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AGI - Out to SAVE

American Gun Owners
The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) believes we are in an
epic struggle where we must rapidly preserve gunsmithing
knowledge before it disappears or becomes unavailable to gun
owners. There are highly motivated people who would actually
like to ban this information. They don’t care about the history of Gene Kelly
firearms or the critical roll that guns have played in protecting our President, AGI
individual and national freedoms. They certainly don’t care about hunting, target
shooting or your personal protection. And they DON’T want you to be able to fix
your guns! We believe that guns SAVE lives and that preserving and distributing this
knowledge will save guns and their owners.
These are courses that you will want and need to watch again and again. If a picture is
worth a thousand words then AGI's courses are precious beyond words. AGI employs
cutaway firearms to give you a look inside and a clear understanding of exactly how
your gun functions. You will possess the most authoritative information available on the
design, function, maintenance and repair of your particular model of firearm, with the
ease of understanding that can only come from watching live action video. Absolutely
packed with information not available anywhere else! Owning an AGI course is like
having the country's best gunsmithing instructors available whenever you need them.
Sincerely, Gene Kelly, AGI President
Endorsed By:
Producers of the most authoritative
instructional firearm DVDs available
AGI exists to provide firearm enthusiasts with the knowledge
needed to keep their guns in safe and top-notch condition,
maximizing their shooting experience and potential in a way that preserves
the gunsmithing art and ensures "that the right of the people to keep and
bear arms shall not be infringed."
Promo Code: CATALOG. Throughout this catalog you will see that each course we
offer includes additional shipping and handling costs (S/H). Shipping is automatically
calculated for any call-in or website purchase and will be quoted to you during the
checkout process. Orders outside the continental US will incur extra shipping charges.
Expedited shipping requests will also incur extra charges. Our typical shipping
charges for 1-3 DVDs range from $7-$11 for continental US.

The courses shown on pages 70-79 are State of California approved

certified courses available from The American Gunsmithing Institute.
For more information see pages 70-79 and visit

2 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Achieve Self Reliance
and Personal Freedom!
Free gun repair introductory
DVD lesson and special report:
"How to get started
in gunsmithing" FREE
©Copyright AGI 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be
copied, reproduced or transmitted for any reason without
the written permission of the copyright holder.

Serial #02131004
DVD #1004

Order your complete information package which

includes a one hour introductory DVD lesson and
complete information on how to get started in
gunsmithing part-time, full-time or as a retirement income. *We just ask that
you pay $3.97 for priority mail shipping & handling and that’s totally refundable!

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Call 1-800-997-9404 or go to:
• How to ensure reliable auto-pistol feeding and prevent jams
• Understanding and timing of Remington 870 cartridge stops
• Checking and adjusting "range" on Smith & Wesson revolvers
• Troubleshooting ejection problems on Browning A-5 shotguns
• How a gas system works on a Colt AR-15
• AR-7 trigger repairs and much more . . .
Master Gunsmith Robert "Bob" Dunlap reveals secrets of fast and
easy gun repair! Exclusive teaching method demonstrated in a
proven format that makes learning a snap!
There are numerous courses throughout this catalog that are all included
when you invest in the Complete MASTER Gunsmithing Course. They are
designated by this "MGC" seal shown here on the left. Check them out!
Learn all about the Complete Master Course on pages 70-73.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with any AGI video or product purchased directly from
AGI, you may return it for a full refund (less shipping) for one full year. Defective DVDs also
replaced for up to one year. The only question we'll ask is: "How did we fail you?"
BBuild a Semi-Auto
G-3, HK-91, & CETME Rifle
Do you want to build a legal G-3, 7.62
NATO (.308) style semi-auto rifle?
International Firearms Expert John D. Bush takes
you step-by-step through the process of building an
ATF approved G-3 semi-auto rifle using a new USA
manufactured receiver and surplus parts. Includes
what parts you need to change to stay legal! Detailed
coverage of the barreling process, headspacing, parts
identification and inspection, and everything else
you need to know. Both the stamped steel and forged
aluminum receivers are shown and demonstrated.
DVD#3154 $39.95 (plus s/h) 92 min.

Build FN-FAL Rifles
The FAL rifle has often been called the “Right Arm of Freedom” as it has
been in service with over 35 countries around the world. In this exclusive
AGI Armorer’s Course you will learn how-to: dis- Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

tinguish a metric pattern FAL from an inch, properly FN-FAL

install a barrel and adjust headspace, build a rifle Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers

from a receiver and a parts kit, totally disassemble

and reassemble every part in your FAL, check parts
for excessive wear and adjust the gas system. You Includes

will see many of the accessories currently available Schematic!*

Extra Added Bonus:

How-To Build A
on the market, some rare tools, and a live fire FAL From A Parts Kit!

demonstration of a pair of custom mini full-auto VIDEO

AGI Armorer's Series

FALs. 125 min. DVD#1224 $39.95 (plus s/h) AGI

4 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
AGI Instructor,
Jack Landis, covers numerous options
for customizing and building the Ruger 10/22.
Plus, he’ll help you determine just what kind of

First you get to see finished configurations of the gun, just to

get the creative juices flowing and after that, Jack moves on
to the various parts of the firearm that can be customized and
takes a look at the heart of the gun, the receiver (or action).

There are so many choices and variations! r

• Napa, CA 94559 • 8
All rights reserved. No part of this video may be

Jack explains the attributes of various barrels, stocks, trigger housings, scopes, and
magazines, as well as individual parts that will enable you to make informed decisions
about the type of gun you want to build before you even spend any money. The course
will allow you to create your dream custom rifle. As an extra bonus, Jack also
spends some time at the mill and lathe showing us how to go about performing some
practical modifications, like boring/drilling/tapping rear cleanout holes in the receiver,
squaring up the bolt face and adjusting headspace. You'll even learn how to do a
proper trigger job! DVD#3454 $79.95 (plus s/h) 5 hour course!
The best thing about the 10/22 is that
it can be customized to your heart's content!

Build an
AR-15 Rifle from a
We teach you how step-by-step!
Want to build a Legal AR-15 from a Kit?
Learn the easy way without making common, costly
mistakes. Once again AGI shows you how step-by-step.
Using parts from several of the top AR-15 manufactur-
ers, Robert Dunlap takes you through the entire process
of building up a rifle from parts. Includes parts identifi-
Instructed By
Master Gunsmith
Robert “Bob” Dunlap
cation, installing and fitting all the parts, head spacing
the barrel, final assembly, test firing, and tuning. A Presented By

number of aftermarket accessories are covered along

• Napa, CA 94559 • 8

with examples and demonstrations of the tools required

to make the job easy. Plan on getting started on your project today by
ordering this course. It will save you time and money by avoiding
common mistakes. 120 min. DVD#3234 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Also Available for the AR-15:
AR-15 Trigger Job #3354 page 28 • AR-15 Armorer’s #1034 page 44
AR-15 Disassembly/Reassembly Course #7004 page 36 5 AGI
Build your own M1 Garand
Master Armorer & International Firearms Expert, John D. Bush
shows and demonstrates step-by-step: identifying, sorting and
selecting parts and receivers, checking parts for wear and fit,
and a clear demonstration of the barreling and headspacing
process. Along with total assembly and final fitting is a discus-
sion on how to identify parts by manufacturer, interesting facts
and bits of history. This is the only complete course detailing
everything you need to know to assemble an M-1 Garand from a
parts kit. 109 min. DVD#3144 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Build your own

tactical or varmint rifle
Master Rifle Builder Darrell Holland covers ALL the options so
you can select the style and features that suit your own tastes.
Darrell not only shows you different features and styles to
choose from, he explains the advantages and disadvantages of
each so you won't make a mistake you’ll regret later.
EVERYTHING IS COVERED from cartridge and caliber
selection for tactical and varmint applications to the fitting and
assembly of a custom rifle capable of shooting tiny, repeatable
groups! This course includes: cartridge and barrel selection,
lathe and mill work, headspacing, stock selection, Jewell trigger installation, barrel
break-in, tuning and accurizing, high performance parts, stock bedding, scope selection
and installation, and sighting-in.
You can’t come closer to guaranteed success than this!
Darrell even reveals his exclusive, patented, V-block bedding system, giving you an
inside look at one of the most repeatedly accurate mounting systems ever invented.
He shows his exclusive one-screw take-down design and how it is installed.
Go to the range with Darrell to put the newly-built rifle through its paces and learn
proper procedures for barrel break-in and sighting-in the rifle. Darrell also shows you
proper cleaning techniques to maintain that accuracy! So, whether you want to take
out varmints at 500 yards with uncanny accuracy or you need a tactical rifle that can
perform when it's needed to diffuse a dangerous situation and save lives, this is the
course for you. DVD#3124 $49.95 (plus s/h)
Darrell’s attention to detail is legendary and when you combine this knowledge along
with the information in Darrell’s Long Range Shooting Course shown on page 26,
you’ll not only be proud of the tack driving rifle you built, you’ll also know how to
make it perform to its maximum potential in the field.

6 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Build a Semi-Auto

From A Parts Kit

AKS from a parts kit!

Build From A Flat
Or Pre-formed Receiver!

Parts Selection
Parts Identification
How To Rivet
Bending Flats Build This We Did All The Work For You! From internet
Receiver Selection Gun Legally!
Barrel Installation
Fitting A Trunnion research and experimenting with various construction techniques,
Tooling Blueprints
to creating tooling and documenting everything with drawings,
Much More!
we took the long way around in order to find the BEST and
EASIEST method for building a Semi-Auto AK from a parts kit.
Printable Tooling Blueprints Included!
Now, because of our thorough research and painstaking experi-
AGI ments, YOU can build an AK from a kit with ease and guaran-
teed success. We have eliminated all the guesswork and shown you a foolproof method for build-
ing up a Semi-Auto AK from a completed receiver or from a receiver flat.

Build this gun

Endless Maze -
You’ll be lost without this course
. . . Legally!
You won’t believe how many different ways there are to skin this cat! It seemed as though the
variations of how you could build an AK from a kit were ENDLESS. Several gunsmiths and
engineers from AGI poured over this process and tried various methods for forming and
assembling receivers before we realized that in order to eliminate confusion and lower risk of
failure, we needed to come up with ONE standardized procedure that would work for the
experienced perfectionist as well as for the first-time, novice builder. After months of
experimentation we had the answer.
Parts Identification • Construction Techniques • Receiver Selection
Barrel Installation • Fitting a Trunnion • How-to Rivet • Bending Flats
Tooling Blueprints • Parts Selection • and much more
If you follow the procedures we show you and use the tooling we give you prints for, you simply
can’t miss. Prints are included on the DVDs for all the tooling you need whether you are starting
from a receiver flat or with a pre-formed receiver. By building the AGI tooling you simplify the
building process and increase your chances of success. Every step in the process is covered in
detail and when we are done building our AK, we take you through the proper safety checks and
off to the range to test fire. You’ll be impressed at how well the gun operates.

We are so confident this course includes everything you need to know for building a Semi-Auto
AK from a kit that we back the course with AGI’s money back bulletproof guarantee!
Over 3 hours of detailed instruction! DVD#3294 $59.95 (plus s/h)
NOTE: Knowledge of complete disassembly and reassembly of an AK is recommended 1 Year
for this course. See the AKS Armorer’s Course #1054 on page 45 for this information. Satisfaction
Also available for the AKS: ON EVERY
AKS Trigger Job Course #3364 page 28 AGI DVD
AKS Armorer’s Course #1054 page 45
AKS Disassembly/Reassembly Course #7054 page 36 7 AGI
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HOT BRASS Magazine: A bi-monthly
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Build your own
Ultimate 1911 .45
auto style pistol for
competition or legal
concealed carry
Does your .45 auto have all
the features you want?
A 3 Volume Series! This is, without a doubt, the most
comprehensive course ever produced on building or
modifying your .45 auto (or other caliber) 1911 style pistol.
Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey has over 40 years experience in building
Vol 1 and shooting IPSC 1911 style pistols. He will take you through the
entire process, revealing all the tricks he has learned over the years
along with some of the latest upgrades available for your pistol. This course is unlike
any other previously offered and contains information you won't find anywhere else.
Save hundreds of dollars! Over two years of research and development!
Everything is covered in complete detail! 4 hours. DVD#3084 $79.95 (plus s/h)
Look at what this covers!!
• Tightening the slide • Serrating the back of the slide
• Lapping the frame to the slide • Installing tritium sights
• Installing a drop-in barrel • Installing an extended guide rod
• Ramping the barrel • Installing an extended mag release
• Fitting the link • Installing and tightening stake-on
• Cutting the barrel feet front sights
• Showing the Jarvis camlock system • Contouring the frame and slide to
• Fitting and tuning the extractor fit your hand
• Installing a new ejector • Cutting the dovetail for an
• Replacing the plunger tube adjustable rear sight
• Fitting an extended beaver tail safety • Overview of a myriad of custom
• Installing a gunsmith-fit barrel and options and accessories
bushing • Close up views of hammer and sear
• Installing an extended slide stop and never before seen on video
thumb safety • How to use many specialized jigs
• Installing a tapered mag well and fixtures (for drilling, milling,
• Fitting an adjustable trigger trigger jobs, tightening slide,
• Performing a complete trigger job tightening frame, fitting grip safety,
• Cutting the hooks on the hammer installing stake on and dovetail
• Installing a skeleton hammer sights, etc.)
• Installing a titanium firing pin • Variety of hand, power tool and
• Stoning the sear and hammer machining techniques
• Tuning the disconnector
• How to adjust trigger pull weight
See next page for Volume 2

Ready to build a Custom 1911 from the
ground up? Nancy did it, so can you!
AGI shows you how, step-by-step, starting with a “Race Ready” Kit
Gene Shuey
Vol 2 takes you to
the next
level of custom 1911
building with this course on
"Building the Race Ready
Kit." If you want to build a
really hot 1911 style pistol
with a lot of custom
features and want to save a
lot of time and money, then
building a semi-custom
1911 from a kit makes a lot
of sense. Many of the
custom features that you
would normally have to do
yourself are already done
for you by the manufacturer.
All the costly machining Gun built by Nancy Veress using AGI
operations are done. Built instructional videos!
in features include a high
cut frame, milled for adjustable sights, checkered front strap,
integral flared mag well and beavertail grip safety to name a
few. This course will provide you with all the knowledge that
you need to turn a "Race Ready Kit" into a great carry gun or
match winning pistol.
The perfect next step for those of you who are serious about pistolsmithing
1911 style pistols. Mr. Shuey demonstrates many different tools and fixtures
not covered in Volume I. 31/2 hours. DVD#3094 $79.95 (plus s/h)
This course covers in depth: Learn the professional's
• Fitting the slide to the frame secrets of:
• Fitting a bull barrel • Getting an ultra light and
• Reaming chamber and headspacing crisp trigger pull
• Professional trigger job with • Fitting the extractor
custom hammer and sear • Making the pistol "jam proof "
• Full length tungsten guide rod • Getting match accuracy with
with reverse plug combat reliability
• Balancing the springs for • Using tools and fixtures like a pro
reliability and performance • How to fit the pistol to your grip
• Fitting barrel lock-up • Learn which options give you
• Tuning the extractor the most performance
• Tuning the ejector • Exotic and durable finishes
• Installing and adjusting a trigger
There’s More! Turn The Page To Read All About Volume 3 Of This Fantastic Series! ☞AGI
Build the hi-capacity
“wide-body” competition 1911
If you would like to build the Ultimate Custom
Hi-Capacity - the final installment in this series will
give YOU all the knowledge you need
In the final installation of this series Gene Shuey teaches you how to
Vol 3 build the ultimate custom high capacity (wide body) 1911 style pistol
for carry or competition. 5 hours. DVD#3164 $79.95 (plus s/h)
Detailed video instruction includes:
• Comparing & evaluating the high capacity pistol of today
• How to select the best components and parts
• How to fit an oversized slide for maximum
accuracy and performance
• How to install adjustable and fiber optic sights
• Learn how to checker steel parts
• Installing a "gunsmith fit" bull barrel
• How to select the proper sized link
• How to correctly install an ambidextrous safety Exclusive Microscopic Views of
• Machining a flat rib on top of a slide Hammer and Sear Relationship
• How to do a professional "trigger job" on any 1911 shown in Volume 1
• How to do a 11/2 lb. trigger job safely
• How to ream and headspace a chamber
• How to set up an extractor and ejector for
flawless reliability
• Learn what causes a pistol to jam on feeding
and how to make it "jam proof"
• Learn the importance of proper spring rate
and how to select the right springs to do
the job you need
• How to contour the grip to fit your hand and
minimize felt recoil Also Available:
• How to select and use the best tools Troubleshooting 1911 Style
and machine fixtures Auto Pistols
• Learn how to cut costs and time by selecting #3414 page 30
factory offered options
• Where to purchase the latest "hi-tech"
parts that the pros use
• Selecting the best finish for your pistol
• How to tune and troubleshoot
hi-capacity magazines
• Learn the many tips and techniques on
tuning for absolute reliability
Get all 3 volumes together and
SAVE $50! Only $189.85 (plus s/h)
Reg. $239.85
12+ hours of instruction!
12 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

The Ultimate
The Ultimate Glock
Glock Video

Making Glocks ROCK!

