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Writing: O.C. Presley Shadowrun Developer: Jason M. Hardy

Art: Quintin Bleim Layout & Design: Matt Heerdt
Missions Logo: Jeff Laubenstein, Matt Heerdt Art Director: Brent Evans

© 2017-18 The Topps Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Shadowrun and Matrix are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc.,
in the United States and/or other countries. Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Productions, LLC.

The Northside border between the Corridor and the Old Crow pulled a hardcopy folder from his jacket I HATE BEING
sub sprawl could have been the Barrens of any other and slid it to the vampire. “No. But their problem has just WRONG
city, but in Chicago, it was almost bucolic. The winds become ours...”
had died down and the cold rains had ended, leaving Red scanned the file, his expression darkening with
the nighttime air crisp and surprisingly free of pollu- every line he read. “Have you verified this?” INTRODUCTION
tion. Red took a deep breath as his soul returned to Unconsciously, Old Crow twirled his mustache. “You
his body from an astral scouting and pushed off the wound me. I always verify my intel.”
wall he had been leaning against to proceed into the Red nodded, setting the open file down on the table, MISSION
Thai restaurant down the block. Inside it was warm, the nightmare images illustrated in high-definition clarity. “I SYNOPSIS
smell of cooking Pad Thai turning his stomach as he assume you have a plan?”
smiled and refused a menu, taking a seat across from Old Crow ground his teeth. “I do. But I don’t like it,
the restaurant’s only customer. The well-known fixer and I don’t think you will, either.” He chuckled bitterly
tipped his trademark bowler hat in silent greeting. A before continuing. “There’s been more than a few corp
few seconds of silence passed before Old Crow began, Johnsons making regular hires since Project: Takeback SCENE 2
gritting his teeth and speaking in an uncharacteristical- got the greenlight. They’re making use of shadow as-
ly soft tone. sets, and that means they’re willing to work with us, af-
“I hate being wrong.” ter a fashion. I don’t have any credibility with them, but I SCENE 3
Red smiled. “You and everyone else. Still, that’s quite think Simon does. He can bring together the corps and
an admission, coming from you.” the shadow assets. If I pass him the intel, I think he can
Old Crow narrowed his eyes. “Every instinct I had show them the risks of not moving on this.” SCENE 4
told me that the corps pushing back into Chicago was “Not hard, consider the precedent in this town.”
the worst we would have to deal with.” He seemed to Old Crow nodded and continued with gritted teeth.
slump in the booth, his gaze far away. “Even then, we Red knew the idea of allying with the megacorps went SCENE 5
could still make the most of it, maintain the spirit of free- against his very foundation. “Maybe, with their com-
dom and hold fast.” bined resources, this problem can be fixed for good.”
Red shrugged. “Not a lot of profit in neo-anarchy Red exhaled and slumped in his chair. “Okay, what SCENE 6
these days. But you’ll find a way, sooner or later.” do you need from me?”
Old Crow scowled. “Thanks, but I didn’t ask you here “I’m gonna meet with Simon for a come-to-Ghost
to listen to me sulk. I know Chicago is a drekpit. We both meeting. He and I know each other from way back,
do. Everyone does. But it grows on you.” but he licks Lofwyr’s boots, now. No telling what could
“Ha. Like Strain III on a ghoul.” happen. But we need to get the players together.” He SCENE 8
Old Crow smiled sadly. “Yeah ... look, I’m worried for smirked. “If things go south, I need you to pull my hoop
its future. And I’m not talking about the corps.” out of the fire.”
“Then what?” Red chuckled gently and closed the file. He just PICKING UP
“I assume you’re familiar with Long Pig Farms?” couldn’t get away from this town. THE PIECES
Red’s smile faded. “Yes … Do you have a problem “Just say when.”
with ghouls?”




Introduction emasters should omit this information. It adds to the
scene, but does not contain important information.

Debugging offers solutions to potential problems

SRM 08-01: Keep Your Friends Close is a Shadowrun Mis- that may crop up during the encounter. While it’s im- I HATE BEING
sions living campaign adventure. Full information on possible to foresee everything that a group of player WRONG
the Shadowrun Missions living campaign is available characters might do, this section tries to anticipate
at and includes a guide to common problems and other suggestions for dealing
creating Missions characters and a regularly updated with them. INTRODUCTION
FAQ. All maps, player handouts, and other playing aids
are found at the end of this document.
Running The Adventure MISSION
Preparing Gamemastering is more of an art than a science, and
every gamemaster does things a bit differently. Use
the Adventure your own style when it comes to preparing and run- SCENE 1
ning the adventure and do whatever you feel is best
SRM 08-01: Keep Your Friends Close is intended for use
to provide the best Shadowrun game you can for your
with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and all character and SCENE 2
players. Shadowrun Missions adventures are designed
rules information refers to the fifth edition of the Shad-
to run in a standard four-hour convention time slot.
owrun rules.
Please keep this in mind when running the adven-
ture. You should leave at least 15–20 minutes at the SCENE 3
Adventure Structure end of the time slot to complete any necessary paper-
SRM 08-01: Keep Your Friends Close consists of sever- work and pass out the players’ Debriefing Logs. (Make
al scenes. These scenes form the basis of the adven- sure that you have enough copies of the Debriefing
ture, which should be completed in approximately four Log for this adventure to give one copy to each player
hours. If you are running short on time, you should after running the adventure.) This section offers some SCENE 5
streamline each and be a little more generous with guidelines you may find useful in preparing to run SRM
clues, target numbers, and other requirements to aid in 08-01: Keep Your Friends Close (or any Shadowrun Mis-
guiding the players through the adventure. sions adventure). SCENE 6
Each scene outlines the most likely sequence of
events, as well as how to handle unexpected twists and Step 1: Read The Adventure SCENE 7
turns that inevitably crop up. Each one contains the fol-
Carefully read the adventure from beginning to end. Get
lowing subsections, providing gamemasters with all the
a feel for the overall plot and what happens in each scene.
information necessary to run it.
That way, if something different happens, you won’t be SCENE 8
Scan This provides a quick synopsis of the scene’s
caught off guard and you can adapt things smoothly.
action, allowing you to get a feel for the encounter at
a glance. PICKING UP
Tell It to Them Straight is written to be read aloud to Step 2: Take Notes THE PIECES
the players, describing what their characters experience Take notes for yourself while reading through the ad-
upon entering the scene. You should feel free to mod- venture that you can refer to later on. Possible things
ify the narrative as much as desired to suit the group to note include: major plot points (so you can see them LEGWORK
and the situation, since the characters may arrive at the all at a glance), the names of various non-player char-
scene by different means or under different circum- acters, possible problems you notice, situations where
stances than the text assumes. CAST OF
you think a particular character can shine and other
Behind the Scenes covers the bulk of the scene, de- SHADOWS
things you’ll want to keep in mind while running the
scribing what’s happening, what the non-player charac- adventure.
ters are doing, how they will react to the player char-
acters’ actions and so forth. It also covers the setting
of the encounter, going over environmental conditions
Step 3: Know The Characters LOG
and other properties of the location as well as providing Prior to the start of the adventure, examine the PCs’
any descriptions of important items. record sheets and Debriefing Logs for your reference
Pushing the Envelope looks at ways to make the and have basic information about their important abil-
encounter more challenging for experienced or power- ities handy so you can refer to it during play. Also go
ful characters and other ways you can add some “extra over the characters and keep their previous events list-
spice” to the scene. This subsection should usually only ed on the Debriefing Logs in mind when determining
be used for home games, or games where time is not a non-player character actions in various scenes if such a
factor. At most convention and Open Play events, gam- dynamic has been included.

Step 4: Don’t Panic! up to the average player character but may need COVER
some adjustment to suit a particular group of char-
Gamemastering involves juggling a lot of different acters, especially a more experienced and powerful
things. Sometimes you drop the ball and forget some- group. The scenes and NPC descriptions offer tips on I HATE BEING
thing or you just make a mistake. It happens, don’t adjusting the NPCs to suit the abilities of the char- WRONG
worry about it. Nobody is perfect all the time and acters in your group. To adjust the power level of an
everybody makes mistakes. Just pick up from there NPC, refer to Helps and Hindrances (p. 378, SR5).
and move on. Your players will understand and forget Take the player characters’ abilities into consideration INTRODUCTION
about it once you get back into the action. when assessing the NPCs in this adventure and mod-
ify them accordingly.
Step 5: Challenge the Players SYNOPSIS
Gamemasters should challenge the players, but Mission Difficulty
should not generally overwhelm them. This is not to Gamemasters are encouraged to use their own judg-
say that games cannot be deadly. If the characters die ment, and to adjust the difficulty of the encounter to SCENE 1
through their own actions and repercussions of those take into account the abilities of the players. If the
actions, then so be it. But the idea is to challenge the players have no magical support, replace magical de-
players and their characters, not to overwhelm them. SCENE 2
fenses with mundane ones. If the players are weak on
If the enemies and challenges are too light for the combat, reduce the number of enemies by one or two.
characters present, then increase them. On the other Conversely, if they’re steam-rolling the opposition, add SCENE 3
hand, if the characters are badly outmatched by the one or two enemies to the fight. Missions should be
enemies, then tone them down. Make things difficult difficult and something of a challenge, but should not
but not impossible. be insurmountable. SCENE 4
A simple method for adjusting difficulty is to simply
General increase the dice pools and Professional Ratings of the
enemies. A simple +1 or +2 to all combat and defense SCENE 5
Adventure Rules tests gives enemies a minor boost in power, while a +3
or 4 will make them truly formidable. Adding to their
Shadowrun Missions adventures use the rules present- Professional Rating will give them a larger group Edge SCENE 6
ed in Shadowrun, Fifth Edition (SR5). Standard rules such pool to draw from, and gamemasters are encourage to
as success tests, glitches, critical successes, and other use this Edge when logical.
common mechanics are described in SR5 and are not SCENE 7
Often a combat scene will tell you if it’s supposed
repeated in this adventure. to be challenging or is simply there to serve as filler
Please keep in mind when preparing for the adven- or a minor obstacle that the players should steamroll
ture, that the PCs will not necessarily be comprised of a SCENE 8
through. When possible, use this as a guide to know
balanced party. It’s entirely possible that the party will be when to tweak the enemies and encounters. If it doesn’t
made up entirely of technomancers or back-to-nature say, assume the scene should present a challenge to the PICKING UP
shamans. If the characters run into a brick wall because power levels of the players. THE PIECES
of such complications, show flexibility and use your best
judgment in how you lead them back to the plot.
A Note on Loot and Looting
Non-Player Characters Gamemasters should be careful what they allow play-
ers access to, because they can and will try to steal
Non-player characters (NPCs) are essential to any ad- everything not nailed down (and even then, they CAST OF
venture. They are the allies, antagonists, and back- often have pry bars and claw hammers to deal with SHADOWS
ground characters in the adventure that interact with those nails). Shadowrun Missions operate under the
the player characters. NPCs in this adventure have al- assumption that two players who have run the same
ready been created and can be found throughout the missions will have roughly the same amount of re- DEBRIEFING
adventure. sources available to them (give or take some nego- LOG
Minor NPCs are found in the individual scene that tiation and a little bit of minor loot fenced), so when
they appear in, and generally have a brief write up, noting players are able to steal and fence a lot of gear or are
only their important skills and the gear they are carrying. able to get their hands on high-priced vehicles, cyber-
Major NPCs can be found in the Cast of Shadows at decks, or foci, it can unbalance the game and make
the end of the adventure, and have more detailed write it unfair to players who didn’t have the opportunity
ups, and include most of the skills and the gear they have to get those items. Gamemasters should avoid letting
access to. the players get into a position to do high value looting
The NPCs in this adventure should generally stand whenever possible.

