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Castles & Crusades

Andrew “Drew” Wood

A selection of Monsters from Classic Fantasy

Role-Playing Games, converted for use with
Castles & Crusades

Artwork taken from the original source material, and used without permission.

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BEHOLDER 8. Slow Spell
9. Cause Serious Wound (30’ Range)
NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1 10. “Finger of Death” Ray (24’ Range)
SIZE: Large 11. “Anti-Magic Shell” Ray (84’ Range)
HD: 5D6+40
MOVE: 10 ft By Nature a Beholder is hateful, aggressive, and avaricious. They
AC: 20/18/13 will usually attack immediately. If confronted by a particularly
ATTACKS: 1 (Bite) 2D6 powerful party there is a 50/50 chance they will listen to
SPECIAL: Eye Magic, Darkvision 60 ft, Anti-Magic negotiations- either to be bribed not to attack or to pay a ransom to
SAVES: P+M not be attacked, depending on the strength of the opposing Party.
INT: Exceptional They can speak their own language as well as that tongue known to
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil lawful evil creatures.
TYPE: Aberration
XP: 4500+10 per HP
All Demons have the following powers:
The Beholder (or Eye Tyrant/Sphere of Many Eyes) is most
frequently found in an underground lair, although it infrequently · Summon (1/day) either 1 other creature of equal rank
will set up its base in Desolate Wildernesses location. (20%) or 1d4 of lower rank (30%) or 2d4 creatures of
two lower ranks (50%). If all else fails any Infernals can
summon Lemures.
The globular body of this monster is supported by levitation, and it
· Immunity to Fire and poison; ½ Damage from cold and
floats slowly about as it wills. Atop the spherical body are 10
eyestalks; while in its central area is a great eleventh eye and a large · Telepathy with a range of 60 feet.
cavernous mouth filled with Shark-like pointed teeth. · Deepvision 60 feet.
· Detect Invisible, Darkness
A Beholders body is protected by a hard Chitinous covering. The · Powers listed under "SPECIAL" below are at will powers
creature's eyestalks and eyes are also protected, although somewhat and useable one per round unless otherwise specified.
less so (having Armor Classes of 18 and 13 respectively). Because
of its particular nature a Beholder is able to withstand the loss of its Balor (Type VI)
eyestalks with little or no stress or trauma, these members are not
computed as part of its hit point damage potential, and lost eyestalks NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1-2
will eventually grow back (1 week per lost eyestalk). The body of SIZE: Large
the monster can withstand two-thirds of its total damage potential, HD: 15 (d8)
MOVE: 40-90 ft.
while the great central eye can withstand one-third this total (i.e. a AC: 23
beholder with 45 hit points con withstand 30 hit points of damage to ATTACKS: Vorpal Sword (1d12+1), Whip (3d6)
its body before being killed & the eleventh eye can withstand 15 SPECIAL: Scare, Levitate, Telekinesis, Detect Magic, Read
points before ceasing to function). Eyestalks take from 8 to 12 Hit Magic, Comprehend Languages, Dispel Magic, Pyrotechnics,
Points each before being lost. The body of a Beholder Polymorph Self, Project Image, Symbol of Fear/discord (as
represents75% of potential hit area, the central eye and the eyestalks Spells), SR 15 (Can only be hit by magic weapons)
10% each, and the 10 small eyes 5%.
INT: 19
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
Eyes - The various eyes of a Beholder each have a different TYPE: Demon
function. Typically only the central eye, plus 1-4 of those on stalks TREASURE: 15
are able to function considering that the attack is coming from an arc XP: 1600+16
90' to the front of the Monster. PSlONlC ABILITY: 180
Attack/Defense Modes: A, B, C, E/F, G, H
If attacks come from 180" double the number of eyestalks able to
These powerful abominations are the closest of their kind to devil-
function, and for 270" or 360" triple or quadruple the number. kind in appearance, with goat hooves, red hides, and horns upon
Attacks from above enable all 10 eyestalks to function, but the their brows. They use weapons more often than claws, usually whips
central eye cannot. or nets to entangle foes and swords to stab and cut.