Noted Glock authority T.R. Graham takes you into the gun piece by
piece, teaching you the tips and tricks learned from his years of
experience. In this course you'll see the types of trigger modifications
achieved by switching parts, using aftermarket parts, and even
modifying the factory originals. He explains how to combine them
for different applications, and shows how to build both a combat and
Sights • Barrels • Triggers

AGI Magazines • Accessories • Accurizing

competition trigger. T.R. reviews sights available for Glocks, and the
Conversions • Custom Parts

differences between competition and combat sights. Watch the installation of several sights,
including laser and night sights. See how to install extended mag releases and slide stops and
make them work even more effectively, aftermarket recoil spring and guide rod combinations, a
myriad of different magazine and grip accessories, and how to combine them to tailor
the pistol to YOU.
Learn to convert your Glock pistol to another caliber, as well as an amazing array of
tricks, tips and modifications including: extractor and ejector mods, frame changes, safeties, etc.
Learn to fit barrels and porting systems. Learn what parts give you the best return in accuracy
and what to avoid. See the variety of the factory parts available, and which ones can be inter-
changed between different model guns. Finish by seeing some of the more unusual accessories
available and some unique custom Glocks.This is simply a MUST HAVE COURSE for any
Glock owner! 3 hours, 47 min. DVD#3264 $49.95 (plus s/h)
Sights • Barrels • Triggers • Magazines
Accessories • Conversions • Custom Parts • Accurizing
Rebarrel &
How-to Rebarrel & Blueprint
Military Bolt Action Rifles
Bolt Action This course is designed to teach you how to super tune all the popular
Rifles military bolt actions including: Mausers, Enfields, Springfields and
This course is designed to teach you how to

Japanese Arisakas. AGI’s Ken Brooks tells you which models are safe
super tune all the popular military bolt actions!

to build-up and which ones aren’t, including which work best with
5 Hour Course!

VIDEO magnum cartridges. This course focuses on tuning, strengthening, and

2 DVD Set

GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE accurizing the action for both reliability and function. Ken not only
shows you HOW to perform each procedure, he also explains WHEN and WHY to do them.
He shows you how to: weld up the firing pin hole, reshape the firing pin, machine the bolt face
and open it for magnums, super-tune the extractor and make it “snap-over” for reliability, lap the
lugs, extend the mag box for longer cartridges, install recoil shoulders in the magazine box, open
the rails to feed magnum cartridges, fit the magazine for reliable feeding, and modify the front
guard for bedding. Learn to flare the cocking piece runway, fit the bolt stop and ejector, do a
trigger job, re-barrel and headspace.
Dozens of custom modifications are shown; some for reliability, others for accuracy, and many
for personal taste. We show you how to perform procedures without expensive tooling and which
tools are a “must have.” You CAN build an accurate, reliable, totally awesome, customized, mili-
tary bolt-action rifle! 5 hrs. DVD#3284 $79.95 (plus s/h)
A wonderful addition to the Building the Custom Mauser course shown on page 14! AGI
Build a Custom
Mauser Rifle with
your own hands!
After watching this course you will be able to convert a
Mauser from an ugly old beater into a beautiful hunting
rifle that you will be proud to show off. AGI Master
Gunsmith Gene Shuey will show you each step, from
removing old parts, to installing and headspacing a new
barrel. In this epic production you will see a solid old
military mauser 98 transformed into a classic hunting rifle. First we provide you with
a thorough discussion and identification of Mauser actions, then we teach you each of
the following steps:
Selecting Actions • Removing the old hardware and barrel from the action using a
barrel vise • Selecting barrels, considerations • Installing, reaming and headspacing a
barrel • Muzzle brake installation • Custom floor plate installation
Bolt handle modifications • Installing sights and soldering • Selecting a stock
Inletting and contouring the stock • Basic checkering concepts
Stock refinishing concepts • Triggers • Slings • Custom accessories • and much more!
Over seven (7) hours of detailed information. Over two years in development and
production. DVD#3064 $79.95 (plus s/h)

AGI student builds Beautiful Custom

Mauser Hunting Rifle, he says You can too!
“I have been a life long subscriber to Rifle Magazine and have
lusted after the beautiful firearms that have been portrayed in their
“Custom Corner.” I decided that I would attempt to build my own
custom rifle, so I began to look around for a resource where I could
learn how to do just that. Going to one of the gunsmithing schools was
out of the question considering that I wanted to do this as a hobby, not
as a profession. I read/heard about your company and decided to take a
chance. I ordered the “Building the Custom Mauser.” I purchased a
Persian 98/29 Mauser rifle & began work.

I wanted to tell you that I have

watched that series over ten times all the way
through. Mr. Shuey is a disciplined instructor, not
given to over statement. For the beginner, these
Gorgeous! videos are so helpful as they walk one through the entire
process of building a custom rifle. Then I purchased the Rust /Nitre Bluing. I have
just completed all of the metal work (bottom metal, action, bolt and barrel) and I gotta tell you, it
is beautiful! I could never have afforded to purchase a custom rifle of this quality. Yet, with these
videos, I have been able to produce beautiful work. This is not a testimony to my own efforts.
Rather, this is praise for the ability of these videos to provide instruction in such a way, that a
beginner like me can turn out decent work. In the hands of a patient and diligent person, these
videos bring the possibility of the custom rifle into the reach of people like me. For that I wish to
thank you and your organization for providing me with this service. I got more than I bargained
for from your videos! Sincerely yours, Pastor Jim Pimentel

14 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Custom Barrel

your own rifles!
Detailed course gives you professional results!
Using a Remington 700 action Darrell Holland takes you
through the complete process of custom rebarreling. You will
understand EVERYTHING you need to know to complete your
rebarreling project from lathe set-up to final installation and
fitting (even how to install a muzzle brake). Darrell helps you choose the right barrel for
your application, and use the lathe to true the receiver and machine and lap the bolt lugs
to create maximum contact for strength and accuracy. He shows you the set-ups and a
simple process that enables you to support the receiver properly in the lathe chuck.
Learn proper measuring techniques and how those measurements relate to the finished
product. NOTHING is left out. Counter-boring the receiver and cutting the barrel
threads is covered in detail. Darrell finishes by crowning the barrel and, if that isn’t
enough, shows you how to size, select and install a muzzle brake. Find out what to do
and what NOT to do to get accurate results. Darrell also discusses safety issues so you
understand the tolerances required as you build a safe, reliable and barreled action!
Even if you plan to have someone else do your custom barrel work, this course will help
you select your new barrel, choose the options for the installation, and discuss the
project with your gunsmith. 120 min. DVD#2014 $49.95 (plus s/h)

Building The Fighting

Remington 870 Shotgun Convert your Remington
For Home Defense or Tactical Use
YOU can convert your basic
870 shotgun for home
defense or tactical use
Remington Model 870 Shotgun
into the ultimate tactical or
home defense weapon.


Begins with a discussion of accessories and options available,

then breaks down the actual work into its basic steps. Gene Kelly
Sights, Ammo,
Stocks, Refinishing
Let us show
you how!
Tactical Lights

shows what modifications are actually worth doing and have

Reliability Tuning
Barrel Modifications
And So Much More . . .

AMERICAN value. Learn what is legal and what generally is not. Basic tuning
and reliability modifications, such as timing of the cartridge
stops, are covered in detail along with bolt carrier conversion to override feed jams. Learn
the correct way to measure the barrel and how to properly shorten and crown it. Learn
how to install sights and to drill and tap for screws, as well as modern epoxy installations.
Gene will teach you how to refinish your gun with Gun Kote, a modern tactical finish.
After finishing, Gene shows you how to add tactical safeties, magazine extensions, spe-
cialized followers and ammo carriers. Several different types of stocks are demonstrated,
with the advantages of each covered in detail. He takes you through a full function test of
the finished gun, discusses safe home storage and locking devices, and concludes with a
demonstration of the effects of various types of ammunition on walls.
If you've ever wanted a tactical shotgun, or wondered how you could build one on your
own, this is the course for you! Guaranteed! 2 hours. DVD#3274 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Sights • Ammo • Stocks • Refinishing • Tactical Lights
Reliability Tuning • Barrel Modifications • And More! AGI
er the


Glock Pistols
Volume One
p it all
Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey reveals
the four areas that you can greatly
" improve on this excellent pistol!
To get the most out of your Glock you really need to know how to address each of these areas
and in this new course Gene Shuey and AGI show you how step-by-step.
Sights • Barrel • Grip Frame • Trigger Pull
Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey has been working on Glock pistols for many years, studying,
experimenting, and testing different approaches to enhancing the gun. He creates what is called
"functional art in firearms." His Glock pistols are absolutely beautiful to look at, feel, and hold,
and they work flawlessly!
If you're not familiar with Mr. Shuey, he is well known for building extremely high-end custom
1911 pistols. Entire feature articles have been written about his work in gun magazines around
the world. In Japan they have used his pistols as models to make exotic soft-air copies that sell
for premium prices. After receiving hundreds of requests, Gene turned all of his creative focus
to Glock pistols. Over the years he has refined his process for converting Glocks into the
finest concealed carry and competition pistols available anywhere. He now shares with you
everything he has learned from spending thousands of hours working on these guns.
Mr. Shuey developed a simple step-by-step system that will enable you
to customize your Glock the way YOU want it. Follow along as he
shows you the numerous different sight options currently available and
helps you make your choice. He selects an aftermarket "drop-in" bar-
rel, installs it, and demonstrates how to test for proper fit and polish the
chamber for reliable feeding. He shows you how to enhance the grip.
He also shows you how to increase the adhesion of the grip so that it
won't slip when you need it during rapid firing or when your hands are
sweaty, wet, or slippery. Gene will also show you how to install a
thumb safety.
Furthermore, he teaches you how to greatly improve your trigger pull by installing a lighter
trigger connector, springs, and smoothing and tuning the parts. You will also learn how to select
and install an approved recoil spring assembly to reduce felt recoil and improve reliability. Gene
covers how to tune the overall pistol to improve fit, feel, and function plus a whole lot more.
This course is over three hours in length and is equal to sitting down with Master
Pistolsmith Gene Shuey at his bench for a week working side-by-side with him in his shop.
3+ hours. DVD#3424 $79.95 (plus s/h)

16 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

How to

Volume Two -
Advanced Techniques
Learn how to modify your Glock into a custom carry gun using
the step-by-step, detailed instruction you have come to expect 1 Year
from AGI. Following these methods you can build a truly GUARANTEE
custom Glock that combines stunning looks and exceptional ON EVERY
performance! AGI DVD

Mr. Shuey takes a Caspian slide and shows

you how to machine in a sight track, as well
as bevel the side and front edges for a
striking appearance and smooth, concealed
carry. He teaches you how to perform an
advanced and comprehensive trigger job that
speeds up lock time with a Titanium firing Milling the racing stripe
pin, then shows you how to install the
Cominoli "1911 style" thumb safety. You’ll
also see him show and explain the pros and
cons of an extensive assortment of slide
stops and magazine releases available as
both factory and aftermarket parts. Polishing ramp on barrel
Gene reveals how to recontour the shape of
your grip and enhance the surface texture to
create a grip that fits your hand like a glove.
He even shows you how to systematically
make money building custom Glocks by
creating a reuseable, model specific template Polishing chamfer on barrel
to ensure a perfect job each and every time.
Gene shows you the many different sight
options available and explains the
advantages and disadvantages of each. He
also demonstrates methods and tools used to
install sights without damaging your custom
slide. On top of all that, he covers finishing
options such as hard chrome, DLC, and Showing cutting position
bluing. DVD#3434 $79.95 (plus s/h) for sight track 17 AGI
How-to Customize
the AR-15:
Go from Practical to Tacti-cool
Don’t hesitate just because it’s hard to be sure which
of the myriad of accessories are best for your pur-
pose. Your instructor, Master Gunsmith Sgt. Mark
Foster, has over 30 years of gunsmithing experience
and is a 20 year veteran of a California county
Sheriff’s Dept. where he is the Chief Armorer and
Training Officer. He shows you many examples of
triggers, grips, optics, lights, rails, barrels, stocks,
muzzle brakes, compensators, flash-hiders, sights, handguards, gas systems and more.
For each category he outlines what works well, tells you what to avoid and explains
why. His daily field-experience combined with his armorer experience working on
fellow officers’ weapons, gives him inside knowledge on the reliability and
functionality of each of these options.

After reviewing the accessories thoroughly, we build a variety of

“mission-oriented” ARs and review what we chose for each and
why. For example, we tailor the AR for: CQB, general hunting,
SWAT, 3-gun, varmint hunting, home defense, plinking and zom-
bie killing, just to name a few. After watching this course you will
be able to design and build your own ultimate AR-15s knowing they will perform
perfectly for YOUR PURPOSES. DVD#3464 $79.95 (plus s/h)

AGI DVD courses provide a simple solution to the

complex problem of needing to learn trade skills rapidly.
We have spent over 20 years and have invested millions of dollars to
create courses that provide you with a clear, concise learning
experience. Whether you want to totally disassemble and reassemble
your gun, build a custom rifle or pistol, become a hobby gunsmith,
professional gunsmith, machinist, welder, locksmith, or learn any of
many other trades, we have created courses that provide you the
knowledge and experience you want quickly at a fraction of the time
and money it would cost you to learn it any other way.

18 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Professional Trigger Jobs and

Systems - an Advanced Course
If you are serious about
learning gunsmithing,
then you need this
advanced course on
trigger jobs and systems
AGI’s philosophy is that you can’t
fix it unless you truly understand
how it works. Robert Dunlap will
take you step-by-step through the
14 major types of trigger systems
that represent the majority of all
systems utilized in most firearms. Extensive detail is given on each system
using large mock-ups to clearly represent how each system works along with
a discussion and examples of other firearms that use the same or a very simi-
lar system. In addition, a “hands-on” trigger job is performed on each specif-
ic model covered. DVD#3054 $597 ($11 S/H) 8 hours!
Detailed information for more than 28
specific models of firearms including:
• Single Action Trigger Systems: Plus . . .
Positive, Negative & Neutral • Double sear systems:
(hammer and sear engagement) design and adjustment
Weight (trigger pull) • Win. M70 (all M70s)
Creep (trigger travel) • Walther .22 Rifles
• S&W Auto Pistols • East German .22 Rifles
• S&W Revolvers • Triple Sear: Rem. M700,
• Colt Double Action Revolver AR-15, Mini-14, M-1,
• Erma Pistols AK47 clones, SKS
• M-1 Carbine and Garand • Tools and Equipment
• Military 2-Stage Triggers: Enfield
SMLE, M98 Mauser, Springfield
1903, Brno .22, Spanish Destroyer
• Mauser (M92 through M98)
• Win.150, 155, 170, 175, 190, 250,
255, 270, 275, 290, 1200, 1300,
1400, 1500 and all variations
• Rem. 870, 552, 572, 740, 742, 760,
7400, 7600 and all variations
• Ruger 10/22
• Colt 1911 Auto (and all clones) 19 AGI
Be a Law Enforcement Armorer
Responding to numerous requests from law enforcement agencies, officers,
gunsmiths, and individual shooters, AGI announces the opportunity to enroll
in a Home Study Law Enforcement Armorer's Course. This certified course
covers all of the current commonly used law enforcement handguns, shotguns and
patrol rifles. We have incorporated fifteen AGI DVD Armorer's Courses into a single
course along with testing and certification to create this exclusive AGI Certified Law
Enforcement Armorer's Course.

be in law
You do not needketo this course!
enforcem en t to ta Guns covered in detail include:
H&K MP5 • Glock Pistols • Colt 1911 • S&W M&P
Springfield XD • H&K USP • Remington 870 Shotguns
Ruger Double Action Revolvers • AR-15 Rifle
Beretta 92 • Ruger Mini-14 • S&W Revolvers • SIG Pistol
Mossberg 500 Series Shotguns • S&W Auto Pistols 1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen.
Each individual video Armorer's Course covers: Complete disassembly and
reassembly, detailed explanation of design, function and internal workings using a
cutaway firearm, basic troubleshooting and
repair at an armorer's level, AND . . . each
course includes a printable schematic! To
Over 23
attend just one factory armorer school would
hours of cost you hundreds of dollars, plus days of time
video and travel expenses. This entire course is equal
instruction! to attending 15 (fifteen!) factory schools - as
many times as you want! PLUS you can watch
and learn at home in your spare time. Your
knowledge of these firearms and confidence in
maintaining them will reach a new level.
Includes: 15 Armorer Course DVDs,
LEAC Course and Patch testing, certification and the Certified
Law Enforcement Armorer’s Patch.
Over 23 Hours of Course #LEACKITDVD
Video Instruction! $797 (plus s/h)

20 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Become a
AGI constantly strives to be
at the forefront in providing our
students, customers and Gun Club
of America Members with up-to-
date educational material and
information. We are proud to
announce we now offer a Certified
Armorer's Course specifically for
Cowboy Action
Firearms. Earn
your Certified 1 Year
Cowboy Action Armorer's Patch today! Satisfaction
Start gunsmithing in the fastest growing shooting
sport in the USA! This course consists of seven different
Cowboy Action AGI Armorer's Courses and covers the common cowboy
Armorer's Patch action revolvers such as Colt and Ruger single actions,
lever action cowboy rifles such as the Winchester ‘92, ‘94, 1866, 1873, 1876,
1886, the Marlin ’94 and ’95, the classic Winchester 97 pump shotgun, and
all of their clones and copies.