Chicago, The CZ, Noise, COVER
and Background Counts BACKGROUND COUNTS
While for many the Chicago and the Bug City Contain- Background counts impose a negative dice pool penalty I HATE BEING
ment Zone are synonymous, the CZ comprises less than equal to their rating for all tests that are linked to or utilize WRONG
1/3 of the total landmass of the city of Chicago proper, magic in any way (i.e., spellcasting, summoning, assensing,
not counting suburban areas and farmlands connected any test made while astrally projecting, and any active skill
to the city. But the CZ is still big, and it is the rotted, gut- INTRODUCTION
that benefits from active adept powers such as killing hands,
ted, feral heart of the Windy City. It starts at 115th Street critical strike, great leap, or improved skills, etc.). Dual-
to the south and runs nearly 30 km North way to Bel-
natured creatures and spirits suffer this penalty to all actions. MISSION
mont Avenue to the north, and reaches from the Lake
Aspected background counts grant a boost to any SYNOPSIS
Michigan an average of 15 km to Harlem Avenue to the
west. A mass of torn down buildings and hastily-erected limit that utilizes magic in any way (see above) to any
barricades were added to and reinforced over the three- metahuman, spirit, or dual-natured creature that matches the
year period that the Containment Zone was in effect, aspected domain. This includes spellcasting Force limits, so
and even now nearly 20 years later this barrier stands as spellcasters need to be careful, as it can be hard to control
an imposing divide between the Zone and the outside the additional surge of mana. Any magically active being that SCENE 2
world. Anyone can supposedly freely travel between does not match the aspected domain should treat this as a
the zone and Chicago proper, but Lone Star watches normal background count and suffers penalties.
those coming out and the gangs and warlords watch Background counts above 12 are called either a flux (for SCENE 3
those going in very closely. aspected domains) or a void (for magically dead zones), and
Over the last three years, the Astral Preservation are very dangerous. Any being who is magically or astrally SCENE 4
Society in partnership with The Ash Union and various active in any way (dual natured, astrally perceiving, casting
megacorp thaumaturgical divisions have made head-
a spell, has an active adept power, has an active focus, etc.)
way in cleaning up the background count within the CZ SCENE 5
takes (background count – 12) unresisted Stun Damage each
and the surrounding area. Thanks to their work, unless
turn that they are active and exposed to the Flux or Void.
otherwise noted in the scene, assume a background
count of zero anytime characters are within the Con- SCENE 6
tainment Zone. The count will fluctuate wildly at times,
lowed to go on one run per week. The calendar is used
so players should expect to encounter everything from
to track the character’s monthly lifestyle expenses, ad- SCENE 7
high background counts and mana voids to various as-
ventures, and their downtime exploits.
pected backgrounds and mana warps. (See p. 30, Street
Grimoire, for full rules). Areas of Chicago outside the CZ
may also suffer background count bleed from the Zone.
With the megacorps construction efforts moving Mission Synopsis
forward in the CZ and surrounding areas, matrix con-
nectivity has improved dramatically. Noise levels will Simon Andrews, a Saeder-Krupp fixer, caught wind of
vary from area to area, but unless otherwise specified in the renewed bug threat from an old contact of his. This
the scene, assume a default Noise level of zero anytime led him to attempt to facilitate a meet where the var-
the characters are within the Containment Zone. ious corporate representatives and a few other shad- LEGWORK
owy assets could put differences aside and work to
Paperwork benefit everyone’s self-interests. Unfortunately, the
meet didn’t go as planned, and before talks could even CAST OF
After running a Shadowrun Missions adventure, there begin, the building was ambushed. Simon escaped, SHADOWS
are several important pieces of paperwork that need but those who arrived to the meeting earlier than the
to be filled out. others were not so lucky.
The first is to make certain to distribute a copy of the Simon hires the runners (Scene 2: That Bloody Lizard) DEBRIEFING
adventure’s Debriefing Log to each player. As the gam- to track down and rescue Quantum Princess, Lothan the LOG
emaster, please make certain to fill this out and sign off Wise, Maggie Goldberg, Sarah Silverleaf, and Nick Ryder.
on it for each character. In the interests of time, you may Simon gives them a list of who was invited and mentions
have each player fill out the sections, with appropriate that perhaps contacting them might be a good place to
values that you give them. Please consider the PCs ac- start (Scene 3: We Missed You At The Party).
tions in the scenario when providing Reputation modifi- Depending on whom the runners contact (and
ers, per those rules (p. 372, SR5). whom they believe), they head either to the Big Hearts
The second is to make sure that all players have up- Night Shelter (Scene 5: Little Hands, Big Hearts) or to a
dated their character’s Mission Calendar. PCs are al- trap (Scene 4: It’s A Trap!).

If the runners fall for the trap, they must escape; a Scene 1: COVER
traitor has wasted their valuable time. As a result, Quan-
tum Princess is dead when they find her.
At the Big Hearts Night Shelter (Scene 5: Little Hands,
Best Laid Plans I HATE BEING
Big Hearts), unbeknownst to them, old dwarf women WRONG
take care of homeless folks, whom they invest with bug Scan This
spirits. As they learn the truth, the runners face a choice
In this scene, Simon Andrews contacts the runners. He INTRODUCTION
between rescuing Sarah Silverleaf and Quantum Princess
tells them to meet him inside the Noose at Samson’s
who remain at the Big Hearts, or heading across town to
Noodles at 11 a.m.
stop a ritual involving the other three contacts. MISSION
At the Truman Tower in Chicago’s Core, the runners SYNOPSIS
find a way to the top of the three hundred fifty-two-sto- Tell it to Them Straight
ry building (Scene 6: Going Up?). Once there, they find
You didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe it was the
Maggie, Nick, and Lothan trapped in cocoons (Scene 7: SCENE 1
pounding rain combined with the heat. Sweat and
We Are Not Ready For This). Stopping the ritual is first,
sleep don’t mix well—but there is something else, too.
but then they must choose whom to save and get back Everyone in the city seems on edge. You’ve been up
out before the ant spirits collapse the building on them! SCENE 2
for a few hours already, and thankfully, the weather has
cooled down a bit. You’re getting ready to do nothing
Given the if/then nature of this mission and the high in particular when your commlink beeps, alerting you SCENE 3
stakes it holds, use the following chart to keep track of that you have a message. You were about to ignore it
the kidnapped contacts’ status. when it beeps at you again. You see it’s from Simon
Andrews and take a look. SCENE 4
CONTACT STATUS “Hey mate! I gots a job for you, yeah? An’ beside
bein’ a decent night’s nuyen, it concerns some contacts
of yours that you’ll likely want to know about. Meet me SCENE 5
at Samson’s Noodles, inside the Noose. Get ’ere as soon
If the runners shop at the Maker Collective, fall into Dr. as possible, and I’ll pick up the tab.”—Simon
Tate’s trap, or investigate further into the Shattergraves
before going into the Big Hearts Night Shelter, Quantum
Princess dies.

SARAH SILVERLEAF Before Bug City, there was the Noose: Chicago’s oldest disaster
zone. In 2039, three days after the Night of Rage, Alamos 20,000 blew SCENE 8
If the runners investigate further into the Shattergraves up the Sears Tower and the fallout created Chicago’s Shattergraves.
before going into the Big Hearts Night Shelter or head to The surrounding areas saw an exodus of corporations and well-to-do
Truman Tower before rescuing her, Sarah dies. citizens, leaving the area from the lake to Western Avenue and from PICKING UP
North Avenue down to Cermak Road to become a no-man’s land. The THE PIECES
MAGGIE GOLDBERG Noose has had forty years to become a nexus for black markets, red-
light districts, rumormongers, diehard survivalists, winner-take-all
Unless the runners go directly to Truman Tower* (without LEGWORK
gangs, black-hat hackers, and people too poor or too tough to leave.
stopping to rescue Sarah and Quantum Princess), a ritual has The Noose is home to Noosenet, Chicago’s own data haven for
already started to invest Maggie with an Ant spirit queen. shadowrunners. It’s pretty low-tech, but robust. CAST OF
The runners must stop the ritual, but Maggie dies when it is SHADOWS
interrupted. If the ritual has not begun, Maggie lives, but has > Hey! I heard there is a synthetic intelligence that lives in
already been prepared as an ant spirit nymph. Noosenet.
NICK RYDER > No way. The SI is Noosenet!
If the runners choose to save Lothan at Truman Tower, > Chubba
Nick dies*.
> Ugh. Log off, kiddies, before I boot you off.
> Bull
If the runners choose to save Nick Ryder at Truman
Tower, Lothan dies*.

*If the players split the party or get otherwise very creative, at the
gamemaster’s discretion, these fates may be altered.
Scene 1: Best Laid Plans 6

This is a straightforward call for a meet. Samson’s Noo- At 11 E. Illinois St, Samson’s Noodles is the bottom floor of a
dles is a greasy-spoon Thai restaurant just inside the red-brick building with a few apartments above it. Run by the Sang I HATE BEING
Noose. Unlike every area surrounding it, this partic- family, the restaurant has been one of the rare staples of stability in WRONG
ular neighborhood doesn’t seem like a warzone. It’s the Noose. They serve anyone who comes in on a sliding scale of
not gorgeous, but signs of normal life and communi- payment, but no one is turned away. As if that wasn’t enough, they
ty are readily visible. If the runners don’t have Simon also make donuts until lunchtime. Aside from the Silver Spoons, the INTRODUCTION
as a contact, they can do legwork beforehand on him other gangs and criminals leave this place alone, making it a decent
and easily discover who they’re dealing with. If they place for uninterrupted meet-ups. Most important, the food is wiz.
decide to get in touch with any of the missing contacts
(Quantum Princess, Lothan the Wise, Maggie Gold- > You know why the other gangs don’t mess with the
berg, Sarah Silverleaf, or Nick Ryder), or the contacts Sangs right?
who escaped the meet (Becky 99, Juan Xihuitl), they > DeForest
receive no answer. Martin Tate, however, answers, but
only after Scene 2: That Bloody Lizard. Five contacts > Shush, child.
are missing, Becky 99 and Juan Xihuitl have gone to > Mr. Pink SCENE 2
ground temporarily, and Martin Tate is party to the ab-
ductions, and therefore laying low.
Pushing the Envelope During this mission, the weather continues to get worse.
There is no need to push the envelope in this scene. Beginning in this scene, anyone piloting a vehicle should make a SCENE 4
Vehicle Skill + Reaction [Handling] (1) Test to avoid crashing; apply

Debugging the light glare visibility modifier (–1). The runners can ignore the
–1 penalty for glare with flare compensation, thermographic, or
If the runners don’t trust the message or don’t want ultrasound.
to go to the meet, have Simon be more specific about If any players have the Survival skill, 4 net hits allow them to see SCENE 6
which contacts are in question, and he can even drop a severe storm is coming.
the hint they need help. It could be the runners have
never encountered these contacts before; if so, you SCENE 7
can leave off the part about “contacts” and have Simon
offer 2,000 nuyen (plus dinner) just for showing up and
Tell it to Them Straight
listening to the job. As you approach Samson’s Noodles, you can’t help SCENE 8
but notice the smell. Particularly, the putrid stench of
Scene 2: metahuman misery no longer assaults your nose. Un-
like the patchwork destruction you drove through to PICKING UP

That Bloody get here, these last few neighborhoods seem like they
are from some other city, not inside the Noose, one

of Chicago’s worst areas. The temperature continues

Lizard to creep downward, but even with the glare from the
clouds, it’s still sunny enough.

On the west and south sides of the street, various

Scan This mom-and-pop stores are open and doing business—
The team meets with Mr. Johnson at Samson’s Noo- particularly a convenience store and a donut shop—but
dles. They are told about a secret meeting between toward the north and east only rubble remains of what
corporate Johnsons and shadow assets to address Chi- was once a mall before the Sears Tower came down. DEBRIEFING
cago’s renewed bug problem. Unfortunately, before Everywhere else there are apartments filled with survi- LOG
the meeting began, bug spirits attacked the gathering. vors; both the apartments and the survivors have seen
While some escaped, five of the invitees (who also better days.
happen to be the runners’ contacts) were abducted. Si-
mon hires the runners to find and rescue the Johnsons When the runners go inside the
so that his plan to bring corporate and shadow assets building, read the following:
together can still succeed in stopping the bugs. In ad-
dition, there is some development about Chicago’s re- When you open the door to Samson’s Noo-
newed bug infestation. dles, the smell of Thai curry welcomes you


warmly. Immediately, you see a middle-aged with some shadow assets. I thought maybe we COVER
gentleman who looks as if he was about to offer could address the problem together before the
you menus, but after a second look calls for his bugs make their move. I invited Maggie Gold-
teenage daughter and whispers to her in Thai. berg, who represents Mitsuhama, Horizon’s WRONG
The girl nods, and while waving for you to fol- Martin Tate, Renraku’s Sarah Silverleaf, Aztech-
low she says, “Right this way, folks. We have a nology’s Juan Xihuitl, and of course, I rep for
Saeder-Krupp. I also invited a few street-level
special table for you in the back.”
The girl leads you to a back room, holds the folks with connections: Quantum Princess, Lo-
door open while you enter, and closes it behind than the Wise, Nick Ryder, and Becky 99, who MISSION
you. have all shown a willingness to bend rules to SYNOPSIS
At a large circular table in the center of the get things done.
room sits a man-lizard, dressed in classic British “Last night, as the meet was scheduled to SCENE 1
punk clothing. He’s colored the webbed frill on begin, the warehouse we were in erupted with
top of his head to look like a rainbow Mohawk. bugs. Wasp spirits flew in from broken skylights,
roach spirits broke down the door, and ant spir-
He looks a bit worse for wear and the bandages
on his face and arms give the impression he’s its burrowed up from the floor. Juan, Becky,
been in a brawl. Puffing away on a cigarette, he and me held our own and I saw them escape. SCENE 3
hands you menus. “The green curry is right bril- However, Quantum Princess, Lothan, Maggie,
liant, chums. Order what ya want. I hope you Sarah, and Detective Ryder didn’t make it out.
blokes don’t mind, but I’ve already started. I The bugs grabbed them and scattered. That’s
don’t tend to stand on ceremony.” all I saw before I got clear myself. I went back
to the warehouse to check things out, but those SCENE 5
The lizard’s words sound carefree, but there
is a waver in his voice. “Thanks for coming, all. bug gits burned it down. I tried to follow the
Name’s Simon if ya don’t already know. Your ant tunnels as well, but they just popped up a SCENE 6
reps in Chicago seem to be growin’, mates. I few blocks away. Thing is, I want all five of them
can’t think of anyone better to help me with this back safe and sound and not with those bugs a
job, see? Some mutual associates of ours have second longer.
recently gone missing. I’d like you to hit the “I’ll give ya 6,000 nuyen for taking the job and
streets and find ’em, hopefully before anything 1,000 nuyen each for each individual you res- SCENE 8
violent happens. The chummers I’m going on cue. Whatcha say?”
about are Quantum Princess, Lothan the Wise, PICKING UP
Maggie Goldberg, Sarah Silverleaf, and Nick Behind the Scenes THE PIECES
Ryder. Sound like a job you’re willing to take?” If the runners wish to negotiate, have them make an
opposed Negotiation + Charisma [Social] versus Ne- LEGWORK
If the runners accept, gotiation (8) + Charisma (6) [8] Test. Simon has his ear
to the chatter in the shadows, so make sure to subtract
read the following:
the team’s Notoriety from the Social limit of whoever CAST OF
“Solid, chummers. Let me give you some is doing the negotiation. For every net hit (max 5), in- SHADOWS
background. As you may or may not know, crease the offer by 250 nuyen per runner per individu-
al rescue. If the runners rescue all five kidnapped con-
Chicago had a bug-spirit problem in the past.
tacts, the max possible payout would be 17,250 nuyen. DEBRIEFING
It seemed like things had settled down, but re- After agreeing on payment, Simon gives the runners LOG
cently it has come to my attention that the bugs two leads. First, he tells them the only person who was
haven’t gone away, but have been laying low invited but didn’t show up was Dr. Martin Tate. If any
and making big plans. I probably don’t have to of the runners have Dr. Tate as a contact, Simon sug-
gests they could follow up with him. If they don’t, Si-
tell you this means big, evil tidings for all of Chi-
mon can give them his comm number. Second, Simon
cago and beyond. tells the runners that on the night of the attack, a trail of
“So, I had this brilliant plan to bring corpo- ant spirits was seen carrying various metahumans south
rate representatives here in Chicago together through the Shattergraves.


