of them
backup pistols, a bunch of holsters, melee carry some kind of weapon, the standard
weapons, and the standard issue M-31 a1 being cheap guns and knives. Wave to
Advanced Infantry Weapon . Small per- the pack rats of 2020, choomba.
sonal and/or non regulation equipment Combat Scores
usually passes.
Initiative: +7
Combat Scores
Stun/Death Save: 5
Initiative: +10* Body Type Modifier: -2
Stun/Death Save: 8 Armor: Torso 10, Legs 4
Body Type Modifier: -3
M-31 a1 Advanced Inf a ntry Weapon (#
Shots 120/ROF 30/DAM 3D6/Rel ST):+12
Armor (Standard) : Torso/Arms 25, Head/
Legs 20

Typical Juvieganger (Punk)

These are the urchins who w ill either pick
themselves up from the Street or mutate
into the boosters we all know and hate.
Most of them are homeless and/or don't
know the ir parents. Many of them are
predatory and understand all too well "the
future is d isposable" theory. They will
by Brian Perry

The players' team becomes involved when Alex
Jessica Johnson is fatally ill. One year ago, she
approaches them with an escort mission to help
was diagnosed w ith a rare d isease that has no
him get to Arizona. He has listened to the word
known cure. Four months ago, she was moved to
on the streets, and determined that their group is
an inst itute in Arizona where doctors thought the
his best chance at making it to Arizona safely. He
climate and lesser pollution might help slow the
arranges the first encounter with the team in such
disease's progress. But even w ith their great
a way that they cannot afford to say no to his
optimism, they only gave her another six months to
offer. As a chemical researcher, he has devel -
oped a unique viral agent that, after the team
The world is a cruel place; this sort of thing consumes it in their drinks that evening, can only
happens all of the time. Millions of nameless be cured by Alex. He is withholding the antidote
children vanish into death's embrace, quickly, as his insurance against their refusal. It will also
qu ietly, w ithout much notice. But Alex Johnson, keep them from just killing him if they have
Jessica's father, refused to allow this to happen. already been approached by " the others".
As a b ioresearch scientist for BioPrime Inc., Alex
W ith these pleasantries completed, Alex suggests
has had access to a great variety of laboratory
they begin the trek into the A rizona desert. How-
research and equipment. As his daughter's illness
ever, before they can get moving, a team of solos
progressed, 10 hour days became 12, then 14,
enters the bar. Alex, convinced that this group is
then 16. D rugs then stretched the hours to 18 and
part of the consp iracy aga inst him, blunders the
even 20. He worked at the expense of his health
characters into a quick bar fight against the solos,
to save his daughter's and it was worth the sacri-
and being solos, they oblige.
fice. After nearly a year of unending work, Alex
finally developed a cure, or at least, a temporary Once the team manages to get out of the bar, they
stop . start towards the inst itution . As the team heads off
the ma in highways of Arizona (because of the
But the toll has been great. Although Alex has
i nstitutio n's remote location), they run into trouble.
found a solution, he has also conjured further
A smaller rural route leads them into a small
problems . Long hours without sleep and his
grouping of hills and into a trap. Alex's last hope
dependence on drugs has made Alex nervous and
is that the team can make it through the pass and
paranoid to the point of psychosis. He has
prevent themselves from be ing "Boxed In.''
refused to divulge any of the i nfo rmatio n pertain-
ing to his research to anyone, even his superiors
at BioPrime. He has lied, created false chemicals
(labeled as the solution) and even mailed fake
packages under assumed names, all to deceive T The initial location of the characters' meeting
his i ma g ina ry opponents. He has tr ied protect his with Alex is unimportant. The mos t probable
research through any means he could think of. location is a bar somewhere in N ight City such
Now that he has finally developed the true solu - as Neon Joe 's (detailed later) or The Cross-
tion, he must get it to the institute, defending it all roads (d. Night City Stor ies), but it doesn't
the way from the predators that lurk behind every have to be . The location of the institution is
shadow. also mildly inco nseq uenti a l. The only require -
ment is that the team's misadventures the type before. Corporate suit,
should take them through an area that corporate haircut, corporate bank
can be set up for the box canyon trap. account . But this guy looks a little
different. The nervous little guy
... If the characters are a bit more experi-
glances around the bar a bit, even
enced, feel free to increase the diffi-
making occasional eye contact with
culties of the two encounters. The
the team, and shuffles around a
initial bar fight is more of a mood
package in his hand. But he is none
developer to get the players into the
of your concern; people are always
feel of the adventure than a fight to the
coming down into the 'lone for one
death, so the team should have a
reason or another. If he is looking
relatively easy time beating the other
for you, he knows where to find you,
solos or escaping.
so you shrug him off as he disap-
~ears int:> the crowd. He's probably
~ust looking for a bathroom to hide
The insignificant person that the team
ONE DRINK spots is Alex. Alex has finally tracked
down the team at Neon Joe's and is
TOO MANY planning to approach them in a little
while. Before he can approach them, he
must make sure that the team will be
forced to follow his plan. He moves
Set Up through the crowd and makes his way up
to the bar. Then, quite insistently, he
Y:>u are enjoying another relaxing
requests that the bartender tell him when
nIght at your favorite bar Neon
the characters order another round of
Joe's. After successfully '(you did
drinks. He then offers the bartender
succeed, didn't you?) finishing your
200eb to let him slip something into their
last assignment, you get a rare
~rinks. His excuse is a birthday practical
opportunity to kick back a bit. Joe's
[oke. The ba rtender doesn't buy th is for a
is hopping with the usual 'lone scene
moment, but when the offer is raised to
and the vibrations of the club's
300eb, he obliges. After all, despite
blaring music quickly settles your
popular opinion, money is still the most
nerves. Joking around, playing cards
powerful weapon in the 'Zone. Alex then
or whatever, one of you notices a
waits another ten to fifteen minutes before
guy entering the bar. You've seen
approaching the team.

Neon After allowing the

(; €V
Joe's characters to start on the
d rugged beer, Alex
co Scale in Feet walks over to the party.
The team watches as the
o 5 10 15 · 20
man who they caught a
glimpse of early comes
over to their table. He
@) Door greets himself, "Good
(j) evening. My name is
Alex Johnson and I need
€9 ED Window your help most desper-
: Bock Door
""'-_ _...L..._-,-....;s (I Table He waits a bit for a
reaction and continues,
"I need an escort to help me take this
package to Arizona immediately. I am Alex's Virus
willing to pay you lS00eb each to protect
me. I would pay you more, but this is all I Alex designed the drug that he po isoned
the characters with himself. It latches
have. I implore you, please take my offer.
itself onto a victim's nervous system and
It would only take one day of your time.
slowly eats away at it until the victim
1500eb for one day's work is more than
dies. The whole process generally lasts
about a week, but stronger body types
He can answer several of their questions: have more resistance. The breakdown
is listed be low:
T What are you carrying? "It is none
BODY TYPE 1/2 pt BODY lost every
of your concern. You are simply being
hired to provide me with an escort in Body Type 15+ week
case there is any trouble." Body Type 13-14 5 days
T Why would there be trouble? "I Body Type 11-12 4 days
believe that there are people following Very Strong (10) 3 days
me. I am a research scientist working Strong (8-9) 2 days
on a very special problem. There are
Average (5-7) 24 hours
those out there that would stop at
nothing to learn what I have been Weak (3-4) 12 hours
working on." Very Weak (1 -2) 6 hours
T Why don't you just ship the pack- E.g,. a Fixer with a 6 BODY would last
age? "Didn't you just hear me? There one week . His BODY would be 5
are people who are willing to kill to after two days, 4 after another two
get this! I can 't trust an unprotected days , 3 after just one day, 2 after one
mail service. Besides, it must get there more day, 1 after only 12 hours and
as soon as possible." finally 0 (death) after a final 12 hours .

T Why don 't you just fly in with it? It

would only take a couple hours. the i r Diagnose Illness or First Aid skills,
"T rue, but unfortunately, I am deathly they can also confirm Alex's actions. A
afra id of flying. Also, the package MedTech who makes a difficult (20)
could be severely harmed by the detection can also determine that the drug
changes i n pressure for flying . Even in is some k ind of "designer virus" (see the
a pressurized plane, I can not risk the sidebcr]. Alex will half-heartedly make a
chance that my pursuers might shoot remark about it being one of his better
out a window trying to get at me." creations. He will also state quite clearly
that the characters now have no choice but
T Why us? "I have talked with several of to accept. He w ill tell them that, while the
the locals and you guys come with the package he holds was not fit for ma iling,
best recommendations ." the ant ibody to the virus was. It awaits
Eventually one of the characters wi ll them at their destination.
probably point out that they could just say "$ 0 do we have a deal?"
no . Alex will get quite frantic for a mo-
ment, restating the urgency and the men-
tioning life and death situations and other A MatteI' of
nonsense. When he calms down a bit, he
will reveal that the characters' last round
of drinks was drugged . Any characters Grudgingly, the team should accept. They
with a BODY of less than 4 will be able to have always heard about people getting
confirm his statement, as they already feel screwed in the 'Zone and now it has
a bit out of sorts. Alex will tell them that happened to them. The characters can be
he could not afford to have them refuse left free to arrange tra vel p rovided they
his offer, so he had them drugged. If a avoid fl ight vehicles, includ ing AV-4s , -6s
MedTech or anyone with a medical and -7s. Alex will steadfastly refuse to
scanner makes an average (15) roll on board .o ne and, since he is ho lding the
virus antibody hostage, his word goes. INT 5 REF 8/9 TECH 5
Therefore, no planes a re in the team 's CL6 ATT 4 LK 5
plans. MA6 BODY 9 EMP 3
,:':·:,:I:I:J.:II II:I:·I·:·:I::·1
And plans are as far as they get. As they Cybernetics
make their way out of Neon Joe's, a group
of five solos enters. They bear the marks
of freelance security goons and brush past
the bouncer after tossing a few eurobucks
at him. Ordinarily, this would present no
problems for the team, who could wait
Adrenal Boosters, Cyberaudio (Radio
Link), Cyberoptics (Anti-Dazzle, Image
Enhancement, Low Lite, Targeting Scope),
Neural Processor, Speedware, Smartgun
• I:::::~~::f::_[::~::::::