The course covers tuning the Single Action Revolver for speed shooting, and
contains two bonus DVDs. These additional lessons cover gated and non-
gated conversions of Colt and Remington percussion revolvers to cartridge
(with and without a mill), and an extensive smooth and tune of
the Marlin ’94. This lesson covers trigger jobs as well and Serial #03123474

is applicable to all cowboy lever guns.

ITEM# CCACOURSE $597 (plus s/h)
Course includes: 7 Armorer's Course Course #3474
68 minutes

DVDs, 2 Bonus DVDs, Testing,

Certification, Certified Cowboy
©Copyright AGI 2012.
All rights reserved.
No part of this video may

Armorer's Patch be copied, reproduced or

transmitted for any reason
without the written
permission of the
copyright holder.

OVER 12 HOURS OF Course #3484

120 minutes

INSTRUCTION! ©Copyright AGI 2012. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be
copied, reproduced or transmitted for any reason without
the written permission of the copyright holder.

Serial #03123484
Be a
How to have people bring
you piles of guns and pay
you for your expert opinion!
It is an absolute fact that hundreds of millions of dollars in guns will be sold, traded,
or inherited every year for at least the next twenty plus years as the Greatest
Generation and the Baby Boomers retire or pass on. Many of these guns must be
formally appraised for estate, resale, and tax purposes. This provides you with a little
known opportunity. You can get paid for providing your expert opinion of value
when you become a Certified Firearms Appraiser.™ Here are just a few opportunities
for a Certified Firearms Appraiser™:

• The IRS requires that firearms that are a significant part of an estate be appraised
for tax purposes. The same goes for collections of guns being donated to a museum,
foundation, or non-profit as a tax deduction.

• In the case of bankruptcies firearms are considered part of an individual’s net

worth; a certain amount of which, if properly documented, they get to keep.

• Individuals who need money for retirement or need to raise cash have to know
what their guns are worth so they can get a fair price. In addition, surviving spouses
or children will often want to sell a deceased person’s
firearms, but have no idea of their value.
You will be able to help these individuals by providing
your honest educated opinion, while getting paid. But,
you must have the proper training to be able to pro-
vide an expert opinion. We can help you achieve that
expertise FAST! AGI has developed this special
course which will enable you
to quickly become a Certified Above: AGI President
Firearms Appraiser™ using Gene Kelly with
knowledge provided from a Greg Martin of
panel of experts with well over Greg Martin Auctions
400 years of combined Carey Creech shows Gene
experience in collecting, some of the finer points of
appraising and selling firearms. appraising guns.

22 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

When you enroll in the Certified
These respected experts Firearms Appraiser™ course, you will
instantly benefit from all of their
teach you in detail how experience, saving you years of trial,
to appraise firearms: error and frustration. The business
lessons they share during these
Greg Martin interviews are alone worth the entire
Greg Martin Auctions
investment in this course. We even
Carey Creech show you real world examples as we
Advanced Collector appraise a number of different types of
Gene Shuey firearms, going through the entire
Master Gunsmith process right up to filling out the
copyrighted appraisal forms that AGI
Hank Bauer
Bauer Auction Services developed exclusively for the firearms
industry. This complete course even
Clark Ehlers covers how to market your services, so
Rock Island Auction Company that estates, foundations and attorneys
Steve Fjestad can find and hire you.
"Blue Book of Gun Values” Presented in the step-by-step format
that AGI is famous for, this is must
Marty Higgenbotham have information that will separate
Higgenbotham Auctioneers you from the competition.
Jim Hinton
Sohn Associates, Ltd. Just the certification alone puts you in
a different class. You can make from
Rick Jennings $25 to upwards of $100 per hour
The Gun Guy
appraising firearms, plus it will bring
James D. Julia additional traffic into your store or
James D. Julia Auctioneers shop. Think about all the additional
business that could come from completing
Brad Simpson
Simpson, Ltd. this course!

Jeff Taverner If you offer gunsmithing services,

Gun Slingers Auctions, many of these guns may need some
Gun Slingers Gun Shop restoration, customizing, or tuning.
Larry Wells This may be the opportunity you have
Old Barn Auction been looking for to expand your
hobby or generate more revenue.
Jim Supica
Director, National Firearms Offering firearm appraisal
Museum, NRA services is a great addition
to your gunsmithing business.
Course includes over 17 hours of instruction on DVDs and audio CDs, a
training manual, resource lists, reference books, appraising forms, testing, and
certification. Everything you need to get started. Complete the course and
you will receive a Certified Firearms Appraiser patch and a personalized
certificate upon passing the test. ITEM# FAPCOURSE $1,997 plus s/h 23 AGI
How to glass bed your
rifle for accuracy
If your rifle isn’t shooting as well as you think it should, a
poor bedding job could be the culprit. Using this fast, easy,
professional method will get you back on target quickly!
Everyone wants to get more accuracy out of their rifle and a
properly bedded action is one of the best ways to
achieve this goal.
AGI has created the definitive how-to instructional
course on step-by-step glass bedding. By following our methods and using the
proven bedding compound and kit (included FREE) you will greatly enhance the
performance of your rifle! Covers all types of stocks including: wood, composite or
plastic. The secrets of accuracy are explained along with tips on strengthening your
stock. 105 min. DVD#SGBVDVDKIT $49.95 (plus s/h)
“I recently completed a "Matchbook Cover" mail order gunsmithing course. Their entire
action bedding section can be summarized as “follow the instructions in the Brownells
action bedding kit. In contrast, your video course on Glass Stock Bedding, took me
step-by-step through the entire process with each step clearly demonstrated. My first
attempt looked very professional. Thanks AGI." Jack Herber, San Bernardino, CA.

Refinish stocks and

make your firearms
look like new!
Master Gunsmith teaches you how to FREE can of
remove dents, fix cracks, strip the old Custom Oil
finish, preserve checkering and how to Finish!
apply a new custom oil finish.
AGI has developed an easy method for you to professionally
refinish wood gunstocks. Duplicate the finish of the top gun
makers by using AGI's step-by-step process and Custom Oil Finish (included). The end
result will be a beautiful satin finished stock that you can be proud of. Guaranteed!
Custom Oil is a state-of-the-art spray-on finish that is easy to apply, quick drying, and
very durable. It is also easy to retouch if you scratch or nick your stocks. AGI's
exclusive video covers the step-by-step process in detail, showing you how to strip off
the old finish, fill or fix dents and scratches, how to sand and fill the grain, special
techniques for getting the proper color stain and the proper way to apply and treat the
finish. All of the simple tools and materials that you will need are readily available and
everything is explained in detail. AGI provides you with a 14oz. can of Custom Oil fin-
ish to ensure that you have enough material to completely refinish at least one stock and
if used efficiently, probably two. If you properly follow the AGI
method your rifle or shotgun will look like it was refinished by an
expert. Satisfaction Guaranteed! 120 min.
DVD#SRVDVDKIT $49.95 (plus s/h)(contains aerosol can -
must be shipped UPS Ground - cannot be delivered to PO Boxes)

24 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Restore your military firearms’

original look: complete parkerizing
kit and step-by-step course
Finally, a complete parkerizing kit that enables anyone
to get excellent results at home or in the shop. Kit
provides enough cleaner, degreaser, parkerizing
solution, and neutralizer to parkerize several guns.
Color is controlled to produce a dark gray or a charcoal
black as desired. Ideal for refinishing military or
sporting firearms of all types. AGI's exclusive DVD
makes parkerizing easy, removing the veil of mystery that has surrounded this
process. You will be shown AGI's methods step-by-step, including: preparing
the metal, degreasing, tank set-up, how to mix the finish, what parts should
never be parkerized, touch-ups, neutralizing and reassembly. We reveal many
"tricks of the trade" in this course. Dipping tank and hardware not included.
86 min. DVD#PKDVDKIT $59.95 (plus s/h) includes haz mat fee. Shipped
UPS Ground - cannot be delivered to PO Boxes.
“The video that you sent me on parkerizing was one of the most entertaining and
informative that I can remember experiencing. The course instructor treated metallurgy
and chemical effects with professionalism and skill.” Ian G. Beswick, McCall, ID

Pillar Bedding
Rifles for Accuracy
Shows you how to install pillars to greatly increase
the accuracy of your rifles, providing a rock solid
bedding platform. Master rifle builder Darrell Holland
explains and demonstrates the step-by-step process of
making, converting and installing pillars to create a
rock solid bedding platform which will increase the
accuracy of your rifle. Every step is covered in precise
AGI Step-by-Step Instruction From AGI!
detail. DVD#3114 $44.95 (plus s/h) 120 min.

Tactical Black Metal

Finishing Kit
Low cost method to refinish your
firearms without hot dipping or bluing.
Refinish that rusty or worn firearm with a durable
tactical black matte, bake-on lacquer finish. Quickly
and easily protect your rifle, pistol or shotgun by using
this space age finish. Simple to use, three coat application, duplicates factory
color and finish. Works on steel, aluminum, brass, even stainless steel. No
messy chemical dips or tanks. Each kit provides enough material to complete-
ly refinish the metal parts of one long gun or two pistols. Complete with AGI's
exclusive step-by-step instructional course. DVD#TBMFV $49.95 (plus s/h)
Shipped UPS Ground - cannot be delivered to PO Boxes. AGI
Handloading Squeeze the Maximum

For The
Long Range Shooter
Get Maximum
Performance out of
Your handloads
ance and
Performance From
Your Handloads
s bullets,

For about the cost of a box of bullets you can learn to get
every last bit of performance and accuracy out of your
factory or custom rifle. Learn how to make hand loaded
ammunition tailored specifically for long range shooting.
You’ve heard the stories of unbelievable accuracy and
shooting with “custom” ammunition. Perhaps you’ve even
GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE built your own favorite load. Now you can learn to surpass
anything commercially available with this course from AGI. GUARANTEED!
Riflesmith and competitive shooter Darrell Holland offers over an hour of step-by-step
instruction in the manufacture of superior ammunition. Standard caliber and wildcat
cartridges are discussed and reasons for using them explained. Components such as
bullets, powder and primers are examined and selected, on the basis of the type of target
and the distance where the performance will be best suited. A ton of information that
will enhance your capabilities. 71 min. DVD#3214 $39.95 (plus s/h)
1 Year



Shooting Course
Master Rifleman Reveals Secrets That You
Can Use With Devastatingly Accurate Results
Special techniques enable you to quickly range and
hit a target from 300 to 600 yards and beyond!
Long range shooting expert Darrell Holland takes you
through a course of instruction guaranteed to improve your
long range shooting skills. The initial discussion focuses on
the rifle, ballistics, cartridges and bullets. Judging range and equipment calibration are
covered, along with a selection of optics and range finders. Shooting techniques are
covered from the point of both a hunter and a tactical shooter.
Darrell shows tips for bench and field shooting positions, and demonstrates them
along with expedient methods and accessories for optimum accuracy. You’ll see some
incredible shooting at ranges out to 600 yards and learn how to make those shots. On
a rainy day I used the methods taught by Darrell in this course to score head shots
three for three at 360 yards and three for three body shots on metal silhouettes at 600
yards. All in light rain with changing wind conditions.
We are so sure that you will benefit from this course that if you use the methods in
this course and you don’t significantly improve your ability to shoot at long ranges we
will give you a FULL Refund - no questions asked. Exclusively for AGI customers
we have developed and are including a set of invaluable tables for calculating your
long-range shots. 104 min. DVD#3224 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Guaranteed 37% Increase In Accuracy!
26 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
Re-Blue Firearms
Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey
reveals every step in the process
of professional metal refinishing and hot
caustic bluing in this detailed course.
Four hours of exclusive instruction on this subject.
This course clearly explains and demonstrates in
comprehensive step-by-step detail everything you need
to know to refinish firearms and teaches you the skills needed to achieve consis-
tent success. I can tell you as a professional gunsmith who has blued hundreds of
guns that I have never before seen a presentation on this subject that was as clear,
comprehensive, and concise as this course. Covers detailed metal preparation,
tank set up, and mixing processes. Dozens of tips and techniques are revealed,
many for the very first time. DVD#3044 $249.95 (plus s/h)

The Secret Processes of
Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing
Many of the finest guns in the world are blued using
this process and it is mandatory for soft soldered
double guns. A professionally done finish using
these methods will fetch $300 and more! Gene Shuey
reveals step-by-step these little-known processes.
31/2 hours DVD#3104 $99.95 (plus s/h)
It is recommended that the bluing course #3044 shown
above be viewed prior to this course to fully understand the metal preparation process.

Taming Wildcats
A wildcat cartridge is a cartridge not commercially
loaded by a major ammunition manufacturer.
This course is instructed by Custom Gunsmith Fred
Zeglin, renowned cartridge designer and builder of
the well known Hawk series of cartridges. Fred will
get you on the road to a thorough understanding of
Wildcats and Wildcatting. Over two hours in
length, this course takes you smoothly from the
dreamin’ up and design phase through the actual
case forming and chamber reaming stages. If you
can run a lathe, you will be able to make your own reamers after watching
this detailed course! How to do ballistic research and the software programs
that are available to help you design your cartridge case are ALL covered.
DVD#2174 $79.95 (plus s/h) 120 min. AGI
Do your own trigger jobs and
get the most out of your guns
A lousy factory trigger pull can certainly ruin the fun and accuracy
of shooting. Learn how to improve your guns step-by-step.
Got a rough or heavy trigger pull? Improve your accuracy by modifying your trigger
to break clean with a smooth light pull. Every detail is explained step-by-step.
Improve your guns with this straight forward series of courses that teach you the
secrets of doing a professional trigger job for your specific model of firearm. Join
AGI’s Master Gunsmith Robert “Bob” Dunlap as he shows how each trigger system
works and why. Follow each step as he uses common tools to smooth the actions and
shows how you can enhance the performance of many of today’s popular firearms.
Each one hour trigger course covers one specific firearm. $39.95 each (plus s/h).