If the runners attempt to call the abducted contacts, go see Goober. He can get you some supplies. But you COVER
they do not get an answer. better hurry.” If the runners head out to see Goober
right away, it won’t affect the mission at all. Goober can
If they attempt to track the kidnapped get them cold-resistant gear and APDS ammo, along I HATE BEING
with the normal services he provides. If the runners de- WRONG
contacts’ commlinks, they make the
cide to follow up with Tate, go to Scene 3: We Missed
following tests at a –5 dice pool You At The Party. If they hit the streets and head south
penalty (–3 for distance, –2 for noise INTRODUCTION
through the Shattergraves, see Scene 5: Little Hands,
in the Shattergraves): Big Hearts.
• 1. Find their Matrix icons with a (Computer + In- MISSION
tuition [Data Processing] versus Logic+ Sleaze). SYNOPSIS
Logic+ Sleaze = 5 for Lothan/4 for Nick/5 for SAMSON'S NOODLES HOST
Sarah/4 for Maggie/6 for Quantum Princess.
Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall SCENE 1
• 2a. Get two marks on one of the commlinks 6 6 7 8 9
using a Brute Force action (Cybercombat + Logic SCENE 2
[Attack] versus Willpower + Firewall Test). Willpow- Installed IC: Crash, Jammer, Marker, Probe, Scramble,
er + Firewall = 13 for Lothan/11 for Nick/12 for Track
Sarah/12 for Maggie/12 for Quantum Princess. Slaved Devices: Security cameras, door locks SCENE 3
Spiders: None
or Sculpting: The Matrix sculpting resembles a replica of
the meat-space restaurant, but the floor resembles a SCENE 4
• 2b. Get two marks on one of the commlinks black and white chess board. The IC appear to be black
using a Hack on the Fly action (Hacking + Logic chess pieces (Probe = pawns, Scramble = bishops,
[Sleaze] versus Intuition + Firewall Test). Intuition + Track = rooks, Jammer = knights, Marker = King, and SCENE 5
Firewall = 12 for Lothan/10 for Nick/12 for Sar- Crash = Queen).
ah/11 for Maggie/13 for Quantum Princess. Security Procedures: Patrol IC runs at all times. Once
alarmed, the host launches IC in this order: Probe, SCENE 6
• 3. Use the Trace Icon Matrix action (Computer Scramble, Track, Jammer, Marker, and Crash. The
+ Intuition [Data Processing] versus Willpower system always reboots Probe and Scramble if they are
+ Sleaze Test). Willpower + Sleaze = 6 for Lo- bricked before continuing down the line. Host uses
than/6 for Nick/5 for Sarah/5 for Maggie/5 for only “white” IC, focusing mostly on severing intruders’
Quantum Princess. connections via Scramble. SCENE 8
Pay Data: There are data files on the host which have 100
Any net hits using Trace Icon allows the runners to nuyen value per player on NooseNet.
locate the physical location of the commlinks at 1025 S PICKING UP
State Street: the location of the Big Hearts Night Shelter THE PIECES
(see Scene 5: Little Hands, Big Hearts).
If magicians wish to search with spirits, they can
look for the missing contacts using the spirit’s Search Pushing the Envelope LEGWORK
power (Magic + Intuition (X, 10 minutes) Extended
Test). X = 9 for Sarah Silverleaf and Quantum Princess Although this part of town is better than the sur-
OR 19 for Nick Ryder, Lothan the Wise, and Maggie rounding areas, there are still troublemakers who stir CAST OF
Goldberg. things up. One of the constant thorns in the side of SHADOWS
If asked for more help, Simon might reply with some- the good folk at Samson’s Noodles is this ridiculous
thing like, “Try hitting the streets near there and find out gang known as the Silver Spoons. They are a group of
rich, preppy out-of-towners who love to cause prob- DEBRIEFING
what you can from any locals. I’d go myself, but trust
lems for poor Chicago locals. They mostly hang on LOG
me, I got another important matter to attend to.”
Before they go, Simon reminds them that if bug spir- Chicago’s Westside. Since they found out about this
its are involved, they need be well prepared, as bug spir- “less dangerous” part of the Noose, they’ve started
its have been the death of many an unprepared shad- messing with the locals. If they see the runners, they
owrunner. If they ask further, Simon tells them “Right, might hassle them too.


Tell it to Them Straight COVER
SILVER SPOONS GANGERS A cold front has moved in over Chicago and the tem-
(6, PROFESSIONAL RATING 1) perature has been dropping fast. Earlier today it was I HATE BEING
sunny, if frigid. Now, it is downright cold. Figuring per- WRONG
B A R S W L I C ESS haps Dr. Martin Tate has some info that may be helpful
4 3 3 3 3 4 2 3 6 in tracking down the others, you pull up his number on
your commlink and wait for him to pick up. The comm INTRODUCTION
Initiative: 5 + 1D6 rings and rings, so you figure Dr. Tate is busy with a
Condition Monitor: 10 client and make up your mind to try again later. Just
as you are about to hang up, though, Martin answers. MISSION
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 5 SYNOPSIS
Armor: 9 “Hello? This is Tate.”
Skills: Athletics skill group 2, Close Combat skill group
2, Etiquette 4 (Corporate +2), Firearms skill group 2,
Intimidation 3, Perception 1, Pilot Ground Craft 3,
Behind the Scenes SCENE 1
Sneaking 2, Throwing Weapons 2 Martin Tate did not attend the meet with the other cor-
Qualities: Toughness porate representatives and shadow contacts because SCENE 2
Gear: Armor vest, Cram (1 dose), Meta Link commlink (DR 1) he does not want to stop the bugs from taking over
Weapons: Chicago. In fact, he has been secretly on the side of the
Uzi IV [Submachine Gun, Acc 4, DV 7P, AP –, BF, RC 1, 24(c)] insect spirits for some time. As a result, his invitation to SCENE 3
Knife [Blade, Reach —, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP –1] the meeting caused the meeting to be compromised
Frag Grenade [Acc 5, DV 18(f), AP +5, Blast –1/m]* and the five to be abducted. Martin does not provide
the runners any information and doesn’t do anything SCENE 4
*Only half the Silver Spoons carry grenades. to alert them to this fact.
While he is on the phone with the runners, have any
of the runners on the call make a Judge Intentions Test SCENE 5
[Intuition + Charisma versus Willpower (4) + Charisma
Debugging (5)] and use the chart below for results.
This is a straightforward meet. Worst that can happen
is the runners don’t want to take the run as it involves
bug spirits. Encourage them by reminding them that JUDGE INTENTIONS TEST SCENE 7
this could have life-or-death consequences for their
contacts, and possibly Chicago itself. Simon might NET HITS RESULTS
even say to the runners, “It would be a shame if word VS. TATE SCENE 8
got out on the streets that you left multiple loyal con- Less than 0 (Tate Tate seems on the level. In fact, you get
tacts hangin’ out t’ dry…” If they still resist, remind has more hits) a pretty good feeling about this guy.
them that these are contacts they might have been PICKING UP
Tie or 1 net hit Something seems off about Tate’s THE PIECES
dealing with for years. If they are still showing a cal- manner, almost as if he was afraid of
lous disregard for contacts that are loyal to them, in- something.
form them they will gain one Notoriety for each con-
tact they abandon. 2 or 3 net hits Something is off about Tate. You can LEGWORK
tell he’s holding back information
from you, and there is an edge of
Scene 3: emotion in his voice that makes you CAST OF
We Missed You
4 or more net hits Something is seriously off about Dr. Tate.
He’s holding back information and his
at the Party voice is betraying an ulterior motive. You’ve
been around long enough to know he is
purposefully trying to dodge your questions
Scan This and mislead you.

The runners reach out to Martin Tate. He acts very pe-

culiar—paranoid, even. Tate tells the runners that he
can’t talk about this over comms and invites them to
his clinic.


Regardless of what the runners ask him, or what cation and labeling on any AR feed maps, making nav- COVER
information they reveal about their mission, Martin in- igation even easier.
sists this information is too sensitive for comms. Tate The AR advertisements continue to dominate your
insists the runners meet him face to face at his clinic in vision, but even with their constant distraction you no- I HATE BEING
the Maker Collective. Behind the scenes, Tate debated tice the numerous security guards on patrol and camer- WRONG
even taking the call from the runners. However, once he as posted on nearly every building.
sees his actions are coming under suspicion, he wants The clinic stands apart from the rest of the Collective
to lead the runners into a trap to dispose of them. with its stark white décor. The clinic’s door is locked, but INTRODUCTION
If the runners head to Tate’s clinic at the Maker Col- there is an intercom panel on the wall just right of the
lective, go to Scene 4: It’s A Trap! Make a gamemas- double doors.
ter note that if the players go to the trap, they wasted
valuable time, and Maggie Goldberg is in the process of Once the runners are inside
being invested with a queen Ant spirit when the runners
the clinic, read the following:
finally show up at Truman Tower. SCENE 1
If the players don’t fall for Tate’s trap, they can fol- The clinic’s reception area is stark white and
low up with the trail of Ant spirits seen carrying various gives off that sanitary hospital smell. The room is
metahumans south through the heart of the Shatter- SCENE 2
four meters square with numerous benches and
graves. If they try hitting the streets near there to chat
up the locals, go to Scene 5: Little Hands, Big Hearts. a reception desk. After the door closes behind
you, the secretary’s voice echoes from down the SCENE 3

Pushing the Envelope hall. “Please escort yourself to Dr. Tate’s office
and have a seat. He is finishing up with a client.” SCENE 4
This is a quick transition scene, and an opportunity for Heading down the hall, you see Tate’s office,
the face to judge intentions, so pushing the envelope
a plaque reading “Dr. Martin Tate, M.D.” on the
isn’t appropriate here. SCENE 5
wall beside the door. Tate’s office seems just
as sanitary as the rest of the clinic. The office
Debugging is three meters by four meters and contains no SCENE 6
There is very little, if anything, that can go wrong here. pictures, no personal effects—just chairs, files,
Either they go meet Tate or they don’t.
and a large desk.
The secretary’s honeyed voiced chirps in
Scene 4: again on a speaker in Tate’s office: “Please have

It’s a Trap! a seat. Dr. Tate will be with you shortly.” SCENE 8

If the runners all end up in PICKING UP

Scan This Tate’s office, read the following: THE PIECES
In this scene, the runners head to the Maker Collec- A few moments after the secretary’s mes-
tive to meet Dr. Martin Tate at his clinic. Tate organized
sage, you all hear a loud click. The doors click LEGWORK
this as a trap, and if the runners investigate further, he
springs it. locked and titan#steel walls slide down in front
of them. You immediately hear a “tick-tock” as CAST OF
Tell it to Them Straight some sort of countdown begins. Dread fills your

The Maker Collective, once an open-air marketplace of

self-reliance and ingenuity, has been transformed into DEBRIEFING
little more than an exercise in corporate branding and WEATHER LOG
recycling. The temperature has dropped to freezing,
In this scene, the weather continues to get worse. Anyone piloting
the wind is picking up, and snow is beginning to fall
a vehicle should make a Vehicle Skill + Reaction [Handling] (1) Test to
all around Chicago. Even so, all around you products
avoid crashing; apply the light glare visibility modifier (–1) along with
are being returned, refurbished, and resold, almost –1 modifier for increasing snowfall and –1 for strengthening wind, for
exclusively bearing the Truman Tech logo. Each shop a total of a –3 penalty. The runners can ignore the –1 penalty for glare
carries a separate product line, and in between, there with flare compensation, thermographic, or ultrasound.
are restaurants, day-care centers, and social services. If any players have the Survival skill, 4 net hits allow them to see
Dr. Tate’s clinic is easy to spot, given its prominent lo- that if they aren’t dressed for the upcoming weather, they will suffer
physical hardship.


