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Bryan Pettengill

1365 Highland Ave., Sheridan, WY 82801 • (307) 752-3045 • •

» Profile
Dedicated and loyal, experienced in many fields of construction, sales and service, crisis management
and customer, as well as employee, relations. Desires a stable and flexible position to be able to
continue enjoying time as a father and student.

» Education
Sheridan College, Sheridan campus- Completed courses: General Psychology, Sociological
Principals, Ethics in Practice, English, Critical Reading and Writing, US History, Math for Elementary
Teachers, Biology 1020 (Life Science), Foundations of Education, Intro to Special Education, Cultural
Anthropology, Developmental Psychology, Intro to Public Speaking, Intro to Chemistry, Educational
Technology, and Practicum for Teachers. Other studies: Child Psychology, Abnormal Psychology,
Ancient History. I spent my college education perfecting my knowledge, and was nominated for the
National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, as well as the president’s or Vice President’s
Honor roll 4 semesters in a row.
Normative Services Inc, Sheridan, WY - High School Diploma

» Activities
Athletic: kendo, boxing, hiking, various calisthenics and routines
Civil: Performance Arts, Shakespeare
Academic: various focal points of constant study, mainly psychology/sociology, science, and history
Social: Weekly meetings with small groups for kendo and tabletop games

» Skills
Project Management, Communication Skills, Leadership, Administrative Skills, Problem Resolution,
Community Outreach, Individualized Psychological Approaches, Indefinite Learning Capacity.

» Professional Experience
Wyo Theater, Sheridan, WY
Custodian, 2020-current
 I worked as a janitor for the Wyo theater, my duties included cleaning the entire building, from
bathrooms to the theaters and lobbies. I also helped the tech engineers, occasionally. This was a
part time job to help my family financially while completing my teaching certification.

Twitch Interactive, Sheridan, WY

Entertainer & Writer, 2017-current
 Broadcasting as an entertainer and writer for various games, including dramatic or comedic
commentary on existing video games, as well as writing a series of books for tabletop gaming

Jimmy John’s, Sheridan, WY

Delivery Driver, 2016-2017
 Address/phone number discovery, internet utilities/resources discovery and implementation,
individualized customer care, inventory, stock rotation, cleaning to health codes, training new
staff, re-training staff that were needing guidance, providing a respectful and polite attitude,
providing any position needed in the store, completing delivery orders from taking to making and
delivering, maintaining and providing personal accounts, safety awareness and training

Excel Roofing, Sheridan, WY

Laborer, 2017

 Foreman directed workflow, overseeing crew operations when foreman was occupied, installing
and teaching installations, some insulation, cleaning, removal of old roofing systems and
application of new materials, additions of supports for structures and roofs, driving company
vehicles, managing the dump vehicle and dump account.

Trusses and Above, JnR Roofing, Sheridan, WY

Foreman, 2014-2016
 Ordering roofing materials, researching and applying various roofing material and installations,
writing and understanding contracts and some accounting, researching and supplying warranties
and information, testing new products and systems, maintaining and providing all updated and
relevant safety knowledge and equipment, supervising and training employees while providing
leadership and guidance by working together, establishing respect and offering the same.

Luminous Brewhouse, Warehouse 201, Sheridan, WY

Bartender, 2013-2015
 Event planning, maintaining a supervisor role while bartending, various social settings,
modifying schedules, presentation and settings based on clientele, cleaning, providing a
welcoming attitude and atmosphere, hosting/managing events, inventory control, accounting-both
analog and digital, using various point of sale systems, bartender responsibilities- TIPS
knowledge and utilization, knowledge of products, listening and advising, consistent memory of
regulars and conversational awareness, monitoring a crowd, critical decisions.

» References
Nate Adsit, Master Welder, Engineer- Adsit Construction, (307) 751-9828
Former coworker, supervisor, and employee.

Miranda Sterling, Delivery Driver- Jimmy John’s, (307) 751-1335

Former coworker and customer

Quinn Anderson, Manager- Peerless Tires, (307) 752-3273

Former Employee

Ryan Covault, Owner- Trusses and Above/Machinist- Sheridan Seed, (307) 655-8269
Former employer, supervisor, and coworker