M1 Garand
AR-15 Used Got a rough or heavy trigger pull?
extensively in both Improve your accuracy by modifying your
shooting matches and competitions around trigger to break clean with a smooth light
the country the heavy barrel flat-top models pull. Every detail is explained step-by-
also make excellent varmint rifles. Whether step. With the work shown in this course
you are shooting in formal competitions or your surplus or aftermarket Garand can
just plinking, you want a good, clean, have the same trigger pull that keeps
safe trigger pull. This course will this rifle competing on DCM ranges
show you how to accomplish this around the country. DVD#3314
goal. DVD#3354

Winchester 70 This course

SKS Get a smooth, shows you everything you need to know to
clean and lighter trigger on one of the most improve or repair the factory trigger. A
popular military rifles in the world. Do it must have video for any Model 70 owner,
yourself. This course costs less than half and every gunsmith. DVD#3344
the cost of a trigger job, if you could find a
shop to do it. DVD#3304
Enfield There have
S&W Revolvers been tens of thousands of these rifles
Smooth up and lighten a imported, but they do have a rough
factory trigger on your S&W to military trigger. Learn how to improve
target specifications with this detailed the trigger pull on this wonderful rifle.
course & common bench tools. Large Applicable to the No. 1 MKIII, No. 4
scale mock-ups show every needed detail. MKI, Ishapore A2 .308 and other
(single action only shown - a double action variations. DVD#3374
smooth & tune is shown on the S&W
Armorer’s Course #1084 on page 46)
DVD#3334 AKS-MAK90
Ruger 10/22 This rifle has an incredible reputation for
With less than an hour of work reliability, but the trigger pull is often
you’ll notice a big improvement in your excessively heavy, rough and crude. Get
favorite .22 rifle after following this course more performance from this rifle by
of instruction. You owe it to yourself to improving one of its weakest features,
invest in this course. DVD#3324 the trigger pull. DVD#3364

28 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867


Israeli Instinctive Combat

Shooting Method

You have your pistol with you.
You have one second to respond.

Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method Revealed!
Learn the techniques that have been proven on the streets of the middle east
where terrorists and would be assassins play for keeps. This is the real thing!
The same course that is taught to the MOSSAD, special air security agents and
other intelligence, police and military units in Israel. Our special relationship
with former members of these elite forces enabled us to be the very first to
document this very practical technique that can be mastered in just a few hours.
You will learn: how to confront a threat, concealed carry and weapon control,
how to reduce your silhouette, proper footwork to ensure stability and how to
win in a street firefight against multiple threats. You can increase your chance
of surviving a gunfight by learning these proven techniques. Filmed on loca-
tion in Israel. DVD#3014 $39.95 (plus s/h) 60 min.

AGI Master Hunter Series:

Coyote Hunting with Darrell Holland
WARNING: Not for the Faint of Heart!
Darrell pulls out all the stops in this comprehensive
course on his first-love: Calling Coyotes.
NOTHING is left out. He shows you every angle
and every step you need to know in order to call
coyotes successfully (camo, scents, callers, cover,
stalking, ambush techniques, calling techniques,
tracking, shooting positions, reading terrain,
calibers, cartridges and more). If you've taken Darrell's courses before, you
know just how thorough he is! If you want to be successful hunting coyotes,
watch this course, you will learn how to call coyotes. After all, Darrell has
been perfecting his skills over thirty years of calling! Not sure he is really
that good? The proof is in the pudding and he has numerous first and second
place wins in coyote-calling competitions! Money back guarantee that it
covers coyote calling from A to Z with nothing left out.
DVD#MHSCDVD $49.95 (plus s/h)
This is a massive 4 hour course. AGI
Troubleshooting 1911
Style Auto Pistols
Make YOUR Pistol More Reliable!
One of the most requested
courses we have ever offered!!
Everyone loves the 1911 .45 auto style pistol. As originally
designed it is unbelievably reliable, BUT, when you or a
manufacturer change features, add parts, or vary from the
original design in any way, this gun can provide you with
some frustrating reliability problems. To resolve these issues, Master Pistolsmith
Gene Shuey will take you through the entire troubleshooting process, using cutaways
to simulate and show what specific types of jams and various malfunctions look like,
what causes them, and how to correct or avoid these problems. 165 min.
DVD#3414 $79.95 (plus s/h) (applicable to all makes, models & calibers)
Topics are organized into a systematic “Problem Index”
with each covered in detail. They include:
• Feeding related jams • Thumb safety failures
• Feed ramp design and angles • Grip safety
• Recoil spring balancing • Hammer drops or follows down
• Slide fit • Addressing accuracy issues
• Extractor • Trigger problems and adjustments
• Breach face • Slide not fully closing & locking-up
• Failure to load from magazine • Slide stop not functioning after
• Case extraction problems last round
(from chamber) • Extensive troubleshooting of
• Ejection problems magazine problems

“. . . I am truly amazed at the level of detail and ease of understanding.

I look forward to purchasing additional material as it becomes available.”
A. Michael Willenbecher, Ambler, PA

Professional Gun
Cleaning Secrets Professional
Tips, Tricks
& Techniques
Gun Cleaning
Tips, Tricks & Techniques
From The
Institute Are you making common mistakes when you clean
your firearms? This video contains information that only
Pistols one in a hundred gun owners know. Avoid damage and
Rifles learn new tricks, tips and techniques. Learn how profes-
sionals clean and maintain their firearms. What equipment
Over 2 Hours of Instruction!
is best, types of lubricants, why and when to use them, lead
removal, bore cleaners and the latest methods. DVD#3034 $39.95 (plus s/h) 2 hours.

30 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Super Tuning
the Factory Rifle
Save Hundreds of Dollars!
Before you go out and spend hundreds, or
possibly thousands of dollars on a new custom
rifle, first squeeze all the potential performance
out of the rifles that you already own! In this
course Darrell Holland will show you how to cut
your group sizes in half or more by improving
the rifles function using existing parts and by
employing the tricks of custom gun makers that
you can do yourself. Save Big Bucks by
“Saving” your existing barrel by recrowning,
setting back and re-throating the chamber. When to do cryo work and stress
relieving of the barrel and when to avoid it is explained. Also, how to add a
heavy pinned recoil lug, blueprinting the action and lapping the lugs, bedding for
100% contact and all the details of perfect stock fit. Plus - trick aftermarket
parts that really work, proper barrel break-in techniques, fitting a special firing
pin, trigger, bolt stop and why. Everything that you need to know to tune up
your factory rifle is covered in this course. Although most applicable to the
Remington 700 and Winchester Model 70 rifles, which are covered in detail,
many of the techniques can be applied to numerous other models as well.
DVD#3254 $49.95 (plus s/h) Over 31/2 hours!

Salvage classic rifles

with worn out or
corroded bores by
Relining the barrels
Now you can repair and shoot that old
family heirloom by properly relining the
barrel. Using an old “Savage Favorite”
.22, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks clearly
shows you how to bring old rifles that
have been relegated to hanging on the
wall back to fun and accurate shooting
condition. In this course from AGI, Ken
demonstrates and explains everything you
need to know including: how to determine if it is safe to reline the barrel, bar-
rel liner selection, boring out the barrel, liner installation, extractor fitting and
more. For just a few dollars you can restore these old guns and enjoy shooting
them again, without having to install a new barrel. This process is applicable
to hundreds of models of .22 LR, obsolete pistol caliber or low power rifles
such as the .25-20 etc. 113 min. DVD#3394 $49.95 (plus s/h) 31 AGI
How to make coil & flat springs
COIL SPRINGS Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap gives you
hands-on instruction on the design and manufacture of
springs. Now you can make coil springs for the odd jobs
that always seem to crop up. Obsolete guns can be saved
and used again. We’ll show you how to figure out the size
of the spring you need, how to wind it and how to temper it
to get a long lasting professional part.


never know when you will
have to make a spring for
that special project gun you
got a deal on or just to keep your guns working in the future. Learn the secrets and
tricks to making flat springs in this course instructed by Master Gunsmith Bob
Dunlap. You can now take ordinary spring stock and fix those firearms you just can’t
get parts for. This professional course is for the gunsmith and experienced hobbyist,
but belongs in every gun enthusiasts collection. Bob takes you through the process
of making a hammer spring from scratch. Includes metal selection, heat-treating
methods, shaping springs, “color tempering,” and more. This will save you years of
trial and error. DVD#3174 $49.95 (plus s/h)

How to Heat Treat Carbon

Steels and Alloys and Case
Harden Metal Gun Parts
gunsmith needs to know how to treat metals to
make or modify parts for use. In this hour of
instruction Bob Dunlap teaches you how to work
with medium and high carbon steels commonly found in gun
parts today. Annealing, drawing back and spot hardening
are all covered, and the uses of each technique are explained. This clear presentation is
knowledge that you will need when making parts or repairs.
CASE HARDENING Learn how to give mild steels a case hardened surface in this
hour long course featuring Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap. Case hardening creates a
long wearing surface for parts that wear against each other and allow the gunsmith to
greatly extend the life of the part. Sears, hammers and triggers are common examples
of parts that benefit from case hardened finishes. When making replacement parts or
repairing broken parts you will need to heat treat them. Following these instructions
will improve the quality and durability of the parts you make. Includes a detailed
demonstration on the use of case hardening compounds on small and medium size
parts. By owning this AGI course you will have the ability to keep this knowledge on
call for review whenever you need it. DVD#3194 $49.95 (plus s/h)
"AGI video courses are complete in detailed disassembly compared with other videos I've pur-
chased. I have eleven AGI courses and plan to expand my video library." Larry Jacobs Woken, IL.

32 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

How to professionally

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

Install A Recoil Pad install a recoil pad
Dig out that old shotgun or rifle that has a cracked
or rotten recoil pad and professionally replace it.
We show you two different professional methods of
installing and fitting a custom recoil pad. Includes:
FR E E adjusting stock length, repairing oversize stock
Recoil holes, grinding and sanding the pad to contour and
shape, and how to avoid mistakes. Several fixtures
Pad! are shown. DVD and Pad included. 104 min.
AGI DVD #3244 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Buying and Collecting Used

Guns Without Getting Burned
Don’t buy another pistol, rifle or shotgun without
seeing this first! Getting started in collecting
firearms or just looking for some good used hunting
or self defense guns? This AGI course will save
you time, money and the embarrassment of getting
“burned.” Ideal for the novice shooter and collector.
Darrell Holland teaches you how to judge finish and
condition . . . what adds value and what detracts . . .
how to assess the mechanical condition of different
action types . . . what to look for and what to avoid.
2 hours. DVD#3024 $39.95 (plus s/h)
“. . . I purchased your video “Buying & Collecting Used Guns” and found it
to be well worth the price by giving me informed examples of what to avoid.
The video has saved me big bucks.” James P. West, Shavertown, PA

Selecting, Understanding and

Buying Pistol and Rifle Scopes
A high quality scope that will hold zero and has the
proper magnification and reticule is one of the most
important components to building an accurate rifle.
But do you know what you need and what is
the difference between quality and junk?
Make an informed choice and save money
by getting the most for your dollar.
Numerous questions are answered such as: What is
the best reticule type for you? What do you look for
in construction and optics? How do you distinguish quality from junk -
regardless of price? Dozens of models and types from various manufacturers
are featured and explained. Includes proper mounting techniques. Save
hundreds or thousands of dollars on your next scope purchase. Instructed by
Darrell Holland. DVD#3134 $39.95 (plus s/h) 100 min. 33 AGI
“HOW-TO” Cowboy
Action SHOOTING Course
Featuring Two Time World Champion Lefty Longridge.
This SASS and Cowboy 3-Gun World Champion (AKA
Sergeant Joe Alesia, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Deputy,
Tactical Instructor and Training Supervisor) takes you
through a basic training course in the most popular and
fastest growing shooting game in the World - Cowboy
Action Shooting.
As Lefty says, “This is a fantasy sport. You can show up at your local cowboy club on
any given Sunday with no equipment or experience and the members will loan you
guns and ammo and coach you through your first course of fire. These are the
friendliest and most helpful people in the shooting sports, according to those who
know. Once you’ve fired your first match you’ll be hooked forever.”
Joe takes the time to go into serious detail about the history, clothes, equipment, and
match action in cowboy action shooting. You will get a champion’s (and highly sought
after trainer’s) tips on selecting guns and leather, as well as the actual shooting. Learn
the proper stance, sighting, grip, trigger control, and target engagement.
Learn how to overcome the most common impediments to competitive scoring.
Covers the basics of shooting the handguns, rifles, and shotguns of the sport, and the
proper methods of combat loading the ubiquitous model ’97 Winchester pump
shotgun. DVD#2164 $49.95 (plus s/h) 86 min.

The Complete History

of Smith & Wesson
with Roy Jinks
In this Collectors’ Edition video release, Gene Kelly spends
hours with Famed S&W Historian, Roy Jinks to bring you
the ultimate insider’s guide to the history of S&W.
That Mr. Jinks knows more about the history of Smith and
Wesson than anyone alive on earth today, is indisputable!
Besides just (just?) having the names, dates, models and
production information on the tip of his tongue, he is a treasure trove of really interest-
ing facts and stories about both the founders of this American Firearms icon and their
key employees. How particular guns got made, why particular guns got made, and
whose ideas they were - all of this company folklore just rolls off the top of his head.
Roy has the most extensive collection of rare S&W pistols, photos and documents in
the world, it’s totally amazing, and he SHOWS and shares it ALL with you on this
comprehensive 31/2 hour video. Roy also takes us on a private guided tour of the S&W
Factory Museum. You will see Daniel Wesson’s original office! Yep, it’s still just as he
left it! You won’t want to miss this special presentation! 2 DVD Collector Set!
DVD#2154 $59.95 (plus s/h)

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Get Your American
Gunsmithing Institute
AGI Logo Gear! AGI
AGI Coffee Cup
Around the office this is our "Life Support System" -
a sturdy white mug with the AGI logo and motto in blue and
red. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this 12 ounce cup will hold
your favorite beverage while proclaiming to the world that "the right
to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Comes in handy as a reference
tool also, since it has our 800 number and website address right on the front.
Keep several around the shop, we do. Item #AGICUP $6.95 (plus s/h)

The American Gunsmithing Institute exists to provide firearm

enthusiasts with the knowledge needed to keep their guns in
safe and top-notch condition, maximizing their shooting
experience and potential in a way that preserves the
gunsmithing art and ensures "that the right of the people to
keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

AGI Polo Shirt

You just can't beat this comfortable, good looking,
short sleeved shirt. We know you can't wear a
bunch of fancy shirts in the shop, so when we
found this polo type shirt made from heavy weight
jersey we were pretty excited. When we saw the
price we knew it was a winner. We added a nice embroidered AGI logo and it
quickly became the favorite shirt here in the shop. It looks sporty, wears well,
and is cheaper than most t-shirts. We're offering them to you at a price that
will let you wear one everyday. So dress up a little, and don't be surprised
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Item #POLO $17.95 (plus s/h)

Whether you’re trying to keep the wind out of your
hair or the sun out of your eyes you just can't beat
this comfortable, good looking, AGI hat. Use this
quality hat all year long!
Item #AGIHAT $12.00 (plus s/h) 35 AGI
These DVDs clearly demonstrate the complete process of
disassembly and reassembly step-by-step, using close-up views to
provide clear instruction. Each DVD manual covers one specific model or
family of firearms and is indexed to help the user quickly find the
information they are looking for. At the price of only
$19.97 plus shipping these DVD manuals are
ONLY "must have" support information for anyone
who owns one of these firearms.
Indexed For Rapid Review!



Bob Dunlap, Senior Instructor
Master Gunsmith Robert “Bob” Dunlap, Senior
Instructor, American Gunsmith Institute, is a widely
respected authority in the firearms industry. Bob spent
over 35 years as the senior instructor at Lassen College’s
internationally known gunsmithing school.
A major proponent of understanding the design of the
weapon, Bob utilizes a unique teaching style that enables
him to take complex firearms and make them easier for
the student to understand. Graduates of his courses rank among the better
known gunsmiths in the industry.

Darrell Holland
Mr. Holland is well known as a custom rifle builder, writer
and lecturer. He builds some of the tightest shooting rifles
in existence. Darrell is always inventing new performance
shooting products and is constantly pushing the envelope with
regards to integrating the latest technology and ideas into his
rifle designs to increase accuracy and improve reliability.
Mr. Holland has instructed many courses for AGI that take advantage of his
unique knowledge and expertise. His simple, direct instructional style makes
learning any subject easy and his attention to detail is legendary. He enjoys
teaching and has taught gunsmithing and marksmanship courses international-
ly. Even the most experienced shooters and gunsmiths learn from his courses.

Gene Shuey
Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, former
world class competitive shooter and current trainer. A
Master Gunsmith specializing in 1911 and glock pistols,
IPSC limited and open class guns, and high end custom
rifles, Mr. Shuey has contributed extensively to AGI's
instructional gunsmithing courses.

