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It is in the nature of Law to bring about order to that which is not, and to me Law always has

been a systematic arrangement of etiquettes, morality, and independence. And it has drawn
me towards its order.
In high school, I took part in multiple Model United Nations and Inter-School Debates, which
first got me into the notion of debating and all that came along with it. At the time I was also
writing for a Inter-School Magazine called “School Live!”, which gave me a lot of
opportunities apart from a space to be able to write my thoughts down, I had the privilege to
get to interview multiple personalities, such as Smriti Irani the then Minister of Human
Resource Development, Amitabh Bachchan a renowned actor and more such people.

My interest in Law came to me through studying Ppolitical Ssciences and History in school.,
It has always it fascinated me me see the patterns of how past influences governance of the
present day.(can you give an interesting example of this?) We learn from some and avoid the
mistakes and in others we follow the same. the history of the world and so much of what
governance is today is because influence of the past. Indian Laws and English Laws are based
out of the same legal system and that is one of the reasons what makes the UK a great place
to study about laws and systems in, one can even call it a holy ground for lawyers.

I attended college in Amity Law School, Noida, Uttar PradeshNational Capital Region
(India); wherein I was exposed to the vastness of the world and how much more there was to
law as a subject. In college I was a part of the dramatics society, and we specialised in
conducting street plays and organising Intercollege Dramatics/Legal Awareness
Competitions, through these we were able to educate the public on basic human rights that
they had as most people in India are unaware of them, through my society I was also able to
develop a sense of confidence and in my free time I used to do sets of stand up comedy, this
turned out to be quite helpful as it help me make connections and understand a bit more about
how to interact with different people with differing opinions.
During the course of my College I also had to undergo internships every summer that
exposed me to the a lot of experiences. I have done multiple internships ranging from
criminal to corporate, these internships took me to Lower Level Courts, District courts, and
High Courts. I was able to learn the intricacies of running a private practice, experience in
basic legal statutes through drafting and filing several types of common legal proceedings , I
also learned how to effectively communicate with clients. I had opportunities to intern in the
corporate field as well where I got exposed to how large companies operate their legal
departments. Apart from internships I also was a part in conducting research of various
international agencies in Disaster Risk Reduction for Envisions Institute of Development
which is an organisation in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social
Council since 2019.
My aim for the future is to work with a Global Forum which influences how the countries can
best utilise the present resource s in a sustainable manner to bring out the best for human
kkind without compromising the resources for the future generations. Organisations like the
International Court of Justice, Transparency International, European Economic Forum, ADB,
World Trade Organisation or International Chamber for Commerce, are some of my
goals where in I can best utilize my skills and knowledge to to contribute my bit towards a
positive and sustainable future bring about change which affects on a larger scale
I believe that a University of repute like Cambridge (xxx) your University, its reputation and
capabilities, also having produced your alumni who are now very well known in their fields, I
know that with your aide I would be able to make an impact in this world. Furthermore, your
impeccable faculty would be the greatest help in broadening my knowledge of my chosen
field. Considering a lot of these factors together, I know that your institution is the best
avenue for my growth and formation and I hope that you will give me the honour of
continuing my studies in your institution.