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FECES cee geezer aE Saanrrnere ee IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, TWELFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR SARASOTA COUNTY, FLORIDA DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CASE NO.: 2009 CA 007211 COMPANY, et al, Plaintiffs, vs. PETER Y. MORLON, et al., Defendants. / ORDER GRANTING NON-PARTY WITNESSES CITI RESIDENTIAL LENDING, INC., NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING, BRYAN BLY, CRYSTAL MOORE, DHURATA DOKO AND VILMA CASTRO'S EMERGENCY MOTION FOR TEMPORARY INJUNCTION THIS CAUSE came before the Court on Non-Party Witnesses Citi Residential Lending, Inc., Nationwide Title Clearing, Bryan Bly, Crystal Moore, Dhurata Doko and Vilma Castro's (the Non-Parties) Emergeney Motion for Temporary Injuction (the Motion), filed on November 18, 2010. In support of the requested relief, the Non-Parties submitted the affidavits of Bryan Bly, Crystal Moore, and Dhurata Doko (the NTC Employees), and also submitted is the certification of Adina L, Pollan, Esq. The Court, after considering the Motion, supporting affidavits, and record on file, and being otherwise fully advised, ORDERS AND ADJUDGES as follows: ‘The Non-Parties' Motion is GRANTED. Pursuant to Rule 1.610, Plorida Rules of Civil Procedure, from the specific facts alleged in the motion and shown by the affidavits attached to the motion, it appears to the Court that immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to the movants before the adverse asta) FECES re cee geez EEE Eee ner party can be heard in opposition. The Court adopts the well-supported arguments in the Motion in finding that: the Non-Parties have a clear legal right to the requested relief, and a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their pending motions; the NTC Employees have suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm unless the requested relief is granted; the NTC Employees lack an adequate remedy at law. The Court fully supports First Amendment Rights and the public’s access to information. However, in this case, until the issue can be more fully explored in an expedited hearing, the Court finds that the public interest favors the temporary injunction because of the potential for permanent injury to those individuals who were called as ‘witnesses, but who are not named as parties to this law suit, ‘The Court ORDERS a temporary and mandatory injunction in this lawsuit of the actions of Christopher Forrest and The Forrest Law Firm, including: 1. Christopher Forrest and The Forrest Law Firm, and all persons acting in concert with either, are enjoined from posting, publishing, disseminating, or maintaining materials from the video depositions of the NTC Employees, until further order by this Court, 2. Christopher Forrest and The Forrest Law Firm are to immediately remove the video depositions of Ms. Moore, Mr. Bly, and Ms. Doko from The Forrest Law Firm “YouTube” channel, until further order by this Court; and 3. Christopher Forrest is to show cause to this Court why this temporary injunction should not be permanent. The Court further finds that the injunctive relief granted herein does not require a bond. DONE AND ORDERED at 445.m. this___/7_ day of November, 2010. ick De Fur Circuit Judge