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Enabling SaaS delivery on Public Cloud Infrastructure

Client is one of the leading software providers and supports the business needs
INDUSTRY and challenges of nearly 3 million small and mid-sized business customers.
Global Business Management Software Client’s software and services support accounting, operations, customer
Provider management, human resources, time tracking, merchant services and the
specialized needs of the construction, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing,
CHALLENGES nonprofit and real estate industries. Client planned to host their business
ƒ Deliver business management software on application on the AWS EC2/S3 platform as a SaaS model to provide an efficient,
the public Cloud cost – effective solution to its customers.
ƒ Development of operations support
ecosystem to deliver cloud based offering CSS Corp, an Amazon Web Services Solution Partner, was selected after a
ƒ Time to Market a critical factor competitive process to enable the client deliver its packaged software
ƒ Automation, Provisioning, and Lifecycle application as a SaaS offering on Amazon’s public cloud. CSS Corp has
Management of SaaS components developed an end to end automation and management solution that rapidly
ƒ Scalable and manageable solution to enables the client’s customers and partners to start using the software
enable rapid growth of clientele application. By automating provisioning, deployment and monitoring and
management, and utilizing the public cloud, the client has achieved dramatic
CSS CORP SOLUTION cost savings in delivery of this service.
ƒ Automated deployment on Amazon Web
Services EC2 and S3 platform SOLUTIONS APPROACH
ƒ Automated Provisioning and management As an Amazon Web Services Solution Partner, CSS Corp utilized its depth of cloud
suite application development expertise in designing an AWS based solution for the
ƒ Backup and Restore Automation client. CSS Corp team was responsible for the entire lifecycle of the SaaS on
ƒ Cloud Based Monitoring solution for EC2 public cloud operations. This included the operational systems architecture and
Instances and application support. Given below is sample architecture for a SaaS model deployment and
ƒ Integration with Existing CRM, Order Entry management. The various activities that CSS Corp delivered are as follows:
and Billing Systems

ƒ On-time, efficient Cloud based operations
eco-system delivered
ƒ Automation of manual tasks delivering
operational leverage
ƒ Go to Market Objectives met in a timely
fashion with all partners
ƒ Lifecycle management of cloud-based