T.R. Graham
T.R. Graham is a known authority, author, and gunsmith
specializing in Glocks and other handguns. An NRA
Certified Pistol Instructor, T.R. has worked in all facets
of the civilian firearms industry including research and
development, public relations, manufacturing,
instruction, and gunsmithing. His personal training includes instruction and
certification from several manufacturers on their weapons.

38 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Robert Rizzetto
Robert Rizzetto has over 37 years of experience in
the welding trade and is a Credentialed Welding
Instructor. Because of his thorough training and
experience he understands exactly WHAT is hap-
pening when you are welding and how to explain it
to the student in a detailed and easy to understand
style. He enjoys teaching and introducing students
to the amazing, demanding world of welding.
Ken Brooks
A graduate of the renowned gunsmithing program at
Lassen College, studying under Master Instructor
Robert Dunlap, Ken now works full time for Bob
and continues his journey studying under the master.
When Bob retires from gunsmithing, he plans on
turning his entire operation over to Ken because he
has developed into such a great design, function and repair gunsmith.

Gene Kelly, President, AGI

Gene graduated from the renowned gunsmithing
program at Lassen College, where Bob Dunlap was
his instructor. Gene worked as a professional gun-
smith and saw a need for gunsmithing DVD courses
to preserve this vital information. He contacted Mr.
Dunlap who was retiring from Lassen College and
the American Gunsmithing Institute was born. Thousands of gun
owners and professional gunsmiths have benefited from this effort.

John Bush
Mr. John Bush is a Master Armorer and has a long
and colorful connection with firearms. He is con-
stantly traveling as a consultant to manufacturers and
importers of military firearms and is certified as an
Expert Witness in firearm cases.

Mark Foster
Mark graduated from the Lassen College
Gunsmithing program where he studied with Gene
Kelly and Darrell Holland under Bob Dunlap. Sgt.
Foster has over 30 years of gunsmithing experience
and is a 20 year veteran of a California county
Sheriff’s Dept. where he is the Chief Armorer and Training Officer. 39 AGI
.45 AUTO

CZ-75, E.A.A. SAVAGE 72
SKS DVD#1044 DVD#1314 MA
DVD#1154 D

DVD#1064 DVD#1194

DVD#1294 10-116 SERIES DVD#1474
S & W DVD#1504 SPRI
DVD#1574 PPK/S &
RUGER 10/22 FEG PA63
BERETTA 92/ DVD#1384


CZ-52 DVD#1394 DVD#

GTON 1100 & 1187 SIG

DVD#1124 DVD#1234
4 H&K MP5
5,, REMINGTON 11, DVD#1244
20 DVD#1274
ARLIN 39 & 39A HI-STANDARD 1894 & 336

DVD#1184 & GLENFIELD 60 DVD#1544
LC9 & KEL-TEC DVD#1324
DVD#1494 SR9 S&W
FLE DVD#1554 DVD#1174
DVD#1464 DVD#1444

REMINGTON 700 DVD#1354 1892 & 1886 RIFLES


1873, 1866 & FN-FAL

424 MAUSER 98
ON 742/762 H&K 91, 93, DVD#3074
#1484 94, G-3 DVD#1074 41
Why it is Critical for you to own
AGI Armorer’s Courses NOW!
We call these courses Armorer's Courses so that they won't be confused with our
Disassembly/Reassembly DVD Manuals shown on pages 36 and 37. While our D/R
courses contain invaluable information, our Armorer’s Courses contain SO much
more. Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap explains design and function using cutaway
firearms, giving you exclusive close up details of the internal workings that you just
aren't going to be able to see otherwise. We believe you can't fix it unless you truly
understand HOW the firearm is intended to work. These really are owners' and
technical manuals on DVD. AND . . .
All AGI Armorer’s Course DVDs include a FREE printable schematic!

"I wanted to send you a letter commending the outstanding video produced by AGI
covering High Standard's product line. The video includes excellent historical,
instructional and informative information. We feel that this piece will assist
gunsmiths, consumers and collectors well into the future. As part of our employee
orientation, the AGI High Standard video will be included as informational material.
Bob Dunlap's insight into the entire product line including current and obsolete
models, and the relationship between them, is invaluable information for the viewer.
Projects like AGI's gunsmithing video courses will help shooting sports survive in a
time of negative publicity. Firearm ownership of the future depends on education
today! Congratulations on an excellent product."
Scott D. Aronstein, Marketing Manager, High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc.

What is Covered in an Armorer’s Course?

We start with a brief history of each particular firearm and in most cases use an
exclusive factory cutaway to explain in detail the design of the feeding and locking
mechanisms, the trigger system, proper ejection, and every other function of that
specific model of firearm with views of the intricate internal workings not normally
visible. After you have a complete understanding of the design and function we show,
step-by-step, complete disassembly and reassembly, then teach you basic
troubleshooting and repairs at an Armorer's level. And AGI keeps you out of
trouble by telling you what parts you should never remove!

With AGI Armorer’s Courses you will know how your

firearm functions step-by-step, how to totally
disassemble and reassemble it, maintain it,
and even do common repairs. Guaranteed!


If for any reason you are not satisfied with any AGI video or product
purchased directly from AGI, you may return it for a full refund
(less shipping) for one full year. Defective DVDs also replaced for up to
one year. The only question we'll ask is: "How did we fail you?"

42 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

The 1911 is a top choice as a per-

sonal defense weapon or for
building the latest race guns.
Surprisingly, not many people
really understand how this locked
breech single action auto works.
We constantly hear from seasoned
gunsmiths who, after watching
this Armorer’s course, admit
“gee..., I didn’t know that.”
Wonder why after you have added
that latest trick gadget, your .45
isn’t quite as reliable as it use to
be? Invest a few minutes learning
about feed ramp design, lock-up,
loose breech and extractor fit,
then use Bob’s simple techniques
to tune your .45 for maximum
reliability and performance. See
the inner workings of the .45
clearly demonstrated with a cut-
away gun, as well as complete
disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly, down to the last part. In
addition, numerous special repairs and a frank evaluation of popular acces-
sories are also included. This course is applicable to all makes, models and
calibers of the 1911 .45 Auto. Instructed by Robert Dunlap. 97 min.
DVD#1014 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Also available for the 1911:
Build The Ultimate 1911
Browning See pages 10-12 for more details!
Hi-Power Pistols
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
Troubleshooting 1911s
See page 30 for more details!

One of the worlds most widely

produced and utilized military
pistols, the Browning Hi-Power
was John Browning’s improvement
on his famous .45 Auto design.
E The Hi-Power features a cam
FRE !*
des hematic
In Sc locking system that is currently
used in one form or another on
most modern centerfire auto
pistols today. Robert Dunlap
AGI Armorer's Series demonstrates how this pistol works
internally using a cutaway model,
where every part is available for
AGI you to clearly see. Also covered
are: complete disassembly,
reassembly, troubleshooting, necessary spare parts and repairs. 97 min.
DVD#1024 $39.95 (plus s/h) 43 AGI
Own an AR-15? This AGI Armorer’s
Course will teach you how to repair most
common failures and keep it operating.
Understand step-by-step how the AR-15
and its clones function, including how the
unique gas system works.
Complete disassembly and reassembly,
lubrication, maintenance, feeding, trouble
shooting, solutions, and repairs are all
explained and shown in eye-opening
detail, along with what critical spare
parts are needed to keep on hand.
Concludes with installation of a .22 LR
conversion kit and a target shredding live
fire full auto demonstration. Instructed
by Robert Dunlap. 108 min.
DVD#1034 $39.95 (plus s/h)
(Does not cover barreling and headspacing -
see Course #3234 - Building The AR-15 on
page 5.) Also available:
AR-15 Trigger Job Course #3354 page 28
Building The AR-15 #3234 page 5

These DVDs are packed with valuable

information and equal to a complete
factory armorer’s course!
The SKS has taken the US by storm. Fast
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course handling, low cost and reliable, these
rifles have been imported from China,
SKS Russia and other countries by the
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
hundreds of thousands. Our cutaway
close-ups will show you how this system
inspired, but differs from the AK-47 and
AKS. Due to current bans on importa-
tion, spare parts may be hard to get and
fitting them requires special considera-
tions which this course covers in detail.
Printable There are numerous accessories for the
SKS, however, some (such as adding a
folding stock) might make the rifle ille-
gal! Find out how to keep yourself safe
and legal. Improving the accuracy of your
SKS is also covered. Instructed by
Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap. 120
AGI Armorer's Series
min. DVD#1044 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Also available:
AGI SKS Trigger Course# 3304
See page 28 for more details!
44 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
The Automat-Kalashnikov (AK47)

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course is the most prolific rifle ever
produced. Over 50 million of
AKS-MAK90-AK47 these “assault rifles” have been
Semi-Auto Rifles manufactured in Russia, Bulgaria,
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers China, Egypt, Yugoslavia & other
countries combined. Hundreds of
thousands of the semi-auto variant
have been sold in the US, includ-
ing the MAK-90, NHM-91,
FREE SA-93, Maddi, and Valmets as well
Schematic!* as others. This course explains in
detail why this design is so rugged
and how to insure continued
reliability. Close ups are shown of
all the internal parts using a
AGI Armorer's Series cutaway gun and complete step-by-

step disassembly and reassembly

AGI is shown. Numerous simple
repairs are explained and a list of
critical spare parts presented. Instructed by Robert Dunlap. Applicable to all
makes and models. 94 min. DVD#1054 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Also available: AKS Trigger
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Job Course# 3364 page 28
Building The AKS #3294
Glock See page 7 for more details!
Applicable to all models and calibers Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap
uses a rare original factory
cutaway pistol to reveal the
intricate inner workings of this
revolutionary pistol design. The
total disassembly and reassembly
of this pistol can be intimidating.
es FR
Includ Schemati
c!* AGI shows you how step-by-step.
This course is applicable to all
models of the Glock, even the
new compact models. In addition
AGI Armorer's Series to proper maintenance techniques

you will also learn how to make

AGI this great pistol even more
reliable. 76 min. DVD#1064
$39.95 (plus s/h)
Check out this course also:
Making Glocks ROCK! #3264 See page 13 for more details! 45 AGI
Typical of fine German engineering, the
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course unique roller lock and fluted chamber
system on the HK series of rifles provides
H&K, CETME, excellent reliability and performance. For
& G-3 Rifles the first time ever, AGI gives you a look
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers inside this rifle and clearly explains how
the roller lock system works. A detailed
demonstration of disassembly is given
along with identification of two specific
parts that should never be removed. Some
FREE rare US variants are shown along with a
number of hard to find accessories includ-
ing the .22 LR conversion kit. (Applicable
to H&K 91, 93 and 94 - MP5 - G3). 91
min. DVD#1074 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Your video on the HK took the “mystery” out of
AGI Armorer's Series the inner workings of my rifle and gave me the

confidence to take it apart without fear of not

AGI being able to put it back together again.”
Paul Traina, Irving, TX
Also available: Building The G-3 #3154
See page 4 for more details!
Learn about the fascinating history and
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course development of the S&W revolver and
the differences between the J, K, L and N
Smith & Wesson frame models. Clearly see and understand
Revolvers Applicable to all models & calibers
the inner workings of these revolvers.
You will learn how to check the cylinder
(including J, K, L, & N frames)
stop timing, straighten a bent frame,
examine the fit of the double action sear
and repair a broken firing pin. Complete
disassembly and reassembly is demon-
strated step-by-step. Packed with 2 hours
of fascinating information applicable to
all models of S&W revolvers. BONUS:
This course also covers the step-by-step
process of doing a basic “Smooth &
Tune” on any Smith & Wesson revolver!!
DVD#1084 $39.95 (plus s/h) 120 min.
AGI Armorer's Series
Also available:
S&W Revolver Trigger Job Course #3334
AGI page 28
The Complete History Of S&W #2154
page 34
“I have your video on Smith & Wesson revolvers. I found it to be very informative. It has helped
me understand the internal workings of revolvers better. I would recommend AGI video courses
for anyone that has a gun.” Michael L. Valle, Farmersville

46 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Over five million 10/22 owners
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course can’t be wrong! This IS a great
little rifle and we will teach you
Ruger 10/22 how to get the most out of your
Applicable to all models & calibers
10/22. Includes complete disas-
sembly, reassembly, step-by-step
design and function, and tricks to
insure that you keep your gun
performing at its best. The inner
workings of the clever rotary
FREE magazine are revealed along with
Schematic!* how to disassemble and clean it.
Customize your rifle as we examine
and demonstrate a number of
accessories, including heavy target
barrels, muzzle brakes, exotic
AGI Armorer's Series
VIDEO magazines, and custom stocks. A
rare demonstration of a 10/22
AGI “Gatling Gun” kit is shown.
DVD#1094 $39.95 (plus s/h) 81 min.
Also available:
Ruger 10/22 Trigger Job Course #3324 See page 28 for more details!

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course The design and internal function
of the Beretta and its clone the
Beretta 92 / Taurus P92 are clearly demon-
Taurus P92 Pistols strated with a cutaway pistol.
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers Adopted as the standard issue side
arm for the US Army, the Beretta
uses a cam lock breech system
that differs substantially from the
old war-horse 1911 .45 Auto.
Disassembly and reassembly are
covered along with how to correct
R tic!*
des F problems that are common to this
Inclu Schema
Printa pistol. Instructed by Robert
Dunlap. 90 min. DVD#1104
$39.95 (plus s/h)
AGI Armorer's Series




See pages 70-79 in this catalog.
Rugged and reliable, this shotgun is
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course popular! After watching this course you
can take your 870 and repair or tune it up
Remington 870 for home defense, hunting or competition.
Shotguns Applicable to all models and gauges
Learn complete disassembly, reassembly,
how to check for worn or broken parts and
what parts you’ll need to keep on hand.
Firing pin breakage is common on these
shotguns and we’ll show you how to dis-
tinguish between an old style and a new
Includes style firing pin and what to do with each.
FREE Feeding can also be a problem - solutions
Schematic!* are given along with an explanation. A
demonstration of cartridge stop timing
using a cutaway gun is also shown. Robert
Dunlap instructor. 95 min.
AGI Armorer's Series $39.95
(plus s/h)

The Remington 1100 auto loading

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course shotgun was the first sporting firearm
designed almost completely by using a
Remington 1100 computer aided design (CAD) system.
& 1187 Shotguns
Applicable to all models and gauges
Relatively lightweight it employs a
soft-shooting gas operating system to
cycle the gun.
A very popular shotgun with wingshoot-
ers and trapshooters alike, this gun has
some reoccurring mechanical failings.
Includes You will learn how to adjust your 1100 to
Printable prevent jamming and feeding problems,
and AGI will show how the bolt locking,
gas and carrier feed systems operate
using a cutaway. Instructed by Master
Gunsmith Robert Dunlap. 120 min.
DVD#1124 $39.95 (plus s/h)
AGI Armorer's Series


48 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
Whether you have Dad’s or

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Granddad’s old Winchester or
one purchased this year, after
Winchester taking this course you will be
1894 Rifle able to clean and repair that old
Applicable to all models and calibers “94.” AGI will take you inside
the 94 using a cutaway gun,
letting you see how it works and
what to do to maintain and repair
it. This course is applicable to all
FREE calibers and variations of the
Schematic!* Winchester 94. 120 min.
DVD#1134 $39.95 (plus s/h)
“The worse thing that happens to a
gun owner like myself is taking
AGI Armorer's Series
your firearm apart for the first time
and not being able to put it back

AGI together. The AGI videos have

helped keep me from this frustra-
tion by being able to see the master
gunsmith do it and go step-by-step
(plus I can rewind it until I get it
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course right). AGI eliminated my fear and
I got comfortable with them.”
Ruger Standard Dave Buday, Dearborn, MI

Auto .22 Pistols

Applicable to all models
In 1949 Bill Ruger introduced a
MK I, MK II, MK III, and 22/45 low cost but highly reliable .22 LR
auto pistol. Over one million of
these very successful pistols in a
number of variations and model
designations have been produced.
These pistols, while very reliable,
es FR
EE can be for the novice, very diffi-
Includ Schematic!*
Printab cult to reassemble. AGI will teach
you the correct method, step-by-
step. Feeding and extraction
AGI Armorer's Series
problems along with corrections
and repairs are shown in detail
AGI using a cutaway pistol. 90 min.
DVD#1144 $39.95 (plus s/h)
"As a handgun hobbyist with no gunsmithing knowledge, I was afraid to disassemble
my Ruger MKII. I didn't think that I could reassemble it. With your videos I was not only
able to disassemble and reassemble it, I was able to give it a thorough cleaning it sorely
needed and I was able to correct an extraction problem that had been plaguing my
otherwise fine gun." John King, Akron OH.
49 AGI
With the fast handling feel of a M1
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course carbine and the punch of a .223 or 7.62 x
Ruger Mini-14 & 39mm cartridge, the Mini-14 has become
popular with hunters, ranchers and police.
Mini-30 Rifles
Applicable to all models & calibers
Surprisingly it shares a number of features
with the M1 Garand, such as the trigger
system which is clearly shown in video
close-ups. You will learn how to diagnose
and correct reoccurring problems along
with complete disassembly, reassembly
Includes and maintenance. Numerous accessories
Printable available for the
Mini-14 are shown
and demonstrated.
90 min.
$39.95 (plus s/h)
AGI Armorer's Series
VIDEO Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

AGI Makarov
A fascinating look inside this gun using a
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
exclusive cutaway model and amazing
close ups. You will learn what you can
and can’t do to improve the Makarov’s
reliability and trigger pull. Complete
disassembly and reassembly. 114 min.
DVD#1164 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course es FR
Includ Schematic!*
Smith & Wesson
Auto Pistols
Applicable to all models & calibers
AGI Armorer's Series

An extensive review of the differences
between first, second and third generation
EE Smith & Wesson auto pistols. Using a cut-
FR atic!*
Inclu le Sche
m away gun Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap
Prin explains completely the design, function,
disassembly, reassembly and repair of
Smith & Wesson centerfire auto pistols.
AGI Armorer's Series
Learn feeding and extraction corrections,
sight removal and re-installation, fitting
AGI magazines and so much more! 105 min.
DVD#1174 $39.95 (plus s/h)

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Today the M1 is enjoying a
resurgence as a long range match
rifle through the CMP program
and the recent availability of
imported surplus rifles.
If you own a M1 Garand or its
magazine fed brother the M1A,
you’ll want this course so that you
can truly understand how your
rifle functions, be able to totally
strip it and reassemble it down to
the last part and perform basic
repairs. You will even understand
how that mysterious end block clip
feed system works and how to
adjust it. Improving accuracy is
also discussed. The differences
and similarities internally between
the M1 and the M1A are shown in
detail. 90 min.