until the solos moved away then ease out

into the night, but Alex's paranoia takes Brawling +5, Combat Sense +6, Drive +4,
center stage and complicates things Handgun +5, Heavy Weapons +4, Pilot
beyond the ordinary. He spots the solos (one type) +5, Martial Arts (one style) +4,
and convinces himself that they are part of Rifle +4
the conspiracy against him. He draws out Equipment
a small, pawnshop handgun and fires a
shot at the group. He misses by several Each of the solos is equipped with a
feet, but it serves as the impetus for a Smarted Colt Alpha-Omega 10mm
barroom shootout. The solos dive to Semiauto Pistol (although they are off-
defend themselves and rest of the crowd duty, they aren't stupid). They are a ll
scatters. Alex prepares to fire another sporting light armor jackets and heavy
shot and orders his team (the players) to (leather) pants.
protect him. The bouncer and the bar- Combat Scores
tender also move to positions of defense
Initiative: +17*/18 *
to both protect themselves and figure out
Stun/Death Save: 9
how to prevent a massacre.
Body Type Modifier: -3
Colt A-O 10mm Pistol (#Shots 1O/ROF 2/
Solos (5) DAM 2D6+3/Rel VR): +17/+ 18
Stats J:l il:·::il:lil l ilililil l·I·lil
Martial Art: +12/+ 13
Ijj~~ r~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ i~ ~ r~~ ~ j ~Itr Alex Johnson (MedTech)
Armor: Torso/Arms 14, Legs 4
Combat Tccfics : These guys will work as a
group to stop their opponents. They can INT 8 REF 5 TECH 7
subvocal ize group plans through their CL5 ATT 6 LK 6
aud io li nks and w ill spread out to avoid MA5 BODY 6 EMP 5
large area weapons (such as grenades). Cybernetics
Don't run them chaotic: they try to coordi-
Biomon itor, Chips (Business +1, German
nate every attack for max imum effect
+3, Handgun +1, Japanese +3), Contra-
(much like a player character group) to
ceptive Implant, Cyberoptic (Micro-optics) ,
stop their unknown assailants.
Interface plugs, Nasal Filters, Neural
Bartender I;. Bouncer (Ex- Skills
Solos) Awareness +4, Basic Tech +6, Biology +5,
Stats Education +6, Library Search +5, Medical
Tech +7, Pharmaceuticals +6
CL 7 ATT 6 LK 4 Equipment
MA5 BODY 8 EMP 2 Aside from a nameless handgun and his
Cybernetics chernicol package, Alex is not carrying
anyth ing or sporting armor.
Cyberaudio (Amplified Hearing, Level
Damper, Radio Link , Voice Stress Combat Scores
Analyser), Cyberoptic (Ant i-Dazzle, Image Initiative : +5
Enhancement, Low Lite, Targeting Scope), Stun/Death Save : 6
Independant A ir Supply Body Type Modifier: -2
Skills 9mm Pistol (#shots 1a/ROF 2/DAM
2D6+ 1/Rel UR): +6
Athletics +4, Brawling +6, Combat Sense
Armor: None
+6, Dodge +5, Intimidate +4, Handgun +4,
Persuasion & Fast Talk +3, Shotgun +6 Combat Tactics : After firing the first round,
:',:'::,:::1:::':1 1::,:::::::::1:':::' Alex will duck for cover and let the player
characters take over.
Both the bartender and the bouncer have
quick access (one round) to armor vests,
shotguns, tear gas and dazzle canisters. Exit, Stage Left
Their normal clothes also count as heavy
leather armor. As soon as a break appears, smart char-
acters will try to make a run for it. After a
Combat Scores
minor pursuit, the other solos w ill g ive up
Initiative: +13 the chase. Since they aren't really part of
Stun/Death Save : 8 a conspiracy to stop Alex, they retreat
Body Type Mod ifier: -3 back into the night. Better safe than sorry.
Stern meyer Stakeout 1a (Shotgun; #Shots
After the adrenaline rush wears off, the
1a/ROF 2/DAM 4D6/Rel ST) : +13
Brawl : +13 characters can get back on track and start
their jo urney to Arizona. If by some
Grenades: Tear Gas causes -2 REF,
chance, the team does not have any land
Dazzle Grenades bl ind for 4 turns
Armor: To rso 14, A rms/Legs 4 vehicles (conceivable g iven the usefu lness
of AVs), have Alex provide them . He has
Combat Tactics: These guys will try to emptied his credit accounts to ensure that
stop the fight as qu ickly as possible. They he can save his daughter.
should probably take defensive positions
to get their vests on the first round. After-
wards, they can lob out tear gas canisters
to try to get people to vacate.
:::1::111111'::11 1 1111:11:111:1111
of the adventure with AVs as well.

Some of the logistics may need to be
altered slightly, but the basic encoun-
SHOOTING ter can remain intact. In this scenario,
the pressurization problem is ignored
..... ':::

In a perfect world, characters would and the chemical can be delivered

conform nicely to prewritten plots, but with intact.
enterprising, free-willed humans at their T What if no one drives? G ive them a .......:.:.:.:.:.:::.;.:.;.:::
controls, they occasionally slip out of the chip , quick.
script. Most of the adventure can be ad -
libbed when necessary, but certain events
are key to the plot:
T What if the team isn't drinking?
What are they doing in a bar? If they
aren't drinking i n the first place, have HIGHWAY TO
the waitress bring over an anonymous
rounds of drinks. If that doesn't work, HELL
have Alex surprise them with a hypo- ::::

gun (injector) at some point during After a fun-filled evening, the characters
their conversation. If done correctly, are given a soothing rest. After all, that
he can at least get one of the charac- was why they visited Neon Joe 's in the first
ters before the others can act and the place. The tr ip down US lOis uneventful
problem is solved. and some of the characters, including
Alex, may slip into much needed slumbe r.
T What if Alex is killed during the bar
The night sky is mostly clear and a brilliant
fight (or later in the adventure)?
full moon highlights the horizon for those
Then the characters have a real
that rema in awake.
problem. This could be the hook for
another mini-adventure where the If the characters notice that Alex has fallen
characters must act quickly to find an asleep, they can attempt to look at his
antibody for the virus before they die. package. A successful pick pocket check
One possible plot would be to have (difficulty 20), will allow the character to
them find the name of the institution on slide it from underneath Alex's arm w ithout
Alex's body (or at his home or office) rousing him . It is a plain brown card-
and seek the antibody there. If this is board box with a BioPrime label on the
used, the second part of this adventure outside. It isn't sealed and inside is a
can be neatly re -inserted. small vial surrounded by foam packing
material. The vial is only labelled with a
T What if the characters dec ide to
sticker that says"Jessica Johnson: Titus
knock out Alex (after learning their
destination) and put him in a plane?
He wasn't kidd ing about pressurization
problems. When they arrive at the
inst itution, a few qu ick tests reveal that
Probable Trap
the chemical Alex developed was After a few hours, Alex will wake up . If
destroyed by the fligh t. Because the
chemical has a three week incubation
period, Alex hurriedly beg ins another
batch, but his daughter dies later that
day. This drives Alex over the edge
and, despite any prodding, he refuses
the characters question Alex at this poin t
about the vial , he will explain the story of
his daughter's illness and apolog ize
meekly for his drastic measures. He is still
convinced that there is a consp iracy and
try to rationalize his actions . Afterwards,

to turn over the antibody to the char- he will i nfo rm the driver of where to turn
acters'virus. He claims that they off from US 10 to get to the Titus Institute
condemned his daughter to death and and tell him to keep an eye out for pursu -
are deserving of the same. An alter- ing vehicles. The turn-off point is about
native to this drastic finale is to pro- five hours (300 miles) from Night City.
vide the nomads in the second portion
If the driver does check behind him, he Equipment
will not find anything (since the conspiracy 3 Fragmentation Grenades, Smarted
is just in Alex's imagination). However, a Federated Arms 454 DA "Super Chief"
few miles after the turn-off, he (or a lead/
scout vehicle) does notice something Each biker also has heavy leather cloth ing
unusual. As the road w inds into a pass with helmets .
between two rises, the lead vehicle notices Combat Scores
a wrecked car ahead, alongside the left
Initiative : +8/+9
side of the road. It looks like the remains
Stun/Death Save: 8
of a nomad attack.
Body Type Modifier: -3
Federated Arms 454 DA "Super Chief"
(#shots 5/ROF 1/DAM 4D6+3/Rel VR):
Confirmation +13/+14
The players' suspicions of trap are quickly 3 Fragmentation Grenades (DAM 7D6/Rel
confirmed. Depending on the players' VR) +12/+13
actions, several nomads break out into the Buzzsaw (DAM 2D6+2) +12/+13
open and attack them. Armor: Head 10, Torso/Arms/legs 4