Behind the Scenes Logic (4) + Sleaze (5)], the hacker must locate the
bomb’s icon. Three marks must be gained on the

If the runners don’t have a sense of urgency and want host using either a Hack on the Fly action [Hack-
to stick around the Collective and purchase items, they ing + Logic [Sleaze] versus Intuition (4) + Firewall I HATE BEING
are welcome to do so. If the runners shop or fall into (7)] Test or a Brute Force action [Cybercombat + WRONG
Tate’s trap, make a note that Quantum Princess is dead Logic [Attack] versus Willpower (4) + Firewall (7)].
when they find her in Scene 5: Little Hands, Big Hearts. Then the hacker must conduct a Control Device
action (Complex Action) [Electronic Warfare + In- INTRODUCTION
• Runners can purchase drones, electronics, vehi- tuition [Sleaze] versus Intuition (4) + Firewall (7)]
cles, weapons, and armor up to Availability 12. Test to disarm the bomb.
• Runners cannot find Forbidden (Rating F) gear • Disarm the Bomb. To find the bomb (under Tate’s
or any foci. desk), the runners must make a successful Percep-
• All Restricted gear (Rating R) acquired here re- tion + Intuition [Mental] (4) (1 Combat Turn) Ex-
quires appropriate licensing prior to purchase. tended Test. Then a runner with the Demolitions SCENE 1
skill can try to disarm the bomb. A Demolitions +
If the runners choose to buzz the intercom, a friend- Logic [Mental] (5) (1 Combat Turn) Extended Test
ly, feminine voice answers, “Thank you for choosing Dr. disarms the bomb. A glitch on this test decreases SCENE 2
Tate’s Truman Tech Clinic. We are not open for business the time before the bomb explodes by one Com-
at the moment. Is this an emergency?” The voice says bat Turn. A critical glitch detonates the bomb.
this no matter what time the runners go. • Making an exit. If the runners try to blast/break/ SCENE 3
No matter what the runners tell the secretary, the slice/punch/magic a hole through the reinforced
doors buzz open. Alternatively, if the runners try to hack steel around the room, the walls resist damage
into the Clinic’s host and gain access, it is easy to do so. with Structure (14) + Armor (24). Note that unless SCENE 4
They simply need to get one mark on the host using ei- the DV of a penetration weapon (sword, bullet)
ther a Hack on the Fly action [Hacking + Logic [Sleaze] exceeds the Armor of the barrier, the attacks do
versus Intuition (4) + Firewall (7)] Test or a Brute Force no damage.
action [Cybercombat + Logic [Attack] versus Willpower • A strong runner can attempt to lift the blast doors
(4) + Firewall (7)] Test, then conduct a Control Device with a Strength + Body (12, 1 Combat Turn) Test. SCENE 6
action [Electronic Warfare + Intuition [Sleaze] versus In- • If the players are not able to disarm the bomb, or
tuition (4) + Firewall (7)] Test to open the door. It is easy if they blast a hole and escape, the bomb explodes
on purpose. Tate is laying a trap. at the beginning of the fourth Combat Turn after SCENE 7
If the hacker makes a Matrix Perception Test [Com- the timer started. The bomb is nine kilograms of
puter + Intuition [Data Processing] versus Logic (4) + Rating 10 plastic explosives with a DV of 30P. If the
Sleaze (5)], 2 hits allow them to notice immediately that runners make a hole in the wall and escape, the SCENE 8
the panel is operated remotely. 4 hits (or a secondary bomb goes off, and blasts through the hole with a
Matrix Perception Test with 3 hits) means they find that DV of –1/meter. If the runners do not make a hole
this panel also locks the clinic doors from the outside. A and the bomb explodes, it destroys the barrier and PICKING UP
bomb is slaved to the panel as well, with a timer set to sends a deadly cloud of shrapnel across the Maker THE PIECES
begin once the doors are locked. Collective with a DV16, –1/meter.
If the hacker does not see this evidence and the run- LEGWORK
ners enter the clinic, they are in for a surprise. The steel
panels (made from an alloy stronger than titanium) are HOST: DR. TATE'S
four centimeters thick. (Structure 14, Armor 24, 14 box-
es on condition monitor). When the countdown begins, TRUMAN TECH CLINIC CAST OF
the runners do not know how long it will last until they
Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall
find the bomb. If they do, it will have started at twelve
seconds. In game terms, at the beginning of the fourth 4 6 5 8 7 DEBRIEFING
Combat Turn from when the countdown began, a bomb LOG
explodes in the clinic. However, if a hacker can stop the Installed IC: Binder, Crash, Probe, Marker
timer, the bomb does not go off. Slaved Devices: Blast doors, cameras, bomb with timer,
door controls, intercom, wireless receiver
Sculpting: This host looks like a very modern doctor’s
The runners can escape the bomb in office, with hyper-white walls and sterile equipment
the following ways: everywhere.
• Hack the bomb. Using a Matrix Perception Test Security Procedures: Patrol IC runs at all times. Once
[Computer + Intuition [Data Processing] versus alarmed, the host launches IC in this order: Probe,
Marker, Binder, and Crash. If one of its IC gets bricked,
the host uses the next Combat Turn to reboot that IC
rather than moving on to the next one. There are no
SCENE 4: IT'S A TRAP! spiders on call in case of intrusion. 12
Paydata: There are data files on the host which have 500
nuyen value per player on NooseNet.
Pushing the Envelope COVER

In order to really make this difficult, only let hackers

find anything wrong if they make a Matrix Perception The weather continues to get even worse in this scene. I HATE BEING
Test [Computer + Intuition [Data Processing] versus Anyone piloting a vehicle should make a Vehicle Skill + Reaction WRONG
Logic (4) + Sleaze (5)] and find the wireless receiver [Handling] (1) Test to avoid crashing; apply the light glare visibility
running silent. Further, you could have Tate assume the modifier (–1) along with –2 modifier for increasing snowfall and
runners would try to shut down his device and have IC –2 for strengthening wind, for a total of a –5 penalty. The runners INTRODUCTION
waiting for them the moment they get onto the host. can ignore the –1 penalty for glare with flare compensation,
thermographic, or ultrasound.
If any players have the Survival skill, 4 net hits allow them to see MISSION
Debugging that if they aren’t dressed against the storm, they will not be able to SYNOPSIS
go outside for long without taking damage.
If the team isn’t able to disarm the bomb, it might be
game over here unless they burn Edge to stay alive. If SCENE 1
that happens and if they burn Edge, some firefighters
happen to be shopping in the Maker Collective and are Tell it to Them Straight SCENE 2
able to respond quickly enough to save the runners.
The cold front over Chicago has dropped the tem-
That would be a pity, because then they would defi-
perature in the Noose below the freezing point. The
nitely be too late to save any of the contacts.
If the team does not have a decker, technomancer,
streets are slick with fresh ice and folks have started SCENE 3
to wear extra layers of clothing against the growing
strong person, mage, or demolitions expert available,
winds. Unfortunately, you are headed directly through
feel free to give the players whatever lifeline you wish, SCENE 4
the Shattergraves, the area most affected by the col-
as long as it makes some sort of sense.
lapse of the Sears Tower after it was bombed. That was
If the team decides to trace the signal remotely con-
before the ghouls moved in. Now, almost forty years
trolling the panel and providing the voice of the secre- SCENE 5
later, the corps have finally started to take an interest
tary, they will have no luck. It was a burner commlink
in cleaning it up. The rubble from the destruction is still
that has now been destroyed. If they somehow manage
visible, but much of the larger bits have been collected SCENE 6
to track it, they will find it on the outskirts of the CZ in a
into distinct piles. Roads, while pocked and chipped,
garbage can.
are now visible, and some are even drivable. Opera-
tion: Takeback has even come to the heart of Chicago’s SCENE 7
Scene 5: darkness.
You haven’t ventured far inside the Shattergraves
Little Hands, when you see a crowd gathered around an unseen ob-
ject, pointing and shouting. Some of the metahumans

Big Hearts there are falling into hysterics, while a somber and aus-
tere group of female dwarfs are trying to calm down
the crowd and help the wounded among them. The five
Scan This dwarfs are dressed in uniforms resembling old-world
milkmaid dresses, and orange bands on their arms read LEGWORK
In this scene, the runners follow up on the trail of
“Big Hearts.”
ant spirits that carried the abducted contacts south Drawing closer to the crowd, you can see the object
through the Shattergraves. They may also have been that caused the commotion. An enormous ant spirit lies CAST OF
alerted to the Big Hearts by tracing the contacts’ com- belly up on the ground, bullet wounds and spell scars SHADOWS
mlinks or employing magic to search for them. The riddling its hide. Strewn around it are its victims’ bodies.
runners should use some legwork or detective work to The dwarf ladies seem to be taking those injured back
find out what they can. Their investigation leads them to their Night Shelter. DEBRIEFING
to the Big Hearts Night Shelter, where old dwarf wom- LOG
en take care of homeless and elderly folks. One way or
another, the runners learn the ladies of the Big Hearts If the players enter the Big Hearts
Night Shelter are actually bug spirits. As they learn the Night Shelter, read the following:
truth, the runners face a choice between rescuing the
The Big Hearts Night Shelter is filled to the brim
two contacts remaining at the Big Hearts, or heading
across town to stop a ritual involving the others. with makeshift beds. All the clients seem to be
resting peacefully on their cots, stretchers, and
chairs. The room is actually quite peaceful, de-












spite the number of people here. The dwarf ladies Asking a local or a Union ganger about the contacts
of the Big Hearts shelter scurry back and forth, requires an Etiquette + Charisma [Social] versus Percep-
tending to clients and handing out medicines. It tion (4) + Charisma (3) [Social (5)] Test which yields the
appears that the night shelter is also what passes following answers: SCENE 8
for an emergency clinic this deep in the Noose.
Behind the Scenes NET HITS ANSWER

At some point last night, the community in this neigh- 0 “Beat it. We don’t want no more trouble.”
borhood noticed ant spirits marching through. Seeing LEGWORK
the ants carrying victims, members of the Union gang 1 “I didn’t see anyone in particular. Ask the
Big Hearts ladies.”
came out to stop them. Unfortunately, they only suc-
ceeded in scattering the ants, managing to kill only 3 “If you’re looking for someone in particular, CAST OF
I’d check out the Big Hearts Night Shelter. SHADOWS
one, while the local Union gangers were decimated.
The dwarf women from the Big Hearts Night Shel- That’s where most of the sick, elderly, and
ter are giving first aid to victims and taking them inside helpless people in this neighborhood are
taken for help.”
their building for care. If the runners ask about the kid- LOG
napped contacts, the ladies from Big Hearts simply say 5 “I’m pretty sure I saw that Asian lady and
something like, “I’m afraid we haven’t seen anyone like the hot elf chick being taken to the Big
that. I think I saw the rest of the ants head further into Hearts Night Shelter. They were screaming
the Shattergraves. Be careful, sweeties.” If a face or oth- the whole way.”
er runner makes a successful Judge Intentions Test [In- 7 “Yeah, I saw them. When the ant spirit died, the
tuition + Charisma [Social] versus Willpower (6) + Cha- Big Hearts ladies came and took the Asian lady
risma (6)], they know the ladies are lying and are trying and the hot elf chick back to the shelter. They
were tied up and screaming the whole way.
to get the runners to leave.
There were a bunch of other ants that seemed
to take orders from the Big Hearts ladies, and I
think I heard them tell the ants to head to Truman
SCENE 5: LITTLE HANDS, BIG Tower with the cop, the troll in the fancy clothes,
and the ork chick.” 14
A successful Perception + Intuition [Mental] (4) Test ical healing or first aid to a victim, the victim informs COVER
reveals that a street kid is recording the scene around them everyone is eventually taken to a downstairs room
the dead ant spirit from a window across the street. He and pronounced dead soon after. No one ever gets bet-
refuses to give up the video from his commlink, unless ter. Further, they might tell the runners about overhear- I HATE BEING
the runners throw 500 nuyen at him (he thinks this foot- ing the ladies talk about a ritual happening soon at the WRONG
age can get him paid), but a hacker can hack the com- top of Truman Tower.
mlink and snatch the video by getting one mark on the Alternatively, the runners can interrogate one of the
commlink using a Brute Force action [Cybercombat + dwarf ladies [Intimidation + Charisma [Social] versus INTRODUCTION
Logic [Attack] versus Willpower (4) + Firewall (1) Test] Charisma (6) + Willpower (6) Test]. Give runners a –3
OR a Hack on the Fly action [Hacking + Logic [Sleaze] dice pool penalty because of the ladies’ hostility. If the
versus Intuition (4) + Firewall (1) Test]. Then the hacker intimidation is successful, the ladies admit their plan,
must Edit File [Computer + Logic [Data Processing] ver- confident it is unstoppable. They tell the runners that
sus Intuition (4) + Firewall (1) Test] to copy the video. Maggie is about to be merged with an ant queen at the
If they get any net hits, they see the video starts when top floor of Truman Tower. Nick and Lothan are going to SCENE 1
the dwarf ladies from the Big Hearts Night Shelter come be part of the ritual as well. If the runners haven’t already
out in the middle of the night. They head toward the discovered Quantum Princess and Sarah Silverleaf, the
scene of the battle between the ants and the gangers. captives tell the runners they are in the basement. SCENE 2
The ladies say something to the ants, who head south, Heading downstairs, the runners find a horrifying
and take Sarah Silverleaf and Quantum Princess, both scene. Dozens of metahumans, laid out on cots ar-
screaming, back to the Night Shelter. ranged in a circle, are unconscious and hooked to IVs SCENE 3
If the runners assense the dwarf ladies from the Big originating in the center of the room. There, arcane cir-
Hearts Night Shelter, have them make an Assensing cles and symbols emanate with otherworldly power.
+ Intuition [Mental] versus Magic (6) + Edge (3) Test. The background count here is 4, aspected towards in- SCENE 4
Any net hits on this test allow the runners to see the Big sects. Quantum Princess and Sarah Silverleaf are there.
Hearts ladies are indeed flesh-form ant spirits. Unless they went to great lengths to hide their activities,
If the runners did not go to Tate’s Clinic, they could the nice dwarf ladies now turn evil and angry, empow-
save both Quantum Princess and Sarah Silverleaf. If they ered as good-merge insect spirits.
went to Tate’s clinic and spent time shopping at the If the runners rescue Quantum Princess or Sarah Siv- SCENE 6
Maker Collective or fell into Tate’s trap, the runners only erleaf, those two will tell the runners they overheard the
find Sarah alive. Going further into the Shattergraves is ladies talk about a ritual happening soon at the top of
a huge mistake, as the ladies from Big Hearts are trying Truman Tower. SCENE 7
to shoo the runners away. If they don’t head into the
Big Hearts Night Shelter to look around, both Quantum • If the runners spent time at the Maker Collective
Princess and Sarah Silverleaf are dead when the runners to purchase things or were caught in the trap, SCENE 8
find them. Quantum Princess is dead because she was unfit
The truth is, the ladies from the Big Hearts Night for a merge and killed.
Shelter have been working with the bug spirits. They • If the runners go further into the Shattergraves
spent the last several years slowly collecting the city’s instead of investigating Big Hearts first, Quan-
elderly, infirm, and disturbed, and preparing them to be tum Princess and Sarah Silverleaf are both dead.
infested with bug spirits. Once they are prepared, they The other “clients” in the basement are all dead LEGWORK
are sent to Truman Tower, where the infestation rituals as well, because the dwarf ladies took steps to
are performed. Now a large ritual is being planned and prevent their operation from discovery.
the ladies from Big Hearts are preparing the final two • Sometime during this scene, someone tells the CAST OF
hosts, Quantum Princess and Sarah Silverleaf, to be- runners where to head next. Truman Tower is SHADOWS
come infested. Lothan the Wise, Nick Ryder, and Mag- where the large ritual is about to take place, so
gie Goldberg were already prepared and are now at Tru- the runners must make haste. If they head to
man Tower, ready to be merged at any time. Truman Tower before encountering Quantum DEBRIEFING
Inside the Big Hearts Night Shelter, the runners find Princess and Sarah Silverleaf, Maggie, Nick, and LOG
many ill and infirm clients. Many are unable to speak, Lothan might all still be alive. If they find out
thanks to a steady stream of “medicine” the Big Hearts about Truman Tower from Quantum Princess,
ladies administer. This drug lowers their Willpower and Sarah, or someone else in the basement, then
pacifies them. This seems to be a blessing to the neigh- Maggie is in the process of being invested with
borhood community who only see their suffering loved a queen ant spirit when the runners arrive at Tru-
ones more at peace. A First Aid + Logic [Mental] (3) Test man Tower.
lets the runners determine the medicine is not actually • There are five Big Hearts dwarf ladies in the
helping. If the runners are persistent or administer mag- shelter.


