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Chapter ± 1 Introduction to Cadbury
Company overview««««««««««««««.3
Cadbury worldwide««««««««««««««.5
Major products««««««««««««««««.

Chapter ± 2 Ethics in Cadbury

Ethics for Cadbury««««««««««««««...
Ethical Behaviour «««««««««««««««.
Ethics implementation Team ««««««««««..

Chapter ± 3 Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to the Environment«««««««««
Growing Community value«««««««««««..
Preserver of the Environment««««««««««.
Sahyog programme««««««««««««««.
Sarvam programme««««««««««««««.
Gurikha project««««««««««««««««..
Women Empowerment«««««««««««««.

Chapter ± 4 Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance«««««««««««««.
CG to internal system««««««««««««««
Great place at work«««««««««««««««.
Purple star programme«««««««««««««.

Case study«««««««««««««««««««««.



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I i i f ll i f K ft F I .
i ti f K ft F t l l i
, f ti q i l .

it l f xi t l $ 0 illi , t i
i t l ' l tf , i li i
t f illi f i t 60 ti .
l xi t l 0,000 l ti i t
70 ti .

I I i , it ti i 9 8 i ti l t .
Aft 60 f xi t , it t fi
f t i f iliti t ,I i (P ) l ( li ),
B l B i( i lP ) l ffi (
l i, i, K l t i). t ffi i i i.

" t li i " t t i it f t
t i t i i . li i f
f l t. t t i i t i t
l t , i q i it itti t f il i t,
t i t ti f t t l li i .

tl , I i t i f t i iz. l t
f ti , il F i , t .

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In the Chocolate Confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its

undisputed leadership over the years. Some of the key brands in India
are Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Éclairs and Celebrations.

Cadbury enjoys a value market share of over % - the highest Cadbury

brand share in the world! Our billion-dollar brand Cadbury Dairy Milk is
considered the gold standard for chocolates in India. The pure taste of
CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indi an consumer.

In the Milk ood drinks segment our main product is Bournvita - the
leading Malted ood Drink M D in the country. Similarly in the
medicated candy category Halls is the undisputed leader. We recently
entered the gums category with the launch of our worldwide dominant
bubble gum brand Bubbaloo. Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries

Since 1 5 Cadbury has also pioneered the development of cocoa

cultivation in India. or over two decades, we have worked with the
Kerala Agriculture University to undertake cocoa research and released
clones, hybrids that improve the cocoa yield. Our Cocoa team visits
farmers and advise them on the cultivation aspects from planting to
harvesting. We also conduct farmers meetings & seminars to educate
them on Cocoa cultivation aspects. Our efforts have increased cocoa
productivity and touched the lives of thousands of farmers. Hardly
surprising then that the Cocoa tree is called the Cadbury tree!

Today, as a combined company with an unmatched portfolio in

confectionery, snacking and uick meals, we are poised in our leap
towards uantum growth. We are the world s No.1 Confectionery
Company. And we will continue to ³make today delicious´!

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Cadbury India is a fully owned subsidy of

Kraft oods Inc. The combination of Kraft
oods and Cadbury creates a global
powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and
uick meals. We are currently the world s
No.1 confectionery and biscuit company.
We are also the world¶s second-largest
food company with sales in appro imately
1 countries. We employ appro imately
14 , people.

With an incredible brand portfolio, we

contrive to make a delicious difference,
today and everyday.

Heritage: We have come a long way since

J.L Kraft started selling cheese from a
horse drawn wagon in 1 3. Hard work,
imagination and commitment to bring the
world its favourite foods has helped us
grow into a company that touches more
than a billion people in 1 countries.
Everyday. One at a time.

Some fast facts on the combined


Global each
i Appro imately 5 billion in revenues
i 25%+ of global revenue from emerging
i #1 in global confectionery
i #1 in global biscuits
i More than 5 % of global revenue from
snacks and confectionery

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'(!c)*+ +* ,/p
c  c

Brand Portfolio
i 11 brands with more than 1 billion in
i + brands with more than 1 million
in revenue
i 4 + brands over 1 years old
i % revenue from #1 share positions

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Cadbury as i rporat d i I dia on uly 9t , 9 8 as a pri at

li it d ompany under t e name of Cadbury-Fry (India). Cadbury
Bournvita as launched during the same year.
It is among the oldest brands in the alt Based Food / alt Food
category ith a rich heritage and has al ays been nown to provide the
best nutrition to aid growth and all round development.