... Cautious characters will probably send Combat Tactics: The motorcycles will
up a small scout party, either on foot head for characters that are on foot first.
or in a vehicle, to check out the pass. Their buzzsaw arms and linked weapons
After they get sufficiently split from the should make quick kills of pedestrians.
group, two sets of vehicles come out Afterwards, they will try to double team
from around the sides of the rises. vehicles, attacking drivers, characters out
One will head towards the main group in the open (like those in truck beds), and
and the other will split off towards the the wheels on the vehicles themse lves.
... If the group decides to sprint through Car/Truck Drivers (Techie)
the canyon, the first two groups will Stats
arrive from behind, while another two
groups will appear in front of the
Cl7 ATT 5 lK 6
group. The f irst two groups each have
two bikers and one car. The groups
moving to close the far end of the Cybernetics
canyon each have two cars and one Cyberaudio (Radio Link), Cyberoptics (Anti
truck. Dazzle, Infrared, low Lite', Times Square
Marquee), Independant Air Supply, Nasal
Bikers (Nomad) Filters, Neural Processor (Pain Editor,
Vehicle Link), Right Cyberarm (Tool Hand)
INT 5 REF 8/9 TECH 7
Aero Tech +2, AV Tech +2, Awareness +4,
Cl7 ATT 5 lK 6
Basic Tech +5, Brawling +2, CyberTech +5,
Dr ive +7, Electronics +4, Handgun +4, Jury
Cybernetics Rig +7, Rifle +2
Adrenal Booster, Cyberoptics (Infrared, Equipment
low Lite, Targeting Scope), Independent
Nomad Cars (armored with rollcages and
Air Supply, Nasal Filters, Neural Processor
no glass): 70 SDP; frame armor 25 SP, tire
(Pain Editor, Smartgun link, Vehicle Link),
armor 15 SP (wheel guards)
Right Cyberarm (Buzzsaw)
Nomad Trucks (armored as car) : 90 SDP;
frame armor 25 SP, tire armor 15 SP
Awareness +4, Basic Tech +4, Brawling
Each driver is also wearing heavy leathers
+3, Family +2, Handgun +4, Melee +5,
with an armor jacket and a helmet. If they
Motorcycle +8, Rifle +5, Throw +4, Wilder-
ness Survival +5
can get an open shot, they wie ld Feder - Car Gunners (Nomads)
ated Arms "Super Chiefs".
Combat Scores
IN T 5 REF 9/10 TECH 6
Initiative: +7
CL 7 ATT 5 LK 6
Stun/Death Save: 7
Body Type Modifier: -2
Drive: +18 Cybernetics
Federa ted Arms 454 DA "Super Chief" Adrenal Booster, Cyberoptics (Anti Dazzle,
(#shots 5/ROF l/DAM 4D6+3/Rel VR): Infra red, Low Lite, Targeting), Independant
+11 Air Supply, Nasal Filters, Neural Processor
Armor: Head 10, Torso/Arms 18, Legs 4 (Pain Editor, Smartgun Link), Rippers
Note: The Drivers' legs are protected Skills
by the vehicle's 25 SP
Basic Tech +3, Brawl ing +2, Drive +3,
Combat Tactics: Take out other vehicles Family +3, Handguns +5, Heavy Weapon
as quickly as possible without getting +4, Melee +4, Rifle +4, Wilderness Survival
taken out themselves. The drivers will +2
either ram smaller vehicles (i.e. bikes for
the cars and bikes; bikes and cars for the
trucks) or position their gunners for easy The car gunners are armored sim ilar to
shots. They should not be fooled into the drivers and carry smart shotguns as
allowing the characters to escape the well as smart handguns.
canyon . At all times, at least one car or Combat Scores
truck should be pos itioned at either end .
Initiative: +9/+ 10
Stun/Death Save: 8
Body Type Mod ifier: -3

Drive (if necessary): +11/+12
Federated Arms (# shots 5/ROF l/DAM Arasaka Assault (#shots 1O/ROF 2/DAM :::::;::::::::::

4D6+3/Rel VR): +14/+15 4D6/Rel ST): +13 .

Arasaka Assault (#shots 1O/ROF 2/DAM Note: the nomads do not have acutal
4D6/Rel ST): +13/+14 Arasaka shotguns, they simply have
Note : the nomads do not have actual sim ilar ROF/damage weapons .
Arasaka shotguns, they simply have Mounted Dart Guns (#shots 15/ROF 1/
s imilar ROF/damage weapons. DAM 3D6-armor piercing/REL ST): +12*
Armor: Head 10, Torso/Arms 18, Legs 4 see note in Equipment above
Note: The Gunners' legs are protected Armor: Head 10, Torso/Arms/Legs 18
by the vehicle's 25 SP
Combat Tactics: If it's still moving, shoot it.
Combat Tactics: Simple; shoot things
Truck Gunners (Nomads)
If the characters beat the box canyon
Stats nomads, they arrive unmolested at Titus
INT 5 REF 7 TECH 6 Institute. Alex rushes into the building and
CL 7 ATT 5 LK 6 to his daughter's side. Nurses prepare the
MA6 BODY 8 EMP 2 solution and Alex i njects her. The next
morn ing, after a series of tests, doctors
Cybernetics reveal that it has worked . The d isease has
Adrenal Booster, Cyberoptics (Ant i Dazzle, begun to break Up' and Alex jumps for joy.
Infrared, Low Lite, Targeting), Independant He thanks the characters and pays them
Air Supply, Nasal Filters, Neural Processor each 2000eb, 500 more than he said he
(Pain Editor, Smartgun Link), Rippers was going to at the onset of the mission .
Skills He thanks them from his heart and tells
them that he owes them a favor. The
Basic Tech +3, Brawling +2, Drive +3, characters are given the antibody to the ir
Fami ly +3, Handgun +3, Heavy Weapon virus and can return to Night City.
+5, Melee +4, Rifle +5, Wilderness Survival
+2 Maybe this time they will get the ir rest.
Truck gunners have a swivel-mounted dart
gun, set up like a compressed-air cross-
bow, and featuring 18 inch long AP darts.
Their intent is to pierce a vehicles's armor THE FUTURE
and cause havoc in the interior. The darts
can usually penetrate any armor surround- "Boxed In" provides some future contacts
ing a tire and p ierce the tire itself. The and scenario bits. Alex does feel he owes
extended length also makes them quite the characters something and can be used
difficult to remove, causing a -1 REF as a future contact at a major research
penalty to anyone unlucky enough to have company. Neon Joe's can also be used a
a dart sticking out of them. The Dart Guns backdrop for future mission set-ups. The
are not smartguns. Truck gunners have characte rs may also learn that the Titus
the equivalent of fu ll body medium armor Institute serves as a cyberpsychosis
(the encumbrance of wh ich reduces the ir treatmemt center. Psychiatrists can be
REF from 9 to 7). hired to help borderline characters dea l
with the man-machine confl ict tha t can be
Combat Scores
built up by " d enying the meat."
Initiative : +7
Stun/Death Save: 8 Have Fun, Never Die 5 olo!
Body Type Modifier: -3
Drive (if necessary): +10
Federated Arms (#shots 5/ROF l/DAM
4D6+3/Rel VR): +13 ~1: :~I~I~:~: 'IIII I~I I'I': :':
by Andrew Borelli

data on their next one. A number of personal

THE ADVENTURE dramas the PCs have nothing to do with are going
on tonight, but when the shooting starts, anything
Simply put, this is a bar room brawl. The PCs are goes. Get the PCs involved in other people's lives
at a Combat Zone hangout (in this case it's Merl's, as much as possible; it's a great way for them to
but if they have a favorite, feel free to change it), lose friends, find new enemies, and settle old
either chilling out after a big run or collecting
scores. This adventure also gives the and they carry Microcomm Pagestars :.:.:::::::.:.:.:.:.:.:

Referee an idea of what Combat Zone if they're not around when trouble
residents consider minimal security. breaks out. In addition to alerting
Merl's friends the system also alerts
the nearest police cruiser. On rare
Merl's Place occasions the police even show up.
First, a word about Merl's Place. Reading Lethal defenses are [ust what it says; when
that bit of fiction above gives you an idea things get totally out of control, the bar
what the bar is like. If you didn't read it, responds with deadly force. The ....:::::::.:.:
do so - it sets the tone of this encounter. minigun will load real 5.56 rounds,
Merl is a former cybersoldier, and he while Burn and Blackout gas will start
knows all about security. Although he pumping out of the air ducts . When
can't afford even one private security the real shooting starts, Merl has a
guard, he has enough pull with Techies, Militech Dragon LAW behind the bar,
Fixers, and Solos to build his own security and he always carries a Glock 17 with
network. This network also runs the bar him wherever he goes. Rumor has it
and takes care of the menial jobs that the Glock is loaded with 9mm DPU.
Merl is too tired to bother with. Since his
EBM 986E isn't net-interfaced, there's no Exterior defenses won't be encountered
threat of outside intrusion, but there are a unless the PCs want to break into a
number of decktables around the bar for bar for some strange reason. These
patrons. are alarms and motion detectors
outside which will go off if the steel
gates are messed with. The roof is
Security similarly rigged. There are also mini-
Merl's security is broken up into five claymores hidden at certain points on
departments: Patron control, Non-Lethal the front gate. If the pressure alarm
Defenses, Backup Security, Lethal De- detects tampering up front, the clay-
fenses, and External Security. more nearest the threat will explode,
causing 1010+3 damage. The fire
Patron control refers to the systems that door and the basement are bricked off
keep the streetscum from getting out of and there is no access to Merl's
line. This is stuff like the bulletproof through these routes.
bar, the floor trawl for vomiting
drunks, the stun grenades Merl keeps Notice how Merl seems to have this thing
behind the liquor for emergencies, and for Militech equipment? No coincidence
the bio-detectors which go off when a there...being a former Black Ops man,
patron's had way, way too much. Merl still has a number of Army contacts
Since this is the Zone, however, the which can keep him stocked in Militech
tolerable blood-alcohol level Merl's hardware.
Place allows would kill some
Non-lethal defenses are for when small THE MENU
altercations brake out. Vomit gas can
be dispensed via the air duct system, Here's what's going on tonight, from the
plus a minigun, loaded with rubber time the PCs enter Merl's. The brawl
rounds and hidden in the bar, will fire doesn't start right away, so roleplay these
on threats. Merl can manually aim the situations for awhile, letting the PCs get
gun, and he also keeps a Militech involved in all sorts of trouble. Since the
Viper, also loaded with rubber rounds, PCs may be here on business, you may
in his office. want to establish a contact before the
action starts .
Backup security is support personnel and
is activated when the Non-Lethal 1) In a corner booth, a local Fixer is
defense systems fail to supress the fighting with his 'dorphead input.
disruption. Some of Merl's choombas Apparently the argument's about her
from his old unit work out of the bar, using, with her point of view being that
if he loved her, he'd let her spaz out slowly drunk while swapping riffs,
on 'dorph. He thinks she's just cutting lyrics, and lots of stories from around
into the profits. the Zone.
2) A rowdy group of Solos is at the 7) A local group of very sober boosters is
center table, drinking and telling wa iting in a side booth for a target to
stories about the good old days during come wa lking through the door. He's
the Drug Wars of 2003. This bunch is some local Rocker the gang has
getting drunker and drunker. marked for some reason . They p lan to
drag him outside and pummel him.
3) A game of poker is going on at a side
booth, and the five punks are becom- 8) A Trauma Team crew is at the bar,
ing sloshed as they play. This situation relaxing with a cold brew before their
could become dangerous - never shift starts. Their AV is parked on the
drink and gamble in the Combat Zone. roof (Merl said it was okay) and these
boys are sober. The team Solos are
4) Two off-duty Cops are at the bar,
burying their troubles in beer and
oyster crackers. The two are talking 9) Various groups of Nomads are scat-
loudly about what happened during tered all over the place. Some groups
their last patrol, telling tales of blood know each other, some don't, but lots
n' guts. They're both still in full body of fraternizing is taking place. There
armor but the ir helmets have the visors are also entire rows of cybercycles
up. parked outside, defended by a half
dozen warriors.
5) A Fixer is at a corner tab le, qu ietly
talking with two Techies. Could be 10) An undercover Cop is at the bar
some sort of deal happening. keeping tabs on the Fixer mentioned i n
situation 5. This is just a fact-finding
6) Three tables are occup ied by a la rge
mission for a larger operation. No
group of Rockers. They're getting
bust is planned for tonight.
In addition to all this, the place is very The tone of the fight is up to you, but I
crowded, filled with the usual streetscum, suggest a moderate stance on firearms.
joygirls, and triggerboys that make the This is the Combat Zone, so everyone has
Zone so much fun . Lots of roleplaying a gun, but not everyone has an assault
opportunity in the bar tonight. rifle with a grenade launcher attachment.
Plus, the streetscum will be more enam-
ored with their cyberware, so i n add it ion
THE MAIN to gunfire there will be lots of hand to
hand. Take your favorite gunfight/bar
brawl scene from a western or gangster
COURSE movie. Now make it worse.