Scene 6: COVER
(5, FORCE 6) The runners rush to the Truman Tower in order to stop INTRODUCTION
the sinister ritual and rescue their contacts from harm.
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG Ascending three hundred fifty-two floors, they must
find a way to get to the top, resisting exhaustion, while MISSION
6 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 3
pushing through the impending feeling of dread grow- SYNOPSIS
Initiative: 13 + 2D6 ing alongside their altitude.
Condition Monitor: 11 SCENE 1
Limits: Physical 9, Mental 8, Social 8
Armor: 12H (against non-magical attacks)
Skills: Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Leadership 6,
Perception 6, Spellcasting 6, Unarmed Combat 6 The weather reaches harsh levels. Before you read the Tell It
Critter Powers: Animal Control (30 small / 6 large): Ants, to them Straight section, anyone piloting a vehicle should make a
Astral Form, Binding (12 dice pool vs. Strength + Body), Vehicle Skill + Reaction [Handling] (1) Test to avoid crashing; apply SCENE 3
Aura Masking, Enhanced Senses: Thermographic the light glare visibility modifier (–1) along with –3 modifier for
Vision, Guard (6 characters), Hive Mind, Inhabitation increasing snowfall and –3 for strengthening wind, for a total of a
(Living Vessels) (12 dice pool vs. Willpower + Intuition), –7 penalty. The runners can ignore the –1 penalty for glare with flare SCENE 4
Sapience, Immunity to Normal Weapons compensation, thermographic, or ultrasound.
Weaknesses: Allergy, Severe: Insecticides, Evanescence If any players have the Survival skill, 4 net hits allow them to see
Innate Spells: Physical Barrier that if they aren’t dressed against the storm, they will not be able to SCENE 5
Gear: Disposable syringe, restraints (plastic, 10), scalpel, go outside for any length of time without taking damage.
Sony Emperor commlink (DR 2) Since the weather is now considered harsh, exposure/frostbite
Weapons: rules apply if characters aren’t wearing clothing specifically designed
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed Combat, Acc 9, DV 6S] to mitigate this damage. For the full rules for cold damage, see p.
149, Run and Gun. For the purposes of this scene, if the runners are SCENE 7
outside too long before going up the tower, applying 2 Stun damage
Pushing the Envelope for every ten minutes outside is sufficient. Unless the runners have
If you feel the runners need a bit of extra challenge, weather-resistant gear, this cannot be resisted. SCENE 8
At whatever point they begin to climb to the top of Truman Tower,
increase the number of ant spirits present at the shelter
whether on the ground or after the 300th floor, the runners take 1S
from five to ten.
damage for every fifteen floors they scurry up, unless they rest in PICKING UP
between. Because of their exposure to the weather, they also take THE PIECES
Debugging 1S damage every ten floors from the 300th floor to the 352nd floor.
This damage cannot be resisted unless they have insulated armor.
The worst thing that could happen here is if the team LEGWORK
does not investigate the Big Hearts Night Shelter.
Without going in, they won’t find the two contacts in-
side, nor do they find any hints about where to find the Tell It to Them Straight CAST OF
other three. Should this happen, you can use a neigh-
The wind is picking up and snow is starting to fall
borhood kid to intercept the runners and hint he saw
when you arrive at Truman Tower. Looking up at the
the people they are looking for being taken into the DEBRIEFING
enormous building, you find the rest of Chicago’s core
shelter. seems impossibly small in comparison. Truman Tower LOG
Next, the runners could kill everyone in the shelter, stretches three hundred fifty-two stories into the Chi-
leaving no one alive to give them the next location. If cago sky. On a cloudy day like today, the highest floors
this happens, there isn’t anything you can do. If you get can’t be seen past the clouds obscuring them. The old
creative in order to steer them back on track, all but one Chicago Skytrack public transit system intersects the
contact they have not already rescued are dead. building, but by the looks of it, it hasn’t run in decades.
All around, the trappings of human misery and oppres-
sion taunt you. Your soul resonates with a feeling of
dread that grows with intensity every step you take.


From what you remember, the ritual is taking place Action) [Electronic Warfare + Intuition [Sleaze] versus COVER
on the highest floors. Switching your focus back to the Intuition (1) + Firewall (2) Test] to route power to the
task at hand, you begin to wonder how you are going to elevators. Alternatively, the runners could complete-
make it up there in time to stop the ritual. ly rewire the elevators using an extended Hardware + I HATE BEING
Logic (5, 15 minutes) Test. If the test takes longer than WRONG
forty-five minutes, the Ant shaman begins the ritual to
TRUMAN TOWER transform Maggie into an Ant spirit queen.
No matter how they get up there, give off the feel-
Located on the north side of the fifteen-square-block area called ing that gangers (the Truman Terrors) or bugs (or gangers
the Chicago Core is Truman Tower. Although briefly headquartering AND bugs) are lurking just around the corner. A Force 12 MISSION
at the Spire, Truman Technologies has always called Truman Tower mana barrier surrounds the top fifty-two floors, prevent- SYNOPSIS
home. Truman Tower is the most recognizable building in Chicago ing spirits from flying in. The wind and snow are pound-
and is also its tallest. Often mistakenly referred to as the Spire, ing the building above the three hundredth floor, and the
Truman Tower dwarfs Chicago’s actual “Spires” (Yamatetsu’s Spire elevators past the three hundredth floor do not function, SCENE 1
on the eastern edge of the Core, and the original Spire by the docks due to elevator shafts being used as nests for Wasp spir-
in the Noose) by at least 150 stories, and the Truman Tower lacks the its. As a result, no matter how the runners ascend the first
“corkscrew” design of the others.
three hundred floors (elevators, spirits, drones, etc.), they SCENE 2
Truman Tower’s three hundred fifty-two stories reach over 1,400
must ascend the next fifty floors using stairs.
meters up, above the cloud line, and the first seven floors are taken up
The ritual area is on the highest two floors of Tru-
by the Skytrack Monorail station (currently non-operational). Below SCENE 3
man Tower, which used to be an elaborate penthouse,
the street, at least seventeen subfloors stretch deep underground.
but is now exposed on three sides to the elements. The
runners, along with their gear, must slog up fifty floors, SCENE 4
> In 2058, a KE Firewatch team went to war with a Wasp
arriving exhausted.
spirit hive on the top floors of Truman Tower. Trashed
the building pretty bad, but they kicked the bugs out.
After, when Ares dropped the nuke, everyone assumed
the bug problem was behind us. Still, my sources kept TRUMAN TOWERS
telling me the gangers living in the bottom floors of
Truman Tower refused to go higher than the 150th floor.


They couldn’t say what was up there, but they did say
no one who went up ever came back down. SCENE 7
Oh, one more thing, I read Turbo Bunny’s lowdown
Rating Attack Sleaze Data Proc. Firewall
on Truman Tower, and she doesn’t know what she is
talking about. Truman Tower has never been home to 1 1 4 3 2 SCENE 8
Spire Enterprises.That is Spire #1, the one in the Noose.
> Old Crow Installed IC: None
Slaved Devices: Elevators, lights, outlets PICKING UP
Spiders: None THE PIECES
Sculpting: The Matrix sculpting resembles a geometric,
Behind the Scenes low-resolution version of the Truman Tower. There
is virtually no thought given to sculpting, just the
There are a few options for the runners to get to the top necessary icons to run the lights, outlets, and
of Truman Tower. They can take the stairs (which would elevators.
take a very, very long time), they could hack into the Security Procedures: None CAST OF
makeshift host and try to get the elevators working, or Pay Data: None SHADOWS
they could be more creative.
The residents have installed a rudimentary wireless
access point for Truman Tower, which was originally DEBRIEFING
only wired. In order to hack the elevator, one mark must LOG
be gained on the host using either a Hack on the Fly
action [Hacking + Logic [Sleaze] versus Intuition (1) +
Pushing the Envelope
Firewall (2) Test] or a Brute Force action [Cybercombat + If the Rating 1 host seems much too easy for the run-
Logic [Attack] versus Willpower (1) + Firewall (2) Test]. ners, explain that this tech is ancient and not com-
Next, a Matrix Perception Test [Computer + Intuition pletely compatible with tech created after the 2060s.
[Data Processing] versus Logic (1) + Sleaze (4)], allows To reflect this, have the runners subtract 6-10 dice from
the hacker to locate the elevator controls. Lastly, the their dice pools, unless they have a knowledge skill re-
hacker must execute a Control Device action (Complex lated to older tech.


Debugging COVER
TRUE FORM SPIRITS The biggest thing that can go wrong is if the runners
(1 PER RUNNER, FORCE 5) try to just take the stairs all the way up from the ground I HATE BEING
floor. Not only does it strain credulity that they would WRONG
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG M be able to make it up without encountering huge gang
8 6 6 8 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 and bug opposition, but they would never make it to
the top in time to stop the ritual. Even if they did, they INTRODUCTION
Initiative: 11+2D6 would all be too exhausted to fight. If they can’t figure
Condition Monitor: 12 any other way to the top, allow a street urchin who is MISSION
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 7, Social 7 squatting at the tower to show them a secret freight el- SYNOPSIS
Armor: 10H (against non-magical attacks) evator that is still operational … for 1,000 nuyen each.
Skills: Assensing 5, Astral Combat 5, Counterspelling 5,
Exotic Ranged Weapon, Gymnastics 5, Perception 5, Scene 7: SCENE 1
Unarmed Combat 5
Powers: Animal Control (Ant), Astral Form, Fear, Hive Mind,
Inhabitation, Materialization, Magical Guard, Natural We Are Not SCENE 2

Ready For This

Weapon (DV 7 Physical damage, AP –1), Sapience,
Immunity to Normal Weapons (through Materialization)
Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence SCENE 3
Bite [Unarmed, Acc 7, Reach —, DV 7P(acid*), AP –1] Scan This SCENE 4
The runners reach the top floors of Truman Tower just
*All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered in time to see a horror show above the cloud line. The
Acid damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5). runners’ three contacts are encased in pods and are SCENE 5
about to become hosts for bug spirits. An ant shaman
TRUMAN TERRORS GANGER may or may not have begun the ritual to turn Maggie
into an ant spirit queen, while Nick and Lothan watch SCENE 6
(PROFESSIONAL RATING 2) helplessly. When it looks as if the shaman is losing,
ant spirit true forms begin chewing the supports fifty
floors below, forcing the runners to choose between
4 4 3 4 3 2 3 3 6 saving Nick and Lothan and trying to escape.
Initiative: 6 + 1D6
Condition Monitor: 10
Tell it to Them Straight
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5 Turning a corner, the final floor of stairs opens onto a PICKING UP
Armor: 9 penthouse that has been shattered on all sides. Around THE PIECES
Skills: Blades 4, Clubs 3, Etiquette 3 (Street +2), you, wind roars as it batters Truman Tower with snow.
Intimidation 4, Pistols 4, Unarmed Combat 3 Without walls to protect you, the thick snow prevents
Qualities: Toughness intense vertigo from taking hold. Looking ahead, your LEGWORK
Gear: Armor vest, cram (1 dose), Sony Emperor commlink (DR 2) senses reel as an ant mound, three stories tall, stands
Weapons: before you. Rather than dirt, the mound consists of
Browning Ultra-Power [Heavy Pistol, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP –1, CAST OF
bits of plastic, ferrocrete, and metal. To the far east and SHADOWS
SA, 10(c) w/ laser sight] west of the mound, dozens of cocoon-pods hold un-
Knife [Blade, Acc 5, Reach —, DV 5P, AP –1] willing victims, their heads exposed, but their bodies
trapped with organic bonds. Seeing the mutated heads DEBRIEFING
Pushing the envelope on the way up the Tower, if writhing in the pods, you notice only two victims hav- LOG
you have the time for it, would be great fun. Use your en’t been invested as insect hosts. True-form ant spirits
gamemaster imagination and have some combination scurry back and forth, preparing the last two victims:
of bug spirits and gangers accost them as they ascend Nick Ryder on the east, and Lothan the Wise on the
the stairs to the ritual. Whether it is a huge attack or a west. Just in front of the mound, in the center of a me-
steady stream of low level gangers or bugs, this buildup ticulously drawn arcane circle, is an ant shaman, along
can make reaching the top feel like an accomplishment, with the unmoving body of Maggie Goldberg trapped
or pushing the runners to their limits before pushing in a cocoon of her own.
them even further.











