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Identify and describe 4 parts that you would need to build a computer:

A motherboard has the role of interconnecting all the components and peripherals of a system. Any bit
of information transferred between these components passes at a certain time through the
motherboard. In this situation it is clear that we are discussing one of the most important components,
the choice of it being crucial in my opinion because it determines what other components can be
installed/attached to the system in the future, so also the level of performance and the price. First thing
you have to attach to the motherboard is the socket type (either AMD type or Intel). The motherboard
may have various features, such as the integrated video card or the integrated audio card. Depending on
these, you will know what purchases you have to make later. It also takes into account the supported
memories or the number of connectors.

Choosing the processor. It is the processor that decides the performance of the computer and the way in
which various programs and games are run. It must be compatible with the motherboard, so the socket
must match that of this component. The processor specifications that matter most are: the frequency,
the number of cores and the graphical frequency it offers. It also counts the maximum memory it can
support. It also determines the supported processor models, the number, type and the speed of the
motherboard connectors as well as extra functions such as overclocking, support for two, three or four
video cards. When it comes to choosing the platform, first you have to choose the platform you would
like to use. You have a choice between Intel and AMD. AMD may be very attractive in terms of price, but
Intel is much better at parts and quality. If you want a computer to get an occasional update, Intel is the

The next thing to consider when building a PC is RAM. At the moment you have most likely to choose a
DDR4 as it is faster than DDR3. There are also motherboards that only have connectors for laptop
memory, so that’s why is very important to read the specifications of the motherboard manufacturer
carefully before buying the memory. In addition to connector type, you must also track the numbers of
connectors, the maximum speed supported by the motherboard and the maximum amount of memory
per slot that can be added. If you are buying a memory faster than the one supported by the
motherboard, there will be no compatibility problems, only the memory will run slower though. For
most types of applications, an amount of 8 GB of RAM is sufficient.

There is not much to say about the case, it just matters a lot to the user's preferences. The most
important role of a case is to cool the components to ensure optimum operating temperatures that will
not endanger the longevity of electronic circuits and chips, all without producing disturbing noise that
does not let you concentrate sometimes. The price is not too high for this component, but I think it has
its importance too. In addition to the design, tastes that differ from one to another, we must choose a
large case, which will fit the video card and be ventilated very well, and the warm air from inside the
case to be drawn on a well-established route. If it has dust filters, the better.