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Case Study: Case involving motivation problems (Chapter 6, p.


1. Strengths of Electro Logic:

 One of the major strengths of Electro Logic is their innovative and creative work

itself. Developing a project like “Very Fast Very Accurate” has a potential to help

the staff in trying something new and thus, reducing the monotony of the work.

 Social gatherings at EL helps the employees in satisfying their social needs. As per

the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the staff members feel connected due to get

togethers and this results in reducing the work stress (Cherry, 2019).

 EL give increments to the staff members on the basis of their performance.

According to Cameron and Whetten, “If an organization rewards all people

identically, or on some basis other than performance, then high performers are

likely to feel they are receiving fewer “rewards” than they deserve (2016, p. 337).

 The opportunity, given to departments such as administration, to explore and

research on new things everyday improves the task variety and thus keeps the

employees like Meg Conroy motivated.

Weakness of Electro Logic:

 The major weakness of EL is the lack of job security for the employees. If the

staff members have no worry about the future of their job, they can be more

productive at their work and can thus, improve the overall performance of the

organisation (“Why is employee job security so important to company success?”,

2017). Moreover, EL also has unstable financial condition which becomes a

cause of worry for employees.

 Lack of clear instructions from the supervisor can significantly impact the job

performance of the workers. Setting clear objectives that lists the type of

responsibilities one is expected to perform is called Goal setting (“Part 2:

Managing Motivation through Goals, Expectations, and Feedback - Principles of

Management”, n.d.). It basically directs the employee towards the accurate level

of effort required.

 Restricting the ability of the workers at EL has resulted in the high turnover ratio.

The ability of someone to perform a task depends on resources present (Whetten

and Cameron, 2016, p. 327). The workers during exit interview mentioned that

they found “better opportunities for career advancement and security in larger

organizations” (Whetten and Cameron, 2016, p. 356).

 The act of micromanaging can inhibit the ability of the employees as they feel

uncomfortable on being supervised constantly by their bosses.

 Another factor which inhibits the motivation of the workers is the lack of

management in identifying their personal needs. Personal needs can refer to

having a consistent work schedule or having enough working. The unsatisfactory

physical work environment of the organisation can affect the ability of the

employee in generating more productive outcomes (Kamarulzaman et al., 2011).

 The inability of the staff members to get a hold of their senior management can

hamper their job performance. The culture where the managers interact with

employees and guide them respectively can enhance the extrinsic motivation of

the employees.

2. High priority action items for the President:

 Training and development: It is the responsibility of the management to make

sure that the workers have the accurate skills that are essential in performing the

job, organising the proper training and also providing assistance and help

wherever needed (Whetten and Cameron, 2016, p. 335). EL must train their

employees in the sectors they lack knowledge to overall enhance their


 Following proper recruitment process: EL president should analyse the capability

of the employees correctly and should assign the role positions respectively so

that they are motivated. There should be careful planning in advance so that they

utilise their skills to the maximum.

 Task variety: Performing different tasks everyday can reduce boredom and

increase job satisfaction of the employees (Benjamin, n.d.).

 Equal treatment for all: There should be consistent wage for each profession so

that the employees do not feel being discriminated. For example, all engineers

should have same salary as this will reduce the turnover and will help the

organisation in meeting their financial objectives (“Electro Logic Strengths and

Weaknesses”, n.d.). Moreover, the staff members should respect each other and

should not think inferior of employees from other departments.

 Feedback: Getting proper and timely feedback from the bosses or supervisors

helps workers to have clear understanding of expectations, level of effort required

and being recognised for their performance (Whetten and Cameron, 2016, p.

 Open and transparent culture: There should be open flow of information in the

organisation so that the employees feel involved.

 Constant project dynamics: When engineers are assigned a project, they should

not be pulled off from them until completion as this can demoralise them and can

affect their performance too.


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