Instructed by Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap.

DVD#1184 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Also available: M1-Garand Trigger Job
Course# 3314 page 28
Building The M1-Garand #3144 page 6

An excellent value for the money,

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course the Mossberg 500 series has seen
massive acceptance with sportsmen
Mossberg 500 all over the world, but these shot-
Series Shotguns
Applicable to all models and gauges
guns do have a few problems this
course will help you to solve
inexpensively. For example, you
will learn how to repair a broken
plastic trigger group (a common
problem, but an expensive and hard
Includes to get part). Also numerous tricks
and techniques are provided to
Schematic!* insure reliable operation. Just the
reassembly and cleaning portion of
this course will save you from
having to pay a gunsmith 40-50
dollars to do it for you. A rare
factory cutaway is used to clearly
AGI Armorer's Series
demonstrate the inner workings.
Instructed by Robert Dunlap.
AGI DVD#1194 $39.95 (plus s/h)
90 min. 51 AGI
This course will explain, and show you in
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course detail, the differences between the M1 and
its selective-fire brother the M2. A
M1/M2 complete break down of the firearm is
Applicable to all manufacturers and models
performed, showing the proper use of
several specialized tools. Step-by-step
function of the M1 is demonstrated along
with a clear explanation of how the trigger
mechanism works, which is the basis of
many other modern designs. This handy
rifle has become a favorite with everyone.
FREE Instructed by Robert Dunlap. 90 min.
DVD#1204 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

AGI Armorer's Series
Auto Pistols
Applicable to all models and calibers

A fascinating look at one of the most
successful 22LR target pistols ever made.
The Hi-Standard has a very interesting
history, much of which is documented by
FR atic!*
AGI for the very first time. 111 min. des m
Inclu le Sche
DVD#1214 $39.95 (plus s/h) Printab

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

AGI Armorer's Series

Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
You will learn how-to: distinguish a
metric pattern FAL from an inch, properly
install a barrel and adjust headspace, build
a rifle from a receiver and a parts kit,
Includes totally disassemble and reassemble every
Printable part in your FAL, check parts for exces-
sive wear and adjust the gas system. See
Extra Added Bonus: many of the accessories available on the
How-To Build A market, some rare tools, and a live fire
FAL From A Parts Kit!
demonstration of a pair of custom mini
AGI Armorer's Series
full-auto FALs. 128 min. DVD#1224
$39.95 (plus s/h)

AGI How-to Build a FN-FAL!
52 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
The SIG is one of the favorite

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course pistols of today's law enforcement
officer because of its high quality
SIG Auto and reliability. This Armorer's
Pistols Course goes inside a factory
Applicable to all models and calibers cutaway to teach you the complete
design and function of this pistol.
Also included: total disassembly,
reassembly, basic troubleshooting
and repairs. Instructed by Robert
Dunlap. 2 hours.
DVD#1234 $39.95 (plus s/h)
R tic!*
des F a
Inclu Schem

AGI Armorer's Series


Also available:
“How-to” Cowboy Action Shooting Course
Instructed By Two Time World Champion Lefty Longridge
See page 34 for more details!
Learn how to tune your Colt
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Single Action Revolver to work
fast and flawlessly. Covers
Colt Single complete design, function,
disassembly, reassembly, repair and
Action Revolvers tuning. Clearly see the inner
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers workings with a rare Colt factory
cutaway. This detailed Armorer's
Course provides information that is
relevant to all makes of frontier
es FR
EE style single action revolvers. 120
Includ Schemati
ble min. Instructed by Robert Dunlap.
DVD#1244 $39.95 (plus s/h)

AGI Armorer's Series


Cowboy Action Gun! AGI
The Winchester 97 Pump Shotgun was
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
John Browning’s first pump shotgun and it
Winchester 97 is a runaway favorite of today’s Cowboy
Action crowd. John Moses Browning is
Pump Shotguns Bob Dunlap’s hero and with good reason.
Applicable to all models and gauges Find out why in this AGI Armorer’s
Course. Learn step-by-step the design,
function, and repair of this neat old pump
shotgun. Total disassembly, maintenance
and reassembly is shown using a cutaway
Includes gun. Everything you need to know to
Printable keep this old work horse operating is
covered. 2 hours. $39.95 (plus s/h)
Does not cover the Norinco replicas
exactly, but most of the information is
AGI Armorer's Series
Cowboy Action GunS!
AGI Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

Bob Dunlap shows the advantages of this

Marlin Lever
strong, side ejecting action and the Action Rifles
features that have sold millions of these 1894 & 336
rifles. Bob shows how the pieces all work Applicable to all calibers
together, and then discusses the repair
and prevention of minor problems seen
by gunsmiths. 63 min.
DVD#1264 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course E
FRE tic!*
des hema
Browning A-5, Incluble Sc

Remington 11,
& Savage 720
Shotguns VIDEO
AGI Armorer's Series

Applicable to all models and gauges

Using a cutaway action and artists
FREE drawings, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap
Schematic!* explains all the intricate details of this
recoiling action. Learn how to completely
take the gun apart and put it back together,
as well as how to fix and prevent the most
AGI Armorer's Series common problems. If you've ever owned
one of these guns, you will love this
course. 106 min.
AGI DVD#1274 $39.95 (plus s/h)

54 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

This rifle is one of the best selling
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course .22 caliber rifles of our time. Bob
Dunlap uses a custom cutaway to
Marlin/Glenfield instruct you on the design and
Semi-Auto .22 function of this great gun and
shows you complete disassembly
Rifles Applicable to all models
and reassembly. Bob also gives
tips on what repairs are common
and how to fix them yourself.
DVD#1284 $39.95 (plus s/h)
67 min.
The American
Gunsmithing Institute
is dedicated to
preserving this vital
AGI Armorer's Series
gunsmithing information
before it disappears
AGI forever.

Get FREE Mini eLessons
The cowboy in you has been
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course waiting for this! A whole two
hours on all the Ruger single
Ruger Single action designs like the Blackhawk,
Action Revolvers
Applicable to all models and calibers
Vaquero, Single-six and others.

Using a rare factory cutaway gun,

Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap
shows the design and function of
the action and then follows that up
with a detailed teardown of each
different model.

As always, during the course of
FR atic!*
Inclu Schem the instruction Bob will talk about
Printa what the usual problems are
with these guns and
AGI Armorer's Series
show you how to
prevent and fix
AGI them. 121 min.

DVD#1294 $39.95 (plus s/h) Cowboy Action Gun! AGI
Bob Dunlap uses a rare cutaway gun to
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
show how this intricate and unique design
Luger works. You'll learn how to completely
take the pistol down and what the
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
strengths and weaknesses of the design
really are. Plus you'll get the history of
the design, views of some rare models and
tips on how you can keep your Luger
running for another 100 years.Whether
you're a gunsmith or a collector, this two
hour long course will be an interesting and
R tic!* valuable lesson on one of the most
des F
Inclu Schema
ble beautiful handguns ever produced. 94 min.
DVD#1304 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

AGI Armorer's Series

AGI & E.A.A. Witness

Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
Bob Dunlap shows the design and
function using an original factory
cutaway, detailed disassembly and
reassembly, what the usual problems are,
what to look for, and teaches how to
prevent and fix them. 115 min.
DVD#1314 $39.95 (plus s/h) EE
R tic!*
des F
Inclu Schema
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course

Revolvers VIDEO
AGI Armorer's Series

Applicable to all models & calibers

A complete course on the Taurus line of
double action revolvers and their care is
here! In this presentation you will learn
the ins and outs of this popular brand’s
major models. Bob Dunlap opens up the
FR atic!* Taurus guns and shows the differences
des m
Inclu le Sche unique to their actions. Learn how the gun
is designed to function and what to do
when something is wrong. This is a course
AGI Armorer's Series every Taurus revolver owner should have,
and one that anyone who has even thought
AGI about owning a Taurus needs to have.
107 min. DVD#1324 $39.95 (plus s/h)

56 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

For over 60 years boys have been
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course filling their dreams with Marlin's
little lever action Model 39 and its
Marlin 39 & 39A successors. These are the world's
Lever Action most popular .22 lever actions and
there are millions of them around.
.22 RiflesApplicable to all models
Until now there just wasn't any
information available to the aver-
age owner on how to care for and
improve these guns.
FREE Instructor Bob Dunlap shows how
Schematic!* to completely strip the gun down,
put it back together, and what to
look for in the process. Now you
can learn what each part is sup-
posed to do and how this great
design has been the basis of one
AGI Armorer's Series
of the best guns ever made. Get a
copy of this course now, you'll be
AGI glad you did. 129 min.
DVD#1334 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Watch AGI’s Armorer’s Courses on DVD and you’ll know

more about how to disassemble, reassemble, clean and
do basic repairs on firearms than all your shooting
buddies and many gunsmiths - Guaranteed!
A favorite of wing shooters for
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course decades the Winchester Model 12
is a wonderful smooth action
Winchester pump shotgun. Millions were
Model 12 sold and are still in use as they are
often handed down generation to
Shotguns generation.
Applicable to all gauges
We use a custom cutaway to take
you inside the gun, so you will
completely understand how it
E c!*
functions and how to do repairs.
ti We even cover how to re-head-
lud che
Inc ble S space a worn or broken gun. The
nifty take-down system is covered
along with how to adjust it.
This course will teach you
AGI Armorer's Series everything you need to know to

keep this great shotgun in tip-top

AGI condition and working for
generations to come. 120 min.
DVD#1344 $39.95 (plus s/h) 57 AGI
Join Master Gunsmith Robert "Bob"
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Dunlap as he shows you all the ins and
outs of the Remington 700 Rifle. Bob
Remington 700 teaches you complete disassembly and
Rifles reassembly (not just field stripping!),
Applicable to all models & calibers parts identification, proper cleaning and
lubrication. We give you step-by-step
instruction in design, function and repair,
including locking systems, feeding
systems, sears, and triggers. Stocks are
Includes also covered along with easy repairs for
FREE common problems. Bob will take you
Schematic!* inside this rifle and show you what each
part is supposed to do and how to
maintain and repair it. 120 min.
DVD#1354 $39.95 (plus s/h)

AGI Armorer's Series AGI Armorer’s

Courses are

AGI the Ultimate

GET A FREE Technical Manuals
see page 3 for details
on DVD!
The Walther pistol series PPK and PPK/S
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course are probably most recognized as the guns
made famous by the Ian Fleming
Walther PPK/S character “James Bond.” These sleek,
and elegant, and reliable pistols truly HAVE
seen a lot of duty undercover in many of
FEG PA63 Pistols the seamy parts of the world. If you own
Applicable to all manufacturers, models & calibers
one you know that they “just feel right”
and also conceal well. As a medium size
pistol the quality and style are hard to
beat. Many of these pistols in recent
years have come from European law
enforcement agencies and are most often
es FR
EE encountered in .32ACP, rather than the
Includ Schematic!*
le .380ACP, which is more popular in the
USA. This course will teach you the
history and take you deep inside this
AGI Armorer's Series
mysterious gun. Bob Dunlap uses a
VIDEO cutaway pistol to show you all the
internal workings of this pistol. The
AGI similarities of the P-38 series and a
number of rare guns are also shown.
DVD#1364 $39.95 (plus s/h) 120 min.
58 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867
The Thompson SMG is the classic
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
submachine gun from which all
Thompson others are judged. Often referred to as
the “Chicago Typewriter” or the “Gun
Submachine that made the 20s Roar” it was used
Guns by both gangsters and law enforce-
Models 1921, 1928, M1, and Semi-Auto 1927 ment officers. First developed in 1919
as a “trench broom” for WWI type
fighting, only a handful of that
particular model were built and the
Thompson evolved into the elegant
model 1921 with the drum magazine
followed by the classic 1928 with the
FR matic!* Cutts compensator on the muzzle.
lud che
Inc ble S
Prin During WWII the Thompson was
AGI Armorer's Series
redesigned several times to greatly
reduce the manufacturing costs and
AGI these models included the Model
1928A1, M1, and M1A1. In this
course Master Armorer John D. Bush explains the history of the Thompson
and will show you many rare manuals and prints. He then takes you inside
each of the models including the Semi-Auto 1927 A-1. You will see complete
disassembly, parts identification and reassembly along with troubleshooting
suggestions and repairs. You are shown how the drum magazine is loaded and
you will also be treated to a heart pumping live fire demo of each of
the models. 119 min. DVD#1374 $39.95 (plus s/h)

The 9mm Sterling submachine gun is

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
the most reliable SMG in the world.
Sterling Designed and produced in the United
Kingdom, it was torture tested in trials
Submachine of mud, sand and even frozen in ice.
Guns Used all around the world in various
wars, the Sterling was discontinued
only because of politics and the high
cost of manufacture. In addition to
being very reliable it is also extremely
controllable and accurate, as you will
see as we fire these guns in semi and
E !*
tic full auto.
lud che
Inc ble S
Pr in Instructed by Master Armorer John D.
Bush, you will learn complete
AGI Armorer's Series
disassembly, down to its smallest parts,
reassembly, troubleshooting and repairs.
AGI The mechanism of the super reliable
roller follower magazine is shown,
along with rare factory manuals and accessories. 95 min. DVD#1384
$39.95 (plus s/h) AGI
The Belt-fed Browning 1919 A4 was the
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course U.S. Military’s light machine gun for
decades and it can still be found in use
Browning around the world.
Master Armorer John Bush will teach you
Machine Guns how this gun works step-by-step, along
with complete disassembly, reassembly,
troubleshooting, and repairs. Many rare
accessories, tools, belt-loading machines,
and a number of different caliber conver-
sions including 8mm & .308 are shown.
Includes FREE
Printable Schematic!* We also take you on a trip to the range
where you will see how to properly set up
the gun on a tripod, field adjust
AGI Armorer's Series
headspace, and experience close-up views
of several different guns firing cloth and

AGI link belts. $39.95 (plus s/h)

1 Year
This exhaustive course is over GUARANTEE
3 hours in length and covers ON EVERY
EVERYTHING in detail.
Say UZI and everybody knows exactly
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course what you mean. Designed in Israel, this
gun is known for its high degree of
UZI reliability and is symbolic of the
on-going struggle for the survival of that
Submachine small nation. Named for its inventor, the
Guns UZI is an interestingly designed 9mm
SMG with many practical features that
others have since copied. You will enjoy
getting to know this gun inside and out.
Master Armorer John Bush demonstrates
FRE tic!*
es hema the complete design and function of the
Inc ble Sc
ta gun along with complete disassembly and
reassembly down to the smallest parts.
Rare accessories are shown along with
troubleshooting and repair. Plus a visit to
AGI Armorer's Series
the range for some full auto fun! When
you finish watching this DVD course,
you too will be an expert on the UZI
AGI Submachine Gun. 101 min.
DVD#1404 $39.95 (plus s/h)

60 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

These John M. Browning classics,
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course are the first lever action repeating
guns he designed for Winchester,
1892 & 1886 only one year after their associa-
Rifles tion began with the famous 1885
Single Shot Rifle.
Applicable to all calibers

Bob Dunlap will teach you the

mysteries of these guns using a
E c!* custom cutaway. As usual AGI’s
lud che
Inc ble S
extreme close-up video is used so
Pr inta that you can actually SEE how all
of the systems work and the parts
interact. If you want to know how
to get these cowboy classics apart,
cleaned, back together, and
operating as intended, then this
AGI Armorer's Series
course is for you.

