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My name is R.S.Dhivya. and I am doing MBA in Avinashilingam University,
Coimbatore. I am doing a project title “A Study on employee welfare measures that has
been followed in Standard spinning and weaving mills Ltd” as part of my curriculum. I
request you to kindly spare sometime and fill up the following questionnaire so as to enable
me to complete my study successfully.
I. Personal data:
1. Name :

2. Age : 20 – 25
25 – 30
30 – 35
35 – 40
40 – Above

3. Designation :

4. Educational qualification :

5. Length of service : 0 - 5yrs

5 - 10yrs
10 - 15yrs
15 - 20yrs
20 – Above

6. Marital Status : Married / Unmarried

1) Washing and bathing facilities are available in your organization.

2) Sitting facilities are maintained for occasional rest who work in standing conditions.
3) First aid is given for all the employees who are in emergency.

4) Welfare officer gives proper guidance to all the employees.

5) Crèche facility is available for worker’s children.

6) Rest rooms are cleaned daily and maintained properly within the mill.

7) Free uniform coat is provided for the employees.

8) Library is utilized by the employees.

9) The employees are being motivated by providing recreation facilities.

10) Free healthy food is provided through canteen.

11) Proper accommodation is available for the employees who are staying within
the mill.
12) Transport facility is provided for the employees who are coming from nearby

13) The educational loans are provided to the employees for their children’s education.

14) There is a scheme that has been used for child welfare plans in the organization.
15) Leave travel allowance is allowed for the employees once in a year/six

16) Personal loan is given for the employees to meet domestic expenses up to

17) Vocational guidance is being provided to the employees who are new to the job.
18) The organization maintains PF and ESI benefits to the employees.

19) The gratuity benefits are available after the retirement of the employees.

20) Bonus is given every year to motivate the employees.