hroughout it's history, Cadbury Bournvita has continuously re-invented

itself in terms of product, packaging, promotion & distribution. he
Cadbury lineage and rich brand heritage has helped the brand maintain
its leadership position and image over the last 0 years

T J u y:
he brand has been an enduring symbol of mental and physical health
ever since it was launched in 9 8. It is hardly surprising then, that
Bournvita enjoys a major presence in the alt Food market. iven its
market share of 7%, Cadbury Bournvita reaches across hundreds of
cities, towns and villages through , 0,000 outlets in

It is a universal truth that mothers attach a lot of

emotional importance to nourishment while bringing up
their children. owever, children always look out for the
tastiest option to make their daily dose of milk more

Cadbury now offers two options to capture this appeal: Cadbury

Bournvita, with its popular chocolate taste, and its latest offering,
Cadbury Bournvita Star agic, leveraging the rich chocolate and
caramel flavour of Cadbury Star.

(!  c )    1p
c    c c c  

Cadbury Bournvita advertising has moved with the times to reflect the
changing needs of the consumers.

uring the '70s the communication centered on ' ood upbringing' and
Bournvita became an essential building block for childhood. " oodness
that grows with you" was the campaign idea that communicated this

In the 80's the focus shifted from ' pbringing' to 'Intelligence' with the
more aggressive "Brought up right, Bournvita bright" campaign, which
was very successful during its time.

In the early '90s all brands in the category provided purely physical
benefits like nourishment, energy and growth. It was at this time that
Bournvita decided to raise the bar by promising physical and mental
benefits. his resulted in the famous an Ki Shakti, an Ki Shakti
Campaign which became an anthem for the brand.

In the new millennium, keeping pace with the evolving mindsets of the
new age consumers, Cadbury Bournvita is about arming consumers with
Confidence to take on physical and mental challenges that nobody else
can, resulting in one of the most successful advertising campaigns which
is based on ' eal Achievers who have grown up on Bournvita'.

ai y u k w:

i In the 980 oscow lympics, Cadbury Bournvita was the official

health drink for the Indian team
i he Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest, which started
airing on April th 97 , is India's longest running
national school quiz contest. Starting out as a
contest held in cities, and then on radio, the contest
currently has been running for over 0 years on
satellite television. It has over 00 episodes to its

(!  c )    2p
c    c c c  

credit, and today the contest directly reaches more than , ,000
students, in 000 schools across 66 cities and 7 countries - AE,
Kuwait, Qatar, man, Bahrain, epal and India.


alls accounts for 0% of international cough drop sales and is the

leading sugar confectionery brand in the world. In 9 0¶s, the all
brothers invented its entho-Lyptus formula, using a combination of
menthol and eucalyptus, and began producing cough drops. he cough
drops were introduced into the S during the mid-19 0s. arner-
Lambert recognised the potential of the product and acquired alls in
196 . In 1971, arner Lambert began selling alls under the Adams
family, and the first national television campaign was aired in the S &
the results were a resounding success.

Ou J u y:

alls was first launched in India in 1968 & soon

established itself as
a µtherapeutic¶ candy competing in the cough
lozenge market. alls has been sold in India as part of the Pfizer &
arner Lambert networks before it came into the Cadbury fold in 00
as part of a global merger with Adams Confectionery.

alls has had a colourful advertising history in India & was infact, one of
the earliest brands to advertise on television in India. In the 1980¶s, Ad¶s
featuring eenakshi Sheshadri and later, Vijeta Pandit on its unique
µvapour action¶ formula with a classic alls ingle were aired which
established the brand firmly in the market. In the 90¶s, alls advertising
adopted a different take with its µ raffic am¶ Ad where alls restores
order to a situation of chaos & the early 000¶s saw alls advertising on
the µrefreshment¶ platform. ver the years alls has been strongly
positioned on the` soothes sore throat ¶ benefit in the consumers mind .

alls continues to be one of the leading mint brands in India even in the
changed competitive context.

ai Y u K w:

i alls is marketed in different countries around the world & is

offered in over 6 flavours.

(!  c )    3p
c  c

i Halls produced the largest sweet in the world in 1 4. Weighing

kilos, the sweet was put on e hibition in New York.
i Halls accounts for more than 5 % of international cough drop
i In 2 2, people consumed 1 , tons of Halls!