Go inside these guns and learn

AGI how their locking system differs
from earlier models and created
the strength for new, more powerful black powder and smokeless
cartridges. Bob explains how the entire mechanism works and
does a complete disassembly and reassembly step-by-step. He
also covers all the common problems and repairs that these
guns tend to have. 86 min. DVD#1414 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Cowboy Action GunS!
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap
covers the complete design,
1873, 1866 & function, and repair of this toggle
1876 Rifles link design which is descended
from the Volcanic pistol. These
Applicable to all calibers
rifles are beloved by generations
of shooters and todays cowboy
action crowd for their smooth
E c!*
cycling and reliable feeding.
lud che
Inc ble S
r inta Bob takes you through these
models using a cutaway rifle and
covers complete design, function
and repair. The complex carrier
system and lock-up is covered in
depth and feeding problems, along
with the appropriate repairs are
AGI Armorer's Series
also included. Step-by-step
complete disassembly and
AGI reassembly are shown. 105 min.
DVD#1424 $39.95 (plus s/h) 61 AGI
An Armorer’s Course on the Mauser ’98
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course family of rifles (the ’91 - ’98) which
features an expanded history section, as
Mauser 98 well as vintage collectables and
Applicable to all manufacturers, variations and calibers
accessories provided by “Mr. Military”
himself, John Bush! Master Gunsmith,
Ken Brooks is your instructor and he has a
“thing” for Mausers. He’s been building
custom, “sporterized,” Mausers for years
and loves the history of the Mauser line,
so he was the perfect choice as instructor
FREE for this course.
This is an AGI Armorer’s Course, so we
cover the design and function using an
AGI cutaway made just for this course and
then we take you through the complete
disassembly and reassembly showing
AGI Armorer's Series
differences between models along the way.
Ken uses samples of nearly every model
AGI from the ’91 to the ’98 and has a couple of
models that are pretty rare and collectable
indeed! We finish up by showcasing some original German collectables including rare
paper ammo cases, ammo, training cards and manuals. We also have .22 caliber
training rifles and actions made by France, Germany and Belgium. This course is
longer than the usual 2 hours in length because it has so much material in it! Consider
yourself warned, this course is HOT! 167 min. DVD#1434 $39.95 (plus s/h)

The Springfield XD is a great pistol!

After extensively testing this pistol - we
are impressed! You will be too as you go
inside your gun as never before.

To do this right and to provide you the

level of knowledge that AGI is famous
for, we took a brand new pistol and made
a professional cutaway so you will see
everything that is going on inside. Bob
Dunlap explains complete disassembly,
reassembly and the whole design and
function of the gun.

If you own this pistol, you need this

course. If you don’t own one yet, you
may just want to after watching this
DVD. Applicable to all models and
calibers in the XD series of pistols.
DVD#1444 $39.95 (plus s/h)
88 min.

62 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Bob Dunlap uses a rare factory
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course cutaway pistol to explain and
CZ-52 demonstrate the inner workings
of this solid “Cold War,” often
Pistols over-looked, pistol that is avail-
Applicable to all variations
able as an excellent value on the
surplus market. After viewing
this course you may want to
purchase one of these pistols if
you don’t already have one. The
7.62 x 25mm is a pretty “hot”
s FR EE c!* little bottle neck cartridge and
de ati
Inclu Schem
Printable my personal experience with this
pistol is that they are very accu-
rate for a surplus military pistol
and a bargain. Almost two hours
AGI Armorer's Series
of detailed information on this
interesting pistol, including com-
AGI plete disassembly and reassem-
bly, cleaning, troubleshooting
and repairs at an Armorer’s level. 76 min. DVD#1454 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Covers the entire family of Ruger

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Revolvers from the SP-100 up to
Ruger Double the Redhawk. As in all of AGI’s
Armorer’s Courses, Bob Dunlap
Action Revolvers takes you step-by-step through
Covers GP100, SP101,
Redhawk and Super Redhawk Models
the entire design of the revolver,
this time using a factory cutaway
provided to us by Ruger. You will
learn how these guns are
designed to work, complete dis-
assembly and reassembly, clean-
Includes FREE
Printable Schematic!* ing methods, basic troubleshoot-
ing, and repair at an Armorer’s
level. Two hours in length, this is
must have information if you
own any of the revolvers in the
AGI Armorer's Series
Ruger DA family. 81 min.
DVD#1464 $39.95 (plus s/h)
AGI NOTE: Does not cover the
Ruger Security-Six.
“I have 2 Ruger Mark II pistols, I have totally customized them. Special grips, sears,
hammers, sights, triggers - you name it. Plus target barrels. I fell in love with these guns.
If I did not have the AGI videos I would not have been able to do this. I want to 63
thank you for making the courses.” Dan L. Brantley, Fruita, CO AGI
If you own or work on any of these “Big
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Bang for the Buck” rifles, this is the
course for you. Master Riflesmith and
Savage Arms 10-116 renowned instructor of long range
Series Bolt Action Rifles shooting Darrell Holland, will honestly
Applicable to all models & calibers tell you that these inexpensive rifles are
Includes AccuTrigger as (or more!) accurate “out of the box” as
any. Darrell shows you everything you
need to know to work on your own, or
your customers’, modern Savage bolt
Includes action centerfire rifles. Long action, short
FREE action, magazine or single shot, they’re
Schematic!* ALL covered.

This course covers complete disassembly,

reassembly, common problems and their
fixes, how to change cartridges
AGI Armorer's Series
(including barrel and bolt-head changes
VIDEO and headspacing), proper maintenance
and cleaning . . . if Darrell doesn’t cover
AGI it here, you don’t need it! As an added
bonus, you will learn how the new
AccuTrigger works, how to take it apart, how to put it back together, AND, how to
properly adjust it! 106 min. DVD#1474 $39.95 (plus s/h)

This course covers all of the Models of

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course the Remington Pump and Semi-Auto
Rifles including the 74/76, 740/760,
Remington 742/762, and 7400/7600. These rifles are
742/762 Rifles super popular in the Eastern, Southern,
and Mid-western deer woods. If you own
Covers Models 74/76, 740/760, 742/762,
7400/7600 Pump and Semi-Auto Rifles or work on any of these rifles, you need
the information contained on this DVD!
This course covers all of the models and
variations of this series of rifles.
Includes In this course Master Gunsmith and
Printable Senior Instructor Bob Dunlap uses a cut-
away rifle to give step-by-step instruction
in design, function and repair, including:
sights, locking systems, gas and manual
operating systems, locking and feeding
AGI Armorer's Series
mechanisms, sears, and triggers.

You are also guided through complete

AGI disassembly and reassembly (not just
“field stripping”) including: barrel
removal and the tool you can make to do it. The course also includes simple repairs
for common problems, parts identification, and complete cleaning and lubrication.
DVD#1484 $39.95 (plus s/h) 135 min.

64 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

AGI’s Senior Instructor and

Technical Manual & Armorer's Course Master Gunsmith Robert “Bob”
Dunlap, guides you through the
Smith & Wesson M&P intricacies of the new S&W
Semi-Auto Pistols M&P semi-auto handgun. This
gun is not only rapidly becoming
Applicable To All Calibers And Variants
the gun of choice for many
Police and Sheriff’s departments,
but is the hottest new gun on the
competition circuits.
Bob uses a custom cutaway gun
to show you how the pistol
E E functions. See how it locks up,
es F R c!*
Includ Schemati feeds, extracts, ejects, and how
the fire control system operates.
The cutaway is a standard .40
S&W gun, but he also uses a
AGI Armorer's Series new M&P 45 with the thumb
safety (mandated by some
Military and Law Enforcement
AGI agencies) to show you how that
operates. You will learn to
completely disassemble and reassemble these guns, as well as how to
properly clean and maintain them. 79 min. DVD#1494 $39.95 (plus s/h)
Also available: The Complete History of Smith & Wesson #2154 page 34

Originally designed for the U.S.

military service pistol competi-
tions, though not successful in that
contract battle, the pistol has
become very popular in the law
enforcement and civilian defense
Using a cutaway of the gun, Bob
shows you and explains to you in
a very clear way how the pistol
operates and the inter-relation of
its parts. Being able to see the
parts work in normally hidden
areas of the gun is a huge
advantage. H&K was kind enough
to loan us four different models of
this multi-use handgun platform to
show you in this course. Bob also
goes over areas that he believes
may give problems down the road
and tells the whys and hows of
prevention and cures. 96 min. DVD#1504 $39.95 (plus s/h) 65 AGI
Professional Gunsmith, Deputy Sheriff
and Law Enforcement Armorer Mark
Foster, takes you step-by-step through the
entire disassembly and reassembly
process of the H&K MP-5 down to the
last part (not just field stripping). Mark
explains the firearm's complete design
and function including; Full Auto,
Semi-Auto and Burst Fire Modes. He
also covers inspection and repair of worn
parts and how to determine if they are
within factory specification.
Mark also shows you proper maintenance
and lubrication points, parts identifica-
tion, spare parts required, along with
overall operation and service of the MP-5
A2 & A3, H&K 94 (semi auto) and the
MP-5K with side folding stock. This
course is applicable to all models.
DVD#1514 $39.95 (plus s/h) 161 min.

Includes FREE Printable Operator's Manual and Schematic!

In this course Master Gunsmith Bob

Dunlap uses a custom cutaway gun to
show you how the parts and systems
operate and interact. Learn how the
firearm disconnects and how the fire
control and safety systems work. Observe
the feeding/ extraction/ejection/reloading
cycle. You will learn how to get the
locking block out of the gun without
damaging its polymer frame and see how
to reverse the magazine catch.

AGI Instructor Ken Brooks then teaches

you how to completely disassemble and
reassemble your FNP. Complete instruc-
tion on the "AGI Method" of cleaning
and lubrication is given.

Bob Dunlap finishes up by taking you

through troubleshooting and common
repairs of the FNP guns so that you can
either make your own repairs or point your gunsmith at the cause and correction of
any operating issues that may develop. 156 min. DVD#1524 $39.95 (plus s/h)

66 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

In the history section of this

course, Master Gunsmith and
AGI’s Senior Instructor Robert
"Bob" Dunlap talks about the
evolution of the Ruger centerfire
Semi Autos from the reliable but
clunky “P” series guns. The
SR9/40/45 guns have become
extraordinarily popular for their
price, performance and quality.
There are even pistol leagues
formed for their use.

Using a custom cutaway gun Bob

gives step-by-step instruction in
the design, function and repair of
the Ruger SR series guns. See
how the lock-up works, and the
feeding/extraction/ejection cycle.
The fire control system comes in
for a thorough review and expla-
nation. Mr. Dunlap then teaches you how to completely disassemble and
reassemble your SR9. Bob also takes you through the troubleshooting and
repair of the Ruger SR9 pistol. DVD#1534 $39.95 (plus s/h)

The Beretta Px4 Storm has many

of the design elements of both the
Cougar and the Model 92, but is
quite different from both.
Robert Dunlap uses a custom
cutaway gun to show you step-by-
step instruction in the design,
function and repair of the pistol.
See how the unusual rotating
barrel lock and unlock works and
learn how the feeding/extraction/
ejection/reload cycle works.
AGI Instructor Ken Brooks
meticulously teaches you how to
completely disassemble and then
reassemble the Px4 Storm pistol.
Complete instruction on cleaning
and lubrication is given. Bob
Dunlap finishes up by taking you
through the troubleshooting and
repair of the Px4 pistol. 120 min. DVD#1544 $39.95 (plus s/h) 67 AGI
Did you know that the ’03 design is so like
that of the ’98 Mauser that the U.S. paid
royalties to the Germans even as we
fought them in World War I? Learn more
in the history section of the course.
Robert "Bob" Dunlap uses a custom
cutaway gun to give you step-by-step
instruction in the design, function and
repair of the Springfield 1903 rifle and
shows how to take the bolt apart and
painlessly get it back together. Learn how
the fire control system and trigger work,
how the gun feeds, extracts, and ejects,
and what to do if it does not.
AGI Instructor Ken Brooks teaches you in
meticulous, close-up detail, how to
completely disassemble and reassemble the
rifle, as well as pointing out the differences
in the 1903A3 model. Ken also shows
cleaning and lubrication. Bob Dunlap
returns to take us through the troubleshooting and repair of the Springfield, discussing
common problems and their cures. 190 min. DVD#1554 $39.95 (plus s/h)

Only AGI's Armorer's Courses instruct you in every aspect of

the maintenance and repair of your firearms.

Master Gunsmith and Senior Instructor

Bob Dunlap opens with some history of
the evolution of the extremely popular
Ruger pocket pistols, the .380 LCP, its
bigger and younger brother the 9mm
LC9, and the LCP’s uncanny similarity to
the also popular Kel-Tec P-3AT .380.
Bob uses a custom cutaway gun to gives
step-by-step instruction in the design,
function and repair of the Ruger and
Kel-Tec pistols. See how the locking
systems work, and how the
feed/extract/eject /reload cycles operates.

Ken Brooks then teaches you how to

completely disassemble and then
reassemble the Ruger LCP and LC9
along with cleaning and lubrication. Bob
Dunlap also takes you through the trou-
bleshooting and repair of the Ruger and
Kel-Tec pistols. 133 min.
DVD#1564 $39.95 (plus s/h)

68 CALL TODAY! 1-800-797-0867

Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap

uses two factory cutaway revolvers
to reveal the inner workings as he
teaches you the design and function
of this iconic revolver. This course
covers all models of the Charter
revolver, INCLUDING the new left
handed models.

Mr. Dunlap shares his unique

knowledge and insight into the
history of Charter Arms that came
about through personal
relationships with the founder and
many of the original engineers.
As he guides you through the
complete disassembly and
reassembly of the revolver he
shares tips about loads, reliability
and maintenance that come not
only from working on these guns,
but also from his personal experience of carrying a Charter Undercover for
over 40 years. 121 min. DVD#1574 $39.95 (plus s/h)

If you own or work on Enfield

Rifles, then you need the informa-
tion contained in this course!
Master Armorer John Bush uses a
factory cutaway to teach you
complete disassembly/reassembly
(not just field stripping), parts
identification, proper cleaning and
lubrication, and step-by-step
instruction in design, function and
repair, including: sights, locking
systems, magazines, sears, triggers,
stocks, and accessories. Includes
easy repairs for common problems.

AGI's instructors are all Certified

Master Gunsmiths. At AGI, we
adhere to the belief that you must
fully understand how a firearm is
designed to work before you can
make any attempt to clean or repair
it. AGI instructional DVD courses provide you with this knowledge. 135 min.
DVD#3074 $39.95 (plus s/h) 69 AGI
Only the courses shown on pages 70-79 are State of California approved, certified courses offered by
The American Gunsmithing Institute under California School Code 2800501. For more information visit American Gunsmithing Institute’s approval to operate as a private
postsecondary institution in the State of California is based on provisions of the California Private Postsecondary
Education Act (CPPEA) of 2009 (California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10, Part 59, Chapter 8), which is
effective January 1, 2010. The Bureau can be reached at: 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400,
Sacramento, CA 95833,, toll-free telephone number (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.