The fighting begins when the Rocker How long the fight lasts is up to you . If the
mentioned up there in situation 7 comes PCs stick around and the f ight continues,
walking through the door, but he's brought the Backup systems will begin broadcast-
a bunch of Solo and Rocker friends with ing ten rounds after the Non -Lethals kick
him. The booster leader sitting at the in. After the call goes out, five Solos of
booth immediately decides that the "no varying skill will arrive momentarily and
shooting" rule is cancelled, and instead of begin the job of crowd control.
beating this guy up, they're gonna flatline If one of the Cops survives, hewill call for
him. The boosters fire first, evoking the backup. Fifteen Riot Control officers in
expected reaction from the crowd, and battle gear will arrive via AV-4 a few
sending the target's escorts diving for minutes after one of the Cops manages to
cover. The fire is returned, and chaos call. The PCs probably don't want this to
ensues. happen, especially they are doing some-
thing i llegal. Getting arrested is never
good for the flow of an adventure, either.
SLAMMITONI Referee Note: See Protect and Serve for
background material on basic beat cops,
The two off duty Cops immediately dive the Undercover division, and Riot Control
behind an overturned table, pull down officers.
their combat visors, and begin shooting in
the boosters' general direction . The As a last resort, the Lethal Defenses will
undercover cop defends himself as neces- activate. This will only occur if things get
sary, but makes real sure that no one completely out of control. Pray this doesn't
figures out he's plainclothes. Everyone happen, because at this point Merl and the
else reacts as the Referee wants them to. minigun are a lot less selective about what
Well, these are streetscum we're talking they shoot at. Blackout and Burn gas will
about, but be creative. be dispensed during the Lethal Defense
Here's where the defenses kick in. After
three rounds of fighting, the Non-Lethals Blackout requires a BODY roll, Difficulty
will start. The minigun will begin ran- 20, to keep from falling unconscious
domly find ing threats and firing on them, for three hours. When the vict im
firing in bursts of three. An Athletics ro ll, wakes up, [5D6] human ity is tempo-
D ifficulty 18, must be made to avoid be ing rari ly lost .
hit. The rounds do 1D6+3 bludgeoning Burn requires a BODY, Difficulty 18, and
damage, but the target must make a Stun i nfli cts 2D6 damage norma lly, 1D6 if
check, Dfficulty 25, to keep from being the roll is successful. Armo r has no
stunned . Merl will get the Viper SMG effect against Burn gas un less it's a
from his office, but will only f ire on a completely self-contained suit
target if threatened. The gas will kick in 5 (MetalGear™ doesn't count because
rounds later. Vomit gas requ ires a Diffi- there's no faceplate).
culty 20 BODY roll to keep from doing just
that uncontrollably for five minutes. Eventually, the brawl will end. Merl will
immediately close shop and inspect the
damage. He will also reset the defense
systems. The police will arrive on the

scene (if they're not there already) and put
white sheets over the victims. The
wounded will be evacuated to the nearest
medical center by a Trauma Team AV. h6tJb~~Afh~GiV¢..s gfP6iri?i .... .... .
Patrons who look "suspicious" and are still ..•.~~.r!.·.~.4·&~Y~·• t~.~• ·2cl.rh;..~~;• •1§·•. 9Y;'r••••
.· . W~~t~s~.· r~~rrR~i~l~rg~m~~t~k~B~t;~I~~.~~·• •
standing around will be arrested. They
will be released the next day unless a
charge is brought against them, either by •.. tb~r~~~~m·.•· · . p' Y.I. I ¢fh9 1.~~. jQ.··. ~ Y~ry.+i·• • •·;
the arresting officer or another patron.
:~~~~·.Vrd~~f~ee~~~~~@~t Ryt:9fq Ah9F >
~'l wond~t h9W §9Rth's doing~ .." .


W .:~


• Merl's
; CIl Scale in Feet
'0 (§)

.s: 0
III co 0 5 10 15 20

! Door

(I -
Hidden M in igun
• I

C:::::::;:;) Beer Kegs

~ (I) [II III _ Tables


Merl, Proprietor the original owner, the property became
Merl's. He had the bar renovated and
Merl is a former cybergrunt who served in opened again for business in late 2014.
a number of conflicts around the world Merl now lives in the southernmost part of
where the USA intervened. Now in his Charter Hill, not far from the bar. He
mid forties, Merl is long since retired and rents a decent cube with his girlfriend
has had enough fighting. It was in Africa Cynth, a Rockergirl half his age, and they
where both his arms were lost during the plan to marry.
relief of US forces in Angola in 2002. The
government abandoned him, like most
vets, after his discharge (the Collapse INT 8 REF 9/7 TECH 4
destroyed all forms of veteran assistance), Cl7 ATT 6 lK 6
and he ended up on the Street. Merl MAS BODY 7 EMP S
became a bartender in his early thirties Cybernetics
when the bar was called Chromatix.
Biomonitor, Right Cyberoptic (Dodge Ball,
When a booster-induced fire in 2012 killed
low l ite, Target, Weapons Readout) , left
Cyberorrn (Holster, Storage Space) Right CL9 ATT 8 LK 4
Cyberorrn (Armor, Microwave/EMP MA6 BODY 7 EMP7
Shielding), Nasal Filters, Neural processor Cybernetics
(chips in General Know. +3, Gen . Lan-
guage +3), Sandevistan Boost, Smartgun Audiovox, Right Cyberoptic (Color Shift,
Link, Vehicle Link Low Lite, Times Square), Interface Plugs,
Kerenzikov II Boost, Mr. Studd ™ Implant,
Skills Nasal Filters, Neural Processor, Techhair
Athletics +5, Aware/Notice +5, Basic Tech Skills
+3, Brawling +7, Combat Sense +5, Drive
+3, Electronics +3, Electronic Security +2, Aware/Notice +4, Brawling +4, Charis -
Expert: Brands of Beer +3, Expert : Liquors matic Leadership +3, Composition +3,
+3, Fast Talk +4, [General Know. +3], Dance +3, Mix Drinks +3, Perform +4,
[Gen . Language +3], Karate +4, Melee +7, Persuasion +3, Pistol +4, Play CyberAxe™
Mix Drinks +3, Pistol +6, Rifle/SMG +5, +4, Seduction +4, Streetwise +5, Social +4,
Social +4, Streetwise +4, Weaponsm ith +4, Wardrobe +3
Wilderness Survival +3 Equipment
Equipment Armalite 44 w/holster, CredCard,
Battered u.S. Army Med Armorjack, CyberAxe™ Electric Gu itar, Digital Chip
Battered Green Beret, Cammo Shirt, Player w/various music chips, Guitar
CredCard, Flak Pants, Full Impedence Picks, Heavy Leather Pants, ID Card,
Cables, Glock 17 (Smart), Laptop Com - Kevlar T-Shirt, Miniamp, Mirrorshades,
puter, ID Card, Picture of Cynth, Secur ity Vial of SynthCoke
Passcard, Urbanflash Shades Combat Scores
Combat Scores Initiative: 10*
Initiative: + 15* Stun/Death Save: 7
Stun/Death Save : 7 Body Type Modifier: -2
BTM : -2 Armor: Torso 10, Legs 4
Glock 17, Smart (# Shots 12/ROF 2/DAM Armalite 44 (# Shots 8/ROF l/DAM
4D6 (AP)/Rel VR): +16 4D6+1/Rel ST): +12
Armor: Torso/Arms 18, Legs 20
Trish, Barmaid (Techie)
Rlltz, Bartender When she's not tending bar, Trish is one of
(Rockerboy) the technicians who help keep Merl's Place
running. Trish hit the streets at 13 as a
Riftz is a variation on the famous joygirl working for a particularly nasty
Rockerboy moonlighting with the Trauma pimp who happened to owe Merl a
Team. When he's not playing gigs or considerable sum of Euro. Five years
partying, Riftz earns some desperately later, when she helped Merl flatline the
needed Euro by bartending at Merl's. Riftz guy , he offered her a job. That was six
is young, almost a debutante, but a few years ago. Now Trish helps maintain the
years on the Street have taught him les- security systems and makes sure the
sons about life real quick . Riftz is no startup programs (which she designed
naive wallflower, but he's still under Merl's herself) are cal ibrated properly. Since
wing when it comes to some things - like she's a Techie, she can be quite odd, and
how to properly mix a Coyote with just the at times only other Techs know what she's
right amount of cranberry juice . talking bout, but most people overlook
Play Riftz as the quintessential Rockerboy: this. She can also mix up a Rusty Razor
young, horny, irresponsible, visionary, you that'll knock a booster on his ass.
know the deal. He feels oh -so-trapped at Stats
his current job, of course. INT 10 REF 7/6 TECH 10
Stats CL 8 ATT7 LK 5
Cybernetics Milltech Automated
Left Cyberoptic (Micro, Times Square), Defense Tracking System
Interface Plugs, Neural Processor (chips in
Gen. Language, Personal Grooming, This is the automated gun's statistics when
Wardrobe/Style), Sandevistan Boost, using the rubber round belt:
Scratchers #Shots lS0/ROF la/DAM 106+2 blud-
Skills geon/Rei VR
Aware/Notice +4, AV Tech +3, Basic Tech Being hit in the head or torso with a
+6, Brawling +3, CyberTech +3, Demoli- rubber round requires [BODY, Difficulty
tion +2, Electronics +6, Electronic Security 20] to keep from being stunned .
+5, General Know. +2, [Gen. Language This is the automated gun's statistics when
+3], Jury Rig +5, Mix Drinks +3, [Personal using the 5.56 belt:
Grooming +3], Pistol +2, Seduction +5,
#Shots lS0/ROF la/DAM 6D6/Rel VR
Social +3, Streetfight +3, Teaching +2,
[Wardrobe/Style +2] Normally, the gun fires at movement, so
everyone must make (Athletics, Difficulty
18] to avoid being shot. Every even round,
Cigarettes, Dia Lung Streetmaster w/ the PC with the greatest differential be-
holster, Electronics Toolkit, 10 Card, tween the roll and 18 will be hit. In all
Kevlar Jeans, Medium Armorjack, odd rounds, an NPC will be hit. If Mer!
Mirrorshades, Security Passcard, Techie wants, he can lock in the guns targeting
VR Chip, Techscanner system . He must designate the target, and
Combat Scores the gun will fire until it is out of ammo.
When firing on a target, the gun's base roll
Initiative: +7*
is a 20 to hit plus 1010, opposed to the
Stun/Death Save: 6
targets Athletics. The gun is embedded in
Body Type Modifier: -2
the bar and can't be damaged without
Dia Lung Streetmaster (# Shots 12/ROF 2/
some effort. The bar is 80 SP, 200 SOP,
DAM 2D6+3/Rel UR): +8
and the gun is 15 SOP.
Armor: Torso/Arms 18, Legs 10
Behavior Control
By Woody Eblom