Cadbury Bytes was launched in 2 4- 5 as Cadbury s foray into the

rapidly growing packaged snack market.

Cadbury Bytes is a one of a kind snack, in that it is sweet and not salty,
as compared to most of the other snacks. It s a bite si ed snack with a
crunchy wafer and rich Choco cream filling. There are three variants of
Bytes available in the market - Regular, Coffee and Strawberry, at two
price points- Rs 5 and Rs 1 .

Cadbury Bytes is targeted at teens as they are the largest consuming

segment of packaged snack category. They are also the gateway to the
family, especially for a new sweet snack.

With Bytes, Cadbury has entered into a new category with well
entrenched and established brands. It is an e citing challenge for us to
take the brand forward and make it a stupendous success.

Cadbury Bytes is positioned as the only sweet snack in the world of

salty snacks. The proposition we have arrived at is Snacking ka meetha
funda , where we take a pot-shot at other snacks, by saying `Har snack
namkeen nahi hota . The product is all about breaking a cliché and
teenagers identify with breaking stereotypes. The new commercials-
Tommy and Villain , talk about breaking the stereotype.

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,%4p
c    c c c  

Cadbury India has expanded its confectionary portfolio in 007 by
foraying into the Bubble gum category with the launch of Bubbaloo
Bubblegum- a successful bubblegum brand from its international

Bubbaloo is an innovative soft bubblegum with a centre filled liquid.

It is filled with a high level of a great tasting fruit flavoured liquid that
floods your mouth instantly.

Bubbaloo is currently available in two yummy flavours - Strawberry and

(!  c )    p
c  c

Mi ed ruit.

The communication focuses on the fun filled li uid centre of Bubbaloo

and is anchored by ³Bubba- the cat´, the international mascot for the
brand Bubbaloo.

Did o no ?
Bubbaloo was first launched in 1 4.

Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries and is particularly popular in Latin

America. The record for the largest bubblegum bubble ever blown is
5 .4cm. The bubble was blown by Susan Montgomery Williams of
resno, California, USA at the ABC-TV studios in New York City, in
1 4.

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,%-p
c  c

H P E ±2

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,%$p
c  c

hat is Ethics for adb r ??

Acting in an ethical manner is important to Cadbury . This means doing

what is right and fair. It also means working to create a better uality of
life for employees and their families as well as communities - this is
called Corporate Social Responsibility CSR .

Ethical behaviour brings benefits to Cadbury by:

i attracting more people to buy a firm¶s products

i making employees happy to work at the company and therefore stay
there for longer
i attracting better employees who want to work for the company
i making more people want to buy shares.

Ethics at or

Cadbury tries to make sure this approach covers all the areas over
which it has control. This includes the firms that supply it and its own
transport and production.

i S ppl . Cadbury works with its suppliers to try and make sure they
are being ethical. or instance it works to help cocoa farmers get a
good price for their crop. It also helps to improve the lives of people in
countries it trades with. or e ample, in Ghana it builds wells to
provide clean safe water.

i Prod ction. The business makes sure that it treats all waste water to
make it safe. It also uses as little energy as it can and keeps down
the release of harmful gases into the air.

i Distrib tion. Goods have to be moved around the country and

around the world. Pollution from the transport used has been reduced
and drivers are trained in the most efficient ways to drive.

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,%.p
c  c

ons mers

Cadbury is also keen to be fair to its consumers, by making sure all its
products are labelled clearly and informatively and meet the highest
uality standards.

Ethics and emplo ment

Cadbury also looks after its employees. It believes in and promotes

e ual opportunities. It treats all its employees fairly. It gives them a safe
and healthy workplace, good pay and good training.

For adb r Ethics is all abo t hat the prod ce for their
cons mers in the right term
ons mers inspire them.
To make today delicious, we begin with our consumers.
We listen, we watch and we learn.
We understand their joys and their challenges because we¶re consumers

hat e do.
We make delicious foods you can feel good about.
Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a
uick bite or sitting down to family night, we pour our hearts into creating
foods that are wholesome and delicious.

We believe we can make a delicious difference, everywhere.
We¶re constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve our workplace, our
partnerships, our communities and our world.

Ho the behave ± Val es

We understand that actions speak louder than words, so at Kraft oods:

i Inspire trust.
i Act like owners.
i Keep it simple.
i Are open and inclusive.