in breeding pods, awaiting bug spirit infestation. Their
WEATHER heads are sticking out of the pods and they are aware of
what is happening. Maggie occupies a place of prom-
The storm has reached Biblical proportions. Wind and snow inence, right next to an Ant shaman, who is about to
batter the runners severely. Every ten Combat Turns, runners take (or already has begun to) invest her with an Ant spirit SCENE 8
1S damage that cannot be resisted unless they have insulated queen. For Maggie’s fate, see the chart below:
armor. Additionally, for any action requiring sight, apply the light
glare visibility modifier (–1) along with –4 modifier for snowfall and PICKING UP
–4 for strengthening wind, for a total of a –9 penalty. The runners EVENT MAGGIE'S STATUS THE PIECES
can ignore the –1 penalty for glare with flare compensation, Runners went to Maker Collective
thermographic, or ultrasound. Note that this does not affect the
spirits or the shaman, all of which are astrally perceiving.
Since the weather is now considered extreme (insanely cold, Runners didn’t learn about Truman Tower until they
even for Chicago), exposure/frostbite rules apply if characters rescued Quantum Princess/Sarah Silverleaf
aren’t wearing clothing specifically mitigating this damage. For CAST OF
the full rules for cold damage, see p. 149, Run and Gun. For the SHADOWS
Runners took too long Maggie has already been
purposes of this scene, if the runners are outside too long before
to climb the Tower prepared as a good merge
going up the tower, applying 1 physical damage for every 1 minute
(gamemaster discretion) nymph insect spirit, and the DEBRIEFING
outside is sufficient. Unless the runners have weather-resistant
ant shaman has begun the LOG
gear, this cannot be resisted.
ritual to turn Maggie into
an ant spirit queen.
Behind the Scenes The runners DID NOT go to the Maker Collective,
Note: The background count for this scene is 4, aspect- AND
ed towards insects. found out about Truman Tower before they rescued
At the top, the runners find Maggie Goldberg, Quantum Princess/Sarah Silverleaf,
Nick Ryder, and Lothan the Wise, visible but encased AND
made good time climbing Maggie has already been
up the tower. prepared as a good merge
nymph insect spirit, but the
ritual to invest her with a
queen spirit has not begun.
There is no negotiation with the ant hive. The runners COVER
must fight the ant shaman and at least one ant spirit per
runner. The other ants go about their tasks until they per-
ceive the runners as a threat to the ritual. If it appears B A R S W L I C ESS EDG M I HATE BEING
the ritual will not be completed, true-form ant spirits WRONG
4 3 6 5 5 4 6 3 6 3 6
swarm and begin chewing on the floor supports below
the runners (at the three-hundredth floor). This leads to Initiative: 13+2D6
the collapse of the upper fifty floors, and the sure death INTRODUCTION
Astral Initiative: 12+3D6
of everyone above (besides the ants). Breaking open the Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/11
cocoons binding their contacts is like breaking a physical Limits: Physical 7, Mental 7, Social 6 MISSION
barrier with Structure and Armor Rating 10. Armor: 15 SYNOPSIS
The runners must stop the ritual, but if it has already Skills: Animal Handling 3, Arcana 7, Artificing 5, Assensing
begun, Maggie dies when it is interrupted. If the ritual 4, Athletics skill group 4, Blades 6, Conjuring skill
has not begun yet, Maggie lives, but has already be- group 6, Counterspelling 6 (Combat Spells +2), First SCENE 1
come an Ant spirit nymph. This means she is no longer Aid 6, Outdoors skill group 6, Perception 5, Sneaking 7,
“Maggie,” but as a good merge, she has all of Mag- Spellcasting 9 (Manipulation Spells +2)
gie’s memories, and Simon still pays the runners if they Qualities: Ant Magician, Lightning Reflexes (+1 Initiative, SCENE 2
bring her to him. +1D6 initiative dice, +1D6 to Defense Tests)
Regardless of Maggie’s fate, once the ritual is Initiate Grade: 5
stopped, play up that the runners only have time to Metamagics: Greater Ritual, Shielding, Reflection,
save either Nick or Lothan before the building’s col- Absorption, Efficient Ritual
lapse. Lothan bellows at the runners that he is the only Spells: Acid Stream, Armor, Control Pack, Mana Barrier,
logical choice. He tells them he (Lothan) is more pow- SCENE 4
Heal, Influence, Manaball, Physical Barrier, Swarm,
erful, knows more about spirits, is better connected, Toxic Wave
and can help them escape in one piece. Nick tells the Gear: Full body armor (insulation 3, nonconductivity 4), SCENE 5
runners he (Nick) is nobody and to get everyone else Meta Link commlink (DR1), reagents (50 drams),
out safely. If the runners choose to try to save both of spellcasting focus (Rating 4, Manipulation spells),
them, they should be able to, if they split the party and summoning focus (Rating 4, insect spirit queens) SCENE 6
fight two Ant spirits per runner, but don’t make it easy Weapons:
and continue to remind them the building is about to Sapphire Knife [Blade, Acc 5, Reach —, DV 7P, AP –3]
collapse. SCENE 7
Keeping all five contacts alive should challenge the
runners. If they have not already had at least one die, ANT SOLDIER SCENE 8
make it very difficult (not impossible) for them to rescue
both Nick and Lothan. Feel free to increase the number TRUE FORM SPIRITS
and difficulty of the bugs if the threat doesn’t seem se-
rious enough. (1 PER RUNNER, FORCE 5) PICKING UP
Finally, if the runners have not begun to descend THE PIECES
the stairs by the fifth Combat Turn after the ants begin
chewing on the supports, they aren’t able to get down 8 6 6 8 5 5 5 5 5 3 5
the stairs quickly enough to avoid the building collaps-
ing on them. If they are creative and figure another way Initiative: 11+2D6
out, cool, but if not, the top fifty-two floors of the build- Condition Monitor: 12
ing collapse all around them, dealing 156P damage with Limits: Physical 7, Mental 7, Social 7
AP –4 (52 floors at approximately 3 meters each is 52 Armor: 10H (against non-magical attacks)
x 3 = 156, or 1 damage for each meter fallen, whether Skills: Assensing 5, Astral Combat 5, Counterspelling 5,
they fall or the debris falls on them). Maggie, Lothan, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Gymnastics 5, Perception 5, DEBRIEFING
and Nick all die. Unarmed Combat 5 LOG
Powers: Animal Control (Ant), Astral Form, Fear, Hive Mind,
Inhabitation, Materialization, Magical Guard, Natural
Pushing the Envelope Weapon (DV 7 Physical damage, AP –1), Sapience,
If necessary, add in as many ant soldier true form spir- Immunity to Normal Weapons (through Materialization)
its as necessary. This fight should feel epic, so adding Weaknesses: Allergy (Insecticides, Severe), Evanescence
in more ants is the best way to add difficulty. If the run-
Bite [Unarmed, Acc 7, Reach —, DV 7P(acid*), AP –1]
ners attempt to save both Lothan and Nick, the number
of ant spirits should increase to two bugs per runner.
*All physical damage done by Ant spirits is also considered
Acid damage (see Acid Damage, p. 170, SR5).


Debugging If the players managed to COVER
rescue some, but not all,
This could be a tough fight. Some runners may try
to rescue both Nick and Lothan; that’s fine, just see contacts, read the following: I HATE BEING
Pushing the Envelope above. Don’t tell them no, but The snow and wind have died down a bit, WRONG
increase the difficulty appropriately. Also, it could be
but a gloom remains over the city. Getting in
the players simply stick around too long and end up
having the building collapse on them. If that happens, touch with Simon, you meet him back at Sam- INTRODUCTION
it happens. They were warned. They can always burn son’s Noodles, where he again treats you to a
Edge to survive. meal. “I’m sorry things didn’t turn out well for
In addition, the weather effects could really pose a MISSION
everyone, but I’m glad you were able to rescue SYNOPSIS
problem for the runners. If they are getting too over- who you did. In the long run, every ally we can
whelmed, apply the weather effects to the shaman
get is going to be crucial. Whether or not the
as well, or even begin to lighten the penalties for the
corporations or the government want to admit SCENE 1
it, Chicago has a big bug problem, and it’s only
Scene 8: going to get worse from here, I’m afraid. Here’s SCENE 2
what I owe ya.”
That Could In addition, if Maggie was

Have Been not killed, but was brought back

somehow, read this as well:
Much Worse “As for Maggie, leave her with me, mates.
If you set her loose, she’ll only cause trouble. SCENE 5
Scan This Maybe she’ll end up being a boon somehow
The runners report back to Simon, who already knows in the fight against the bugs, right? I’ve never SCENE 6
the results (with the exception of Maggie). Simon pays heard of anyone being un-infected, but if it’s
them their due and warns them of what’s coming. possible, I’ll give it a try. If it isn’t, maybe she’ll
be useful in some other way. Thanks, mates.”
Tell it to Them Straight
If the players managed to get
Behind the Scenes SCENE 8

all five contacts away from Simon pays the team for their work. Unless they attack
Simon, there’s not much action here. PICKING UP
the bugs, read the following:
The snow and wind have all but stopped and
Pushing the Envelope
the reemerging sun is already warming the
No need to push the envelope here. LEGWORK
city’s core. Getting in touch with Simon, you
meet him back at Samson’s Noodles, where he
again treats you to a meal. “I have to say, chum- Debugging CAST OF
mers, I am glad my faith in you has paid off. There is not much that can go wrong in this scene. SHADOWS
That was fine work you did, and you have done
Chicago a great service. Whether or not the cor- DEBRIEFING
porations or the government want to admit it, LOG
Chicago has a big bug problem, and it’s only
going to get worse from here, I’m afraid. Here’s
what I owe ya.”


Picking Up • +1 Street Cred for rescuing Nick Ryder

• +1 Street Cred for rescuing Lothan the Wise

the Pieces •

+1 Street Cred for rescuing Quantum Princess
+1 Notoriety if Maggie survives, but the runners
don’t bring her back to Simon.
Money • +1 Public Awareness if the bomb went off in
Tate’s Clinic.
• 6,000¥ (+1,000¥ + 250¥/ net hit (max 5), for
each contact rescued)
• –1 Loyalty with each contact represented (Nick,
Lothan, Quantum Princess, Sarah, Maggie, and
Karma Simon) if they refuse the mission.
• +1 Notoriety per contact if the runners do not
• 1 Karma – Rescued Sarah Silverleaf
take the job.
• 1 Karma – Rescued Quantum Princess
• 1 Karma – Rescued Nick Ryder SCENE 1
• 1 Karma – Rescued Lothan the Wise Contacts
• 1 Karma – Rescued Maggie Goldberg
Successfully completing objectives or performing the SCENE 2
• 2 Karma – Survived the adventure
actions listed below will earn characters specific Mis-
• 1 Karma – Every Contact who survived (see
sions contacts at a Loyalty of 1, and should be given
*note after Mission Synopsis) SCENE 3
the Contact Sheet included with this Mission. If they
• 3 Karma – Overall adventure challenge
already have that contact, they gain a +1 Loyalty to
that contact (up to a maximum of 4).
Gamemaster Reward Characters might interact with NPCs not specified by
the Mission, and may earn these NPCs as a contact at Loy-
When running this adventure, you may choose to alty 1. They may also work with non-Mission specific con-
count the Missions as “played” for your personal Shad- SCENE 5
tacts that they have already earned or that they bought
owrun Missions character. You must choose to do this at character creation, and gain a +1 Loyalty to these con-
the first time your run this Mission only, and take the tacts, with a maximum Loyalty of 4. Gamemasters should SCENE 6
optional results to match those the team you game- not grant these lightly, and players should have to work
mastered for earned. You may not choose to wait for a to earn these contacts by going the extra mile to impress
“better” attempt to choose your rewards. You’re on the the NPC, offering up favors, or paying them well above the SCENE 7
honor system here, so please don’t skew the adventure standard rates for information or services.
to help the players gain extra rewards just so that you
can get better results. • +1 loyalty with Nick Ryder (Connection 3) if he is SCENE 8
You will earn a flat amount of Karma and nuyen, re- rescued. Remove Nick as a contact if he was not
gardless of how well (or poorly) the players do, listed rescued.
below. For other missions’ results and rewards that you • +1 loyalty with Lothan the Wise (Connection 4) if
track on the Debriefing Log (Objectives completed, rep- he is rescued. Remove Lothan as a contact if he
utation and contacts earned, etc.), take the average re- was not rescued.
sults of the group you’re gamemastering for. So if four • +1 loyalty with Quantum Princess (Connection 4)
out of six players earned a point of Notoriety, you will
if she is rescued. Remove Quantum Princess as a
earn one as well. If only two players out of five earn a +1 contact if she was not rescued.
Loyalty with Simon, you would not get that +1 Loyalty. • +1 loyalty with Sarah Silverleaf (Connection 5) if CAST OF
Karma Earned: 8 she is rescued. Remove Sarah as a contact if she SHADOWS
Nuyen Earned: 12,000 was not rescued.
• Remove Dr. Martin Tate (Connection 5) as a con-
Reputation •
tact if he was contacted at all during this mission.
Remove Maggie Goldberg (Connection 4) as a LOG
During the adventure, runners may perform actions contact if she died. If she survives, her fate is un-
that will add to their Street Cred, Notoriety, or Public decided. No gain or loss in Loyalty for this mis-
Awareness (p. 372, SR5). Besides the scenario-specific sion. Maggie will not be particularly pleased at
gains listed below, gamemasters should consider the the runners, but they will not lose her as a contact.
characters’ actions throughout the game and award • For rescuing any of the contacts, the players gain
additional points as appropriate. If a player earns Pub- +1 Loyalty with Simon Andrews (Connection 5),
lic Awareness or Notoriety, don’t be afraid to give them or if they don’t already have Simon as a contact,
extra points. they gain him as a contact at Loyalty 1.