accused of something , the subprocessor will start

WORD kicking in. His voice will get deep, his words
violent, and his attitude belligerent. This happens
Now listen up, chillens, this stuff's important. The just for a second or two, perhaps in the middle of
name of the game is bean the punk, and our a sentence. It has a disconcerting effect on
victim, chum...has just come to the plate. people, and your players should feel the alienness
of his affliction at these times .
His name is Benny Ricardo (no, not that one), and
he's a Techie gone wrong . Ya see, Benny here Stats
worked hard to live up to the International Army's INT 5 REF 5/4 TECH 9
slogan "Best You Can Be," and when the best he CL5 ATT 2 LK 2
could be kinda sucked, he went metal. Way MA4 BODY 4 EMP 6/0
metal. The way cheap metal the military is known
for. Benny has more in common physically with Cybernetics
that discount stereo you've got blasting than your Chemical Analyser (output to TS), Cyberaudio
average techie gutter-punk. With all that metal module (Wearman™), Cyberoptic (Image En-
came the attitude; not often, mind you, but at the hancement, Micro-optics, Thermograph sensor,
wrong times. Three months after his latest Army- Times Square Marquee) left eye, Mr. Studd™
funded "addition" (the experimental Jeckell/Hyde Sexual Implant, Neuralware Processor (Chipware
Personality Subprocessor, straight from Helsinki), Socket, Interface Plugs, Machine Link, Pain Editor,
Benny got decommissioned for - get this - "Acts Vehicle Link), Jeckell/Hyde Personality
Unworthy A Soldier." Maybe he smiled at a Subprocessor
civilian. The story behind the decom is Top
Secret, so don't believe any rumors about an
affair with his superior's toaster. Anyhow, Benny's Basic Tech +4, Brawling +3t, Chemistry +3,
on the streets, can't fit in, and does what any CyberTech +5, Dodge & Escape +3t, Education
edger would do: he starts dealing black market, +4, Electronics +3*, Electronic Security +2*,
custom cyberware division. Trouble is, the Army Submachinegun +4, Intimidate +3t, Jury Rig +6
forgot to pullout the JHPS, and it has gotten *signifies chipped skills
Benny into trouble with the Cyberpsycho Squad.
tsignifies JHPS skills
Benny Ricardo
Army Trauma Team Card (canceled), Flack pants,
Benny is a short, chubby man. His fondness for Lennonesque glasses, Light armor jacket, Smoke
puffy, turtle-green jackets has plagued him with grenades (3 green), Tech Tool Kit, Uzi Miniauto 9
the nickname 'Shroom (for "mushroom"). Benny (3 full clips, 1 A.P., 2 regular rounds)
was not cut out for the military; his passive de-
Combat Scores
meanor made him the object of much abuse. The
Jeckell/Hyde was supposed to "fix" him up. Now, Initiative: +4
on the streets, the subprocessor makes him the Stun/Death Save: 4
object of "compromise" for the C-Squads . BTM: -1
Uzi Miniauto 9 (#Shots 30/ROF 35/DAM 2d6+ 1/
He is a polite person, very low-key. Every now REL VR): +8
and then, when he's feeling some stress or being
Jeckell/Hyde Personality Subprocessor
The neuralware attachment is the invention Prof. Paavo Neimi of the Helsinki
Cybernetic Institute Plugged into the interface outlets, this unit will send neural
pulses to preprogrammed targets within the brain. These pulses override the
normal reactions (called the Alpha Persona) of the individual. The new re-
sponses (Beta Persona) are part of the programm ing, but, due to the prototype
clumsiness of the system, are merely simple cause/effect reactions. Spec ifically,
the Beta can only react to stimuli, and is incapable of creative responses, thus it
is very predictable. Anyone who has studied the chip in action (in the laboratory
or a "practical" setting - i.e., combat) will gain a +1 bonus to initiative against
JHPS users in the future.
Within the programming is a Command Word or Start-up Stimulus which turns
the neutron pulses on . Thus it may be triggered by a particular word or phrase
(like Speedware); or it might be set off by prescribed conditions - perhaps
flashing lights, the sound of falling bombs, or whatever.
The Beta Persona can be programmed with up to 4 skills, each to a maximum
level of +3. These function just like chipped skills.
Benny's JHPS is programmed to fire when he is physically struck. H is normally
fearful reactions will be overwritten by rage and cruelty. The Beta Benny will
f irst create as much confusion as possible by shooting lights, casting smoke
grenades, and emptying his cl ip at bystanders (hopefu lly getting them to join the
fi refight) .
Jeckell/Hyde Personality Subprocessor
Surg . N/ID Code JHPS/Cost 2000 (Experimental)/H. Loss 2D6+3

Brawling : +7t De-evolution is an underground bar,

Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 14, R. Leg/L. below a hotel, and has direct access to
Leg 20 either the subway or a tunne l network
tWith JHPS (whichever may exist in your campaign).
There are four exits: the main door, the
fire escape, a loading elevator in the
SCENE: THE storeroom behind the bar, and a special
guest elevator in the office. All but the
guest elevator are well known.
Today's powder party takes place at De- Entrance
evolution, a bar whose clientele is prima- After descending from the street on a
rily techies and netrunners . De-evolution circular staircase, the characters find
was a catchphrase used by a pre-Turn themselves in the weapon check room . At
band . The old digital recordings of one wall, behind bulletproof glass, sits a
syncopated, emotionless music is an small man, who instructs patrons on how
inevitable part of the ambience. The place to secure their weaponry. An Electronic
is chill, doused w ith drinks like "Pink Security, roll Difficulty 20, will discover
Pussycat" and "S.I.B.," but it's too sedate to that the wall is really a vid screen, and it is
bring in merc money. There are plenty of conceivable that the man could be broad -
dataterms for the face, however. This, casting from across town (or, for that
combined with the low booster count, matter, Tokyo) . All vis ible guns and
makes it a haven for netrunners and those exotics are placed in vaults and sealed
with a low threshold for violence. with the owner's retina print.
Billing is dealt with in advance by credit reveal this. After the 15 second trip, the
card. When setting up an account, an rear door slides open to reveal the inside
alias may be used, provided the credit of De-evolution.
card is valid. All refreshments, telephone,
and Net costs are billed to your account,
not to mention any damage to property...
Main Room
Finally, the logistics finished, an elevator The main room is roughly triangular, with
opens for the customers. The elevator is the stage in one point. The bar is opposite
fake, a simulation adding to the atmo- the stage. The walls are covered with
sphere. Awareness, Difficulty 25, will neon tubing of many colors, although