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,%/p
c    c c c  

i ell it like it is.

i Lead from the head and the heart.
i iscuss, decide and deliver.

w y w.
e focus on creating sustainable, profitable growth. And our strategies
guide our efforts:

i Build a high performing organization

i eframe our categories
i Exploit our sales capabilities
i rive down costs without compromising quality

A u l .
It takes great people to make great brands. Approximately 140,000
diverse employees around the world are the reason CA B Y



C Y Pal
Chairman - on Executive
p p

anaging irector pp pp
pp pp

pp pp

Anand Kripalu pp pp
President, South Asia & Indo China,

anaging irector - Cadbury India

on-Executive irectors

adhakrishnan B.
Suresh alwar
(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

pp pp
Executive irectors
pp pp


Atul Bhatia 

p   p
irector, & 
 p   pp p
pp pp


aiboy Phillips
 p  p   p
irector, perations
pp p
pp pp


ajesh arg ! p p

irector, Finance 
 p"p  p
pp pp

pp pp

(!  c )    1p
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p p

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,% p
c    c c c  

C S i lR i ili y (CSR) i u

At Cadbury India we have always believed that good values and good
business go hand in hand. It's part of our heritage and the way we do
things today. CS is about growing our business responsibly.

Cadbury India has a tradition of caring for the environment and enriching
the quality of lives of the communities we live and work in, through a
variety of result-oriented programs.

C mmi m E i m
wi C mmu i y V lu

Ou mmi m E i m

hey are committed to responsible environmental, health and safety

management. e aim to look after the health and safety of our people
and minimize the environmental impact of our business around the

Mi y i l y!

ater is a precious resource. As part of Cadbury India's efforts to

continuously increase water conservation our Bangalore factory has
constructed a check dam to store the rainwater. his dam not only acts
as a major ground water replenishing source for the bore wells in the
factories and surrounding community, but is also a stopover location for
some of the migratory birds!

aam at Bangalore factory

Pi i ul i i i I i

(!  c )    3p
c    c c c  

Since 1974 Cadbury has pioneered the development of cocoa cultivation

in India. For over two decades, we have worked with the Kerala
Agriculture niversity to undertake cocoa research and released hybrids
that improve the cocoa yield.

ur efforts have increased cocoa productivity and touched the lives of

thousands of farmers. ardly surprising then that the Cocoa tree is
called the Cadbury tree!

  l y:  u i  i

Akwl  'P    E im'

Sunshine now lights the pathways on streets outside our Bangalore

factory at night.

ising energy costs, and 00 sunny days a year, inspired the factory to
install 8 solar powered streetlights. It will reduce annual carbon dioxide
(a major greenhouse gas) emissions by ten tonnes, playing a part in the
effort to reduce global warming.

In appreciation of our commitment to implement environment friendly

initiatives, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has honoured the
Bangalore factory with the Parisara Premi (Preserver of the
Environment) Award for the second year in a row.

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

›wi Cmmuiy V lu

Everything needs a little nurturing to help it to grow. ur communities

are no different. Cadbury India is committed to growing community value
around the world. For our employees, this is about making a difference
in the community.

Nm l l  u y C uy  il   mi 

wk i  i


‘hanks to the efforts of the Baddi factory team over 0 children of

migrant workers living in and around our Baddi factory will now have
daily access to non-formal education. Cadbury has set up a non-formal
school as part of our commitment to create prosperous, inclusive and
healthy communities.

‘his is the first phase of Project SA Y an 18 month project which

commenced in anuary this year in partnership with an CHI.

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

‘he project reaches out to over 400 poor & marginalized families in
Sandholi village near our Baddi factory and apart from education, the
other key interventions will be on village health, sanitation, education &
water harvesting.

‘he project was recently inaugurated by

r B Verma, Labour
Commissioner cum Chief Inspectorate of Factories & airectorate of
Employment; Himachal Pradesh in the presence of
r Sudhir Sharma,
ay airector Industries and senior officials of BB Industries Association.
‘he Chief uest appreciated Cadbury's effort to make a difference in the
community and encouraged the villagers to come forward and support
the initiative.

In the coming months the project through a group of 12 SAHY

PI S (colleagues from the Baddi factory) will undergo an
orientation program with the CHI and will subsequently mobilize
Baddi colleagues to volunteer their time in the community on aspects of
village health, sanitation and education.