Functions of the Beholders Eyes are as Follows – Succubi

1. Charm Person Spell NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1-2

2. Charm monster spell SIZE: Medium
3. Sleep spell HD: 6 (d8)
MOVE: 30 ft., 50 ft. (fly)
4. Telekinesis 2,500 GP Weight
AC: 20
5. Transmute Flesh to Stone Ray (18’ Range) ATTACKS: 2 Claws (1d3)
6. Disintegrate Ray (12’ Range)
7. Fear (As a Wand)

SPECIAL: Energy Drain (1 level), Polymorph Self, Etherialness, SIZE: Large
Charm Person, Claraudience, Suggestion (as Spells), SR 14 (Can HD: 12 (d8)
only be hit by magic weapons) MOVE: 30 ft.
SAVES: M AC: 27 (22 coils)
INT: 17 ATTACKS: Constrict (1d6+1) or 6 Weapons
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil SPECIAL: Scare, Levitate, Telekinesis, Comprehend
TYPE: Demon Languages, Polymorph Self, Pyrotechnics, Project Image,
TREASURE: 6 Symbol of Fear/discord (as Spells), SR 16 (Can only be hit by
XP: 650+6 magic weapons)
Attack/Defense Modes: D/G, I INT: 18
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
Succubi are demons that appear as beautiful humans with horns and TYPE: Demon
bat wingss. As they are shapeshifters they can take on any gender; TREASURE: 12
though the females are referred to as Succubi and the males Incubi. XP: 1400+12
The are the physical manifestation of the dark side of passion and PSlONlC ABILITY: 100
use seduction to get close to their prey. Attack/Defense Modes: A, E/F, G, H

Glabrezu (Type III) Marilith are a chaotic combination of snake and humanoid, with the
coils of a large serpent below their waists and a green-skinned
humanoid body. This body, while human in appearance, is larger
than most humans and has six arms; all of which can attack with
SIZE: Large
claws or handheld weapons. Some are spellcasters, and rise high in
HD: 11 (d8)
arcane and unholy magics.
MOVE: 40 ft.
AC: 24
ATTACKS: 2 Pincer (2d6), 2 Claw (1d3), Bite (1d4+1) Nalfeshnee (Type IV)
SPECIAL: Scare, Levitate, Telekinesis, Pyrotechnics,
Polymorph Self (as Spells), SR 12 NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1-6
INT: 16 HD: 11 (d8)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil MOVE: 30-50 ft.
TYPE: Demon AC: 22
TREASURE: 11 ATTACKS: 2 Claw (1d4), Bite (2d4)
XP: 800+10 SPECIAL: Scare, Levitate, Telekinesis, Detect Magic,
PSlONlC ABILITY: 100 Comprehend Languages, Dispel Magic, Polymorph Self, Project
Attack/Defense Modes: E/F Image, Symbol of Fear/discord (as Spells), SR 13 (Can only be
hit by magic weapons)
Glabrezu are massive creatures appearing as a cross between a ogre SAVES: P
and a dog, with both parts emitting the odor of decay. Four arms INT: 13
emerge from its rotting torso, with claws that strive to rend and tear ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
all before it. TYPE: Demon
Hezrou (Type II) XP: 1000+11
Attack/Defense Modes: A, C, E/F, G, H
SIZE: Large
A horrid creature that combines the worst aspects of a carniverous
HD: 10 (d8)
ape and a wild boar. It has tiny batwings that emerge from its back,
MOVE: 30 ft.
and despite their size can carry the hairy horrors through the air with
AC: 23
ATTACKS: 2 Claw (1d4), Bite (4d4)
SPECIAL: Scare, Levitate, Telekinesis (as Spells), SR 11
SAVES: P Vrock (Type I)
INT: 14
TYPE: Demon SIZE: Large
TREASURE: 9 HD: 9 (d8)
XP: 750+8 MOVE: 30 ft., 50 ft. (fly)
Attack/Defense Modes: E/F, G ATTACKS: 2 Claw (1d4), Bite (1d8)
SPECIAL: Telekinesis (as spell), SR 10
These denizens of the second circle appear as huge demonic SAVES: P
Troglodytes and relish carnage and destruction. They use stealth to INT: 3
approach their prey, which is easy on this Typhonic circle), but ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
when battle begins they fight with mad bloodlust and to the death. TYPE: Demon
Marilith (Type V) XP: 500+5
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

This avian monstrosity appears to be a tall, cadaverously thin mix of The Horned Devils (Malebranche) are also covered with natural
vulture and man, with claws and filthy visage. Its feathers and fur weaponry, though of spiked horns all across their bodies. Their
are spotted and mangy, leaving white leprous skin visible in patches claws and tail can rend and tear flesh quite efficiently, though some
across its form. carry evil-enchanted forks to stabe and cripple enemies.