[I Table

Door -, Dressing
t. Room

IE] ffij Iill1

[ill mJ
Iill1 [ill

Iill1 mJ


Liquor Storage

Sea Ie in Feet
o 5 10 15 20

The De-Evolution
there are dominant tones on each of the hidden under the desk, will also call the
three walls: blue on the bar wall, yellow to elevator down.
the right of the stage, red to the left of the
stage. The main elevator/door and fire
exit are on the flat sides across from each
other. The washrooms are next to the fire On stage, four men, in yellow jumpsuits
exit. On either side of the stage are doors and 3-D glosses, are playing a song
leading to the office and the performers' called "Mechanical Man ." Heavily
lounge. cybered characters may find the song very
The rest of the room is filled with small, soothing. The only real security in this
immovable, square tables, 35 in all. Even place, a bouncer named Julian, is sitting
though a table will seat four people, there right in front of the stage.
are never more than three choirs around
it, so the fourth person either stands or Clientele
gets one from another table.
The clientele is unusual in that they're not
About half of the tables have flat local unusual. Those who call the De-evolution
access dataterms. A netunner will be their bar of choice revel in its sense of
charged the standard cost for use of the sameness, its attitude of whatever. Feel
terminal, billed to his De-evolution ac- free to stock the joint with recurring or
count. promising NPCs who might feel at home
here. A total of 12 tables are occupied,
Bar including those of Julian, Benny, and
Tanita (who is sitting with William).
The bar is 12 meters long, and tokes up
half the wall opposite the stage. The
bartender, who answers to General, is a Sequence
nice, unassuming chop. General grunts,
shrugs, snickers, and groans, but never The following is the sequence of events as
says much else . Friendly and disinter- would happen if the characters simply
ested, that's the motto. Tips for General watch. If they get involved at one point,
are left in upside-down plastic hots with the C-Squad may have to change their
the nuclear symbol on them or typed into tactics. Remember: William will finger
the small keyboards that characters enter Benny, and Ten Klicks can legally use
their access code on. He still doesn't soy whatever force they deem necessary to
much, even to the upper-brocket tippers. stop the psycho.
If the characters try to flog down a wait-
1) The player-punks, for whatever rea-
ress, let them wait, because there are
son, are in the De-evolution. The bar
is half full, mostly techies, but there are
a few people plugged into the
Office DataTerms. The people of note:
General, the bartender; Julian, a
This is the manager's office, though he is fashionable bouncer; Tanita, the up
never around. The office is entered and coming rockergirl; William Club,
through a door left of the stage. The fixer and snitch to the C-Squad; and,
furnishings are sparse: desk, small couch, of course, Benny 'Shroom Ricardo.
dataterm, pictures of who les, and the
elevator. The owner, called B.B., installed 2) William leaves the table and walks
the guest elevator for private use only. It into the washroom. An Awareness
is merely a shaft that was extended from roll, Difficulty 15, and a character to
the hotel RD. A hotwire box within the notice that William is watching Benny
elevator allows access to De-evolution. all the way. Benny's table is right next
The box can be keyed by a code through to the washroom doors.
a keyboard, toggling the correct remote in 3) Ten Klicks enters De-evolution. Earth
the RD Hotel Data Fortress, or by Electron- Grazer strolls up to General and
ics (Difficulty 15). A recall switch/plate, quietly speaks to him . A sharp char-
acter can catch the gist of the conver- Earth Grazer
sation with Awareness, Difficulty 25.
The Difficulty is only 15 if the character E.G. is the leader of Ten Klicks, and a rea l
is at the bar, but Grazer will stop nasty seed. He hates the psychos, his jo b,
speaking and glare at anyone who his landlord, his g irlfriend (and he r
gets too close or is noticeably mother) . His only love is the hate . He
easedropp ing . Grazer is showing his won't ever give that up. E.G. is getting
1.0. and telling General that there is a near the Edge himself. He has a tend ency
cyberpsycho in the bar, but that they to use the big guns on cyberpsycho mis-
will deal with it. Pad will stay at the sions, and will f ire without hesitation.
main entrance, and quietly flash her Stats
badge and 1.0. at Julian. Julian will
INT 5 REF 8/8 TECH 3
not interfere after the cops identify
CL 6 ATT 5 LK 4
themselves, but he won't help them
MA6 BODY 8 EMP 7/3
4) William exits the washroom and
notices Pad standing by the door. He Cyberaudio Module (Radio Link), Light
halts, looks around until he spies Tattoo (glowing green meteor on left
Grazer at the bar, then walks to where bicep), Motion Detector (palm),
Benny is seated . Awareness, Difficulty Neuralware Processor w/lnterface Plug,
15, will let a character witness this Pain Editor, Sandevistan Speedware, Skin
sequence. Weave, Smartgun Link
5) William leans over Benny and says a
few words. Any character who can Athletics +5, Aware/Notice +5, Au thority
read lips or is in position to eavesdrop +6, Brawl +5, Educat ion +4, Handgun +7,
(Awareness, Difficulty 25) w ill hear, Heavy Weapons +3, Human Perception
"Ok, 'Shroo m, the squad's here, and if +3, Interrogation +7, Melee +6, Shadow/
you don't go along with me on this, Track +3, Stealth +5, Streetw ise +5
they're going to drill you." William Equipment
opens his coat to show his gun . Char-
acters will notice the weapon on an Badge and 1.0., Co lt AMT Model 2000
Awareness roll, Difficulty 15. Smartgun ( 3 full clips) , Light Armor
Jacket, M ilitech Electronics Taser, Nylon
6) Benny rises to go with William . At this Helmet, Police/Government CredChip,
point, one of two things happen : Benny Police Trauma Card, Sternmeyer SMG 21
leaves quietly; or William hurries him (5 full clips)
with the cattle prod and Benny cracks.
Combat Scores
If Benny cracks, Grazer and Pad open
fire, either with the tasers or the SMGs . Initiative: +11 *
As Referee, decide which would be Stun/Death Save: 8
most effective in your campaign. The BTM: -3
squad will take Benny, one way or Colt AMT Model 2000 Smartgun (#Shots
another, if nobody interferes. 8/ROF 1/DAM 406+ 1/REL VR): +17
Militech Electron ics Taser (#Shots 10/ROF
l/DAM Stun/REL ST) : +14
Antagonists Sternmeyer SMG 21 (#Shots 30/ROF 15/
DAM 3D6/REL VR): +10
Now dea ling with a cyberhead like Benny Brawl: +13
Shroom may bore the solos to tears , but Armor: Head 32, Torso/R. A rm/L. Arm 26,
he's just the hook, chillens. With such a R. Leg/L. Leg 12
dangerous metalman walk ing our fair
streets, it's only fair to bring in some T. Rex Pad
originals, a three person Cyberpsycho
Squad codenamed Ten Klicks. Read 'em The newest member of Ten Kl icks, Pad just
and weep ... loves the chance to work with C-squad .
Her father, she claims, was one of the
original founders of this special police
division, and she is proud to follow along. Perception +6, Interrogation +3, Library
Pad will be very outgoing toward the Search +5, Melee +3, Pick Lock +5,
public, speaking openly and squarely Shadow/Track +7, Streetwise +4
about such topics as self defense, police Equipment
tactics, and weaponry. If any player-
characters spend some time in conversa- Colt AMT Model 2000 Smartgun( 3 full
tion with Pad, they will probably get a clips), Flack Pants, Magnetic GripTM
good feeling about her. Although she Tracers (3), Mastoid Commo, Medium
doesn't agonize over the deaths of Armor Jacket, Militech Electronics Taser,
Psychos, her goal is to return the C-squads Nylon Helmet, Police/Government
to the nonfatal weaponry that was manda- CredChip, Police Trauma Card,
tory in the original formations. She is an Smartgoggles (w/ Targeting Scope, Low
expert at recognizance and tracking. The Lite™, Anti Dazzle), Sternmeyer SMG 21 (3
Magnetic GripTM Tracers, by Arasaka, are full clips)
standard police issue, and attach to metal, Combat Scores
plastic, or flesh with the flip of a switch.
Initiative: +6
Stats Stun/Death Save: 8
INT 7 REF 8/6 TECH 5 BTM: -3
CL 7 ATT 6 LK 4 Colt AMT Model 2000 Smartgun (#Shots
MA7 BODY 8 EMP 8/6 8/ROF l/DAM 406+ 1/REL VR): +14
Militech Electronics Taser (#Shots 10/ROF
Cybernetics l/DAM Stun/REL ST) : +10
Adrenal Booster, Bug Detector, Sternmeyer SMG 21 (#Shots 30/ROF 15/
Cyberaudio Module, Enhanced Antibodies, DAM 3D6/REL VR): +5
Homing Tracer, Phone Splice, Sound Brawl: +10
Editing, Radio Link, Voice Stress Analyser, Armor: Head 20, Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 18,
Wide Band Radio Scanner R. Leg/L. Leg 20
William Club
Athletics +3, Authority +4, Aware/Notice
+6, Brawl +4, Drive +6, Education +5, William is a fixer with moderate contacts.
Handgun +5, Hide/Evade +6, Human He was sentenced to Ten KIicks, for one
year, as parole for smuggling . He uses Of course, how is he to know? When he
his stat ion to locate the less violent (and isn't serving a customer, he has his head in
therefore less visible) psychos, and calls a old-fashioned monitor, reading "class ic
Pad w ith his Mastoid Com mo. His reputa- literature" by authors named Bly, King,
tion is on the line w ith each and every Kane, and Nephew. He isn't interested is
mission, so he prefers to conv ince the discussing the writings, even if a character
sub ject into surrender. His smooth style is also a fan. In short, this guy is real
(and cattle prod) usually do the trick. boring. General was at one time an
Stats infl uenti a l Corporate, but now is a bar-
tender with a Resources skill of O. He w il l
INT7 REF 5/4 TECH 3 not be overly helpful to the cops.
Cl8 ATT 5 lK 6
MA8 BODY 6 EMP 8/6 1:1: :1:1:11,1.:':11 1::::"::,:.:)':1
Bouncer and Fashion Designer :"1::::11:.,1,111 . 1 : :1111:1.
Contraceptive Implant, Digital Recorder, extraordinaire, Julian looks very different
Shift-tacts, Skinwatch, Subdermal Pocket than the grease and wire crew that nor-
(under left arm) mally inhabits this bar. He is dressed in a
Skills terra cotta jumpsuit, which offsets his
Arabic skin nicely, and wears a flowing
Aware/Notice +4, Brawling +2, Forgery black toga. Stitched into the toga are
+3, Handgun +2, Intimidate +2, Melee +5, many images and icons that are visible in
Personal Grooming +3, Persuasion +5, only certain colors of light. If he moves
Pick lock +3, Pick Pocket +2, Streetdeal

around the room, the designs w ill fade in
+5, Streetwise +3, Submachinegun +2, and out as light from the walls strike the
Wardrobe & Style robe. He will take orders to make cus-
Equipment tomized togas for others. W ith an appro-
Arasaka M inam i 10 (2 full clips), e.O.P. priate and successful roll (Streetw ise,
.357 Derringe r (4 rounds), CredCh ip, long Difficulty 30; Genera l Knowledge, Diffi- 11111 11111

culty 25; or Anthropology, Difficulty 15), 111111111 1111[1 111111

leather Armor Jacket, Cattle Prod
the designs on Julian's toga will be re-
Combat Scores vealed as voodoo inscriptions. Referee 's
Initiative : +4 discretion as to their meaning . Julian is a
Stun/Death Save: 6 Nomad with a Family skill of 7. He will
BTM: -2 neither help nor hinder the cops .
Arasaka M inami 10 (#Shots 40/ROF 20/
DAM 2D6+3/REl VR): +6 Tanita
e.O .P. .357 Derringer (#Shots 4/ROF 2/
Tanita, a little known rocker, is very style-
DAM 2D6+3/REl VR): +6
conscious. She has studied fashion and