C uy i iu wi  iW lm   u   u i 

 u i il il 

In an effort to make a small difference to the communities in which we
operate we recently tied-up with Bharti-Wal-
art to support the
infrastructure of a government school for underprivileged children in

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

As part this initiative, we have provided safe and clean facilities to create
an environment conducive to learning for the 80 odd children enrolled in
the school. ‘his included re-painting the building, cleaning and
developing the gardens in the school premises, planting trees and
installing swing-sets in the play area. A team of 16 sales colleagues
spent a day in the school and truly made a difference!

S  m P m

With operations around the Pacific cean, we responded immediately to

the Asian ‘sunami in late 2004. After initial emergency relief donation
we established a ‘sunami egeneration Programme for essential long-
term community rebuilding.

Working in partnership with a local charity, the Sri Aurobindo Society, on

a five-year project, we are contributing to the redevelopment of two
villages in the costal region of Pondicherry. ‘he project addresses
education, health, economic development, voc ational training, organic
farming, water harvesting and attitude changes including the
empowerment of women. Learning's from the project will also create
significant rural regeneration throughout the rest of the ‘sunami - hit
regions and beyond.

Priorities for the first year include: providing simple housing and toilets
and repairing and developing eight pre-school centres and three
schools. We will also recruit teaching staff, health workers, counsellors
as well as an administrator and set up a training and basic I‘ centre.

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

C uy  mil  V  ly

Cadbury India has partnered with Vatsalya Foundation, an working

with underprivileged street children in
umbai. Vatsalya's motto is to
give the child a supportive environment to live and study in and gain
skills so that they become contributing members of society.

We support the educational needs of 100 street children by proving them

with their school fees and also other requirements like books, stationery
uniforms etc. We will also sponsor educational camps for these children.

‘he other aspect of the partnership is the "Be

y Friend" Volunteering
programme. nder this initiative colleagues are encouraged to spend
time with these children, encourage them to study or just simply be their

C uy I i u  uil i  N  l w 

In an effort to provide a health start to the newborn infants of the local

community in the ‘hane district, we have supported the construction of a
neo-natal hospital ward at ‘hane`s municipal hospital. ‘he ward gives
specialized and intensive care for premature and critically ill newborns.

‘his intervention has helped the poor and needy who are in urgent need
of specialized healthcare.

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

›uik P

Smiling girls of urikha school (built by Cadbury India)p

In 1999, we launched the Community Initiative Programme under the

banner: utrition, Education, Security and Love near our
factory (

urikha Project has enlightened her to a new life of hope and some

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

Village aevelopment Committee structured by Cadbury in session.

As a result, we focused on healthcare and education in the nearby

village of urikha. A nursery school was started and key improvements
were made in the primary school.

‘he consultation and a bit of lateral thinking led to some real social
improvements: fresh drinking water from a new village pump, a doctor's
clinic, vet services for milk producing animals and fruit trees for each
household to plant during the monsoons. ‘hey also helped incre ase
attendance in school.

Smart girls from Cadbury aided coaching class

Community Lady Worker counselling a self help group on income


In 200 , the education programme supported the Indian overnment's

Year of Women Empowerment. Special focus was given to the rights
and contribution of girls and to the counteraction of female infanticide
through a variety of initiatives.

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

Play school for children below years of age established by Cadbury.

Women Empowerment activities will help rescue her burden

(!  c )    1p
c  c


 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,- p
c  c

DE INITION: In  Board ltre of orporate Governance, business
author Gabrielle O Donovan defines corporate governance as ³an
internal system encompassing policies, processes and people, which
serves the needs of shareholders and other stakeholders, by directing
and controlling management activities with good business savvy,
objectivity, accountability and integrity. Sound corporate governance is
reliant on e ternal marketplace commitment and legislation, plus a
healthy board culture which safeguards policies and processes´.