Start on the road to
The American Gunsmithing Institute's Gun
Repair System provides you with the most
important advancement in teaching firearms design,
function, and repair in 40 years . . .
DVD Instruction by a Master Gunsmith
See and learn details that most gunsmiths will never know!
It only takes a relatively small investment to get started as a
gunsmith and you can earn all that back just by fixing fewer
than 100 firearms. We are so confident we have a gunsmithing
system you can learn from quickly, we will provide you with a
Risk Free 100% One Year "Bulletproof " Money
Back Guarantee! The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) has developed an
exclusive teaching system, featuring fast, easy, at home instruction on DVD.
AGI instructors are highly recognized Master Gunsmiths and the best in their field.
You don’t have to wait to start gunsmithing! As soon as you begin watching
the DVDs you will be able to start making repairs. Anytime you run into a problem, you
just pop in the DVD on the subject or model gun that you need information on and do a
quick review. And unlike printed correspondence courses that were written over 40+
years ago, the American Gunsmithing Institute's instruction shows you how to make
repairs and is packed with current information which
is continually updated. You will learn how to make
repairs fast with this program. AGI walks you through
each step.

Specialized AGI cutaways

and close ups ensure you get the most detailed view
of the inner workings of the firearms.
There are 4 levels in the AGI Professional Gunsmithing Course . . .

Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 1 consists of over 108 hours of
Professional Gunsmithing Instruction in Design, Function, and Repair on DVD.
Reviewable as often and as many times as you need or want!
The course is divided into four sections:
Pistols & Revolvers (27.5 hours), Rifles (24 hours), Shotguns (27.5 hours),
.22 Rimfires (24 hours). Covers hundreds of popular firearm designs.
Extractors, feed mechanisms, triggers, hammers, sears, action designs,
springs, magazines, chambers, sights . . . everything is covered in detail!
Level 1 also includes the following bonus videos:
• Making Glocks Rock (3.5 hrs)
• Glass Bedding Rifle Stocks for Accuracy (2 hrs)
• Building the Ultimate 1911 Pistol -
A 3 Volume Course! (12.5 hrs!)
• Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles (2 hrs)
• Super Tuning the Factory Rifle (3.5 hrs)
• Building Custom Mauser Rifles (7 hrs)
• Selecting, Understanding and Buying Pistol and
Rifle Scopes (1.5 hrs)
Plus: Gunsmithing FFL (federal firearms license) How-to Audio CD & application
starter kit, including: forms, tags, and book.
Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 2
you will also get the Complete Machine Shop
Course with materials and shop manuals.
Level 2 also includes the following bonus videos: Learn more about the
• Advanced Trigger Jobs and Systems Course (8 hrs) Complete Machine Shop
• Professional Metal Finishing and Hot Course on pages 74-76!
Caustic Bluing Course (4 hrs)
• Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing (2 hrs) PROFESSIONAL COURSE
• Pillar Bedding Techniques (2 hrs) CA School Code
• “A Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap” (4 hrs) #2800501
• Stock Refinishing (2 hrs)
• How to Heat Treat Carbon Steels (49 min) You just c
• Case Hardening Metal Parts (35 min) this detailana't see
• How to Make Coil Springs (41 min) a classroomc!!ross
• Learning the Art of Making Flat Springs (44 min) !
Master Gunsmithing Course:
The Master Gunsmithing Course INCLUDES
plus you will also get the Complete 71
Welding Course with materials!
Learn more about the Complete Welding Course on page 77! AGI
The Master Gunsmithing Course also includes the following bonus videos:
• How to Build a Semi-Auto G-3, HK-91 & CETME Rifle (1.5 hrs)
• Build an AR-15 Rifle from a parts kit (2 hrs)
• How to do a Trigger Job on an AR-15 (1 hr)
• Build your own M1 Garand from a Parts Kit (2 hrs)
• How to do a Trigger Job on an M1 Garand (1 hr)
• How to Rebarrel & Blueprint Military Bolt Action Rifles (5 hrs)
• Business Success System Information Package
($2,697 value!)
• 6 CDs. Interviews with AGI instructors and "How-to" information on shop
set-up, flow, problem solving, traps to avoid, and more.
• Exclusive Gunsmithing First Ever Flat-rate job book (so you will immediately be the
expert and know with confidence how much you should charge for your work)
• "Tax Secrets 'THEY' Don’t Want You To Know About" Audio CD
• Marketing Manual Information on how to: do direct mail to generate business,
news releases, yellow page ads and more to bring you customers.
• The Secret Life of Bob Dunlap – Inside Bob’s Head (4 DVD set!)
• 2 Certificates for a 1/2 Hour Phone Consultation with Robert Dunlap.
• Business Success Tool Kit Series: Contained in this 12 Audio CD Series are
the Core Secrets to operating ANY Successful and Profitable Business. Hosted by
AGI President and Successful Businessman Gene Kelly along with Professional
Business Coach April Palmer. We have also provided you with written lesson
outlines that correspond to each of the Audio CD Lessons AND a Bonus Business
Success Check List. Following this information will put you on the road to success.

This has worked for hundreds of others, NOW it is YOUR Turn!

"The Professional Gunsmithing Course is intense and full of informa-
tion. The ability to go back and review a gun that I studied months ago
is another great feature of the course. I would recommend the AGI
Professional Gunsmithing Course to anyone." Ornell McCaffety,
Castle Rock, CO
Many gunsmiths are self taught. Some have attended a trade
school, but they have never had the opportunity to receive this
level of detailed instruction in design, function and repair. Many gunsmiths are just
"part swappers" hoping they'll get it right. AGI's Gun Repair System is in use by
hundreds of professional gunsmiths around the USA as well as internationally.
“I think your Professional Gunsmithing Course is excellent. Mr. Dunlap does a fantastic job of
explaining how things work and what to do when they don't. I am a full time gunsmith and I am
currently taking your course. " Donald H. Lipscomb, Lacey's Spring, AL
WORKS! There are hundreds of firearm designs! We at
AGI believe that you must know HOW a firearm really
works, step-by-step, and then and ONLY then can you
repair it. AGI’s courses provide you with a complete
understanding of how each system works and then
SHOWS you how to make repairs.
The entire series has been MASTER INDEXED

to enable you to rapidly review a section or see
how to make a specific repair. You keep all 108
hours of video instruction as a reference library along
with written materials. Information on how to get your
FFL (Federal Firearms License) along with the forms
required are included.
THE KEY TO MAKING FASTER REPAIRS! The key to making faster
repairs is knowing how to quickly and accurately diagnose a problem and then
applying the fastest, most reliable solutions. By owning the AGI Gun Repair
System this knowledge will be yours. There are in excess of 300 million
firearms of all types in the USA. With more and more laws and regulations
making it harder to buy new guns, people need to keep their guns functioning
for sport, competition and defense. Who's going to repair them? Why not you?
Even if you attended a school or studied a correspondence course, we
guarantee that you will learn many new tricks of the trade. In fact, several of
the major campus-based gunsmithing programs have purchased AGI’s
instructional videos to use in their classroom.
Free Gun Repair Introductory DVD Lesson and Special
Report: "How To Get Started In Gunsmithing"
We believe you should see what you're getting before you
invest, so we have made available a one hour
introductory DVD lesson and a special report on gun
repair FREE.* You can read all about it on page 3 or call
us toll free at 1-800-997-9404 and we will take as
much time as necessary to answer all of your questions.
©Copyright AGI 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be
copied, reproduced or transmitted for any reason without
the written permission of the copyright holder.
Serial #02131004
DVD #1004

Look at everything
you get with the DVD *
Master Gunsmithing
Course! WOW!
There are numerous courses throughout this catalog
that are all included when you
invest in the Complete MASTER
Gunsmithing Course. They
are designated by this "MGC"
seal shown below.

Check them all out!

It is not a requirement in the State of California to obtain a Gunsmithing Certificate to practice gunsmithing; 73
however, possessing Gunsmithing Certification will demonstrate a proven level of competence. A Federal
Firearms License and State Licenses are required to operate a gunsmithing business. AGI
to learn how to
operate a Lathe
and a Mill!
The AGI Machine Shop Course is the most comprehensive and
easy to understand instruction ever offered on the proper set up
and use of the lathe, mill and general machine shop equipment.
Now YOU too can acquire the skills to become a
Machinist in a matter of hours - GUARANTEED!
Is it really possible? Can you learn how to operate a lathe by just watching our
courses? Yes! In fact, it will only take a few hours before you can start turning out your
first parts. Instructor Darrell Holland breaks down the information into its simplest
components. Each technique he teaches prepares you for the next skill level. Just hours
after watching this course you’ll be turning out high quality work.
Become an Expert on the Lathe. Now YOU have a front row seat in the classroom
of the future! Our writers and producers have put together a professional training
course using personalized DVD video instruction. With our comprehensive course out-
line, specialized production techniques, and knowledgeable instructors, you will receive
detailed instruction you could NEVER get in the classroom. Our course will take you
from the most basic machining skills right through the tricks, tips and techniques of
master machinists.
"Very detailed and straight forward demonstration of machining fundamentals. Darrell
Holland’s experience, as demonstrated on these videos, is going to save me a lot of time
and frustration. Excellent Job!" James T. Jensen, Berea, KY
We teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the lathe: what to look for if you
are buying one, the function of each part of the machine, how to set it up, grinding your
own tool bits, complete facing, turning and boring operations including turning
Threading precision diameters and tapers, boring holes and turning
threads (internal AND external), knurling, finishing, and more.
Darrell doesn't just show you how to operate the machine, he
teaches you the core knowledge required so you really
UNDERSTAND what you are doing. How to select the proper
materials for the application and calculate turning speeds and
feed rates are covered as well as measuring tools and measuring
"I had purchased my lathe before I ordered this course. The
lathe came with just a parts list and recommended fluids for
74 lube. I had thousands of dollars tied up and did not know
how to use it. I have ordered other how-to videos

from AGI before, so I knew you guys were the best
choice for me. After watching the Lathe videos I
had no trouble at all setting up my lathe and turn-
ing out all types of work. I could not have done
this without AGI." Douglas Patrick, Laurel, DE
Master the Milling Machine. The Milling
Course is just as thorough and complete as the Lathe Course. Once again,
Darrell comes through by giving you unique insight into the capabilities and
features of the vertical mill. He tells you exactly what to look for when pur-
chasing a new or used mill as well as tramming the head, fixturing, X,Y & Z
axis movements, locating centers, locating
edges, types of cutters, cutting speeds and fluids,
chip load, material selection, fly-cutting, climb-
cutting, precision hole-drilling, angle cuts and
boring. AND . . . he goes into detail on how to
use edge finders, collets, chucks, clamping
tools, digital readouts, measuring tools, specialty
cutters, rotary tables, indexers and much more.
"The Lathe Course was superb, and since the
Milling Course is even better, I am at a loss for
a term of recognition higher than superb. I
learned more tricks and insights from these courses than 35 years of
hands-on has taught me. Just his tips for tramming in the head quickly and
easily were worth the cost of the course to me. Darrell is not only a master
machinist and gunsmith, but a natural instructor as well. Thanks for another
great course!" Steve Bird Sr., Failure Analysis Engineer, San Jose, CA
Climb into Darrell's Head. Just knowing the techniques isn't enough, we
give you insight into the way a Master Machinist like Darrell thinks. In the
section on "Making a Part: Start to Finish," Darrell takes you through the
thought process of how you approach making a part. He shows you how to
think through the entire process in your mind before you start the machine
and the differences between machining a single part and setting up for a
production run. It's the sharing of this kind of knowledge and information
that sets us apart from any other course or institute.
Darrell covers (in his usual detail) how to design and set up your shop, buy
materials and perform heat treating as well as how to use the belt sander, drill
press, blast cabinet, cut-off saw, pedestal grinder, surface grinder and more.
The detailed tricks and techniques he gives you will save you loads of time
and make you more money (like how to remove broken screws and resharpen
drill bits)!
Darrell then rounds out the course by demonstrating the
abilities and limitations of the less expensive Mill/Drill
combination machines that are now available. He gives
you his own personal recommendations of when and how 75
they can be used effectively and if that wasn't
enough . . . AGI
BONUS DVDs: Two more instructors will show you how to set
up and operate an automotive-cylinder boring machine and an
automotive brake lathe. Armed with this exclusive informa-
tion you could start doing contract work for a local garage! Machine Shop
DVD # Course


FREE Introductory DVD just for you! We believe that you AGI
should be able to see what you're getting before you invest, so ©Copyright AGI 2009. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be
copied, reproduced or transmitted for any reason without
the written permission of the copyright holder.

we have made available a FREE* Machine Shop Introductory
Serial #0409MSCINTRO

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"I have watched the entire course 4 times. As usual with AGI, the quality of the instruction is
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present the material in an interesting and captivating way for the student machinist. I found the
additional videos dealing with automotive machining to be an unexpected, but appreciated
bonus." Glendall H. Epperson, Epperson Gunsmithing
Pass the Ultimate Test! So that you can prove that you have learned the material
completely, we have two levels of optional testing and certification. The first level
test is Machine Shop Theory. We will provide you with a multiple choice written test
that you complete and send back to us. If you pass we will provide you with a person-
alized Machine Shop Theory certificate in your name. The next level of testing is a
chance for you to demonstrate your new machining skills. When we send you the
course it includes the blueprints and materials needed for you to machine a few pre-
selected parts. This is your own personal Fire Walk. It's a true test of your skills. If
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76 Includes everything listed above
Many times when you are gunsmithing you will encounter a firearm that has a
worn or broken part which is expensive, hard to get, or even no longer
available. Knowing how to repair the existing part by welding is often your
best solution. Being able to place a small amount of metal exactly where you
want it without destroying the part or the heat-treating comes from what
Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap describes as the “miracle of TIG.” Having the
ability to TIG weld can make the difference between being
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Be an expert welder in a matter of hours! Covers
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We show how to make the perfect weld and give you tips to help you practice
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Our Complete Welding Course is the most comprehensive, video-based,
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As you progress through the course, your instructor keeps you well
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The Practical Gunsmithing Course Includes:
• How to set up your home workshop . . . everything from the depth and height of
your workbench to the “must have” hand and power tools that will save you time
and money getting started.
• How to custom hand grind your own gunsmithing screwdrivers
• Two simple tricks for removing broken screws out of metal or wood
• Cold-bluing methods
• Tricks on how to properly mount a scope… and the
“Dollar Bill Test” to use once you’ve got the scope on PROFESSIONAL
• Proper barrel cleaning to avoid damage
CA School Code
• How to re-tip a broken firing pin #2800501
• What NEVER to do when polishing a chamber
• A simple method to quickly repair loose handgun grips
• How to replace or install a recoil pad on your rifle or shotgun
• How to repair a broken stock . . . using the tips in this lesson just once could save
you hundreds of dollars and pay for the entire course!
• Various types of firearm locking systems: rifles, pistols and shotguns
• Proper nomenclature and parts identification of single action revolver, double
action revolver, shotgun and long gun; learn to talk "the talk" of a real Gunsmith
• How to identify a striker or hammer fired gun and why the difference is important
• How to determine the proper “length of pull” for your firearms
• The differences between American and European style stocks
• How to tell if your stock is “cast-off, cast-on or neutral” and how this effects recoil
*When you pass the Practical Gunsmithing test you will receive a certificate of completion.

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• Why your sight picture may change depending on your stock’s pitch

• Barrel types and styles, and how they’re manufactured 1 Year
• Introduction to ballistics and how cartridges are designed Satisfaction
• A complete discussion of sights and scopes ON EVERY
• And much more information that we don’t have room to list!!! AGI DVD

Plus . . . you get the Complete Hobby Gunsmithing Reference Book!

This book is crammed full
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Retipping a Firing Pin Setting up your shop
decimal charts. An absolute
must have for any gunsmith.
This book includes:
• Master index for the DVDs
• A 16-page “Troubleshooting
Flow Chart.” Identify the
malfunction then simply
Install bead sights Swaging a Bore
follow across the chart to
learn the probable cause and
appropriate corrective action.
This is PURE GOLD!!!
• Blueprints for over 13
custom gunsmithing tools
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Fitting Magazines Bedding Techniques
• Metric and English
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ence for drill and tap sizes.
• Heat-Treating Chart for
hardening metals. Recoil pad installation Grip Repairs
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Hobby Chamber Casting Scope Installation
Gunsmithing Course
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