Cattle Prod (#Shots 8/ROF l/DAM Pain/
attitude from all over the world, and has
REl UR): +9
even researched looks from years ago.
Brawl: +6
When in conversation, she w ill comment
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/l. Arm /R . leg/l.
on the look and att itude of people, label-

leg 14
ing it, and explaining the histo ry. She w ill
repeatedly tell some to "keep try ing to
style me," and express respect to those
Stand-ins characters w ith uniqueness about them.
She is dressed in a class ic b lack slacks,
General wh ite silk blouse, and black leather ja cket.
The De-evolution's only barkeep has made She calls her style "Kennedy". Tanita has
it a persona l goal to keep his nose exactly a Charismatic Leadersh ip skill of 3. She is
were it is and out of others business. He unaware that the man she was drinking
can't tell you much about his patrons, w ith is a snitch to the Cyberpsycho
except how often they are here or what Squads.
they drink. As far as he's knows there are
no drug or information dealers in the bar.
It's Only
Rock '0 Roll
by Thomas M. Kane

to hit the big-time. She does not intend to let

INTRODUCTION anything stand in her way.
For reasons known only to shrinks and accoun-
INT 6 REF 6/4 TECH 7
tants, the City Government authorized a Chro-
CL 8 ATT 9 LK 2
matic Rock concert in Metro Plaza. Tickets sell
MA8 BODY 4 EMP 5/4
like cheap Smash. The natives are getting rest-
less, and the denizens of the Street are starving
for pulsing, political, protest Rock and Roll.
Audiovox, Cyberoptic (IR, Anti Dazzle), Processor,
Guess who gets to play this crowd? The rockers
Sandevistan Speedware
in your team score the Metro Plaza gig. It's up to
you to make the music.
Oh, there's one more thing. The City issued Charismatic Leadership +4, Composition +4, Play
permits for a concert, not a riot. They expect you Instrument +4, Perform +8, Streetwise +4, Ward-
to keep the crowd under control. If things get robe & Style +5
broken, you'll pay compensation . If the police
have to get involved, they'll nail your butt to the Equipment .
ground with enough fines to payoff the National Arasaka Rapid Assault 12 Shotgun (2 blank clips),
Debt. Public Address System, Heavy Armored Jacket.
If the party contains Rockers, they sing the Metro
Combat Scores
Plaza gig. After paying the license fee and
Initiative: +7*
dealing in their promoters, the Rockers can expect
Stun/Death Save: 4
to rake a total of around 20,000 Euro. Not bad
BTM : -1
for a night's work. A team with no musicians can
Arasaka Rapid Assault 12 (#Shots 20/ROF 10/
still play in this adventure, by signing on as the
DAM 4d6/REL ST): +4
security squad for an NPC rocker. Such a rocker
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 20
offers each guard 2,000 Euro for the night, subject
to negotiation.
Referees who have no prominent musicians in the
campaign may use Firehawk, described below, as
the party's patroness.
Fi..ehawk The City's anarchist/nihilists have their own ideas
for the Metro concert. A gang called Apocalypse
Firehawk wears the leather and metal of a big-city Impending intends to kindle the normal concert
bad girl. Her steel breastplate reveals her navel frenzy into a domestic insurrection. Metro Park
and her performing costume includes an Arasaka happens to be adjacent to a branch office of the
Assault Shotgun. When offstage, she keeps notorious minrng corporation Armmand Geophysi-
herself under icy control but she goes wild in the cal. The anarchists want to storm these buildings,
heat of battle or song. Firehawk has just started and then lead a rampage through the city.
Apocalypse Impending knows its work. It
takes advantage of typical corporate
atrocities to work the neighborhood into a
brood ing anger. It also plants "ringers" in
the concert crowd, to provoke them to
violence. For added arousal, Apocalypse
Impend ing introduces a few snipers into
the surrounding build ings. Nothing stirs
up trouble like a few bullets f ired into a
As Referee, follow the party's lead in the
early parts of this adventure. Party Time
describes the early events of the evening.
The Rockerboys can plan the concert. If
PCs put their ears to the Street, consult
Street-Chatter to see what they might
learn . Then, as the music starts smoking,
go to Riot, and put Apocalypse's plan into
A final section, Mob Rules, describes the
mass psychology of the crowd . Consult it
to see if the concert fans erupt into a full-
scale stampede.
Naturally, Referees may hook this into
their own campa igns in any way they
choose. Some 'p unks might rather start a
riot than stop one. The short story, "Never
Fade Away," in the Cyberpunk 2020®
rules, provides an example of why. If your
team has a special use for an angry
crowd, use the rules presented here but
alter the PCs' role. Success on Crowd
Control means they can use the mob for
their own purposes. Apocalypse Impend-
ing must be eliminated, not because it
wants a riot, but because it is a rival for
the crowd's attention.

If the party hits the streets for information,
the characters hear the usual pre-concert
rumors. Put th is information into the words
of the appropriate NPCs and flesh out the
meetings with all the random encounters
and role-playing you des ire. Folk say that
some big-time drug deals are going down
in the crowd (they are) . People also say
that Kerry Eurodyne is planning a surprise
appearance (in your dreams).
The most interesting rumor concerns themse lves violate corporate territory, a
Armmand Geophysical. Armmand just ser ious battle could develop. If faceless
embarked on a comprehens ive anti-gang members of the crowd make this mistake,
program, which began with the slaughter assume that the corporate troops gun them
of over 20 Steel Shrikes. Street types down, and note the results under Mob
whisper that Armmand plans to use the Rules.
Metro Plaza concert as an occasion for
Armmand Geophysical has fifteen
more killings. Some say that Armmand
rentacops guarding its complex. Further-
plans to assassinate a few prominent
more, the corporation maintains a five-
gangers in the crowd. Others talk about
man Special Action Squad . Statistics for
bombs. The most paranoid assert that
these troo ps appear below.
Armmand plans to employ viral agents to
poison the entire concert crowd.
Apocalypse Impend ing deliberately
Rentacops (15)
spread the Armmand rumors, to create the These gray-uniformed troopers do their
right atmosphere for its insurrection. job. However, they have relatively little
training, and want to live until tomorrow.
When frightened, they shoot.
INT 6 REF 10/8 TECH 7
Advance teams start preparing Metro
Plaza a night in advance. The crowds
CL5 ATT 6 LK 4
MA6 BODY 9 EMP 6/5
appear at about 3:00 P.M. the next day.
Nearly two thousand people arrive by
5:00, when the noise begins. Encourage
Cyberoptic (IR, Targeti ng Scope),
the punks to role-play the concert hype
Smartgun Link
and introduction. Even if the PCs are just
guards for an NPC rocker, allow them to
Athletics +4, Combat Sense +S, Handgun
participate in setting up the concert. PC
+S, Melee +S
rockers actually p lan out the performance,
and they deserve at least three or four IP
in appropriate skills, even if the p layers
Heavy Armored Jacket, BudgetArms Auto
themselves are less than musica l.
3 (Smqrt,2 full clips), billystick
The following map key describes the
layout of Metro Plaza and the nearby Combat Scores
buildings. Init iative: +13
Stun/Death Save: 9
BTM : -4
1. Armmand BudgetArms Auto 3 (#Shots 8/ROF 2/DAM
3d6/REL UR): + is
Complex Billystick (DAM 1d6/REL ST): +13
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 20
A razor-wire fence surrounds this fortifica -
tion . Few windows adorn the steel-gray
walls of these fifteen-story buildings. Special Action Squad (5)
Concert or no concert, vans come and go
These trained, armored troops are the
through the guarded gates, and blast
trained killers of their corporation .
doors hiss open, allowing the vehicles into
the underground garage. Armmand
officials perform paperwork and geologi-
cal stud ies w ith in.
INT 6 REF 10/8 TECH 7
CL 6 ATT 6 LK 2
The Armmand security forces watch the MA8 BODY 8 EMP 8/S
concert with baleful neutral ity. The mo-
ment anyone advances onto Armmand Cybernetics
property, they open fire. If the punks Cyberoptic (IR and Targeting Scope)
Sandevistan Speedware, Neural proces- grocery-stores and hardware outlets. It
sor, Smartgun Link also conta ins a head shop known as Pied
Piper and a "hotel" in the best red light
Skills trad ition. In the event of looting, the PCs
Athletics +5, Combat Sense +7, Melee +7, rece ive damage cla ims f rom shopkeepers
Submachinegun +7 and whores a like.

