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The Aspirating Smoke system samples air from a fire zone for the presence of smoke. The air sampling system makes this
possible by providing the means for transporting air from a fire zone to the detector.

The network of sampling pipes to the detector is the key element in the performance of the detection system.

• An integrated CPVC Pipe & Fittings package designed for use with Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

• Simplifies the selection of Pipe & Fittings to ensure the correct product is installed

• Simplifies specifiers' and installers' task and saves time and money

• Designed Pipes in accordance with SCH 40 & ASTM-D-1785

System Description
Firesense® by Genx piping systems are produced from specialty thermoplastics that offer unique benefits. Piping systems are
lightweight, and assembled easily in the field using inexpensive tools. In addition to ease of installation, this unique piping
system offers enhanced flow characteristics and exceptional fire performance properties.

The complete system includes all of the components necessary to install and test the system. This includes: pipe, a
comprehensive range of fittings, capillary tube, a variety of sample point configurations, and sampling point labels. Smoke
Detection Systems reliability are dependent on a network of piping that constantly and efficiently carry air samples from
protected zones to highly sensitive detectors.

Firesense® by Genx Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from Specialty plastics designed for use with most aspirating smoke
Detection systems.

The Concept
The quality of these pipe has been specifically chosen to surpass the requirements for most systems and aims to provide:

• An easy and professional installation

• To Maintain the Quality Installation
• Can resist the Fire for certain period

The Firesense® by Genx pipe & Accessories are based on pipe network of a standard inside diameter (ID) of 21mm & Outer
diameter (OD) as 26.6mm.

Aspirating smoke detection is an early warning system that detects fire in the incipient stages - before flames are visible - by
detecting the products of pre-combustion in the air around the area about to ignite.

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Installation Instructions

Main Sampling Pipes 21mm diameter shall be installed as per following:-

• Air Sampling pipe network calculations shall be provided by Detector OEM or their certified distributors
• All Connections should be properly solvent cemented
• Maximum support spacing for sampling pipe should not be more than 4 ft.
• End caps shall be properly solvent cemented
• Sampling holes should be as per recommended by calculation sheet
• Each Sampling Points shall be identified with a Label

Technical Information - Air Sampling Pipe Systems

Pipe Dimensions
Firesense® by Genx Pipe systems are produced in 21mm ID Plastic pipe size confirming to SCH 40 under ASTM-
D-1785. This provides piping with unique flow characteristics and exceptionally smooth interior walls, greatly
enhancing system performance.
Nominal Size Average OD Average ID
¾” (20mm) 26.6 mm 21 mm

*All Dimension of test bar shall be as agreed upon between Manufacturer & Purchaser. Tolerances are equal to plus & minus except as noted.

Pipe Fittings Ordering Information

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

1 FS-P-30 Aspiration System Pipe

(30 Mtr Pack & 20 Pipes of 1.5 mtr in one Pack)

2 FS-COUP Couplings – 21 mm
3 FS-ELB-90 90° Elbow – 21 mm
4 FS-TEE Tee - 21 mm
5 FS-TEE-CT Tee – 21 mm for Capillary Tube / Sampling Set
6 FS-EC End Cap - 21 mm
7 FS-SP-LBL Sampling Point Label
8 FS-SP-LBL-PIPE Sampling Point Label, wrap around style for pipe

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