CSS Corp is involved in an overarching design that includes ƒRapid design and deployment on Amazon Web Services
automation of the AWS procurement, instance configuration and public cloud by experienced CSS Corp engineers
deployment. CSS Corp used its expertise with open-source ƒoptimization through automation of manual tasks
development platforms (ANT-based build scripts, for example) to
ƒEnd to End monitoring, management and support of
utilize the Amazon EC2 in an optimal fashion. Web services and customer solution
API development are all part of the architecture that enable
ƒSophisticated event correlation mechanism helps in quick
publishing and consumption of data among the components.  identification of issues and reduces downtime.
CSS Corp analyzed transaction, processing and storage
requirements for Client’s application and recommended an CSS CORP OVERVIEW
optimal architecture. CSS Corp, a global technology solutions provider, focuses on IT
operations management services aimed at optimizing
PROVISIONING AND DEPLOYMENT itscustomer's IT operations. CSS Corp offers solutions in the area
CSS Corp has automated the entire provisioning and deployment of Enterprise and Consumer Technology Support, Application
sequence for the cloud deployment. CSS Corp team developed Lifecycle Management and Remote Infrastructure Management
an automation engine for all stages from customer registration, Services. The company has proven expertise in developing;
instance configuration, along with monitoring agent, and supporting and managing its customer's entire technology stack
management of the instance. CSS Corp brought to the table (servers, networks, systems and technologies as well as
experience in utilizing web services and workflow design to applications running on them) on a 24x7 basis globally. In
design a reusable generic provisioning infrastructure. addition, CSS Corp has an impeccable record of delivering the
whole gamut of technical and customer support services for
both enterprise and consumer technology products and
MONITORING: CSS Corp deployed a sophisticated systems applications on a global basis. With a unique "100% referenceable
management solution, InfraWatch to proactively monitor, customers" mission statement, the company lives and breathes
manage and support the servers on the cloud. InfraWatch offers operations support and customer satisfaction.
powerful features like Event Coorelation, perpetual Event
Enrichment, Customizable Notifications, and a Site & Role Based Head-quartered in San Jose, CA, CSS Corp currently has global
Portal that delivers a comprehensive monitoring solution. operations centers in Chennai (India), Utah (USA), Poland
SUPPORT SERVICES: are compatible with ITIL standards and are (Europe) and in the Philippines. CSS Corp has over 80 customers
implemented according to predefined SLA agreements such as including Industry leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent, Sun
response, customer-updates, and resolution time. CSS Corp also Microsystems, & Blackboard Inc as its long term customers. CSS
provides 24/7 First Line of Support service to the Client. These Corp is a professionally managed, privately held company with
services include investments from SAIF, Goldman Sachs and Sierra Ventures.
Incident Management: Quick identification and problem
resolution using alert monitoring, diagnostic tools, incident INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT OFFERINGS
analysis and forensics. Our Infrastructure Management services include:
Problem Management: Proactively perform the root cause
analysis of client infrastructure that helps address potential Infrastructure Management
problems. ƒ 24 x 7 L1-L3 infrastructure management
Reports: Reports are generated that include review reports,
ƒ Entire technology stack (hardware, software, network)
metrics, dashboards and score cards. It provides an insight into
the current status of IT infrastructure and delivers inputs to ƒ Outsourced NOC operations
management in formulating strategic initiatives. ƒ Development/deployment of management and operational
support systems (OSS)
MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Provided spans the full breadth of
Technology Management that include virtual cloud instance, load Desktop Management Services
balancer, Database, web server and DNS management. A
ƒ Proactive 24 x 7 desktop management
comprehensive disaster recovery plan includes new instance
launch, updated AMI’s (Amazon Machine Image) and failover ƒ Support desktops, laptops, mobile devices
implementation for the monitoring system. ƒ Remote troubleshooting and configuration
ƒ Patch management, license management,

IT Helpdesk and Service Desk ƒ Processes and tools:

We employ a best-of-breed combination of open-source,
ƒ L1-L3 helpdesk and application support desk custom-developed / home-grown tools and commercial off
the shelf tools and software.
ƒ Stringent SLA-based service delivery
ƒ Multi channel: voice, web, chat and industry specific CSS CORP ADVANTAGE
ƒ Rich experience in enterprise-class solution development
Messaging Services on the cloud backbone
ƒ L1-L3 messaging infrastructure management ƒ E2E infrastructure management experience on physical,
virtual environments
ƒ Spam management, IM systems management
ƒ Automation capabilities and expertise in enterprise solution
ƒ Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, RIM, iPlanet provisioning
Business Analytics / BI ƒ Breadth of business domain experience spanning end
(consumer)user-facing businesses to enterprise services.
ƒ BI tool deployment
ƒ Flexible delivery models that span onsite, near-shore and
ƒ Data feed aggregation analytics and actionable Intelligence
offshore capabilities that let us tailor offerings to fit customer
Cloud Services process and budget requirements

ƒ Cloud Design, Orchestration, Automation and Testing ƒ Rich consulting experience with global majors
ƒ Cloud Monitoring and Management Services
To learn more or discuss how we can help you, contact
ƒ Cloud Support Services or visit

ƒ Flexible delivery models:
On-site, near-shore, and offshore capabilities let us tailor
offerings to fit clients’ specific needs and budget profiles
ƒ Operations Optimization:
we help customers rationalize and optimize their
infrastructure by applying innovative new approaches to
help them reduce costs, improve service levels, and realize
competitive advantage
ƒ Team members:
our dedicated professionals are highly motivated by our
culture of innovation and 100% referenceability, Engagement
methodology industry best practices including the ITIL®
Service Management framework create a consistent set of
service management processes

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