Heavy Armored Jacket, H&K MPK-11 4. Metro Plaza
Heavy SMG (Smart, 3 full cl ips),
Monoknife®, Nylon Helmet Plastic tiles cover this open square. The
shrubbery of the Groves forces its way
Combat Scores through the barbed-wire fence . This fence
Initiative: + 19* supposedly controls access to the park.
Stun/Death Save: 8 However, local gangs make holes wher-
8TM: -3 ever they want them .
H&K MPK-11 Heavy SMG (#Shots 30/ROF
20/DAM 4d6+ 1/REL ST): +18
Monoknife® (DAM 2d6/REL VR): +16 5. The Groves
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 20
The miracles of genetic technology allow
trees to survive in the parks of 2020 cit ies .
Nevertheless, po llution turns the lea ves
2. P.S. 342 gray. Manufactured g ravel covers the
This maximum-security grade school has g round beneath the trees. These tiny
bars on the w indows and loc ks on the forests offer a spot for drug dea ls and
doors. It also has a rooftop three stories snipers .
above street leve l, just higher than the
trees in the park and perfect for a sniper.
Apocalypse Imp endi ng does not hesitate 6. The Dinosaur
to p lace gunmen there.
During the day, P.S. 342 conta ins grade
school children from the surrounding This tw enty-fo ot sausage of brownish
slums. These children are not cute. They plastic represents the artistic tastes of the
dress and act like miniature hoodlums. city's Commission For Public Sculpture.
They carry knives and needles. They have The original sculptor called his work
perpetually dirty minds. Nevertheless, "Tommie." Local people gave it a far
those who open f ire on the schoolchildren more descriptive name. On the upside,
can expect an unbelievably horrendous this statue's fifteen foot high stone pedestal
investigation and prosecution. provides virtually unlimited cover against
small arms.
School ends at 3:00. Therefore, both
'punks and terrorists with an interest in this
place can get i n w ithout extended contact
w ith them. One always finds a few RIOT
teachers and adm in istrators working extra
hours, but these people hard ly dare res ist A few shady dea lings p recede every
armed thugs. concert. If the Referee feels inspi red to
ro le-playa few minor incid ents, let the PCs
con tend w ith b rawls, drug dea ls and
3. Little Amsterdam crazed fans dashing for the stage. Part ic i-
pan ts in these affairs have the stat istics
Little Amsterdam takes its name not from shown for Mob Members, below.
the ethn ic background of its population,
When the concert beg ins, Apocalypse
but from Amsterdam's reputation as a city
Impending moves its people into pos ition.
where everyth ing is bought and sold. This
PCs who specifically state that they are
sprawl of one-story buildings includes tiny
guarding the Groves or the school get a
D nil 1 1~ !
plaza Ullng bulldlng
chance to interfere. Let these guards normal. Anyone standing in the crowd
attempt a Perception roll, Difficulty 25, to suffers a -3 penalty to all ranged weapon
notice the snipers. If successful, inform the attacks. Those elevated above the people
PCs that they see a wiry little fellow with suffer no such penalty. Finally, any
an oddly-shaped duffel bag. In this gunshots which miss go into the crowd.
fashion, quick-thinking punks may neutral- This adds to the chance of Panic, as
ize snipers before the riot even starts. described under Mob Rules, below.
As the music heats up, so does the crowd. Local hoodlums take advantage of the
As Referee, have the Rockerboys make chaos to loot. One round after gunfire
Perform rolls every 15 minutes. A roll of begins, a band of 1D6 youths starts
over 20 starts the action. Apocalypse acts smashing windows and breaking into
by 7:00 in any event. stores in Little Amsterdam. For every
minute the looters go unmolested, they do
First, the three Apocalypse agitators in the
1D6 X 100 Euro in property damage and
crowd unfurl general-purpose protest
gain 1D6 new members. The band of
banners reading, "Revolution," "Ven-
looters defends itself if attacked. Other-
geance" and "We are Legion." Agitators
wise, it does not attack the party.
with bullhorns interrupt the music.
Courts hold the PC Rockerboy liable for
"You're all sick of kissing corporate butt,
any damage the looters do.
The party has one final group to contend
Crowd responds, "Yeahhh."
with. A band of five psychotic Steel
"You all heard about Armmand G. greas- Slaughter Slammers found its way into this
ing our brothers, right?" crowd, and joins any available battle.
Normally, these boosters attack the party
Crowd hoots and jeers.
at the most inconvenient moment. How-
"Armmand says we're gonna grit our teeth ever, if the 'punks have an especially hard
and take it!" time, the Referee may use these gangers to
help the party survive.
Crowd becomes dangerously silent.
Consult Mob Rules for deta ils on inciting
"We're gonna waste the frackers!"
and dispersing the crowd. Note that if the

At this point, the snipers open fire. They PCs respond to snipers with too much
attempt to neutralize anyone acting to firepower, they risk creating a panic.
restore order. When no such targets seem Furthermore, the police prosecute anyone
obvious, the snipers fire at random, who indiscriminately fires on the crowd.

hoping to create martyrs. A team of two
snipers operates from the roof of P.S. 342.
Apocalypse has one sniper in each Grove
Agitators (3)
as well. These dread locked, bearded rabble-
rousers relish the thrill of leading a crowd.
The 'punks must wade through the crowd
They learned long ago that a mob of a
to isolate and attack the Apocalypse team,
thousand people will follow one loud-
without making the situation worse. Note
mouth with a bullhorn and an idea . Just
that Agitators use their high Stealth scores
as combat intoxicates a solo, oratory
to dart around in the crowd, avoiding
intoxicates them. They spark riots for the
capture and spreading their message.
pure joy of it, without reason or cause.
Snipers have the advantage of height and
heavy cover.
Mob members automatically attack any- INT 6 REF 5/3 TECH 7
one who molests an Agitator. The Referee CL6 ATT 6 LK 2
should roll 3D1 0 to determine how many MA8 BODY 4 EMP 8/8
people attack.
Anyone who wishes to move or fight in the
crowd must contend with the sheer mass of
people. Reduce all movement rates to 1/4 :·:li. !:· li:IIII.:I I":·~!:~:·1
Skills Cybernetics
Charismatic Leadership +6, Composition Adrena l Booster, Cyberoptic (IR,Targeting
+4, Pistol. +3, Play Instrument +4, Scope)", Neural Processor, Smartgun Link
Streetwise +4, Wa rdrobe & Style +4
Equipment Combat Sense +6, Rifle +7, Stealth +4
Heavy Armored Jacket, Bullhorn, Dai Lung
Streetmaster Med ium Pistol (1 full clip) Equipment
Medium Armored Jacket, Militech Ronin
Combat Scores Light Assault Rifle (Smart, 4 clips regular
Initiative: +3 rounds, 1 clip AP)
Stun/Death Save: 4
BTM: -1 Combat Scores
Da i Lung Streetmaster (#Shots 12/ROF 2/ Initiative: +16*
DAM 2d6+3/REL UR): +6 Stun/Death Save: 6
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 20 BTM: -2
Mil itech Ronin Light Assault Rifle(#Shots
35/ROF 30/DAM 5d6/REL VR): +20
Snipers (4)
Armor: Torso/R. Arm/L. Arm 18
These non-descript terrorists appear
underfed and unimpressive. They are, to a
man, furtive and unfriendly, with wide,
Looters (number varies)
shifty eyes. These everyday punks came to party.
Smash ing and grabbing is just part of the
Stats thrill. The looters range in age from
INT 6 REF 1011 0 TECH 5 twelve to twenty . If anyone tr ies to break
CL 6 ATT3 LK 2 up their fun, they shoot back with cheapo
MA7 BODY 6 EMP 8/6 pistols.
Crowd Control Table
This index shows the Difficulty level of inciting the crowd. Add the Charismatic
Leadership results of all Apocalypse Agitators and subtract the results of the
PCs. The total equals the Apocalypse Total shown below.

Total Results
0-45 Crowd seethes and moves.

46-60 Crowd attacks any visible enemy. This certainly includes
any PCs who call for calm. The Referee should roll 3D1 0
to determine the number of Mob Members who attack.
61 + The crowd surges into the city under Apocalypse com- : :~:~~: ~: : : : :.::~~~::::::
mand. War breaks out in the streets. The situation goes
beyond the PCs control and City Police take over. City
officials fine the Rockerboy 10,000 Euro.

Brawling +6, Combat Sense +4, Melee +6,
CL 6 ATT 5 LK 5 Pistol +6
Kevlar T-shirt, 3 full clips for Armalite,
Combat Sense +1, Pickpocket +3, Pistol +3 Monoknife®
~l·".:l:~·l:i:· :ili:l·:·.li:l ·~·:l
Combat Scores
Dai Lung Cybermag Light Pistol (3 shots). Initiative: +12
Stun/Death Save: 10
Combat Scores
BTM: -4
Initiative: +9
Armalite 44 (#Shots 8/ROF 1/DAM 4d6+ 1/
Stun/Death Save: 6
REL ST): +17
BTM: -2
Monoknife® (DAM 2d6/REL VR): +15
Dai Lung Cybermag Light Pistol (#Shots 3/ Brawling: +15
ROF 2/DAM 1d6+ 1/REL UR): +10 Armor: Torso 10

Steel Slaughters (5)

With chrome arms and red cyberoptics, MOB RilLES
the Steel Slaughters are ready for action.
They'll consider the evening wasted if they During each round of combat, the Referee
go home without a kill. must determine the actions of the concert
crowd. Apocalypse Impending wants to
Stats stir this mob into a frenzy. The 'punks
INT 3 REF 8/8 TECH 5 presumably want to restore order. There
CL 6 ATT 2 LK 5 is also the possibility that the mob will
MA5 BODY 10 EMP 5/2 stampede out of control.
The Referee should decide the mob's
behavior with the following set of die rolls:
Cyberarm ( Smart,mounted Armalite 44),
Cyberoptics (IR,Targeting Scope) 1. Each round, all active Agitators attempt
Charismatic Leadership rolls. Note
that Agitators may temporarily stop lil:l i ~:I:I.I:II:I:lilil :i·il:I:~1
addressing the crowd in order to Stats
escape an attack by PCs. Add the INT 4 REF 6/6 TECH 3
total Ag itator scores together. CL3 ATT 5 LK 3
MA5 BODY 4 EMP 5/5
2. PCs with access with access to public-
address equipment may make Charis-
matic Leadership rolls to counter the
Brawl ing +3, Dodge & Evade +2, Pistol +3
suggestions of Apocalypse Impending .
The Rocke rboy certa in ly has a micro-
phone, and other PCs may have
Kevlar T-shirt, Dai Lung Cybermag 15 (2
Audiovox systems . PCs should cer-
tainly ro le-play their address to the
Combat Scores
3. The Referee should subtract the punks' Initiative: +6
Charismatic Leadership rolls from Stun/Death Save: 4
those of Apocalypse Impending. BTM: -1
Apply the results to the Crowd Control Dai Lung Cybermag 15 (#Shots 1O/ROF 2/
table, below. DAM 1d6+ 1/REL UR): +8
Brawling : +9
4. The Referee should keep track of the
Armor: Torso 10
number of shots fired into the crowd .
Count bursts of autofire as three shots
each. Grenades and other area-effect
weapons count as 10 shots. When this
total exceeds 100, the mob pan ics, as
described under Panic, be low. No matter how this riot ends, the
screamsheets have a f ield day. "Riot in
Metro Plaza!" "Anarch ist Vio lence Born of
Panic Rock 'n Roll !" In the end, what matters is
the bottom li ne. The Rockerboy earned
If the mob pan ics, people flee in every 25,000 Euro for the concert (more tha n
d irection, desperate to escape. Crowd expected). After the party disposes of all
control becomes a moot point in the snipers, ag itators, looters and panicked
madness of the stampede. A panic lasts crowds, the Referee can add up the
for 2D1 0 combat rounds before the mob property damage and subtract it from the
finally manages to disperse. Snipers 25,000 intake. If the party made a profit,
continue to fire during the panic. chill. If not, well, it was only Rock 'n Roll.
Anyone in a panicked mob must attempt a
Difficulty 15 REF roll each round . Failure
indicates that the victim suffers 1D6 points
damage from trampl ing.
For each round of Panic, the DM should
rol l 1D1 0 and mu ltip ly the result by 500 .
The result equals the total property dam-
age caused in the round. The concert
owners must pay compensation fo r this

Mob Members
In their spiked ha ircuts and combat chic,
the members of the concert crowd look
like a vision of the abyss. However, the
members of the mob are far more danger-
ous as a crowd than ind ividually.
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