DEVIL Erinyes

All Devils have the following powers: NO. ENCOUNTERED: 2-12

SIZE: Medium
· Summon (1/day) either 1 other creature of equal rank HD: 7 (d8)
(20%) or 1d4 of lower rank (30%) or 2d4 creatures of MOVE: 30-50 ft.
two lower ranks (50%). If all else fails any Infernals can AC: 19
summon Lemures. ATTACKS: Claw (2d4), Weapon, Tenglerope
SPECIAL: Poison weapon (CON save or faint 1-6 rounds), Rope
· Immunity to Fire and poison; ½ Damage from cold and
of Entanglement (as spell but 1 victim), Invisibility, Polymorph
Self, Pyrotechnics (as spells), SR 6
· Telepathy with a range of 60 feet.
· Deepvision 60 feet. INT: 12
· Detect Invisible, Darkness ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
· Powers listed under "SPECIAL" below are at will powers TYPE: Devil
and useable one per round unless otherwise specified. TREASURE: 7
· Fear Aura (as the Scare spell) XP: 900+7
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
Erinyes are the devilish equivalents of the Cubi, though their wings
NO. ENCOUNTERED: 5-30 are raven-like in feathers and color. They are always armed with
SIZE: Small daggers and tangleropes since their favorite tactic is to entrap
HD: 2 (d8) victims and torture at leisure.
MOVE: 10 ft.
AC: 13 Gelugon (Ice Devil)
ATTACKS: Claw (1d4)
INT: 2 HD: 12 (d8)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil MOVE: 40 ft.
TYPE: Demon AC: 26
TREASURE: Nil ATTACKS: 2 Claw (1d4), Spear (3d4), Bite (2d4)
XP: 50+3 SPECIAL: Regenerate (1 hp/round), Spear (STR save or victim
PSlONlC ABILITY: Nil Slowed as spell), Fly, Wall of Ice, Detect Magic, Polymorph Self
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil (as spells); Ice Storm (1/day), SR 11 (Can only be hit by magic
and silver weapons)
Lemures, while found only in the Inferno, are not actually of demon SAVES: P, M
or devil stock. These pulpy blobs are the souls of evildoers who INT: 16
have been sentenced to the nether realm for their crimes for eternity. ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
They are poor fighters but can be dangerous to non Infernals if in a TYPE: Devil
large enough mass. TREASURE: 12
XP: 1600+12
Malebranche (Horned Devil) PSlONlC ABILITY: 166
Attack/Defense Modes: C, D/F, G, H
SIZE: Large An Ice Devil (Gelugon) appears more as a mantis-like insect carved
HD: 11 (d8) from ice than the usual fiends of the pit. However, their hearts are as
MOVE: 20-50 ft. wicked as any and more malicious than all but the Pit Fiend
AC: 25 superiors. As with the Horned Devils, they occasionally carry
ATTACKS: 2 Claw (1d4), Tail (1d3) weapons to attack foes (usually spears), though they are always
SPECIAL: Tail slap (victim loses 1 hp/round until wound is magic and enchanted to cause cold damage to prey.
treated), Pyrotechnics, Detect Magic, (as Spell); Wall of Fire
(1/day), SR 10 (Can only be hit by silver and magic weapons) Hamatula (Barbed Devil)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil SIZE: Large
TYPE: Devil HD: 9 (d8)
TREASURE: 11 MOVE: 30 ft.
XP: 1200+11 AC: 22
PSlONlC ABILITY: 113 ATTACKS: 2 Claw (2d4), Bite (3d4)
Attack/Defense Modes: B, C/F, G. H SPECIAL: Pyrotechnics, Hold Person (as spells), SR 7

