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Horizontal multistage surface pumping system

APPLICATIONS The REDA* HPS* G3 horizontal multistage surface to a central junction box. Intake and discharge
■■ Lean amine recirculation pumping system is the third generation of REDA flanges and power hookups are usually the only
■■ Crude oil pipeline horizontal multistage surface pumps. A reliable, required connections. When necessary, major
cost-effective solution, the centrifugal pump components can be replaced or resized to track
■■ CO2 injection
provides up to 1,864 kW [2,500 hp] in a single unit. changes in applications within 2 to 3 hours, and,
■■ Mine dewatering Flexible enough to be modified in the field, the due to its modular design and factory alignment,
■■ Natural gas liquids pipeline system features reliable product enhancements aligning the unit before restarting the pump is kept
■■ Water injection that lessen downtime. The modular design makes to a minimum.
the unit suitable for a wide variety of applications,
■■ Salt dome leaching Designed for years of trouble-free service,
from simple water injection to more complex
■■ Saltwater disposal refinery services and crude oil transfer. It has also the REDA HPS G3 system requires no daily
■■ High-pressure wash for refineries proven to be an efficient alternative to split-case, maintenance. There are no V-belts or packing
vertical turbine, and positive displacement pumps. to service, and a typical routine maintenance
■■ Boiler feed
schedule is a quarterly lubricant change and
■■ Geothermal injection Prepackaged units are provided as a whole system component check. The smooth performance
■■ Industrial high-pressure facilities from a single-source vendor and are delivered extends equipment life and greatly reduces the
preassembled to a site. The skid package is chance of leakage from associated piping.
BENEFITS typically prewired with instruments and cabling
■■ Saves time and minimizes cost with no daily
maintenance and ease of commissioning and
piping alignment
■■ Reduces downtime and quick repair, thanks
to simple reconfiguration of pumps and
■■ Extends run life due to minimal vibration-
related wear and stress

■■ Numerous API 610-specification-
compliant features
■■ New bearing sections with enhanced pump- The modular design of the REDA HPS G3 pumping system provides rapid change-out capabilities
pressure capabilities and less heat generation of system components.
■■ Seals
●● One mechanical seal at the low-pressure
Performance Specifications Material Specifications
end of the pump Capacity, galUS/min 40 to 2,500 [0.15 to 9.5] Impellers and diffusers Ni-Resist™, 5530 alloy,
●● Standard-mount single, double, [m3/min] coatings as required
and tandem cartridge seals Discharge pressure, Up to 6,650 [45,850] Shafts 17-4 PH, MONEL®,
■■ Skid psi [kPa] and INCONEL®
●● Adjustable clamp and motor Suction pressure,† Up to 4,000 [27,579] Intake and discharge Carbon steel and 316
mount locations psi [kPa] stainless steel
●● Rigid box, steel frame construction Temperature range,‡ –20 to 280 [–29 to 138] Sleeve bearings Ni-Resist, ceramic,
degF [degC] tungsten carbide, silicon
●● Standard or custom skid designs Power (single skid), Up to 1,864 [2,500] carbide, and Graphalloy®
●● Intake that orients 270° in kW [hp] Flanges ANSI 150 to 2,500 RF
45° increments Testing capability, Up to 1,864 [2,500] and RTJ
kW [hp]
†Fluid dependent
‡Modifications required

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