The following policy statements apply to the Company-wide Work

Related Road Safety WRRS programme that ensures the safe, proper
and professional operation of vehicles used to conduct Cadbury
Company business. They are neqivocal reqirements for all
persons authorised by Cadbury to operate vehicles when conducting
business on behalf of Cadbury:

1. Driving hilst impaired

The driving of a motor vehicle whilst impaired through fatigue,
alcohol, drugs or a medical condition that may affect driving
performance is prohibited.
2. Fitness to drive
At all times fitness to drive shall be at the discretion of the
nominated driver and reasonable caution shall be applied.
or e ample, following long haul or overnight sector flying drivers
should consider their fitness to drive a motor vehicle and when
appropriate, should take other means of transport to their
destination or take local accommodation at the Company¶s
e pense to enable ade uate rest prior to driving.
3. Seat belts
Seat belts shall be worn by the driver and all passengers whilst
driving on Company business or driving a Company vehicle at any
time. E ception to this is only permissible for two-wheeled vehicles
and where, for short-term hire and contract-provided vehicles,

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,- p
c  c

including ta is, rear-seat seatbelts are not the norm. All efforts
shall be made when making reservations to meet these seat belt
re uirements.

The driver is accountable for ensuring that everyone in the vehicle

wears a seat belt. Seat belts shall be fitted in accordance with
vehicle manufacturer standards to all Company vehicles. The
minimum standard is a lap seat belt for the driver and all
passengers. Preferred is a three point seat belt for driver and all
otorc cle helmets Motorcycle helmets shall be worn by the
driver and all passengers on a motorcycle whilst the engine is
running. The driver is accountable for ensuring that pillion
passengers wear a safety helmet. Where permitted, headlamps
shall be on at all times the vehicle is in operation.
obile phones and other hand-held electronic devices Hand-
held electronic devices including mobile phones should not be
used whilst the vehicle is in motion. This practice shall include
SMS te t.
The use of mobile telephones whilst a vehicle is in motion shall be
limited to voice communication and shall be used only when
absolutely necessary. In such cases the mobile telephone shall
use an appropriate hands-free device.
. Bic cles
The riding of bicycles for the purpose of conducting Company
business is permitted where line management have defined
conditions of use e.g. risk assessment, training and wearing of
appropriate protective e uipment and clothing. The wearing of high
visibility garments and helmets is strongly recommended.
. Smo ing
Smoking is not permitted in any Cadbury owned or leased vehicle.
. Hitchhi ers
Hitchhikers shall not be given lifts whilst driving any vehicle on
Company business.

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,$4p
c  c



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m mc m ccmcc

‘he Purple Star Program is our entry level Leaders program. ‘he Purple
Star Program is a very important process for inducting fresh talent into
the organization.
any of our Purple Stars have grown in the
organization and have assumed positions of significant responsibility.
‘he program is aimed at getting top talent from premier B-Schools and
providing them with structured inputs that prepare them to take the
plunge into the corporate world.

‘he stint is so designed that it gives you an opportunity to:

(!  c )    p
c  c

i Learn about the power of the brand that is Cadbury and the
systems and processes that go to support it
i E periment with new ideas
i Suggest and implement changes in systems
i Understand the impact of the human element on business and to
positively channeli e energy

During this one year period, trainees will be provided with several
opportunities to interact with Senior Management and share their views
and opinions with them. After completion of every assignment, they will
be given detailed feedback on their performance. This captures the
strengths that were displayed and also their areas of development

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,$.p
c  c


Cadbury Bytes

ar et Bac grond
Cadbury is the market leader in chocolates but was a new entrant in the
packaged snacking category. The company had a loyal child following
but snacking was driven by teens and adults. The Indian palette also
showed a distinct preference for salty snacks. Overall brand Cadbury
strengths in the confectionery market were weaknesses in the packaged
snacking market. Snacks were also largely driven by shared
consumption vis s avis confectionery which is largely an impulse
individual consumption

Well entrenched competitors and local unorgani ed players which are
synonymous with snacking and dominated the market.

he Brand
Cadbury Bytes was a one of a kind snack, in that it was sweet and not
salty and had the irresistible taste of Cadbury chocolate in it. To be
positioned effectively as a snack it had to offer the irresistible taste of
Cadbury chocolate in the conte t of shared snacking

he Brand bective

Position Cadbury Bytes as the people magnet of snacking which led to
being creatively e pressed as Bytes Jahaan Public Wahaan!

he eslts
Cadbury Bytes e pands the chocolate cate

 ! "#$%%&

'(!c)*+ +* ,$/p
c    c c c  

A i  M ki Ei  Aw  08

arketing Effectiveness Awards 2008 for Bournvita Folk/Fusion
campaign - La award for the "Best Insights and Strategic ‘hinking"
and SILVE award for the '
ost Effective se of Advertising'.