Legwork weird stuff. Hmm. I haven’t seen
Storko since then …

When a PC gets in touch with a contact, make an unop- I HATE BEING

posed Connection + Connection Test for the contact. Bug Spirits WRONG
The results of this test determine how many ranks of Contacts to Ask: Shadowrunners, Shamans, Talismon-
information the contact knows about the question. If gers, Knight Errant, Military
the relevance of the subject is a specialty of the con- INTRODUCTION
tact, they get +3 to this test. The player then makes Contacts Matrix Search Information
an unopposed Charisma + Etiquette + Loyalty Test, the 0 0 Oh yeah, the little ones that make MISSION
results of which determine how many ranks of infor- you itch at night? SYNOPSIS
mation the contact is willing to divulge for free, up to
the max ranks of information they know. If the con- 1 1 Bad juju, omae. Don’t go looking
tact knows more, they will require a payment of 500¥ for that trouble.
– (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 100¥) per rank of informa- 2 3 I heard the ant spirits drip acid
tion they still know. from their legs.
If the PCs have worked all of their contacts, and are 3 — Some of the older folks who SCENE 2
still missing important information, they may request remember the infestation say
that a contact ask around. If they do so, have the Con- that they are severely allergic to
tact make an extended (Connection + Connection (1 insecticides. SCENE 3
hour)) Test. Additional information will be available at a
4 6 When it comes to dealing with
cost of 1,000¥ – (Loyalty x 100¥, minimum 200¥).
bugs, doing damage is the hard SCENE 4
A Matrix Search action (p. 241, SR5) may also be
part. Normal weapons don’t affect
utilized to gather information from the following charts,
them very much. Go for spells
using the appropriate thresholds and search times.
that do direct damage or use lots SCENE 5
of armor piercing weapons if you
Big Hearts can.
Night Shelter 5 — I can’t say for sure, but I’ve heard
rumors of bug spirits who break
Contacts to Ask: Shattergraves, Any Homeless away from the hive mentality and SCENE 7
develop their own personalities.
Contacts Matrix Search Information The one I heard of was some
0 0 Some place for stray pets, I think. homeless roach spirit. But I’m SCENE 8
1 1 It’s a shelter for the homeless in sure there’s others.
the Shattergraves.
2 3 They don’t just accept homeless.
Elderly and other infirm are taken
Detective Nick Ryder THE PIECES
in as well. Everyone who works Contacts to Ask: Fixers, Gang Members, Law Enforce-
there is an older, female dwarf. ment, Shadowrunners LEGWORK
3 — They hardly ever turn anyone
away. It makes the Shattergraves Contacts Matrix Search Information
residents feel better that their 0 0 Isn’t he that XXX simsense star? CAST OF
elderly, ill, or infirm relations are 1 1 A twenty-five-year veteran of SHADOWS
being taken care of. But geez, they Lone Star here in Chicago, he
dress like extras in a movie about joined the force right out of high
making cheese in Holland in the school. He was a cop before he
1700s. could legally drink.
4 6 My buddy Storko said he can’t 2 — Ryder took it hard when the bugs
recall anyone ever getting better hit—all those people he could not
once they go in. help. He used to care, but after
5 — Just the other day, Storko said a while, he found solace in the
he thought he heard some weird bottle. He hasn’t been sober since.
noises coming from there. Said 3 3 Ryder is good police, now that the
those ladies must be into some city “cares” about the zone again,

Ryder cares. He has been fighting 1 1 Some old trog. Runs a talismonger COVER
the brass to let him clean things up. shop from some bar near the CZ.
When they won’t let him “waste” 2 3 He’s a talismonger and a shaman.
Lone Star resources on the zone, Runs The Wisest Troll out of
Ryder hires runners to do it. WRONG
Miller’s Pub.
4 4 Ryder’s been making news lately. 3 — He used to run the shadows out in
He is really making Lone Star Seattle. Said he was retired, but INTRODUCTION
seem not worthless. he’s not 100 percent out of the biz.
5 — Nick is as honest a cop as they 4 6 Lothan is hard to handle. He hires
come. It would be a shame if MISSION
a lot, but not many runners care
anything ever happened to him. SYNOPSIS
for his attitude. Arrogant S.O.B.
6 6 Yesterday, Ryder told me that he 5 — Lothan’s a big deal in the
was headed to a meeting that just Shadows. He trained Kellan Colt! SCENE 1
might save Chicago. What could He’s forgot more than you’ll ever
that mean, I wonder?
Dr. Martin Tate Maker Collective
Contacts to Ask: Chicago Runner, CZ Resident, Street SCENE 3
Doc, Corporate Contacts to Ask: Any Chicago

Contacts Matrix Search Information SCENE 4

Contacts Matrix Search Information
0 0 He sells those herbal supplements 0 0 Isn’t that a Matrix site where
on 4th Street, right? people share arts and crafts?
1 1 Tate is a street doc in the CZ. 1 1 Went through a big change
last year. Used to have lots of
2 3 Tate seems to be in real good with
homeless, but they’re gone and SCENE 6
shadowrunners and he fixes ’em
some corp took over and gave it a
up, discreet-like.
3 — Tate has been Truman SCENE 7
2 3 The government was about to
Technologies’ Mr. Johnson since
seize the Collective under Project:
Project: Takeback started.
Takeback. The people in charge SCENE 8
4 6 He’s been working extra hard of the place met with a lot of
the last few years to get in good different corps to find a mutually
with citizens, corps, and even beneficial solution. PICKING UP
shadowrunners. He’s the most THE PIECES
networking-est son-of-a-slitch I 3 — Truman Tech won the day by
know. He gives runners discounts promising to keep locals employed
in their technical fields and
on cyberware, too. LEGWORK
gave free healthcare for any
5 — Hasn’t been seen very much over technicians staying on.
the last year or so. He hasn’t even
4 6 Locals from the Maker Collective CAST OF
been at his clinic in the Maker
helped to produce evidence SHADOWS
Collective in at least three months.
In fact, it seems mostly automated Truman Tech was the rightful
now. owner of the property. The
takeover happened quickly and DEBRIEFING
Lothan The Wise 5 — Dr. Martin Tate maneuvered the
Contacts to Ask: Talismonger, Fixer, Any Troll, Any government to put pressure on the
Magic Maker Collective. He also has his
clinic there.
Contacts Matrix Search Information
0 0 Wasn’t that the name of an action

Margaret “Maggie” Sarah Silverleaf COVER

Goldberg Contacts to Ask: Any corporate contact

Contacts to Ask: Corporate Personnel, Mitsuhama ex- Contacts Matrix Search Information WRONG
ecutives, Shadowrunners 0 0 Oh! That old lady that does the
gardening trid, right?
Contacts Matrix Search Information INTRODUCTION
1 1 She’s that trid star from the ’50s,
0 0 Wasn’t that some flatvid show a
half-century ago?
2 3 She’s a Ms. Johnson that started MISSION
1 2 She’s not a looker, but she is
working in town just before SYNOPSIS
charming in her own way.
Operation: Takeback.
2 4 She works for Mitsuhama, which
3 — She’s a knockout Ms. Johnson
is a bit surprising. They don’t SCENE 1
who’s good at manipulating runners.
usually hire orks.
4 6 She has no morals at all. She’ll do
3 6 She’s an assistant to the local
anything, and I mean anything, to SCENE 2
director of operations, some suit
swing negotiations her way. She’s
name Takahara.
dangerous, chummer. The most
4 8 She grew up in the Ork beautiful thing you ever saw, but far SCENE 3
Underground and was around more deadly.
runners as a kid, so she treats ’em 5 — She’s one of Renraku’s best field
well. A lot of her job is Disposable SCENE 4
Asset Acquisition, though she
isn’t as big on the disposable part
as most Johnsons are. I haven’t Shattergraves
heard any runners say she’s ever
been less than honest. Contacts to Ask: Conspiracy Theorist, Journalist, Blog-
ger, Squatter, Historian, Any Chicago Native SCENE 6

Quantum Princess Contacts Matrix Search

0 0
Some place for stray pets, I think.
Contacts to Ask: Decker, Fixer, Mr. Johnson
1 1 It’s the nickname for the area
where the Sears Tower collapsed SCENE 8
Contacts Matrix Search Information
after it was bombed by Alamos
0 0 Is that the new kids’ trid that
20k. Named for all the people
comes with the collectible AR PICKING UP
that died and the huge amount of
card line? THE PIECES
broken glass.
1 1 She’s a well-known decker in the
2 3 Every February 10th, you can see
CZ. Used to be a runner.
a ghostly image of the old tower LEGWORK
2 3 Quantum grew up in the CZ and is as it used to be before the attack.
well liked by almost all factions.
3 — The place is haunted. Ghosts and
3 — She maintains a series of Matrix spirits of all kinds can be seen CAST OF
relays and has back doors into there at night, not to mention all SHADOWS
most systems in and around the the strange noises. Astral space is
CZ. She’s not as retired as she lets pretty dirty there, too.
4 6 Not all those ghosts are friendly LOG
4 6 She helped set up NooseNet, or ignorant of metahumans. Some
Chicago’s version of Jackpoint. are downright mean. Others will
If it’s in the Matrix, Quantum can attack people. Packs of feral
find it. ghouls down there, too, and some
worse things.
5 — Have you been through there,
lately? I can’t believe it, but
things are starting to get cleaned

up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still 2 3 Simon is a full-body changeling COVER
probably the worst place in North who took the change well, though
America to live, but the rubble and some girls will tell you he was
debris are being collected and it already a snake. He’s covered I HATE BEING
looks like someone’s cleaning the in green, scaly skin like a lizard, WRONG
place up. has a British accent, and is an
all-around freak, especially when
anything female with two legs INTRODUCTION
Silver Spoons catches his reptilian eyes.
Contacts to Ask: Any Chicago 3 4 Used to be a legit Neo-Anarchist. MISSION
I wonder if his one-eighty was his SYNOPSIS
Contacts Matrix Search Information choice or his master’s?
0 0 Wasn’t that a trid about some rich 4 6 Agent for Saeder-Krupp? Yes, in
kid? fact he’s Lofwyr’s eyes and ears SCENE 1
1 1 They are the meanest gang on the around here, or so I heard.
Westside of Chicago. 5 8 Who the hell knows what he’s up SCENE 2
2 3 No. They aren’t the meanest gang. to? He works for a dragon. What
They are barely even a gang. else can you say but never deal
More like a bunch of spoiled with a dragon? Well, that and SCENE 3
corp kids who pretend to live don’t pick his pocket. <Contact
dangerously by coming to the shudders.>
safest parts of the Zone. SCENE 4
3 — They have an ongoing rivalry
with that other poser gang, the Truman Tower
Hanging Brads. Ugh. I hope they Contacts to Ask: Corporate Executive, Any Chicago
eliminate each other.
4 6 Rumor has it that they have Contacts Matrix Search Information SCENE 6
been moving into the Noose 0 0 Is that the Spire? The one by the
lately. Apparently, there is a bay or the one in the Core?
neighborhood there that’s cleaner 1 1 Truman Technologies had its SCENE 7
than the rest. Gangs don’t seem to headquarters there before Bug
gather there. So the Spoons have City. It was the tallest building in
started harassing the locals. Chicago. 352 floors! SCENE 8
5 — They should be more careful. 2 3 Folks get the tall Chicago buildings
There’s probably a good reason mixed up all the time. The original PICKING UP
that the local gangs lay off. I heard Spire is by the bay. Yamatetsu built THE PIECES
some Black Star operatives live in a replica Spire in the Core. But
the neighborhood. for some reason, people still call
Truman Tower the Spire too, even LEGWORK
though it dwarfs them both.
Simon Andrews 3 — Truman Tech was bought out by
Contacts to Ask: Any club-related, any changeling, Horizon, so I guess they own it CAST OF
high-level Saeder-Krupp, simsense star now. But no sane person goes SHADOWS
there now, what with the Truman
Contacts Matrix Search Information Terrors gang.
0 — Fresh from Milan: Andrew Simon’s 4 6 The Truman Terrors aren’t the only LOG
line of Dwarf Winter-wear! Faux- thing scary at the Tower. Rumors
fur is back in style, as Andrew persist of far worse things on the
Simon once again makes an upper floors.
unforgettable mark on long pants
for short people.
1 1 Simon Andrews? Isn’t that a fixer
or company man for Saeder-

Union Cast of Shadows COVER

Contacts to Ask: Any Chicago, ganger

Simon Andrews WRONG
Contacts Matrix Search Information Simon is an odd individual. A full-body changeling, he
appears to be a bipedal lizard-man with thick scaly skin.
0 0 Isn’t that a Matrix site where He’s also a traditional British punk, wearing a battered INTRODUCTION
people share arts and crafts? leather vest covered in graffiti, anarchy symbols, and
punk band buttons. He has a lizardish frill running front MISSION
1 1 They’re a loose coalition of to back on his head that he paints up like a multi-col- SYNOPSIS
independent gangs loyal to Marvin ored Mohawk. He revels in being a freak, will hit on
almost anything that moves, and likes to snack on live
Chekov. white mice. He’s direct and in-your-face, but is utter- SCENE 1
ly loyal to “Master Lofwyr.” He serves as the dragon’s
2 3 They’re huge. About five hundred
eyes and ears in Chicago, working as an independent
active members, but closer to agent and fixer for Saeder-Krupp. SCENE 2
10,000 people in the hoods they Quote: “Look, mate, I’m just here trying to have a
good time. But if you want, we can step outside. I can
manage. They’re the Zone’s third beat the piss out of you, then come back here and shag SCENE 3
largest faction, after the Human your girl. Sound good?”