INT: 14
TYPE: Devil SIZE: Medium (Man Sized)
TREASURE: 0 HD: 8d8+4
XP: 800+9 MOVE: 28 ft
AC: 15
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
ATTACKS: 4 (Tentacle Strikes)
Barbed Devils (Hamatula) do not carry weapons, for they have no DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1D3
need of them. These creatures are covered with barbed spines which SPECIAL: Mind blast, Magic Resistance (Pr+), Darkvision 90 ft
they use to great effect in melee combat. By hugging or throwing SAVES: M
themselves into their enemies can cause frightful damage and pain; INT: Genius
which the Barbed Devils revel in. ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
TYPE: Aberration
Osyluth (Bone Devil) TREASURE: 8
XP: 1250+8 per HP
SIZE: Large
HD: 6 (d8) Attack/Defense Modes: B/FGH
MOVE: 40 ft.
AC: 21 Mind flayers are found only in subterranean places, as they detest
ATTACKS: Hook (1d4+2), Sting (3d4) sunlight. They are greatly evil and consider the bulk of humanity
SPECIAL: Bone hook (50% chance to immobilize victim on a (and its kin) as cattle to feed upon.
hit), Poison Tail (STR save or lose 1-4 STR for 10 rounds), Fly,
Invisibility (as spell); Wall of Ice (1/day), SR 8
The mind flayer’s physical attack is by striking a victim with its four
INT: 13 tentacles. If a tentacle hits and scores maximum (3 Points) Damage
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil from its attack – the tentacle begins to burrow into its victims skull,
TYPE: Devil and will reach the opponent’s brain in 1-4 melee rounds – drawing it
TREASURE: 0 forth, immediately killing its prey. The mind flayer then devours the
XP: 1000+6 brain.
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
Its more feared attack mode, however, is the mind blast of psionic
Bone Devils (Osyluth) appear as eight foot skeletons with horns and power. All within a 6” directional cone of 1.5 ft in diameter at the
fanged teeth. They have a vertebra-bone tail with a stinger that point of emanation and 2” diameter at extreme range are affected
poisons victims as well as other bone-shaped weapons. (Psionic attack on non-psionic). Mind flayers have the following
psionic abilities: levitation, domination, ESP, body equilibrium,
Pit Fiend astral projection, probability travel. They perform at 7th level
SIZE: Large If an encounter is going against a mind flayer it will immediately
HD: 14 (d8) flee, seeking to save itself regardless of its fellows or its treasure.
MOVE: 40-60 ft.
AC: 30
ATTACKS: Claw (1d4+4), Bite (1d6+6) These monsters speak only their own arcane language and several
SPECIAL: Tail Constrict (2-8 damage per turn on hit), other weird tongues- purportedly those of terrible races of things
Regenerate (2 hp/round), Pyrotechnics, Wall of Fire, Detect which dwell in regions of the subterranean world far deeper than
Magic, Hold Person, Polymorph Self (as spells), SR 13 (Can only mankind has ever ventured.
be hit by silver and magic weapons)
SAVES: P, M It is also rumoured that these monsters have a city somewhere deep
INT: 20
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil beneath the earth. Description: The mind flayer's skin glistens with
TYPE: Devil slime. Its skin colour is a nauseous mauve, its tentacles being
TREASURE: 14 purplish black. A mind flayer’s eyes are dead white, no pupil being
XP: 1800+14 evident. The three long fingers of each hand are reddish, but the
PSlONlC ABILITY: Nil hands are mauve.
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Pit Fiends are the greatest of the devils that do not rule their own
circle. They serve Asmodeus as a personal bodyguard and
messengers throught the Inferno. They are huge figures formed of
living flame, with great horns, bat wings, and blazing weapons
formed from their very essence to do battle with any who dare
oppose them.


Mind Flayer

The Beholder


Balor (Type VI) Succubi

Glabrezu (Type III)

Hezrou (Type II) Vrock (Type I)

Nalfeshnee (Type IV)

Marilith (Type V)


Lemure Malebranche (Horned Devil) Erinyes

Gelugon (Ice Devil) Hamatula (Barbed Devil) Osyluth (Bone Devil)

Pit Fiend

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Castles & Crusades

A selection of Monsters from
Classic Fantasy Roleplaying

Games, converted for

use with Castles & Crusades.