‘he Asian
arketing Effectiveness Awards are the region's most
prestigious awards that celebrate resourceful Asian marketing. ‘hey are
designed to set the standard for effective marketing within the region,
and aim to uncover the campaigns that show results through innovative
spirit and combining creativity with effectiveness to build world class

C uy I i  k 7 ›  Pl   Wk i I i

N. 1 MC› Cm y

Cadbury India has been ranked as the 7th reat Place to Work and the
o. 1 F
CG company in India in 2008, by the Great Place to Work

‘his study, in its fifth year in India , has a presence in 0 countries and
is the oldest, most comprehensive and respected workplace study
worldwide. ver two hundred companies throughout India participated
in the survey, which measured the degree of satisfaction of employees
with their place of work and picked out the best working environments.
‘his is the fourth time we have featured amongst the Great Places to

(!  c )    p
c    c c c  

Work in India . We were ranked 10th in 200 , and were among the top
25 in 2004 and 2005.

p›  Pl   Wk 007


'Cadbury India' has been awarded the "Bronze Award for Excellence in
anagement" in the 'Great Place to Work 2007' survey
conducted by Grow ‘alent Company Limited and Businessworld. ‘he
award recognizes Cadbury India as a national leader in the area of
Human esource

Business World along with Grow ‘alent has been carrying out the 'Great
Place to Work' survey for the past 4 years. ‘his award is based on the
ranks received in top 25 list of the Great Place to Work India studies
conducted in the last four years.

AY Aw  wi  I i .

‘he prestigious ABBY awards, held in

arch, recognise creative
excellence in the Indian Advertising Industry. ‘he lta Perk campaign
won four Silver Awards in total and the Cadbury aairy
ilk Campaign,

iss Palampur, also won a Silver Award. ‘his year Cadbury also
sponsored the new 'Young ABBY' Award.

(!  c )    1p
c    c c c  

u i w  Emm i ›l  

  M i I i  TV.

Cadbury won the Emmvie Gold for the Best
edia Innovation - ‘V, for
brand Bournvita, for the entry Physical symbol of Confidence.

C uy a iy Milk & u i w C um


Cadbury aairy
ilk & Bournvita have done it again. For the
second time running, Cadbury aairy
ilk & Bournvita have been
declared a `Consumer Superbrand' for 2006-7 by Superbrands India

C uy R k m I i ' m    m i

Cadbury India has been ranked 5th in the F

CG sector, in a survey on
India's most respected companies by sector conducted by Business
World magazine in 2007.

C uy wi  Ei 006

m  o
it  in!
At the recent Effie 2006 awards organized by ‘he
Advertising Club of
umbai, our 'Pappu Pass Ho Gaya'
advertising campaign bagged two more awards - Gold in
the Consumer Products category and Silver in the
Integrated advertising campaign category.

(!  c )    2p
c    c c c  

C uy I i    C 

Cadbury India received a bronze award at the Cannes

Lions International Advertising Festival for partnering
with a mobile phone operator in 2005 to provide exam
results via S
S to school children.

C uy I i i ›  Pl   Wk

‘he 'Great Place to Work' Institute study listed Cadbury India as a Great
Place to work in 2005 for the third time in a row. Incidentally, Cadbury
was in the ‘op 25 in 200 , 2004 and 2005 too.

R ' ai  Aw  iz u i

Bournvita won the ' eader's aigest ‘rusted Brands' Gold
Award for the vitamin health supplement category in Indian
in 2006. ‘he merit was based on 7000 responses from
questionnaires and telephone interviews across Asia.

Su k  Pu k  Aw  005

Cadbury India's Bangalore factory has received the
"Suraksha Puraskar" safety award from the ational
Safety Council - Karnataka chapter.

ational Safety Council ( SC) was set up by the

of Labour, Government of India in 1966, as an
autonomous body to generate, develop and sustain a
voluntary movement on Environment, Health and Safety.

(!  c )    3p
c  c

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  #p p pp ! !pp!p p!p!p
!#p p  #pp! p!p ! p
p p ! p pp !p pp p #!p p p
p  p!pp !  !p
! ! p#!  ppp p!pp p p !p
 ! pp  p!p p p!p p !p

 ! "#$%%&

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  m

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 ! "#$%%&

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