Brigade and the Horde. SCENE 4

3 — Unlike the other factions, Union 4 4 5 3 5 5 5 6 6 5 8
worked hard to establish order
Initiative: 10 + 1D6
in Chicago before Operation: Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/11
Takeback. Their affiliate gangs Limits: Physical 5, Mental 7, Social 8
Armor: 9
patrolled the Zone in groups of Active Skills: Athletics skill group 4, Arcana 5, Assensing 8, SCENE 7
one hundred-strong. Banishing 5, Binding 8, Con 5, Counterspelling 8, Negotiation
8, Pistols 4, Ritual Spellcasting 7, Spellcasting 9 (Combat
4 6 Their main source of income Spells +2), Summoning 8 SCENE 8
is from the Navy Pier water Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area 3, Kaiju Monster Movies 7,
London Area 5, Magical Theory 7, Neo-Anarchist Movement
treatment plant. They have fought 5, Saeder-Krupp Politics 5, Seattle Area 4 PICKING UP
tooth and nail to keep it, too. You Qualities: Magician, SURGE (Lizard features, tail, lizard head- THE PIECES
frill, non-retractable claws, snout, green scales)
wouldn’t think so, but the cleanest
Initiate Grade: 5
water in Chicago comes from the Metamagics: Anchoring, Masking, Extended Masking,
Reflecting, Shielding
Union gangers.
Gear: Armor vest, contacts (image link), power focus (Force CAST OF
5 — Chekov has a problem. The Pier 4, silver skull ring), spell focus (Force 4, sustaining, health, SHADOWS
Ramones button), spell focus (Force 4, spellcasting, combat
is old and he doesn’t have the spells, golden eyebrow ring), Transys Avalon commlink (DR
resources to repair it anymore. 6) DEBRIEFING
Spells: Armor, Chaos, Chaotic World, Clairaudience, LOG
The water quality is slipping, and
Clairvoyance, Fireball, Gecko Crawl, Heal, Ice Sheet,
it’s only a matter of time before Improved Invisibility, Increase Reflexes, Mana Barrier,
Manabolt, Physical Barrier, Physical Mask, Stunball,
he loses his grip on the one thing
Stunbolt, Trid Phantasm, Wreck
that keeps him from just being a Bound Spirits: Spirit of Air (Force 5, 5 services), spirit of Fire
warlord. (Force 6, 6 services), spirit of Man (Force 5, 4 services)

Quantum Princess Lothan The Wise COVER

Vanessa Rodriguez, a.k.a. Quantum Princess, is an el- Lothan the Wise ran the shadows of Seattle for many
der stateswoman among shadowrunners. She was years, his prime being during the mid-Sixties when he I HATE BEING
in the heart of downtown when Bug City hit and the mentored and teamed with Street Legend Kellan Colt. WRONG
Containment Zone went up, and she was one of those He considers himself a mystical genius which he backs
early few who tried to figure out what was happening up with towering confidence and arrogance, and also
and helped cobble together a rude BBS to help those considers himself an expert in all areas of magic and INTRODUCTION
trapped survive and communicate. Many suspect she’s magic theory. His attitude may be a little unwarranted,
the primary SysAdmin for NooseNet, Chicago’s Shad- but you cannot deny he knows a lot about magic. He
ow Host, though she won’t admit to it and they run the moved to Chicago a couple years ago and opened a MISSION
host anonymously. Most often she can be found work- talismonger shop called “The Wisest Troll.” SYNOPSIS
ing as a fixer. She’s also liked and trusted by almost Lothan is an aging Troll, though he is still massive
every faction in the shattered sprawl, and frequently and powerful. What he has lost in physical prowess, he
acts as a mediator and go-between for them. SCENE 1
makes up for in magical ability. His hair is bone white,
Quantum Princess is a human female in her mid-fif- and he dresses very flashy, favoring purple and gold
ties, her mixed Hispanic descent evident in her deep robes over his armor, and he wears expensive jewelry
brown skin and dark hair. Age and stress have taken SCENE 2
that doubles as powerful magical foci.
their toll, and she’s a little heavyset and not as nimble
as she once was. However, her mind is sharp, and her
deep-violet cybereyes with their golden atom symbol
pupils catch everything. 8 4 4 8 6 5 5 5 6 6 11
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG Initiative: 9+1D6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12/11
3 2 4 2 5 6 6 5 4.3 7
Limits: Physical 10, Mental 7, Social 7 SCENE 5
Armor: 12
Initiative: 10 +1D6
Active Skills: Alchemy skill group 10, Assensing 8, Astral
Condition Monitor (P/S): 9/11
Combat 5, Athletics skill group 5, Blades 4, Computer 4, Con SCENE 6
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 8, Social 7
6, Conjuring skill group 8, Counterspelling 8, Etiquette 7, First
Armor: 12
Aid 5, Instruction 6, Intimidation 7, Leadership 7, Negotiation
Active Skills: Automatics 3, Clubs 5, Computer 8, Con 7, SCENE 7
9, Perception 6, Performance 4, Ritual Spellcasting 9,
Cybercombat 9, Electronic Warfare 8, Etiquette 6 (Street +2),
Spellcasting 10, Stealth skill group 4, Unarmed Combat 5
First Aid 5, Hacking 10 (Hosts +2), Hardware 9, Lockpicking 3,
Knowledge Skills: Classic Art 5, Classic Music 4, Elven Wines
Negotiation 8, Perception 5, Pistols 4, Software 6, Survival 6
5, History 6, Magical Theory 10, Magical Artifacts 8, Spirit SCENE 8
(Urban +2), Unarmed Combat 4
Theory 8, Vintage Cars 4
Knowledge Skills: Black Market Pipeline 5, Chicago Area
Languages: English N, Spanish 4, Latin 5, Mandarin 3, Sperethial
5 (Containment Zone +2), English, Insect Spirits 5, Local PICKING UP
3, Or’zet 1, German 4, French 2, Italian 3
Runners 5, Matrix Host Design 4, Matrix Hot Spots 7 THE PIECES
Qualities: Allergy (Silver, Moderate), Analytical Mind, Bad Rep,
(Chicago Grid +2), Matrix Host Networking 4, Organized
Exceptional Attribute (Charisma), Focused Concentration 3,
Crime 4 (Chicago +2), Safehouses 5, Smugglers 5, Street
Magician LEGWORK
Gangs 5 (Chicago +2),
Initiate Grade: 6
Languages: English N, Chinese-Mandarin 3, City Speak 4,
Metamagics: Centering (Latin), Fixation, Masking, Quickening,
Spanish 5
Spell Shaping, Shielding CAST OF
Qualities: Combat Paralysis, Home Ground – Digital Turf
Gear: Armor jacket, Fairlight Caliban commlink (DR 7), power SHADOWS
(NooseNet Grid), Juryrigger, Photographic Memory
focus (Rating 5, staff), spell focus (Rating 5, sustaining,
Augmentations: Beta cybereyes 4 (flare comp, image link,
health, emerald ring), spell focus (Rating 5, sustaining,
smartlink, thermo, vision enhancement 3, vision mag), beta DEBRIEFING
illusion, sapphire ring), spell focus (Rating 5, sustaining,
datajack x2, beta skilljack 5 LOG
manipulation, ruby ring), spell focus (Rating 4, spellcasting,
Gear: Armor jacket, Docwagon Platinum, Fairlight Caliban
combat, golden chain), spirit focus (Rating 5, fire, ruby
commlink (DR7, hot sim module), programs (as needed),
Shiawase Cyber-5 Cyberdeck (DR 5, Array 8765, Programs 5),
Spells: As needed, both regular and preparations.
skillsofts (assorted, Rating 4 each)
Remington Roomsweeper [Heavy Pistol, Acc 4, DV 9P(f), AP
–4, SA, RC —, 8(m), w/flechette ammo, smartlink]
Club [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 5P, AP —]

Nick Ryder Margaret “Maggie” COVER

Nick is a washed-up Lone Star detective who took to Goldberg

the bottle when the bugs first hit Chicago and there I HATE BEING
wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. He stayed Maggie is a female ork and assistant to Mitsuhama’s WRONG
there for nearly two decades. Now, he’s fighting to Director of Operations in Chicago, Ito Takahara. She
climb his way out and thinks he sees a chance to do acts as a liaison between MCT and the runners. She
some good for the city once again. Those who know grew up in the Ork Underground and was around run- INTRODUCTION
him on the streets say he’s trustworthy, but his boss- ners when she was younger, so she’s sympathetic to
es can’t stand him and the press is in their pocket. He them. She’s loyal to MCT to a point, but she knows as
always tries to do what he feels is right, and it usually a female ork her options for rising in the company are MISSION
lands him in hot water with someone. limited. She’s attached herself to Takahara and won’t SYNOPSIS
Nick is in his early forties, and always looks like he jeopardize that position, but will help the runners as
just got out of bed with a bad hangover. He wears rum- much as she can otherwise.
Maggie is slightly plump ork woman in her ear- SCENE 1
pled tan suits, a battered tan overcoat, has short dark
hair and always looks like it’s been a couple days since ly thirties. She’s cute, at best, though her ork heritage
his last shave. works against her here. She has pale skin, short blond
curly hair, a nose that’s just a little too large, and very SCENE 2
pale blue eyes. She is friendly and pleasant almost all
B A R S W L I C ESS EDG the time.
5 4 5 3 6 4 5 4 5.7 7
Initiative: 10 + 1D6 SCENE 4
5 3 3 5 5 4 4 4 5.7 5
Condition Monitor (P/S): 11/11
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 7, Social 7
Armor: 9 Initiative: 7 + 1D6
Active Skills: Automatics 4, Clubs 5, Computer 4, Etiquette Condition Monitor (P/S): 11/11
6 (Street +2), Gymnastics 3, Intimidation 5, Leadership 4, Limits: Physical 6, Mental 6, Social 7
Longarms 3, Negotiation 6 (Interrogation+2), Perception 6, Armor: 9 SCENE 6
Pilot Ground Craft 3, Pistols 6, Running 4, Stealth skill group Active Skills: Blades 4, Computer 6, Con 4, Etiquette 7
5, Tracking 3, Unarmed Combat 5 (Corporate +2), Negotiation 8, Perception 5, Pistols 5, Stealth
Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area 6, Crime Syndicates 7, Illegal skill group 3 SCENE 7
Goods 6, Law Enforcement 4, Local Gangs 6, Local Politics 4, Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area 3, Corporate Finances 5,
Police Procedures 8, Street Rumors 6 Corporate Rumors 8 (MCT +2), Corporate Security 4 (MCT
Languages: English N, German 2, Russian 2, Spanish 2 +2), Psychology 5, Seattle Area 4 (Ork Underground +2), SCENE 8
Augmentations: Datajack, smartlink SOTA Technology 6
Gear: Armored vest, biometric reader, glasses 3 (image link, Augmentations: Commlink (DR 7), datajack, image link, soundlink
Gear: Armor clothing PICKING UP
thermo, lowlight), handcuffs (metal), Hermes Ikon commlink
(DR 5), stealth RFID tags x10
Weapons: Fichetti Security 600 [Light pistol, Acc 6(7), DV 7P, AP —, SA,
Colt Government 2066 [Heavy pistol, Acc 6(8), DV 7P, AP –1, RC 1, laser sight, retractable stock]
SA, RC —
­ , 14(c), w/ 2 clips regular ammo, 2 clips gel
rounds, internal smartlink]
Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5] CAST OF


Sarah Silverleaf COVER

Sarah Silverleaf is a gorgeous and intelligent elven

representative for Renraku in Chicago. She recently I HATE BEING
transferred here from Tir Tairngire, taking over the op- WRONG
erations Renraku had largely abandoned following Bug
City. With the Governor’s call to reclaim downtown
Chicago, Sarah is looking to not only reclaim lost Renr- INTRODUCTION
aku property, but to also grab as much land as possible.
She may be a curvy knockout, but anyone who under-
estimates her lives to regret it. MISSION
Sarah looks like a buxom, blonde “naughty secre- SYNOPSIS
tary,” a look she plays up for all it’s worth. Short skirts,
low-cut blouses, and a flirty smile backed up by big
credstick get this lady anything she wants.


4 6 5(8) 3 5 5(8) 5 9 3.85 6

Initiative: 13 + 4D6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/11
Limits: Physical 5(6), Mental 10(12), Social 12 SCENE 4
Armor: 6
Active Skills: Athletics skill group 5, Computer 6, Con 7
(Seduction +2), Disguise 5, Etiquette 8 (Corporate +2), SCENE 5
Impersonation 5, Leadership 7, Negotiation 8 (Bargaining
+2), Palming 5, Perception 6, Performance 7, Pistols 6 (Light
Pistols +2), Sneaking 7, Unarmed Combat 4 SCENE 6
Knowledge Skills: Chicago Area 2, Corporate Finances 6,
Corporate Politics 6 (Renraku +2), Corporate Rumors
8, Corporate Security 5 (Renraku +2), Psychology 8 SCENE 7
(Manipulation +2)
Qualities: Analytical Mind, Catlike, Exceptional Attribute
(Charisma), First Impression SCENE 8
Augmentations: (All deltaware) Cerebral booster 2, commlink
(DR 7), mnemonic enhancer 3, muscle toner 4, sleep
regulator, synaptic booster 3, tailored pheromones 3, voice
modulator 6
Gear: Armor clothing, clutch purse, Fairlight Caliban commlink
(DR 7, nothing vital on it), perfume LEGWORK
Colt America L36 [Light pistol, Acc 7, DV 7P, AP —, SA, RC
—, 11(c)] CAST OF





SRM 08-01: KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE Stopped Maggie Goldberg from becoming a Queen.
Delivered Maggie Goldberg to Simon.
A local fixer held a meet with various corporate representatives
Rescued Quantum Princess.
to address a renewed threat to Chicago. Unfortunately, the
Rescued Sarah Silverleaf.
meeting was infiltrated and some of the corporate reps were
Rescued Nick Ryder.
kidnapped. You’ve been hired to track down and rescue them.
Rescued Lothan the Wise.
Every run has consequences, but this one may prove more Bomb went off in Tate’s Clinic.
deadly than you realized … for everyone involved.


Names Character Improvement Karma Cost


Previous Available Street Cred Simon Andrews (Connection Rating 5)

Earned Quantum Princess (Connection 4)

Spent Notoriety Lothan (Connection Rating 4)

Remaining Available Sarah Silverleaf (Connection 5)

New Career Total Public Awareness Nick Ryder (Connection 3)

Lothan the Wise (Connection 4)
Lose Martin Tate (Connection 5)
if contacted during this mission.
Previous Available ¥ GM’s Name
Lose Maggie Goldberg (Connection 4)
Earned ¥ if she is killed.

Spent ¥ GM’s Signature

Remaining ¥


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